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Mar 2nd, 2018
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  1. [------What do Lagg's V5 bots do?------]
  2. [------**************************------]
  3. Lagg pretty much messed up with the entire T2 AI code, he added so many things and fixed so much stuff that I just can't list them all. But I guarantee you that these bots are very fun to play against, unlike the default bots.
  5. Some things that Lagg's V5 bots do:
  7. -drive all the tribes 2 vehicles and deploy MPBs.
  8. -be tailgunners, bombers, gunners for other bots
  9. -support humans as a gunner/tailgunner whenever they need vehicle support (say VNS or VNB/VNT)
  10. -run from missiles if they're piloting shrikes
  11. -detect mines better and throw them in combat
  12. -have better cloaking tactics
  13. -attack and repair vehicle stations
  14. -find locations to mortar shoot objects instead of waiting on their butts for a targeting laser bot
  15. -deploy motion/pulse sensors, cameras
  16. -use missile launchers to destroy turrets, sensors, solar panels
  17. -steal vehicles to go back to base if they have a flag... vehicle cap!
  18. -climb high places to spam attack areas with the mortar or sniper rifle
  19. -wall-shoot objects from difficult angles
  20. -use predefined attack paths for destroying objects
  21. -use the mortar to destroy inventory stations and generators, as opposed to the default weapons
  22. -camp destroyed enemy assets, especially the gens
  23. -patrol in defense using predefined paths
  24. -tell you their current objectives if you're looking at them and say VCW
  25. -Lagg's siege maps have mission specific scripts that tweak the bots specifically for that map
  26. -Lagg's bots have a fix for exploding tank Unhandled Exceptions
  27. -And MANY more things and fixes to make the default bots un-retarded. There's so many I can't list them all.
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