Sen 3 July 11

Jul 11th, 2017
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  1. Translated by Omgfloofy, with help from Gu4n.
  3. Alisa Reinford (20)
  4. Senior manager assistant of Reinford Group. Responsible for the Arcus II and the orbal staff division, and serves as a negotiator between the Military Academy and Epstein Foundation. She is depicted alongside Tita and Rean in one screenshots and arguing with Sharon on another. There are also two screenshots where she’s standing next to Rean, talking to his students.
  6. Elliot Craig (19)
  7. After graduating from Thors Military Academy, he enrolled in the Music Academy in Heimdallr. There he graduated after one year, becoming a music producer and travelling across Erebonia. He is seen apologising for Ash’s behaviour to Juna, talking to Rean, Laura and Sara and teaching music to children.
  9. Laura S. Arseid (20)
  10. Meeting the requirements to become an instructor at the Arseid School of swordmanship, Laura instead starts a travel to acquire new insight into the way of the sword. She is seen crossing swords with Aureila, depicted alongside Fie and Major Michael and with Rean talking to Juna and Kurt.
  12. Fie Claussell (17)
  13. Became a bracer after graduating. With guidance from Sara and Toval, she became a full bracer at the young age of 16. Now she’s working alongside Sara. Screenshots include jumping across roofs, the confrontation with Shirley and a discussion with Laura over archaisms.
  15. Jusis Albarea
  16. Age: 20
  17. Voice: Shinnosuke Tachibana
  19. He is currently planning to make over the Bareahart region as part of his duties as its lord... As the pressures from other nobles are beginning to strengthen, he's been keeping connections with the Four Great Lords behind closed doors.
  21. In screenshots, there's a scene with him talking to Millium and Patrick about his brother. Another screenshot has him meeting Ash and the other Thors II students. Another screenshot has him standing side by side with Machias.
  23. Machias Regnitz
  24. Age: 20
  25. Voice: Takuya Satou
  27. After graduating, he went to study at an imperial political college and completed his credits in only a year. At the age of 19, he entered the office of investigator for the justice administration, but is he aware of the plans of the prime minister...?
  29. A screenshot features him greeting his senior and the general governor. Another screenshot has him speaking to Altina after meeting Rean and the new Class VII. Another screenshot has him speaking to Jusis.
  31. Emma Milstein
  32. Age: 20
  33. Voice: Saori Hayami
  35. After the disappearance of Vita, she began to study the secret arts, the empire, and its history with the 'chief.' She's currently traveling to search for Vita, and seeking out the gathering places of the witches and gnomes.
  36. Celine
  37. Age: ?
  38. Voice: Mai Aizawa
  40. She returned to the witch's village with Emma after the end of the civil war.
  42. There's a screenshot them confronting Olivier and someone else [ed: this is exactly what it says. lol]. A screenshot of them searching through a 'spirit cave.' Rean and Celine talking about the chief in a screenshot. All of the new Class VII speaking with Celine in another screenshot. A screenshot of Muse carrying Celine. Olivier, Alisa, and Machias are also spotted in screenshots.
  44. Gaius Worzel
  45. Age: 20
  46. Voice: Yoshimasa Hosoya
  48. After graduation, Gaius returned to his homeland of Nord to protect his people from any struggles involving Erebonia and Calvard.... After awhile, though, he fell out of touch.
  50. A screenshot shows him fighting with a lance. Another screenshot has his reunion with Rean. Speaking of the colors of the wind in another screenshot.
  52. Millium Orion
  53. Age: 15
  54. Voice: Kotori Koiwai
  56. After graduation, she returned to being an agent for the intelligence division, and she works on matters alongside Altina.
  58. A screenshot of Altina being jealous. [??] A possible continuation of the scene in another screenshot with Altina. There's a screenshot of her talking to the new Class VII members, and showing Airgetlam to Tita.
  59. --Kondo's Comments--
  61. Famitsu:
  62. * Alisa has stepped further into family matters, and she is getting wrapped up in the empire's maelstrom.
  63. * While Elliot has become a musician, it seems that he's having conflicts in his relationship with his father again.
  64. * Laura has become an unparalleled swordswoman. In order to learn of her father's secret arts, she has sought out both McBurn and a 'Legendary Individual.'
  65. * Machias is in the best position to fight against Osborne, and will there be an event to try to bridge the distance Rean has?
  66. * Emma has begun to study the secret arts, including about the ogre power in order to save Rean. There's also a bit of a competitive nature between Celine and Altina?
  67. * Jusis has a heavy burden regarding his territorial control. Watch for his confrontation with his brother.
  68. * Gaius, like Rean, is also dressed in a surprising way. The mystery regarding this will be addressed.
  69. * Despite being part of the Iron Breed, Millium still lends her power to the original Class VII. The truth about her relationship with Altina will be revealed.
  71. Dengeki PS:
  72. * They will be shown one-by-one in different situations.
  73. * Pay attention to their exchanges with the new Class VII.
  74. * Elliot and Fie have both grown a bit.
  75. * Emma is wearing clothing that resembles what Misty wore.
  76. * Whatever mysteries the original Class VII members left and what they have been up to these past one and a half years will be addressed.
  77. * Things that will be revealed: Millium and Altina's birth. The chief of the witches and the mission of Emma and her ancestors. Gaius and the incident with the people of Nord.
  78. * The original Class VII members have retained their power as subcontractors. Rean can call upon them for assistance with Valimar.
  80. There is no system information covered in this issue. It's likely that on the site, four characters will be unveiled this week, and another four will be unveiled next week.
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