Totally not gay (TrapxAnon, lewd, gay, don't read) to fix

Sep 9th, 2017
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  1. >>How do you seduce a pony?
  2. >>Tickle em till the pickle pops, then use a firm grip if you decide to give the marecock a handjob.
  4. >just a handjob
  5. dude, you gotta show them you care
  7. like peppering her flaring crown with soft kisses
  8. fondling and gently squeezing her balls to make sure she gives you everything
  9. giving her ass a finger or two as you do all this, to get her ready
  10. ask her to get your cock wet, because you'll need the lubrication
  11. tell her she's a good girl as you pet her mane when she swallows you whole
  12. getting behind her, slowly, making sure your hands roam and caress her entire body on the way there
  13. give her tail a sharp tug because you know she loves it
  14. prob at her entrance a few times, to make sure she wants it
  15. to make sure she begs for it
  16. to finally push it in and hear her voice dies in her throat as your crown gets past her tight ring
  17. to hear her breathing grow heavier and heavier with every inches you push inside
  18. to keep caressing her thigh, back, and barrel with your free hand, as you keep her tail secured with the other one
  19. to finally hilt, and to lean down to give her neck a quick kiss
  20. kiss that becomes a nip
  21. nip that becomes a bite, as you pull away
  22. for your hand to drift down from her barrel and for your fingers to finally wrap themselves around her needy cock
  23. to hear her moan and cry your name as you ram it back in
  24. to keep kissing, nipping, biting, squeezing, caressing, rocking as you lose yourself in the act
  25. to scoop up the pre she's oozing and to slowly bring it to her lips, and to call her a good girl once more as her tongue rolls around your fingers
  26. to crane her neck backwards and to finally kiss her
  27. to hear her beg for you to continue, to keep going, to go faster, harder
  28. to comply, your hand instantly finding its way down her soft tummy to give her little girlcock some more love
  29. to feel her release before you can, to see her eyes roll back in pleasure and to hear her incomprehensibly grumble and groan as your hand strokes its way down her shaft to squeeze her feminine balls, to coax them for every ounce of love she can give you
  31. but as much as you love feeling your balls hit hers with every thrusts, there's something you love even more
  32. that she loves even more
  33. to roll her on her back, because you want to see her eyes as you finish
  34. because you want her to see YOUR eyes when you finish
  35. to show her you're her alpha
  36. she's your bitch
  37. yours, and no one else's
  38. to feel her tighten at your words, at your claims
  39. to kiss her again, hungrily so
  40. to groan as you feel yourself getting close
  41. to hear her beg once again, but this time for you to finish
  42. to mark her
  43. to claim her
  44. and to do so
  45. to feel yourself spurt, throb, spurt, and throb some more
  46. to feel her soft hooves trace circles on the back of your head as she murmurs encouraging words
  47. to feel her soft lips against your neck as you still bask in the afterglow
  48. for her to tell you to stay there as you pull away, that she loves feeling your weight on top of her, that she feels so safe and so loved
  49. to giggle as you tell her that you gotta move because you've got work in an hour or so
  50. but to kiss her again when she pouts and tell you that you'll need to give her some more later as an apology
  51. to finally pull free from her tight ring and to admire your seed ooze out of her for a few seconds
  52. enough for her to catch you by surprise and turn around, and for her mouth to engulf your entire length once more
  53. to groan as you feel her broad, warm tongue clean your over sensitive organ, to make sure there's not one drop left of you in there
  54. for her to let go of it as she sends you a predatory gaze, before she tells you that she'll be waiting for you to come home
  56. You gotta take care of your mares guys, even if they happen to have cocks
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