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  1. 12:15:03 AM * HisButler is away: HAVE TO PEE. HAVE TO PEE. HAVETOPEEHAVETOPEE.
  2. 12:15:52 AM *** You have been kicked by Seth-Phal *
  3. 12:20:42 AM *** You have joined #GayBiWorlds *
  4. 12:20:47 AM <HisButler> Seth-Phal: Could have said something to me.
  5. 12:22:03 AM <Seth-Phal> HisButler: You've already discussed it with romaji. I have seen you do this three or four times in the past couple days. You know you're supposed to be leaving before posting your away since it is bolded.
  6. 12:23:42 AM <HisButler> Simple resolution is to move one's arm about 10cm to the rear of your body, squat accordingly, and promptly remove the stick up one's arse.
  7. 12:23:46 AM <HisButler> Just saying.
  8. 12:24:59 AM <HisButler> Call the Royal Marines. They'll fix it.
  9. 12:26:45 AM *** You have been kicked by Seth-Phal * Come back when you're done beign disrespectful.
  10. 12:27:24 AM *** You have joined #GayBiWorlds *
  11. 12:28:05 AM <HisButler> Seth-Phal: Ahem, if I may. That was not blatantly directed at one individual, nor did it state names. I could have been talking about Mitt Romney.
  12. 12:28:56 AM <Seth-Phal> HisButler: So tell me then. To whom was it directed at?
  13. 12:30:03 AM <HisButler> Seth-Phal: The dust bunnies.
  14. 12:30:08 AM <HisButler> Seth-Phal: They're proper twats they are.
  15. 12:31:21 AM <Seth-Phal> HisButler: Of course it was.
  16. 12:31:30 AM <HisButler> Seth-Phal: Bloody serious mate.
  17. 12:31:41 AM <HisButler> Seth-Phal: The dust bunnies.. always watching.
  18. 12:31:56 AM <HisButler> Seth-Phal: I can be disrespectful to them, you see. Because they're twats.
  19. 12:32:13 AM <Seth-Phal> HisButler: Thank you for that lovely analogy.
  20. 12:32:16 AM <HisButler> Seth-Phal: Waddling around with a stick up their arse like a pouf.
  21. 12:32:42 AM <HisButler> Seth-Phal: I don't know what you're talking about.
  22. 12:32:49 AM <HisButler> But I'm talking about dust bunnies.
  23. 12:32:56 AM <Seth-Phal> Mhm.
  24. 12:33:22 AM <HisButler> The bloody little buggers that crawl out from under the couch with their ANIMUDESU- dust bunny bollocks.
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