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  1. I work for Rockstar and as the GTA 6 rumours heat up I just want to confirm that it is happening and is in Vice City . There was one correct Reddit post that revealed the plot with a few wrong details but more or less accurate . This is what it said :
  2. •CHAPTER ONE : A young man called Dominic is a drug dealer for a small gang called Los Salodos which is struggling to co-exist with the other gangs in Vice City with the most notable gang being called the Haitan Gang . Soon things to start to look up for Dominic and his gang when their local rival fang goes into chaos after a mole infiltrated and took down their clan severely weakening them and allowing Dominic and his gang to take over the same local gangs region. Dominic is a vocal  leader in the clan but Guerrero ( The gang leader ) is the one who rules over the clan .  The rest of Chapter one focuses on Dominic doing missions to climb up the ladder in the gang until only Guerrero stands in his way of complete control of the gang. His three close friends Tom , Luis and Joey  have accompanied him on these missions and the trust between these four is strong . Luis advises Dominic in secret to kill Guerrero but Dominic can't bring himself to do this . However the Haitan Gang kill Guerrero due to feeling their position is being threatened with the rise of Los Solados and due to Guerreros death the only man who has the full support of the gang members is Dominic. While this chapter focuses on Dominics gang life  it also focuses on Dominics love life. Dominic is dating a women called Camilla who just like him has a laid back attitude and at the end of this chapter Dominic proposes to Camilla.
  4. •CHAPTER TWO : Ten years has passed since Chapter One and Dominics gang is much bigger and also Dominic now has two children : One girl called Eliza (young )and a son called Dominic Jr ( just called Junior whos a recentborn) . Camilla and Dominic are still married however their loving relationship is non existent as Camilla has slipped into a drug addiction which has damaged their relationship . Dominic spends most of this chapter expanding his gangs drug businesses and he also is taking down the Haitan gang . Dominic is still good friends with Tom ( who has a good relationship with his kids) and also Joey but his relationship with Luis is showing some strain due to disagreements . Dominic tries to focus on his kids when Joey tells him he will be retiring from the gang life to focus on  his family making Dominic rethink things . He tries to get his wife out of addiction and also spends more times with his kids . He takes Eliza out to the park where he plays with her accompanied by Tom and Luis. Eliza wants a treat so Dominic tells Tom to go get it and Luis says he will go with Tom. As Dominic plays with his daughter members of a rival gang pull up and shoot Dominic down. Tom comes rushing back followed by Luis who see Dominic next to his daughter slowly dying . Luis takes Eliza away to not see her fathers condition while Dominic tells Tom to take the money and get his kids out of Vice City and after he dies. Tom empties his accounts and sells everything and goes to Camilla and asks for her kids she initially refuses but after Tom offers her drugs in return she accepts . He takes the kids and starts a new life in Liberty City.
  6. •CHAPTER 3 : This is now set in the present day . Tom has took care of Eliza and Junior and they're settled in their lives in Liberty City and their mother has passed away. However they have to visit Vice City one more time when Joey is revealed to have died . Tom , Eliza and Junior go to Vice City to attend Joeys funeral . When driving a rental  car in Vice City after arriving the group are pulled over by an officer who asks for identification as he hasn't seen them in the area before . A Haitan gang member hears this and runs off to inform others. At a gas station , Junior and Eliza go to pay and get snacks leaving Tom alone in the car where he gets ambushed by the Haitan gang. Tom with his last moments alive tell the siblings to run off to a house which is owned by Luis . The siblings make their way to Luis's house and are taken hostage by gang members who saw them lurking around the house. The gang members are ready to kill the siblings until they reveal themselves as Dominics children and the gang which kidnapped them is revealed to be Los Salvodos . Luis meets up with the siblings to convince them to join the gang and take down the Haitans and they reluctantly agree . The two rival gangs for a huge portion of the chapter engage in an all out war severely damaging both gangs power . The Los Salvodos gang goes in for the final hit on the Haitan gang to kill their leader Ricardo.When Junior , Eliza and Luis reach Ricardo he reveals that Luis is the one who tipped him on Dominic Seniors location . Luis grabs Eliza and shoots her in the leg when he reahes his leg and drives off . Junior kills Ricardo and grabs Eliza and escapes as the remaining Los Salvodos gang members arrive to finish them off . Months later , Junior infiltrates Los Salvodos's base to get to Luis and gets past everyone through violent means . Junior then has a fist fight with Luis which goes against him when Luis hits him with a low blow and points a gun at him. Eliza enters and tries shooting Luis but misses and passes Junior a gun who shoots Luis down . Luis asks for his final moments to be outside in the sun but Eliza puts the final bullets in him and thats the end of the plot.
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