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  1. This post will be about the balance issues currently surrounding heroes. This post will primarily focus on the balance of heroes in HvV, but will also consider the effects of changes in GA.
  2. Each issue will follow a set format, seen below.
  4. Isssue - what the issue is.
  5. Explanation - why this is a problem or how it is UP/OP.
  6. Suggested changes - how this issue can be remedied.
  7. Priority - high, low, or no priority. No priority items are primarily QoL changes or changes that are not currently causing balance issues.
  8. Extra - any extra changes that could be added, but are not paramount.
  10. Let's get into it. Starting with DS.
  12. Bossk
  14. Issue 1 - Bossk's mines cannot be destroyed.
  15. Explanation - Currently, there is no way to actually safely destroy Bossk's mines, besides Yoda's Adsorb. Using mitigation abilities (Resilient Strike with Rey, for example)  to "tank" the mines is a possibility, but still requires the player to take a decent portion of damage.
  16. Suggestion - Allow blasters and explosives to destroy the mines. The mines should still deliver full damage when destroyed this way, but it will give blasters a way to deal with the mines without having to lose max HP.
  17. Priority - Low.
  19. Issue 2 - Bossk's mines are incredibly difficult to see on certain maps; Yavin, Tatooine, etc.
  20. Explanation - Bossk's mines are small and dark coloured, which allows them to blend in a little too well with the environment. Other explosives, such as Han's Detonite Charge have a UI indicator that will alert the player to their presence.
  21. Suggestion - Increase the range of the audible noise that the mines produce when in close range of them. Adding a UI indicator would defeat the main purpose of the mines, but increasing the audible noise would give players a better chance at avoiding them, while still punishing players that are unaware or not paying attention.
  22. Priority - Low.
  24. Extras;
  25. - Bossk could use a variable zoom.
  26. - Increasing fire rate of Relby, while lower damage could help make Bossk's damage more consistent and less RNG depenedent.
  27. - Reticle should be a dot or cross to help aim, rather than two semi-circles. It is a precision weapon, after all.
  29. Vader
  31. Issue 1 - Choke cannot be dodged.
  32. Explanation - Choke is the only force ability that cannot be dodged currently, leaving blaster heroes with no real counter to Choke. Without being able to dodge Choke, blasters fall victim to Vader's Choke + Saber Throw combo which deals roughly 400 damage. This isn't fair.
  33. Suggestion - Simply, allow Choke to be dodge, like all other force abilities.
  34. Priority - High.
  35. Iden
  37. Issue 1 - Stun Droid is available too often.
  38. Explanation - Iden's stun has the shortest cooldown of all stuns in the game (roughly 8 seconds with Droid Batteries) , while also being the easiest to use, as it aims for you and activates withing a large cone.
  39. Suggestion - Increase the cooldown of her stun drastically, it should be in the same cooldown range of other stun abilities.
  40. Priority - High.
  42. Issue 2 - Iden's alternate fire can be spammed far too oten.
  43. Explanation - Iden's alt fire hits for 150, cannot be blocked, is impossible to dodge effectively, and can be spammed far too often. For reference, Han's Detonite Charge hits for 200 (240 with Air Burst), but is on a decent cooldown, while Iden can spam her alt fire almost every second, especially with Alternative Methods.
  44. Suggestion - Increase cooldown of alt fire to prevent it from be so spammy.
  45. Priority - High.
  47. Issue 2 - Stun Droid will not go on cooldown after a miss.
  48. Explanation - If stun Droid is used and it misses, it will not go on cooldown, which every other stun ability does. This mechanical makes her stun too forgiving, as it reduces the need to time abilities.
  49. Suggestion - Stun Droid will go on cooldown whenever used, regardless if it hits or not.
  50. Priority - Low.
  52. Extras;
  53. - Pulse Cannon could use a variable zoom.
  54. - Droid Shield could offer mitigation towards all sources, rather than offering invincibility towards blasters and explosive.
  56. Kylo
  58. Issue 1 - Freeze offers too much punish potential
  59. Explanation - Freeze completely immobilizes its victim for roughly five seconds, allowing combos, such as Freeze + Barrage, Freeze + Iden, etc. to nuke enemies instantly. If you have ever been on the receiving end of this, you know how unfair this is.
  60. Suggestion - Freeze should break after a set amount of damage taken. 250 would be a healthy place to start. Even with this change, Freeze would be incredibly powerful, but would give victims an attempt to minimize damage in certain interactions.
  61. Priority - High.
  63. Issue 2 - Pull's effectiveness in GA
  64. Explanation - Pretty well every Kylo will be running Harsh Pull in GA to allow one-hit kills on pulled troopers (excluding Heavies). Without Harsh Pull, it takes two slashes, as it only deals 10 damage.
  65. Suggestion - Increase Pull's damage to 50, which can be increased up to 100 with Harsh Pull. This change would allow Kylo to one-hit all regular troopers that are not affected by buffs after Pull, while also removing his reliance on Harsh Pull.
  66. Priority - None.
  68. Extras;
  69. - Power Reach should be reduced to 20% increase at purple
  70. - With nerf to Freeze, swing speed could be increased, to compensate
  72. Maul
  74. Issue 1 - Maul has no means of breaking a block
  75. Explanation - Maul is the only saber that doesn't have a block AND has no form of breaking a block. Yoda can block force abilities, while also being able to damage through blocks with Dash Attack. This causes Maul to lose to Luke and Rey heavily, as he cannot damage them, while being extremely vulnerable to their abilities.
  76. Suggestion - Increase the stamina drain of Maul's abilities. In doing this, Maul will be able to drain down block stamina of sabers that try to turtle, allowing him to break the block after exhausting his abilities.
  77. Priority - none
  79. Grievous
  81. Issue 1 - Claw Rush has too large of a collision mesh
  82. Explanation - Claw Rush has a massive collision mesh, resulting in the player being hit by it when they are far beside him or above him.
  83. Suggestion -Decrease collision mesh to closer resemble Grievous model size.
  84. Priority - Low.
  86. Extras;
  87. - Turn rate while in Unrelenting Advance could be slightly higher
  89. Phasma
  91. Extras;
  92. - Fix Staff Strikes, plz
  93. - Health on regular kill card, rather than Staff Strike kill
  95. Boba
  97. Issue 1 - Rocket Barrage delivers too much damage
  98. Explanation - Simple, Rocket Barrage hits too hard, especially if a full salvo connects, which is very easy to do when combo'd with Freeze, Choke, Electrocute, etc.
  99. Suggestion - Reduce damage of each rocket to 70. Could likely go lower.
  100. Priority - Low.
  102. Issue 2 -Concussion Rocket is awful
  103. Explanation - I mean, it's just a very weak ability.
  104. Suggestion -Make Blaster Disabler a passive ability of Concussion Rocket - the card can extend the active time. Rocket should also not have to be direct impact to take effect. The concussion effect could also be stronger.
  105. Priority - Low.
  107. Issue 3 - For the Hunt offers Boba too much mobility.
  108. Explanation - When Boba uses For The Hunt, he has unlimited fuel for his jet back for a window of time, even if he has next to no fuel left.
  109. Suggestion - For The Hunt should reduce how much fuel is consumed when flying, rather than granting infinite fuel. This change would reduce Boba's ability to run away in HvV, while also making the timing of this ability more important, as spamming it off cooldown would not be wise.
  110. Priority - Low.
  112. Palp
  114. Issue 1 - Strength of Palp's dodge
  115. Explanation - Palp's dodge is the best dodge in the game; it covers to most distance, allows Palp to dance around sabers, and to escape just about every.
  116. Suggestion - Very simply, increase the cooldown of his dash
  117. Priority - Low.
  119. Extras;
  120. - Palp's main attack should be a little harder to aim - little too easy to aim for how much damage it does
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