Inheritor of Chaos - Chapter 6, Elementary my dear...

Sep 3rd, 2016
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  1. >You follow the mares that are escorting you towards the town center of the town. Cheerliee had a seriously expression going on and the green mint unicorn was sometimes looking at you, giving you a tiny smile
  2. >Maybe she considered you not a menace, you find her cute, not in a sexy way like the teacher, but… just cute. Maybe you could take advantage of the situation now
  3. >You stop and the mares notice you did so, so they look at you and the mint green unicorn is the first to speak
  4. >”What is it, kid? You feeling okay?” Her tone had a bit of worry as she started to walk slowly towards you, Cheerliee in the other hands stayed in place
  5. “Actually… I’m feeling kind of tired, my hooves hurt…” You raise your right hoof and move it as if it was jelly. “Do I have to follow you twoooooo? I’m also getting huuuungry”
  6. >Both mares look at each other for some seconds
  7. >That should be enough for you to think strategies of what’s coming next. Let’s see… you’re going to see the leader, she or he is going to ask you a lot of questions, even if you are a kid. And let’s not forget the fact that they have the book that got affected by your own chaos. The worst that can happen? They lock you until you “remember” something. The best that can happen? You capture the leader… in some way
  8. >Maybe Discord isn’t the best at plans, well, he never gave you one… just, bring the leader and that’s all, was it? Uhmm… if they discover that you have chaos magic in your control, things are going to go downhill
  9. >Gotta think of every tiny probability
  10. >If they know you are Discord’s son? You’re fucked up. If they discover in some way that you are not a pony? Worst… but there is no way they know that… right? Besides, only ponies you have seen in this world that knew who were you was Celestia and Luna at the castle of Discord. Question is, do they know Discord has a son now?
  11. >If they did… they couldn’t have let you in in the town, hell, that yellow Pegasus from before would let the wolves to bite and tear your meat in the moment she saw you… and if Discord isn’t a dick, he won’t say a global message of how he adopted a son
  12. >You need to think more carefully and act as close as a kid from these lands
  13. >You feel a sudden lift from… magic? And in the next second you are on top of the green unicorn pony
  14. >”Here, let me carry you if you feel tired then. We’ll give you food once we ask you some questions if you don’t mind… be a good boy and you’ll get some daisy sandwiches! Isn’t that great?” The unicorn said in a cheery voice… and boy! Her coat is so smooth
  15. >She starts walking and you almost fell from her back, so you had to grab her around her neck… god damn this was now embarrassing
  16. >”Whoa there! Be careful! Never been in somepony’s back before?”
  17. “Ah… eh… n-not that I remember”
  18. >This was… weird. A horse riding a horse, the legends were true…
  19. >For some reason she was comfy to ride… god that sentence is so lewd. You don’t even need a saddle for making the ride comfy; her coat was already feeling good and not rough. Was this because she’s a girl?
  20. >”My name is Lyra Heartstrings by the way, but you can call me Lyra. You got a name?” God damn her ears were perking up and looked so cute
  21. >Well look at that, her name is the same as her butt mark. And you just noticed that Cheerliee butt mark was three flowers, but… ugh, just ask that after you give your name, Alberto
  22. “My name is Anon”
  23. >”Well, isn’t that a peculiar name? Well, hopefully you don’t get said that often! Nice to meet you Anon.” She giggles slightly
  24. >Well yeah, hopefully this doesn’t get too often into the “Oh, your name is like that? How weird! Nobody I know is named like that!” or something like that. Hell, you still don’t know how ponies name their ponies… and knowing how that timberwolf name was “Bark” the other just must have puns related to wood
  25. >…Now you want a timberwolf to call woody… heh… hehe… goddamnit brain
  26. “Say… Lyra…” He ears once again perk up and you have her attention. “What are the images you two have in your… ummm… ah, you know…”
  27. >”You mean our flanks?”
  28. “Y-yeah… sorry for sounding rude…”
  29. >”You don’t know about cutie marks?” Lyra looks to the direction of Cheerliee. “He doesn’t know about cutie marks?”
  30. >Cutie marks? Damn it Discord, you don’t explain shit wey
  31. >”Seems like Anon lost his memories and only remembers brief stuff, I didn’t expect him to forget about something important like cutie marks…”
  32. >They are important? Damn it, why Discord didn’t tell you? Was it because he didn’t give a shit about them? …because if a cutie mark is near ponies flanks, he didn’t appear to have one
  33. >Or maybe only ponies can have one? …then why don’t you have one? And there were kids that lacked one
  34. >Both mares stopped walking and started explaining to you the meaning of the “cutie marks”
  35. >Lyra was the first to talk to you
  36. >”You see Anon, when a pony discovers his special talent; they receive the gift of the cutie mark, a tiny feature that represents what they are good at.” Her hoof pointed to Cheerliee’s flank. “Cheerliee as example has three flowers becaaause…” She was waiting for her to reply
  37. >”Because it symbolizes my care for each of my students, and my desire to help them learn and grow…”
  38. >”And mine meaning is that I’m good at any string instrument!” She takes a pause and looks at the sky and then at you. “Another good example is Princess Celestia, you know who she is, right?”
  39. >…
  41. “Ehhhhhrrrr……”
  42. >You open your mouth for a second and try to think of something… but you don’t say anything…
  43. >”Right… your memories… eh, don’t worry! Well, her cutie mark is the sun… which is her talent as she moves the sun!”
  44. >”Or used to do…” Murmured Cheerliee
  45. >”Eh… you get it now… right Anon?”
  46. >Well, ignoring that last comment you pretty much understand the concept
  47. >Jesus Christ, so they represent what you do in life. Short explanation but big impact
  48. >You wonder if you can get a cutie mark… and what would it be…
  49. >Well, back in Earth you were good at… well, anything that they wanted you to work in… money was money and any job opportunity was a good chance to get more stuff, but that changed when you lost your best yet job… and now you find this… ‘job’ that looks like a no way back for some reason
  50. >Nah, if there are dimensions to other worlds, of course there is one back to your world and your old life
  51. >Will you ever want to go back? Is… kind of a good adventure here, but you do miss already your family. Maybe… maybe you did have to read the damn contract of Discord… dude you were drunk! Maybe you still are…
  52. >Let’s just… not think about that right now. That comes later when you get your mission done
  53. >…If you ever do finish it, hell you feel like you’ve been in this forest for a good while
  54. “Okay, I understand! I can’t wait to discover mine!” You rest on the comfy back of Lyra. “Okay, let’s goooo! Yip yip!”
  55. >You were really comfy on this unicorn’s back… but seems like the ride had to stop
  56. >”Actually Anon, we are here… unless you want me to take you inside”
  57. >Wait what?
  58. >You take a look and, you three were outside a building with two brown doors… can’t believe we were already here. You thought they stopped to talk about cutie marks, you never expected arriving so soon
  59. >You take a tiny breath and exhale and as sad as it takes, you slowly stand down from Lyra’s back. She notices you slowly getting off and helps you with her magic
  60. “Thanks you Miss Lyra… and sorry for asking about cutie marks”
  61. >”Pffft, drop the miss boy, just call me Lyra! And don’t worry about cutie marks; you’ll even get yours eventually! Colts at your age surely get them soon or later.” She gives you a tiny fast pet in your mane, messing with it slightly. “Since other ponies are checking the perimeter in search for any opening for chaos, do you want me to stay with Anon so you take care of the kids? She asked Cheerliee
  62. >”Actually… would you be kind and stay with the kids? Last time I left them with Bark they didn’t do their homework and played with him…”
  63. >And you were scared of him, damnit… next time you are going to show him who’s boss
  64. >”Sure Cheerliee, I’ll take care of them! Maybe I’ll tell them a history lesson!” She turns around and starts walking towards the direction of the school, but not before saying her goodbyes to you and waving her hoof
  65. >You just wave back smiling
  66. >After she is gone from the sight of Cheerliee, she… looks with a deadpan expression to you
  67. >”Okay Anon, let’s enter the town center now Anon…” She opens the door to let you walk in first… and you do walk in first
  68. >Inside were two females earth ponies, one had a slightly brown coat and gray with white mane, the other earth pony had a pink mane and coat, both looked to be discussing something and were interrupted by you two
  69. >Oh god, maybe someone of these two is the leader? …the pink one is sitting in a chair next to the desk and the other is just standing near it… maybe the pink is…
  70. >A sudden flashback about Discord’s chess game comes to your mind. It was there where you saw a pink queen with a white pawn… but damnit you don’t remember the color of the king now. Was she the pink queen then? Is she the leader? Better take it carefully by now
  71. >Cheerliee tells you to wait on a chair as she talks with them and you do so
  72. >Mierda, this situation is pretty tough. You are concerned about any fuck ups you give now
  73. >You take your time and wait… you don’t even complain of your way of sitting on the chair. Ponies sitting are so damn curious, haha. Back in your world you wouldn’t even thought of a horse sitting somewhere
  74. >You start looking at your hoof for… no reason. Damn you are getting bored, you want action and now. Looking at the desk with the three mares, Cheerliee placed the book on the desk and the pink pony started eyeing it… then Cheerliee pointed at you and the three mares gave you a quick glance… which you in reply waved your hoof with a cheery smile
  75. >Cute and childish, Alberto… cute and childish…
  76. >”Anon… can you come here? We are going to ask you… a few questions”
  77. >Well… here we go. You stand up from your seat and walk towards the three mares… and start waiting for the questions
  78. >”Take a seat, Anon” The pink mare said. “If that’s your name…”
  79. >You take a gulp… so the questions have begun…
  80. “O-Of course my name is Anon!”
  81. >”Where’s your family?”
  82. “I… dunno…”
  83. >”Why did this book changed words as soon as you touched it?”
  84. “I… dunno?”
  85. >”Is that a question or an answer?”
  86. “…Yes?”
  87. >”You know how suspicious a colt that supposedly has lost their family and suddenly appears in a forest with no memory and then turns a book upside down is… right?”
  88. >…Maybe silence is the best answer to that question
  89. >”Maybe Discord did send us a trap and he is preparing something…” The pony next to Cheerliee said
  90. >”I’m not finished yet, Mayor Mare.” She looked to the pony that just spoke. “I have three theories… one, this colt is who he says he is… two, this colt is a trap from Discord… and three…” She took a pause, her eyes were looking right directly to your eyes… you see your reflection on her eyes… a kid looking… waiting for her to continue. “He’s not a colt, but something else…”
  91. >…WHAT? HOW! Do ponies know how to tell when someone, er…. Pony isn’t a… pony? Que chingados…
  92. >”That should explain his memory loss…” Cheerliee says putting a hoof under her chin. “Even still, how’s that possible?”
  93. >”We know that Discord is doing something… we don’t know what, but we do know is something big and dangerous for everypony in Equestria, even if his magic is… catastrophic, it could get worse. We must expect the unexpected from him…”
  94. >…you need to act at your defense, but be careful with your words. Just act… like a confused lost kid
  95. “I… don’t know what is happening… “ You started to tear up slightly. “I am in trouble? I’m sorry if I am… I just… grabbed the book and felt something… I’m sorry…”
  96. >Come on, feel bad for me fuckers
  97. >You could hear a tiny music in the background played by a violin… slowly improving the situation
  98. “I just… I know I’m a pony… is just, my memories are mixed… I don’t even remember the name of my father or mother… I feel alone, but this town gave me a good… feeling of… home. Please, I’m not a bad pony… and I’m sorry if I’ve been one…”
  99. >Mayor Mare looked to the pink pony in the desk
  100. >”Pinkamena… are you sure this is okay? I know it’s been a time since we got a pony escaping Discord’s magic, but he’s just a colt… I don’t think he is evil or something”
  101. >But the pink pony, “Pinkamena”, didn’t say anything…
  102. >”Where is that music coming from? I don’t recall having a jukebox here…”
  103. >”And Lyra is with the kids at school…”
  104. >There was an alarm sounding from inside the building, the same as back in the school… fucking damnit
  105. >Wait… wait! Did you do chaos magic?! Me lleva la chin… stupid random magic! Fucking hell this just got worse!
  106. >Pinkamena followed the music… until she found a tiny turntable playing an orchestral song
  107. >” … this just confirms it, the kid is a trap…” She left the turntable next to the book on the desk. “Why don’t you just says us what you want, kid? Or maybe you are Discord?”
  108. >No… no, no, no, no! This wasn’t planned! Not at all!
  109. >Just… act more confused! God damnit! Mierda! Chingado! Aaaaaagh!
  110. “I-“ You were about to talk but Cheerliee interrupts you
  111. >”I don’t get it. If the kid was an undercover spy, trap or anything from Discord, like a corrupted kid for example… why would he blow his cover like that? And twice? That doesn’t explain anything…”
  112. >”Discord acts all random… wouldn’t surprise me if his minions did it in the same way…”
  113. “P-Please, believe me! I’m not a bad colt!”
  114. >But neither of them listened to you now and they were talking with each other, evading eye contact with you
  115. >”What do we do now?” Mayor Mare said
  116. >”I’d say we look out for this kid until Celestia arrives… she’ll surely know what to do”
  117. >”If she doesn’t arrive, we could do another meeting… she didn’t say when she was going to get back, the sooner she is here, the better…”
  118. >As the three ponies continue talking and ignoring your tiny cries of- DID SHE SAID WHO WAS COMING?
  119. >You look with your mouth open and eyes wide looking at them now… how… how? Wasn’t her a prisoner or something of Discord? Or does Discord give her the freedom to do stuff? Is she the leader?
  120. >Man what the fuck, this just got complicated all of the sudden! If she comes to this town and sees you… is game over! Fucking game over!
  121. >Now you regret telling her that you were a human…
  122. >What now… what now… you now have a time limit…
  123. >Ugh… your belly is empty and is hungry… wish you had a god damn pizza or anything now. You can’t think with your belly empty
  124. >…
  126. >You hear a magic poof and… the alarm once again turns on. Wew, this was a good run
  127. >The ponies notice a pizza on the desk, even with a decorated dish and they enter in panic
  128. >”Everypony! Step away from the desk! He could have done something to it!” Pinkamena yells
  129. >The mares quickly retreat and you look at them… then at the pizza of mushrooms that was on the desk… boy it was looking so tasty… even the smell… mmmn…
  130. >…Well, if you were anyway to get caught, at least you are going to eat the god damn pizza. You go ahead; you don’t even feel like wasting your time grabbing the pizza with your stupid hooves, you just lean over your tiny head and bite a slice…
  131. >…
  132. >And as soon as you took the bite it was your mistake, since it was hot as fuck
  133. >Is as if this pizza was made out of lava… IT WAS BURNING YOUR DAMN TONGUE YO
  134. “AH! CALIENTE! CALIENTE! AH, AHH, AHHH!” You throw the slice to the dish the pizza was in and stick your now burned tongue out, even trying to spit some saliva for some… reason. “Uhhh muh lengua…”
  135. >…You just realized something. First, you need to check before eating something your magic creates… and second, you spoke in Spanish…
  136. >Well at least you didn’t say a bad word
  137. >”That…. That’s Spanish. This colt speaks Spanish…” Cheerliee notices. “It’s impossible… the border to other foreign cities are way away from here… do you remember where are you from, Anon?”
  138. >Well, you should say something now that you have a chance, maybe this takes the doubts out of you, still… the chaos magic will be a hard work to explain
  139. “I’m from Mexi…” You stop talking. Was there ever a México here? You don’t think so… you don’t even know a single city from this place, hell, you literally don’t even know if this town has a name. “Mexi… mexi…” Fuck now you don’t know if say the entire name or leave it like that, good job Alberto
  140. >”Mexicolt?” Cheerliee… continued your sentence
  141. >Fucking really? A pun of México with a horse? Whoa, fucking amazing. What’s next, Puerto Rico is Puerto Caballo?
  142. >Whatever, you’ll take her word on that
  143. “I… think so?”
  144. >”Even if he speaks Spanish” Pinkamena comes closer to take a look at the pizza. “This doesn’t explain why he has… this kind of magic. For some reason, he has the power to make something appear near him… or that’s what I think. The book, the turntable, the pizza… things he want… is this possible? For a colt? Or is a trap…” Pinkamena took a pause. “We need to lock him and look at him until Celestia comes back to check on us”
  145. >You were thinking for a good comeback, but all you got was…
  146. “C-Can’t I use my… power to help you all? This town is peaceful… and I could… use this power to look for my father and mother… I really want to see them back… please hear me; I’m not a bad guy… I want to do good…”
  147. >They were silent for a few seconds, looking at each others and slowly nodding
  148. >”Well… for now we are going to lock you up until we surely know you are who you say you are… eat that pizza, is yours anyway” Pinkamena started to walk to the exit of the town center. “I’ll go get Fluttershy and tell her everything that happened; hopefully she gets a wild animal to inform Celestia of the current situation”
  149. >And just like that, she left the Town Center…
  150. >After eating your pizza and filling up your belly, Cheerliee and Mayor Mare took you to a room that had a single window, a bed and a closet. Well your hopes for this world to have TV are over
  151. >”I believe you are who you said you are, Anon… and well, we haven’t meet yet. I’m Mayor Mare and I’m the assistant of Pinkamena, the grumpy pony you just had a discussion with…” She tried giving her best smile to you, but it had a bit of worry on it. “Maybe you could be our best hope in these days of chaos… I don’t know how you got that magic even when you are just a single earth pony like me… but maybe you can remember something about your past that gave you those powers…”
  152. >As you entered the room, she was near to close the door from outside
  153. >”Well I’ll be doing some work here in the town center… just wait here; if you want you can rest. No need to worry for school, just rest, I’ll bring you dinner later”
  154. >She was about to close the door, but you quickly called her name to stop her
  155. “Wait! I wanna ask something…”
  156. >”Yes?”
  157. “…Is Celestia the leader of here? Is she really the leader?”
  158. >Mayor Mare was silent for some seconds; she was looking at the floor…
  159. >”She doesn’t like when we call her like that… we had another leader before her… but…” She took a deep sigh, one of regret and sorrow. “She just… disappeared without leaving track. Maybe Discord did something to her, but even Celestia doesn’t know her whereabouts”
  160. >Jesus, so Discord eliminated the previous leader? This is so confusing, he better explain things when you get… the leader… how are you going to get Celestia if she’s the leader then?
  161. >Wait, maybe you can… bring the next in the power? Would that work?
  162. “What about, uhmm, Pinkamena? I thought she was the leader… she looks like one”
  163. >”Well, Pinkamena and Fluttershy are the ones to do all the movements in this rebellion against Discord, although I don’t know much about it”
  164. >Thaaaaaank you for telling that to a suspicious colt that for sure is not a spy from Discord~
  165. >No seriously, what the fuck. What kind of pony gives that intel to a pony that could be an enemy
  166. >Maybe you can get more information from her
  167. >”Well… I’ll be going now Anon”
  168. >She closed the door and you hear the lock of the door… damn she locked you in and you didn’t get to ask more… but well, better than nothing. Now you can plan something
  169. >You placed your butt on the bed of the room and wait as you think…
  170. “Uh… no creo que tengan camaras… que hago…” You say in Spanish because… damn you miss talking in spanish. Wish there was someone here to talk in your native language… wouldn’t it be crazy if there was a human turned into a pony that talked Spanish too?
  171. >Hmn, now you are wondering what will Discord do once this is over, what next thing he’ll give you to do… maybe you’ll take a week off and try to perform your chaos magic. So many things to do and you have aaaaaall the time to do it
  172. >You hear some knocks coming from the only window of the room, you stand up and walk towards it… and you are surprised by the pony that was knocking the window
  173. >It was Sweetie Belle… what was she doing here?
  174. >”Hey Anon… you okay?” Even if the window was closed, you sorta could hear her, muffled, but still hear her just fine
  175. “Sweetie? What are you doing here?”
  176. >”I got… concerned about you and followed you here… when I saw Miss Cheerliee and Pinkamena coming out of the town center, I thought they left you there, but I never thought they would lock you…” Her horn started to glow and she was trying to open the window with her magic, but it was no use. “Dumb window…”
  177. >Oh gee, if only you had magic to help open the window…
  178. >Who are you kidding? You’ll just open the lock that was INSIDE the room. NOW the window was open. Dumb horses locking you without getting you in a room without a window, next level prisons these are
  179. >”Well… that was easy. So…. Are you going to stay there or…?”
  180. >You sigh
  181. “Even if I did leave, they would suspect of me… even more now.” You better tell her about the magic, make her your close ally now. “Remember the book? Totally my fault. For some reason I got magic, even if I don’t have a horn… and can make things appear… and modify something as that book… I still don’t know how to control it but I’m… getting some memories back”
  182. >You of course lie
  183. >”So you got magic and you don’t know how? Is pretty amazing and curious… is good to see that you are fine…” She blushed slightly. “I mean, everypony back there was concerned too, is just… I wanted to see you personally to… just… eeeh…. Make sure you are okay!”
  184. >You swear to god a squeak just came out of her voice
  185. >God she even made a cute expression with her mouth… or was it muzzle?
  186. “So… they told me something about Celestia… is she the leader?”
  187. >”Princess Celestia? Totally! With her and the elements of harmony, we can probably defeat the mean Discord and bring peace back to Equestria…”
  188. >There are those things again, the elements of “harmony”, yet you still… don’t know what those are
  189. “So… what are those? Elements? Is that like, the water, earth, fire and air?”
  190. >You hope she replies with a yes, it would be cool to see a pony going Avatar mode
  191. >”Not like that, the elements are…” She stopped and wondered, letting a tiny ‘hmmm’. “Wouldn’t it be better if you saw them? I could explain you like Celestia did explain to all of us in this town!”
  192. >…Jackpot
  193. “Sure! Let me just…” You place your hooves on the bottom of the window and started to come out of the room by the window being careful and trying to not fall. “Get out of this carefully and… eek!” You slip your hooves and almost fall straight to your cute little face, but Sweetie Belle with her magic help you to not get your face on the ground… again as she carries the tip of your tail… talk about close
  194. >You put your four hooves on the ground and thank Sweetie Belle for the help, which in reply she just giggles and nods
  195. >”Well, just follow me carefully… but if somepony saw us… we could be in trouble…”
  196. >You close the window of the room of the town center and start thinking with your hoof under your chin
  197. “Hmmmn… how to go without being seen…”
  198. >You start to think. Maybe your chaos magic can help you two in this, but how? All you can do is summon something all of the sudden, chaos magic is just… random
  199. >Be very sneaky… very… sneaky…
  200. >Oh god this magic better not turn us into fucking snakes
  201. >”Anon! Y-Your hoof!”
  202. “Hmm? I was thinking, let me-“ You look at your hoof and it… it was disappearing! “Oh what the hay!?”
  203. >Oh hey, you said something correctly. . . WHY IS YOUR HOOF DISSAPEARING ALL OF THE SUDDEN
  204. “Ahahaaaaaaaa…. My poor hoof! Noooooou! How I am going to touch stuff noooow! Waaaaaa!”
  205. >You starting waving and trying to make it stop, but it just couldn’t stop; your body was now starting to disappear too
  206. “No! Not a ghost! Anything but that! I was so cute! Nooooo! Sweetie Belle hel- Mmmmmm!”
  207. >Sweetie Belle placed her hoof on your mouth to shush you. She started touching where your hoof was and… you could feel the touch
  208. >”Maybe your body isn’t disappearing Anon… maybe your magic is somehow… turning you invisible!”
  209. >…You knew that, of course you did…
  210. >By the touch of her hoof to yours, her hoof was also starting to disappear
  211. >”Look, even mine is doing so!”
  212. >Taking some time… your two bodies were now totally invisible, with the exception of your shadows
  213. >”Now this can work! Just follow my… shadow, and don’t talk when we are near somepony”
  214. “Wait… shouldn’t the alarm sound? It…” You better not tell her this is chaos magic, but maybe she’ll discover it for her own. “The alarm has sounded every time I do something like this… but I don’t hear the alarm yet”
  215. >The shadow of Sweetie Belle moved to the right
  216. >”You’re right. Maybe Bark will follow our track, but we have some time until he starts following us… good thing is he’s the only timberwolf that can follow anything related… with chaos…”
  217. >Sweetie Belle started to wonder now it
  218. >”Let’s just… keep moving, okay? Right now is not the time to stop and talk…”
  219. >Her shadow starts moving and you follow behind
  220. >Oh she knew now. You are going to act like you don’t know anything about your chaos magic, the moment she asks for it, is the moment you’ll try saying that you have a special ability on chaos and can help to defeat Discord with it… that’s it!
  221. >Maybe you now know a really good plan to make these ponies suspect less of you and probably take some ponies to Discord’s domain…
  222. >All you need is wait for Sweetie Belle… she is going to be the one that will make this rebellion lost its battle against chaos! Only problem now is, how many ponies are going to trust two kids now
  223. >Maybe you can show more powers that you have… if you even have more than making items appear from thin air and make yourself invisible
  224. >Well that’s for later, right now… follow the shadow and try not to trip. Good thing it was day and you could see her shadow moving around
  225. >You really want to scare someone now with this… you gotta remember you have this power, maybe add a list of what things you can do so you can trick ponies later… imagine the chaos, muahaha…
  226. >Ugh, evil laughs in thoughts are dumb
  227. > Hmm, now you are wondering something else of Sweetie Belle… you know her complete name is Sweetie Belle, yet you prefer to call her Sweetie. Must be because you are lazy to say her entire name or either you are getting too attached to this pony. Or maybe sweets are dulces and you are just hungry and want some…
  228. >You are getting too random as Discord sometimes in your thoughts
  229. >Anyway you follow her… you pass by many ponies warding the town, but no one notices the shadows moving and the alarm hasn’t sounded yet. Was it a silent alarm?
  230. >But boy, this invisibility power was so great! You feel like a superhero… only that you now are a villain. Maybe you can make yourself with your magic a antihero suit and go around with it… gotta remember that shit
  231. >You two get to the cliff of the town and you start having your doubts now
  232. “Are we going to jump down or something?”
  233. >”Nope! We’ll use the stairs!”
  234. >Wait this cliff had stairs?
  235. >Sweetie Belle started walking towards the left and… there were the stairs… how did you not see them when you were here going to the school? Hmn, probably because you didn’t give it too much importance, only the fact that it was dangerous for ponies
  236. >You start walking behind her and… oh god you don’t know where your hoof is touching the step of the stair… oh god, just don’t trip and you’ll be-
  237. “Uy el santo y las momias!”
  238. >You accidently step on something, you didn’t know what it was… but it felt furry… IT WAS HER TAIL! YOU STEPPED ON SWEETIE BELLE’S TAIL BY ACCIDENT!
  239. “Aaaahhhhh!” You both yell as you two start rolling to the end of the stairs… you were getting most of the damage and she even got a soft landing as finally you two got all the way down
  240. >The magic wears off and you two are visible again, Sweetie Belle staying on top of you
  241. >”Ah… Anon… you okay?”
  242. “Me dicen le dicen le digo me dicen… que me dicen? Ugh…” You just mutter in Spanish as your eyes start rolling from the dizziness of the trip
  243. >”Again with the fancy talking…”
  244. “Wahh ahh… where are we now? Is this the mooona?”
  245. >Seriously, that was a hell of a ride… you concentrate your eyes in one place, it being her face and you slowly regain conscience
  246. “…Sweetie Belle, you are not heavy but still… can you please…”
  247. >”Oh! Hmm…” She slowly moved away from you and helped you to stand up from the ground. “T-There you go…”
  248. >You dust off your cute pony body and check again your (still wanting to chase) tail and nod to Sweetie Belle to continue walking. She turns around and begin walking towards a cavern… it looked very dry… well, you’ve never been in a cavern before. You can’t wait to see what the elements are… you like surprises but you just want to know now
  249. >The cave was… so… damn… beautiful. The floor had some rocks and almost all the ground was purplish, the walls were a deep blue… as if you were in an underwater cave. Egh, maybe caverns are like this, you’ve never been in one before, even less on a cave in this land of magical creatures… but boy, you want to take a picture of this place before Discord decides to change it to something more random
  250. >You two keep walking until the end of the cavern, where a big tree was located… it was seriously a tree? It was… made out of crystal… and it had 5 branches, every single branch had in the end a rupee… every rupee was gray as stone. In the base of the tree there were two symbols… one of the moon and the other of the sun… just… like Celestia and Luna’s cutie mark… and there was… another one, it was either a star or a big ass piñata, but the symbol was split in two for some reason
  251. >”Here we are… the tree of harmony, as Celestia calls it…” You were in awe at the sight of this fucking tree. Man, imagine Christmas with this tree! “The elements of harmony are in every branch of the tree… but… Celestia says that they don’t work for the moment… she doesn’t know the reason their powers are… off, is just, don’t work”
  252. “But… what are those suppose to be anyway? How can they defeat Discord? I don’t get it”
  253. >”Celestia told us that years ago… she used the elements to seal Discord in a stone prison with the power of these elements, by the pass of the time, the elements lost their… spark. I think Princess Celestia told us that each element had something that shared what everypony has…” She started to look at each branch wondering what the elements were, but couldn’t remember
  254. >So these were the powers to lock Discord in stone… would they have the same effect on you? You really wouldn’t like being turned in stone… sounds… bad for your health.
  255. >Jesus… even your breath got quick all of the sudden as you thought of that
  256. >”Honesty, kindness, laughter, generosity, and loyalty…” A voice coming from the entrance of the cave started speaking, interrupting your thoughts. “Those were the elements used to stop Discord in the past… but they are useless in the way they are now as you can see in the tree of harmony.”
  257. >The silhouette of the pony speaking was stepping close, and you could see already who it was by even her voice. It was Cheerliee along three ponies that were unicorns, one was Lyra, the other two you didn’t know, but one had pink mane with a vanilla coat and 3 stars as cutie mark, the other unicorn was blue with a toothpaste like mane with an hourglass as cutie mark
  258. >And along with them was Bark… the stupid timberwolf who was pointing at you
  259. >You didn’t say a word, neither Sweetie Belle said anything. You just stayed still and didn’t move so anything you do couldn’t be taken as suspicious
  260. >”Anon… we need to talk about you… and Discord”
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