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Press Release: Anonymous Operation Ferguson Soldiers On

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Aug 29th, 2015
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  1. Press Release: Anonymous Operation Ferguson Soldiers On
  3. Saturday - August 29, 2015 9:30 AM ET USA
  5. This is the second of only two official Press Releases ever published by Op Ferguson. Anonymous Operation Ferguson is far more than just a single Twitter account. We are an entire internet platform including a now iconic website at (a domain registered the very day Mike Brown was killed) an E-Mail server and more. All of this infrastructure was built within 24 hours of the tragic and barbaric slaying of Mike Brown, who has always been and will always remain the primary focus of the Original Operation Ferguson.
  7. But even more than the internet set up, even more than the thousands of man hours of loving labor poured into it, and into the external media communications that helped make Op Ferguson such a resounding success, even more than all these things - Anonymous Operation Ferguson was and is a TEAM. A very particular and unique Team. Consisting of two seasoned Anons, two Anon activists in the STL/Ferguson area - and even the daughter of Eric Garner who was slain by the NYPD. This team of dedicated activists marshaled Anonymous Operation Ferguson from day one until we past the first anniversary of Mike Brown's death. Op Ferguson's failures and it's successes are entirely are own. We have always done our best for the Op.
  9. With mind numbing amounts of work over the past year, the dedicated half dozen activists who make up Anonymous Operation Ferguson have labored tirelessly to earn the trust and win the hearts of the incredibly heroic protesters in Ferguson and then beyond. History and their own stories is testimony that Op Ferguson has been an asset and ally to what has grown into a global movement of Black Lives Matter, as well as to all the protesters in Ferguson and St. Louis - who will always be our top priority.
  11. A couple of days ago, one senior member of the Op Ferguson team took it upon themselves to dismiss the entire rest of the Op Ferguson team, Every single one of us - and seize control over the only part of Operation Ferguson she could which was the now iconic Twitter account. After consulting with the Original Team members of Anonymous Operation Ferguson, and lengthy discussions with numerous protesters on the ground in Ferguson - it was decided that we will simply replace the Twitter account (it is now @OpFerguson2015 ) and soldier on. As the heroic Bassem Masri once said on the radio, this is a ten year fight at least. The Original Team of Anonymous Operation Ferguson has always been in this for the long haul. The unfortunate loss of a single social media account will not deter us from our steadfast support of the Ferguson protesters and justice for Mike Brown.
  13. As always we thank our many tens of thousands of supporters around the world. As for the Twitter accounts, we leave it to your judgement. Trust must be earned, it can not simply be stolen. Ask yourself if you trust the Original Anonymous Operation Ferguson Team who saw it through the first year, or an account run by someone who gained control of it through despicable treachery. For our part, we will continue to do what we have always done and you should, you know...expect us.
  15. SINCERELY -- Anonymous Operation Ferguson
  17. Website -
  19. New Twitter - @OpFerguson2015
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