Win10 AMD VTC Mining guide

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  1. 1. Download and install Catalyst drivers from official site .
  2. 2. Download sgminer release from here .
  4. 3. Create folder "sgminer" in C:\ root path and unpack archive to the new folder like this:
  5.    Press Extract.
  6.    Press Browse.
  7.    Select your sgminer folder and Press OK.
  8.    Press again OK.
  9. 4. Open sgminer folder, create new text file and name it "start"
  11. 5. Open this file and write this (you can add options):
  12. [code]
  13. sgminer.exe -k Lyra2REv2 -o stratum+tcp:// -u YourVTCWallet -p x
  14. [/code]
  16. 6. Press File - Save as.. , edit all like shown on screen and press Save:
  18. 7. Now you can start miner by opening start.bat.
  20. Miner options:
  21. -k - You can choose an algorithm
  22. -o - Pool url
  23. -u - Worker Name
  24. -p - Worker Password
  25. -I (0-20) - Scan intensity
  26. -w - Amount of work handled by GPUs per work request (max 256)
  27. --thread-concurrency - Number of concurrent threads per GPU for mining
  28. --shaders - Number of shaders per GPU for algorithm tuning
  29. --auto-gpu - Automatically adjust all GPU engine clock speeds to maintain a target temperature
  30. --gpu-engine - Set the GPU core clock range in Mhz
  31. --gpu-memclock - Set the GPU memory clock in Mhz
  32. --gpu-threads - Number of mining threads per GPU
  33. --gpu-fan - Set the GPU fan percentage range
  35. Guide by Arakhis, for bitcointalk. VTC: Vs5TtHyxgNKdYSZUwo7nRNpXJhs1NLfAYf
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