Apr 9th, 2017
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  1. Name: Lux Adair Van de Laar
  2. Gender: Male
  3. Age: 17
  4. Height: 5' 11”
  5. Weight: Average
  6. Body Development: Well-Developed
  7. Appearance: Somewhat dark skin, short chestnut-brown hair, gunmetal-grey eyes. Handsome and /fit/, facial features leaning more in the direction of “pretty boy” than “ruggedly handsome”, and he appears youthful without looking boyish.
  9. When transformed, he wears light armor that includes a breastplate, greaves, and bracers, and his belt holds several pouches while the shirt beneath his breastplate includes a hood he can raise during inclement weather. The attire beneath the armor is comfortable but rugged, well-suited to a myriad of environments. On the back of each glove is a small, intricately-engraved armor piece; they are his healing artifact, or two halves of it.
  11. His wings are as a bird's, or perhaps an angel's. Only, they're...damaged. The white feathers are a little dirty in some places, especially around the edges of the wings, and crooked and bent in some places. Additionally, the wings themselves are slightly crooked, as if they were broken and never healed properly. When extended, the wings cause whatever clothing he's wearing to neatly morph to accommodate them, as if the outfit was custom-tailored with them in mind.
  13. (Picture: )
  17. Age: 17
  18. Development: Overdeveloped
  19. Spec: Light
  20. Outfit: Uniform (Determination)
  21. Weapon: Ranged (Marksman)
  22. Power: Regeneration
  23. Perks: Healing Artifact, Wings, Masculinity, Big Backpack, Leitmotif, Snapshots
  25. STR: 4
  26. AGI: 11
  27. VIT: 10
  28. MAG: 6
  29. LCK: 16
  32. Soak: 6
  33. HP: 20
  34. MP: 6
  35. FP: 16
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