Life of Twi

May 9th, 2016
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  1. Morning
  3. >"Good morning, Twilight!"
  4. >You yawn, as Spike wakes you up
  5. >He usually does this, even though you can wake yourself up
  6. >In fact, he usually does it at least thirty minutes before you would normally wake yourself up
  7. >You've gotten used to it, by now
  8. >But you can't help but feel like he's getting some sort of petty revenge on you just by doing this
  9. >Oh, whatever
  10. >Not like it matters anyway
  11. >You roll out of your bed, stretching out your forelegs and your hindlegs
  12. "Oh, good morning, Spike," you shake your bedhead mane, attempting to get it back to it's usually Twilight-y state, "How early did you wake up this time?"
  13. >"Oh, just an hour. Nothing extreme."
  14. "Can I assume that you've made breakfast?"
  15. >"Do ponies have tails?"
  16. >You chuckle at his comment, trotting towards the nearby mirror
  17. >Grabbing a comb with your magic, you start to actually comb out your mane instead of shaking it out
  18. >You feel like that's something Rainbow Dash does
  19. >She'd be lazy enough to do it
  20. >Or maybe it's just the wind that styles it like that
  21. >You never really thought about it before
  22. >You look at your mane with a smile, now that you look more like yourself
  23. >Your tail's still frizzy, though…
  24. >Eh, you'll fix it during breakfast
  25. >You start to trot down the stairs, Spike following closely behind
  26. >Passing the main room, you and your dragon brother make a left into the kitchen
  27. >And--Holy moly on a cannoli!
  28. >He really outdid himself today
  29. >You look at him with a smirk
  30. "You sure you got up an hour before me?"
  31. >He chuckles, "Maybe an hour thirty?"
  32. >So, lets see what he's made
  33. >Pancakes, Waffles, haybacon and eggs along with his own little special crystal pancakes and grits
  34. >He made way too much for you, though
  35. >As per usual
  36. >So, as you straighten out your tail and trot to the table, you pass over a couple pancakes to Spike's plate
  37. >He waddles behind you, "Oh c'mon! You know you like to eat!"
  38. "I'm trying to stay fit, Spike--"
  39. >"Yeah, and I'm trying to stay on a meat-only diet!"
  40. >You scoff playfully at him
  41. >" 'Sides, that metabolism you got there wouldn't let you put a pound on!"
  42. "Are you trying to eat me, Spike? You know I'm not Gretel, right?"
  43. >"Maybe, maybe not~."
  44. >And again, the two of you share a laugh as you both sit down
  45. >You start to--messily--chow down on your food, only stopping when needed
  46. >Like talking
  47. >You'll probably stop chewing to talk
  48. >"Y'know, for somebody so formal, I never would've guessed that you'd be such a pig with food!"
  49. >Swallowing, you start to twirl your fork
  50. "For a dragon, I never would've expected you to be so elegant with your food!"
  51. >Spike eats with small bites, using a knife and fork when appropriate
  52. >You usually just stuff things in your mouth
  53. >Sometimes you use a fork
  54. >"Hey, I was raised that way. Ms. Velvet is a really elegant pony."
  55. "So are you, Spike. I think only Celestia could match you in elegance."
  56. >"Oh, now you're going too far."
  57. >Spike can't help but snicker
  58. >"Y'know, 'Tia isn't very elegant, either."
  59. "Really?" You're actually quite shocked by this fact, "How do you know?"
  60. >"I've had private dinners with a lot."
  61. "So have I. She's never acted like a pig in front of me."
  62. >"Have you ever acted like a pig in front of her?"
  63. >…
  64. "Right, I hadn't considered that."
  65. >"I think she only does it in front of me because we're like, all friendly, and not formal like you two are."
  66. "I can be friendly with Celestia!"
  67. >"Without acting like Rainbow does around Soarin?"
  68. >You pause once again--
  69. >"Spike, two, Twilight, zero."
  70. >You continue to eat you food, this time pausing to drink the OJ nearby, and to talk
  71. >Not at the same time, obviously
  72. >And in a matter of minutes, you don't even need to talk
  73. >You've already finished your food, while Spike is on his last pancake
  74. >Seems to be one of the ones you gave to him
  75. >The dragon drinks his apple juice--he prefers that over orange juice--and finishes it before continuing to eat
  76. >Actually, before he eats, he looks at you
  77. >Ready to ask another question, probably
  78. >"So, how do you like Ponyville so far, Twilight?"
  79. "You're asking this question now?"
  80. >"It's only been a couple months, I feel like it's appropriate."
  81. >You chuckle as he goes to eat his pancake
  82. "Well… It's peaceful."
  83. >"As peaceful as war," he comments with his mouth full of pancake
  84. "Spike, don't eat with your mouth full."
  85. >He gulps it down, raising an eyebrow, "Says the pony with no table manners."
  86. "Oh come on--you'll choke if you do that."
  87. >"How'd you figure that?"
  88. "Oh, I read it in a book."
  89. >He can't help but chuckle at that
  90. >As soon as you were about to retort, he opens his mouth to speak
  91. >"Anyway, continue."
  92. "Right."
  93. >You take a moment to think about what you want to say
  94. >And to think about your life living in this tree-library
  95. >Libratree
  96. >Treebrary?
  97. >Treebrary
  98. >Treebrary rolls off the tongue better
  99. "Well, I've got a lot less worries than I did living in Canterlot, that's for sure." And before Spike could say something else, you zip his mouth shut with magic
  100. >He wasn't eating anything, he'll be fine
  101. "And if you'll let me finish, you'll know that the excitement I face here is a lot more comforting than the… "excitement" back home."
  102. >Now you let him talk, removing the spell
  103. >"Wait, you find the excitement here /comforting/? How?! There's like, a new disaster every week!"
  104. "And isn't that such a breath of fresh air?"
  105. >Spike gives you this look of shock
  106. >As in a "what the hay are you talking about" kind of shock
  107. >"Not for me! I'd rather not go up against another God of Chaos, thank you."
  108. "Hey, at least we got some rest before that happened, right?"
  109. >"Yeah, but we didn't know it was gonna happen. I'd be at least a little fine with it happening if I KNEW beforehand. Then I could prepare my pillowfort."
  110. "Said pillowfort would be promptly turned into eight-foot rabbits."
  111. >Spike can only sigh
  112. "Anyway, the excitement here isn't the anxiety of dealing with tests, or impressing a mentor every single day of your life--"
  113. >"You know you don't HAVE to impress her."
  114. "And you don't HAVE to try to become Rarity's little dragonfriend. But I don't see you not trying at that."
  115. >"Point taken."
  116. "Two, two," you mutter, a smirk on your face
  117. >"What was that?"
  118. "Oh, nothing. Back to what I was getting at."
  119. >You take a moment to collect your thoughts again
  120. "Right, Canterlot," you look off to the right, "I mean, Canterlot's great and all… But I've done nothing but study there. Study to become great, study to impress Celestia, study to become the next wizard--like Starswirl. I've rarely ever had time to myself to just… relax!"
  121. >Spike nods, finishing up his pancake
  122. "I mean, when have we ever talked like this in Canterlot? When have we ever talked like we were friends before this?"
  123. >Spike's eyes widen slightly, if only for a second, the dragon looking off to your left
  124. >"When you were a foal," he muttered
  125. >But you heard him loud and clear
  126. >You turn your head to him, concern on your face
  127. "Spike?"
  128. >"I mean… I dunno. Back then, we used to talk like this all the time. We'd play, mess with Ms. Velvet--heck, we even messed with Shining Armor when he came to visit every once and awhile!"
  129. >You don't bother retorting
  130. >Or even bother thinking up a retort
  131. >This is something you've never heard Spike go on about before
  132. >"But then, something happened with you. You just went full on into your studies, and didn't really see me as anything but an assistant. You turned really, really bitter, too."
  133. >Even though it seems inappropriate, you couldn't help but smile
  134. "Well, I guess my friends made me finally come out of my shell."
  135. >A nice smile comes across Spike's face, as he jumps out of his seat
  136. >"Yeah, I guess they really did."
  137. >As you get out of your own seat, relishing in the fact that the heartwarming moment only lasted oh-so long, you attempt to quickly walk past Spike--
  138. >"Ahem?"
  139. >Hayburgers
  140. >You thought that'd work this time
  141. >"I cook, you clean, Twi. You know how it works."
  142. "Right. And while I do that, you get a headstart on rearranging the books in the library."
  143. >He groans as you giggle
  144. "What? I clean, you clean. You know how it works."
  145. >"Yeah, yeah, yeah. You better help me this time, though."
  146. "Once I'm done with the dishes, I will. Promise!"
  148. Afternoon
  150. >Spike audibly groans as he puts book after book in the place they belong
  151. >"Why do we even do this, anyway? What's the point?"
  152. >You, however, hover along books to him
  153. "Spike, we get new books in every other week. We have to reorganize them so ponies know where everything is."
  154. >"Yeah, but every day, though? Can't we just do it when the new books arrive?"
  155. "Ponies come here everyday, whether they're returning books or taking them out. Do you really think they care for the organization of the library?"
  156. >Another groan
  157. >"Yeah, I guess you're right."
  158. "Twilight, three, Spike, two."
  159. >"Still keeping score, huh?
  160. "You aren't?"
  161. >Passing the last few books to him, you trot away towards the front door
  162. >"Course I'm still keeping score. Somebody needs to know who's right all the time."
  163. >You only chuckle, opening the treebrary's door, getting in a nice breath of fresh air
  164. >Sighing, you then turn back around--
  165. >"Uhm, Twilight?"
  166. >Fluttershy?
  167. >Swiftly, you turn back around, and indeed do find your yellow friend, standing there with a cheeky smile
  168. >You, of course, give her your nicest smile
  169. >It's always good to see a friend, after all
  170. "Hey, Fluttershy! How are things?"
  171. >She rubs her right cheek with a hoof
  172. >Your tail didn't hit her on the turnaround back, did it?
  173. >"Oh, uh, I'm doing fine--thank you."
  174. "So, what brings you to the Treebrary?"
  175. >"Pffft," Spike apparently finds your nickname funny, "Treebrary? Really?"
  176. >It's not your fault if a book just so happens to fall on his head just as he starts to waddle towards you and Fluttershy
  177. "Think you missed one, Spike."
  178. >"I know you did that."
  179. "No idea what you're talking about."
  180. >He groans, rubbing his head and still walking over to you and her
  181. >"Uh… I--Uh, I didn't come at a bad time, did I?"
  182. >Pulling her inside with your magical abilities, you show her your library's collection of the thing you love the most
  183. >Besides friends, of course
  184. >BOOKS!
  185. "Nonsense, 'Shy! If anything, you came at the perfect time! Spike and I just got done reorganizing the library's books."
  186. >"Again?"
  187. >"That's what I said."
  188. >Ignoring Spike, you continue
  189. "Everyday!"
  190. >The dragon has passed you and Fluttershy by now
  191. >Seems like he wanted to shut the door more than anything
  192. >As he does that, you pick up the book you dropp--er, that "fell" on Spike's head and put it back in it's place
  193. >Again, you use magic for this
  194. >You'd waste too much time if you actually picked it up by hoof
  195. >Seems like Fluttershy is searching the library's catalogue of books
  196. >"Well," she starts, trotting over towards a rather small category of books, "I was, uhm, kind of looking for a specific kind of book…"
  197. >How vague
  198. "Specific how? You need to study up on a familiar animal?"
  199. >You're just going to ignore the specific type books she's standing by
  200. >You're also going to hover a plethora of books over to Fluttershy, relating to rare animal types
  201. >"Err, no, but thank you. I don't think I'll need any books about animals today."
  202. >Raising an eyebrow, you put the books back in place
  203. "Then maybe some fantasy books?"
  204. >Again, you hover over another dozen books, this type coming from the ever-growing fantasy section
  205. >"Again, no, but thank you."
  206. >She motions her head towards the books she's standing by
  207. >And you're ignoring that
  208. >To the best of your ability
  209. "Maybe some nonfiction?"
  210. >Place back the fantasy, grab some nonfiction
  211. >"No."
  212. "History?"
  213. >"No."
  214. "Historical Fiction?"
  215. >"No."
  216. "Magic?"
  217. >"No."
  218. "Art?!"
  219. >"No."
  220. >At this point you're holding up the entirety of the library
  221. >Or at least, every section you can think of
  222. >Besides that one
  223. "Then what do you want?!"
  224. >"Twi, I think she wants the porno--"
  225. "SPIKE!"
  226. >A very dark red blush comes across Fluttershy's face
  227. >Oh Celestia
  228. >Dropping all the books on the ground, you put a hoof to your face
  229. >That's the one you were trying to avoid
  230. >For Spike's sake
  231. >"I--uhm, I mean, I don't HAVE to--"
  232. "No, no, it's fine."
  233. >Frankly, you're a bit embarrassed that you even HAVE those books here
  234. >They were there since you got here
  235. >Which is why the collection is so small
  236. >You never bothered--or wanted--to order more of THOSE kind of books >They aren't even books!
  237. >They stupid magazines, full of stupid pictures of stallions and mares showing off their…
  238. >Parts
  239. >As if you don't see it everyday!
  240. >What makes it worse is that they wear clothes, too
  241. >As if that's supposed to make it "hotter"
  242. >With a groan, you reluctantly ask
  243. "So, Fluttershy, which one of these… "books" would you like today?"
  244. >She takes out a very specific mare magazine from the middle
  245. >And by mare, you mean /mare/
  246. >Not /for/ mares, but /of/ mares
  247. >You had no idea she rolled that way
  248. >She hides behind the magazine, only showing you the cover
  249. >"T-This one," her voice lowers, "p-please."
  250. >With another groan, you hover over a stamp, stamping the cover of the magazine
  251. >You don’t even want to open it up
  252. "Bring it back anytime you want."
  253. >"O-Oh, don't worry, Twilight. It'll be back before tomorrow!"
  254. >Ew
  255. >Why is she proud about that?
  256. >Realizing what she had said, she quickly dashes out of the treebrary
  258. >EW
  259. >Why did you put that thought into your head?
  260. >Spike oh-so casually strolls over to you, his arms crossed against his chest
  261. >He looks smug
  262. >"So, Twi, have you ever used one of those "books"?"
  263. >!!!
  264. "SPIKE!"
  266. Evening
  268. >After servicing a bunch of ponies, along with a way-too-happy Fluttershy, you decide you need a break
  269. >Honestly, being a librarian can be hard sometimes
  270. >While not as hard as being a student, dealing with ponies trying to find "that one book with that one guy" or just little fillies who think it's funny to mess with you, it can get to you sometimes
  271. >So, you think it's best that you go relax
  272. >Let Spike be the librarian for awhile
  273. >He needs the experience, anyway
  274. >What if something were to happen to you?
  275. >Then who would run the library, and give ponies all across Ponyville the absolute joy of reading?
  276. "Spike! I'm heading out for a bit! Can you handle the Treebrary by yourself?"
  277. >Currently, Spike is upstairs, reading some comic book you've gotten him into recently
  278. >"Power Ponies," you think it's called?
  279. >Honestly, you don't care for the comic at all
  280. >But it's something for him to do
  281. >And in a peaceful-ish town like Ponyville, one would absolutely need something to do during down time
  282. >"Yeah, yeah, sure I can. Don't worry your little horn about it!"
  283. "You sure? 'Cause if it's a mess by the time I come back, you're reorganizing the books by yourself for a week!"
  284. >"I'll be fine! Promise!"
  285. "Alright!"
  286. >You make your trot towards the front door, opening it once you reach i--OW!
  287. >You yelp once something hard and heavy falls on your head
  288. >And you hear laughing coming from upstairs
  289. >When you look down, you notice that it's a book
  290. >A book on dragon culture, in fact
  291. >You sigh
  292. "Very funny, Spike!"
  293. >"Hurts, doesn't it?" >You ignore that comment
  294. >Levitating the book back in it's place, you leave out the front door, making your way towards that Spa pony shop
  295. >You don't bother closing the door
  296. >It's not like anything'll happen
  297. >It's Ponyville!
  298. >Since when has anything bad happened in Ponyville?
  299. >…
  300. >Yeah you’re not answering that question
  301. >Anyway, in a matter of minutes, you pass by the fountain and reach the spa ponies spa
  302. >Looking at the door, you sigh happily
  303. >You're gonna love this
  304. >Entering the spa, the bell rings, announcing your arrival
  305. >The two spa sisters immediately rush over to you
  306. >"So, what would you like today?"
  307. >You can only giggle
  308. "Give me the full thing, girls~."
  310. >Holy Hayburgers, you REALLY needed that
  311. >As you exit the chair they sat you in, you give them a relaxed smile
  312. "Thank you so much. I needed that."
  313. >They nod
  314. "So, how much do I owe you?"
  315. >The blue one speaks
  316. >"Oh, just about… Two-hundred bits?"
  317. "That's it?"
  318. >You go digging in your pouches
  319. "If I had known that it would've been that cheap, I would've--WAIT WHAT?"
  320. >Two hundred…
  321. >Holy Celestia
  322. >That's at least HALF of what you pay for books a week!
  323. >You mean
  324. >You HAVE the money
  325. >But you really rather not spend it all in one place like this
  326. >It just seems so…
  327. >Wasteful
  328. >You give the sisters a cheeky smile
  329. "Y-heh, You two wouldn't just so happen to offer a… Royal Discount, would you?"
  330. >You're at least 25% royalty
  331. >"Yes," the pink one answers, "But we only offer it to royalty."
  332. "What about those who are partially royal?"
  333. >"You have to be ALL royal, "Princess."."
  334. >Drat
  335. >The "Princess" comment wasn't so nice, either
  336. "I mean… I know a Princess."
  337. >Seems like the blue one wants to join in on the questionnaire
  338. >"Can you bring her here right now?"
  339. "Well… No--"
  340. >"Then call us back when you become one, sweetheart. We'll give you 99% off on every visit!"
  341. >They begin to giggle their little flanks off, as you growl
  342. >Reluctantly, you levitate your money out of your saddlebags, dropping it at their hooves
  343. >They just continue to laugh as you stomp off towards home
  344. >As soon as you're out of hearing range from anypony, you start to mutter to yourself
  345. "Are they crazy? Two hundred?! Nopony in their right mind should pay for that! Just for a spa day…"
  346. >You sigh
  347. >At least you can go home and complain to Spike about it
  348. >He'll agree with you
  349. >Probably
  350. >Even if he doesn't, you need to vent
  351. >That price is ridiculous!
  352. >Especially for such a small establishment
  353. >Ugh
  354. >You start to see the Golden Oaks, standing tall
  355. >Your home
  356. >Your library
  357. >Your life
  358. >You love that place
  359. >And as you're about to enter it, you notice that the door's open
  360. >Not creased
  361. >Open
  362. >Wide open
  363. >If you remember correctly, you left the door creased
  364. >Or, did you?
  365. >You did, right?
  366. >Because you know you didn't close it
  367. >You made sure to make a point of that
  368. >Just to show that nothing could happen in such a peaceful town
  369. >But for the life of you, you can't remember if you left it creased or wide open
  370. >That stupid spa shop drama got you so mad that it messed with your memories
  371. >Oh, whatever
  372. >It's not like anything bad happened, anyway
  373. >So, to prove your theory, you walk in with your eyes closed
  374. >Why keep them open when nothing bad could happen?
  375. >There won't be any surprises
  376. >You're sure of that
  377. "Spike, I'm home! You okay?"
  378. >"Y-Yeah! Perfectly fine!"
  379. >Huh?
  380. >Okay, that didn't sound fine
  381. >Opening your eyes, you look up with concern in your eyes
  382. "Uh… You sure about that, Spike?"
  383. >"Sure I'm sure! Why wouldn't I be--ow!--sure?"
  384. >Nope
  385. >Something's up
  386. >You know it
  387. >Placing your saddlebags on a table, you rush up the stairs, practically bursting into your room
  388. "Spike? Are you oka--"
  389. >Holy hayburgers!
  390. >Did a tornado come through here or something!?
  391. >Your bed sheets are RUINED
  392. >There's a bunch of paper just EVERYWHERE
  393. >Also ink
  394. >Ink splatters are everywhere
  395. >And the worst of it all
  396. >Spike is busy holding down a certain cat you happen to know
  397. "Opal?"
  398. >The feline looks at you, and immediately jumps out of Spike's grasp, running away from him
  399. >The cat runs all the way outside
  400. >Seems like she's going back home
  401. >Lucky her
  402. >Because Spike's gonna wish he could go with that cat after you're done with him
  403. >You give Spike a deadly stare
  404. >He promptly hides behind your bed
  405. >"I-It wasn't my fault! Promise! Opalescence just waltzed right in!"
  406. "Up to my room?"
  407. >"Yes! I promise, I was just trying to get her out of the library, but she wouldn't comply!"
  408. >You notice the scratch marks on his scales--most notably, the scratches on his face
  409. >Sheesh, that cat must've really messed him up
  410. >You take a moment to survey your room once more
  411. >Then, you sigh
  412. "Come on, lets fix you up, Spike. Then we could spend the rest of the day cleaning."
  413. >Again
  415. Night
  417. >Flop goes the pony right on her bed
  418. >That's exactly what you do
  419. >Because honestly
  420. >You're tired out
  421. >Very, very tired out
  422. >You mean
  423. >Today was fun
  424. >To some extent
  425. >You ate an amazing breakfast
  426. >Reorganized the books--which is always fun, in your opinion
  427. >Cleaned up the library
  428. >Gave Fluttershy that magazine
  429. >Took a break to eat a daisy sandwich
  430. >Which was delicious
  431. >Came back to the library, did librarian things
  432. >Such as checking out books
  433. >And then you decided to get ripped off by the spa ponies
  434. >You're not going there again unless you're getting paid for
  435. >How is that even legal?
  436. >Then you came home to find your room a MESS
  437. >All because of your brother and his crush's cat
  438. >Then you had to clean him up
  439. >Then clean up your room
  440. >You didn't even eat dinner
  441. >You forgot about it, honestly
  442. >Although, you probably don't need it
  443. >You've eaten enough today, thanks to Spike
  444. >You should probably make him something small to eat before bed, though
  445. >Lil guy needs it
  446. >Right now, he's in his own little bed, reading that comic again
  447. >He's obsessed with it
  448. >Yawning, you turn yourself over so that you're looking at him
  449. "Spike," you question, tiredly
  450. >"Yeah?"
  451. >Dear Celestia, he sounds like he's still got a bit of energy in him
  452. >While you do not
  453. "Want me to,' you yawn, "Make us somethin' to eat?"
  454. >"It's like, 10pm, Twi."
  455. "But we didn't eat dinner."
  456. >Of course, you won't be making yourself anything
  457. >But you feel like he won't accept the food if he's the only one eating
  458. >Seems like something he'd do
  459. >The dragon ponders on the offer for a moment
  460. >Leaving you rest your eyes for a moment
  461. >Just for a quick moment
  462. >Nothing too drastic
  463. >You don't even remember the dream you had when Spike wakes you up
  464. >"Twi, you okay? You seem really tired."
  465. "Whut? Me? Tired?"
  466. >You fake a chuckle
  467. "Come on, Syke. I'm not tired, you know me!"
  468. >"Says the pony who's passed out several times while studying."
  469. >You'd say something, but you know he's right
  470. >You always love to study until you're all studied out
  471. >Well, no
  472. >You don't love to do it
  473. >It just happens
  474. >You have no control over it whatsoever
  475. >"Three, three," he mutters, a smug smirk on his face
  476. "Still counting, I see."
  477. >"Mhm."
  478. >He pauses for a bit, before speaking again
  479. >"Alright, you can make us something to eat. But don't cook anything--you'll burn the whole library down!"
  480. >You roll out of bed, making sure to roll away from Spike
  481. "Don't you worry your little dragon hiney! I'll make the best dinner ever!"
  482. >"And I'll become the dragon lord."
  483. "Whutwustthat?"
  484. >"Nothing!"
  485. >You yawn once more, heading downstairs and making a bee line towards the kitchen
  486. >Once there, you levitate out some bread and some rubies
  487. >A nice gemstone sandwich outta be good for him
  488. >It's nothing too fancy for you to mess up
  489. >Yet it's also nothing too difficult for you to make
  490. >Honestly you're not that good of a cook to begin with
  491. >Sure, you've tried to cook before
  492. >You've read countless cook books
  493. >You've even read the lowest of the low, "How to cook for dummies"
  494. >You're sure you've even asked Pinkie Pie one time to show you the ropes
  495. >But you never seem to get the hang of it
  496. >It always comes out burnt despite your calculations
  497. >Or it just doesn't taste good to most ponies
  498. >You don't even like the taste of your cooking
  499. >Usually it just tastes...
  500. >Off
  501. >But anyway, enough about how much you suck at cooking
  502. >You make the sandwich, which is something you can make pretty consistently and have it taste good
  503. >Sandwiches, you mean
  504. >Ponies love your sandwiches
  505. >And by ponies, you mean yourself and Spike
  506. >Nopony else really tries them
  507. >Anyway
  508. >Carrying the sandwich with your magic, you pour yourself some nice OJ
  509. >Only half full, though
  510. >You still wish to go to sleep after this
  511. >As you carry both objects with your magical abilities, you walk out of the kitchen and upstairs, right into your bedroom
  512. >Spike is still awake, still reading
  513. >You can tell because of the flashlight
  514. >It's really bright
  515. "Here you go, Spike. Enjoy!"
  516. >You hover over his food to him
  517. >Without a plate or anything
  518. >Hayburgers
  519. >You forgot to give him a plate
  520. >Well
  521. >Not like he'll need it, anyway
  522. >It's just a sandwich
  523. >Not much mess you can make with that
  524. >Besides all the little crumbs that scatter across the floor
  525. >That the ants could pick up and return to their colonies with
  526. >Then after awhile the ants could call this place their home
  527. >Then they could bring their friends
  528. >Red ants
  529. >Flies
  530. >/Termites/
  531. >Then eventually, you wouldn't have a house anymore
  532. >Why?
  533. >Because the termites ate it
  534. >All because you didn't get a plate for Spike when he needed it
  535. >...
  536. >"Thanks, Twi. This is gre--huh?"
  537. >You drop a paper plate on his lap
  538. "Here, use this."
  539. >"What for? It's just a sand--"
  540. "Use. It."
  541. >He promptly decides that using the plate would probably be the best course of action
  542. >Good
  543. >For him
  544. >You take a sip of your OJ, looking out the window of your room
  545. >And what you see is honestly, quite beautiful
  546. >To you, anyway
  547. >You come closer to the window, looking directly at the full moon
  548. >Rarely ever does Luna ever decide for it to not be a full moon
  549. >But never the less, it's still really, really beautiful
  550. >The night sky
  551. >The stars aligned in certain constellations
  552. >And the big, white moon to top it all off
  553. >It's a beautiful picture
  554. >It honestly makes you appreciate Luna, and all that she does
  555. >It must be hard work raising not only the moon
  556. >But all these beautiful stars, as well
  557. >And to put them in such an order, too!
  558. >It's so elaborate and precise
  559. >So much so that ponies--such as yourself--could figure out the patterns and study them
  560. >"Twi? What are you doing?"
  561. "Huh?"
  562. >You turn around to face Spike, still laying in his bed
  563. >His plate is empty
  564. >Good
  565. >Just transport that into the garbage real quick
  566. "Oh, I'm just stargazing. Admiring Luna's beautiful night, you know?"
  567. >"Right."
  568. >You suppose that's enough admiration for one night, though
  569. >Luna knows her night is beautiful
  570. >She should, anyway
  571. >So, you decide to jump over to your bed and flop right back on it
  572. >And as soon as you do, you feel as tired as you did before
  573. >Despite any orange juice that might've swayed you otherwise
  574. >You don't even finish it tonight--save it for tomorrow
  575. >As you place your OJ on the banister next to your bed, you get comfy, getting under the nice, warm blanket and snuggling inside it
  576. >You can feel yourself slipping away into dreamland
  577. >Back into the familiar coma that you wish could last forever someti--
  578. >"Hey, Twi?"
  579. >Hayburgers
  580. "Yes, Spike?"
  581. >"How do you like Ponyville so far?"
  582. >Spike
  583. >You laugh at the question a bit
  584. >Spike chuckles with you
  585. >Then, you stop
  586. >Thinking about the past day
  587. >And the past couple of months
  588. >You really only have one answer
  589. "I love it, Spike. I wouldn't trade it for anything else in the world."
  590. >"Heh. Me too, Twilight."
  591. >You want to go into dreamland
  592. >You really, really do
  593. >But, you've got one more thing to say before you do
  594. "And I wouldn't trade you for anything else in the world, either."
  595. >Another chuckle from him, followed by what seems to be a slight blush
  596. >"Same for you, dude."
  597. >You'd make a comment about that
  598. >But you can only giggle
  599. "Goodnight, Spike."
  600. >"Goodnight, Twilight."
  601. "Sweet dreams."
  602. >"Same to you."
  603. >...
  604. "I love you."
  605. >"Love ya too."
  606. >...
  607. >"Big sis."
  609. End
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