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Maaka and Zoe

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  1. 04:38 Colm 's heart misses a beat, and he stays quiet for a very long time after she moves, almost too long before she can hear him rising slowly and stepping over to the edge of her bed. He says quietly, and very seriously* I'm sorry I embarassed you. *he then bends over, and she can feel his warm breath as he bends over the bed, then retreats, before he scoots in behind her, his arms folded
  2. 04:38 Colm to his chest, the cat staying way over on the side of the bed as he tucks the sheets back in around the pair, not wanting to violate her trust by seeming too friendly* Thank you. *he murmurs, his eyes closed*
  3. 04:44 Maaka_ has been standing outside their room this entire time.
  4. 04:45 Maaka_ <GOD DAMMIT! I love Miu more than anything else in the world right now, and even I want those two to just fuck already!"
  5. 04:45 Maaka_>
  6. 04:46 Maaka_ <I've had enough of this foolishness
  7. 04:46 Maaka_ ! I'm going to bed early.>
  8. 04:47 *** Jacob83 joined #BcBgames
  9. 04:47 Maaka_ stamps his way over to his room, at this point not giving a damn whether Colm or Miu heard him or not.
  10. 04:48 Maaka_ bumbs into Zoe on the way. Quite literally.
  11. 04:48 Maaka_"Oof!"
  12. 04:48 *** Jacob83 is now known as Marcus
  13. 04:48 Marcus(morning guys)04:48Maaka_(Morning.)04:49Maaka_(Maaka's pissed cause he hasn't gotten any.)
  14. 04:49 Marcus(...)
  15. 04:49 Marcus(Cool story bro)
  16. 04:49 Maaka_(Okay, that just made me giggle.)
  17. 04:49 Miu_ sighs contendly when her friend climbs into the bed as well, smiling at his attempt to give her space. Closing her as as well, she smiled honestly to herself as she drifted of to sleep, enjoying the time she's spent with her old friend, even with all the embarrassment.
  18. 04:50 _Zoe(I suppose fair river is the name of the town?)
  19. 04:50 Miu_((I think so))
  20. 04:50 Maaka_(Yup)
  21. 04:51 +++ ChanServ has given halfop to Colm Freeform Fair River RP Topic set by Colm on Wed Aug 11 2010 04:51:26 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time)
  22. 04:52 Marcus emerges out of his room, holding a drink and a book in his hand, and starts his walk around the Guild
  23. 04:54 Maaka_(Hebs)
  24. 04:54 Maaka_(I bumped into you)
  25. 04:55 _Zoe(huh? when?)
  26. 04:56 Marcus(First post right after I joined man)
  27. 04:57 _Zoe(oh i see it now)
  28. 04:57 _Zoe(I  was typing my backstory)
  29. 04:58 _Zoe falls backwards after clashing with Maaka. She stays on the ground with her eyes closed shut.
  30. 04:59 _Zoe takes a breath, and slowly stands back up. She looks at the person who bumped into her.
  31. 04:59 _ZoeOh its you...
  32. 04:59 Maaka_"Ugh...watch where you're-"
  33. 04:59 Maaka_"Oh...it's you."
  34. 04:59 _Zoe youre that guy from yesterday right?
  35. 04:59 Maaka_"Sorry, I wasn't..."
  36. 04:59 Maaka_"Yeah. Zoe, right?"
  37. 05:00 _Zoe That's right
  38. 05:00 _Zoe smiles
  39. 05:00_Zoe Im thinking... maybe I should temporarily join this adventuring guild
  40. 05:01 Maaka_ gives Zoe a funny look. "You sure? You seem kinda...frail for an adventurer."
  41. 05:01Maaka_"Weren't you coughing up blood yesterday?"
  42. 05:02_Zoe I was... hurt, yes
  43. 05:02_Zoe i traveled here through the forests from the east
  44. 05:03_Zoe i walked for many days
  45. 05:03_Zoe i just needed rest thats all
  46. 05:03 _Zoe coughs some more
  47. 05:03Maaka_"Rest..."
  48. 05:04Maaka_"Zoe...that was internal bleeding. 'Rest' doesn't help that."
  49. 05:04_Zoe(i posted my full profile now)
  50. 05:04_Zoe...
  51. 05:04 _Zoe just stays silent, not knowing what to say to that
  52. 05:05_Zoe anyways... i would still like to join
  53. 05:05_Zoe my master sent me on a quest... and he told me to travel to the west
  54. 05:06_Zoe but i dont have anything on me
  55. 05:06_Zoe i am going to need some money if i am to make it far
  56. 05:07 Maaka_ holds his head in his hands. <Such a foolish girl...>
  57. 05:08 Maaka_"Listen. You can borrow some money from me until you get some of your own."
  58. 05:09_Zoe but i would still need to find money of my own
  59. 05:09_Zoe really, don't worry about me
  60. 05:10_Zoe i will be very careful, and wont take on very risky jobs
  61. 05:10_Zoe i promise
  62. 05:11 Maaka_ admires the small girl's resolve. Despite her frail body, she seems so tough...
  63. 05:13_Zoe i will sign up now... and probably get started once a quest shows up
  64. 05:13Maaka_"Weak as you are, you still think you can handle things by yourself?"
  65. 05:13_Zoe people dont go on jobs by themselves do they?
  66. 05:14Maaka_*sigh*
  67. 05:14 _Zoe coughs. She smiles and heads to the guild master to sign up.
  68. 05:14Maaka_"Sorry...it's just that you look like a small breeze would kill you."
  69. 05:14Maaka_"No offense."
  70. 05:15 Maaka_ places a hand on Zoe's shoulder.
  71. 05:16 _Zoe tenses up her arm as he touches her.
  72. 05:16 _Zoe flinches and moves away.
  73. 05:17Maaka_"I'll try to come with you on your first mission. Trust me, with me around-"
  74. 05:17 Maaka_ is slightly taken aback by Zoe's reaction
  75. 05:17Maaka_"Listen, I'm not gonna hurt you, or anything."
  76. 05:18_Zoe I know
  77. 05:18_Zoe you just... took me by surprise
  78. 05:18 *** Colm quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  79. 05:19_Zoe anyways
  80. 05:19Maaka_"Hmph..."
  81. 05:19_Zoe i still appreciate your help
  82. 05:19 Maaka_ looks over to the sign up sheet
  83. 05:19Maaka_"So...You're a healer?"
  84. 05:19_Zoe ... no
  85. 05:19_Zoe I am... a certain kind of mage
  86. 05:20_Zoe just leave it like that, im a magician
  87. 05:20Maaka_"Something told me as much..."
  88. 05:20 Maaka_ notices that he's brought up a tender subject and changes it
  89. 05:21Maaka_"Well...I just noticed that you put "Proficiency in healing spells" on the sign-ups."
  90. 05:21_Zoe well... I do know basic healing spells
  91. 05:22Maaka_"Given the state you're in, I really didn't see that one coming..."
  92. 05:22_Zoe they come in handy when...
  93. 05:22 _Zoe stops mid-sentence
  94. 05:22 Maaka_ wonders how the hell he's going to talk to this girl...
  95. 05:22_Zoe when someone is in danger
  96. 05:23Maaka_"Listen, Zoe. If you knew the kind of guild I came from, you'd know that whatever you're uncomfortable about, I wouldn't reject you for it."
  97. 05:24Maaka_"The Mavericks don't do rejection."
  98. 05:24 *** Colm joined #BcBgames
  99. 05:24_Zoe its nothing like that
  100. 05:24Maaka_"So, tell me. What exactly IS this magic of yours?"
  101. 05:24Maaka_"I'm curious."
  102. 05:26 _Zoe remains silent, thinking wheter or not to tell him about her magic. In the end she figures he will find out sooner or later anyways, and decides to tell him.
  103. 05:26_Zoe I am a blood mage
  104. 05:26 Maaka_ holds his hand under his chin. "...Fascinating..."
  105. 05:27_Zoe I use my own blood and life force to cast stronger spells
  106. 05:27Maaka_"I've heard about it, yes."
  107. 05:27 _Zoe cough
  108. 05:28Maaka_"I'm actually quite the magic buff, to be honest. There's probably very little I DON'T know about the subject."
  109. 05:28_Zoe I see
  110. 05:28_Zoe well...
  111. 05:28_Zoe i just didn't want you to worry much about me
  112. 05:28Maaka_"For example..."
  113. 05:29Maaka_"I've about how much of a strain it is on the body..."
  114. 05:29_Zoe yes it is
  115. 05:29Maaka_"And I would have worried about you whether or not I knew why."
  116. 05:29Maaka_"So don't be so hard on yourself."
  117. 05:29_Zoe Im sorry about that
  118. 05:30 _Zoe turns her head down
  119. 05:30 Maaka_ places his hands on her shoulders. "Stop apologizing for everything!"
  120. 05:30Maaka_"None of this is exactly YOUR fault, now is it?"
  121. 05:31 _Zoe crouches a bit as he touches her, clenching her teeth
  122. 05:31Maaka_"So don't worry about it."
  123. 05:31 Maaka_ notices her reaction, and lets go of her
  124. 05:31Maaka_"Are you in pain?"
  125. 05:31_Zoe no, its just the stress
  126. 05:32_Zoe it makes me feel very uncomfortable
  127. 05:32Maaka_"Liar."
  128. 05:32_Zoe...
  129. 05:32Maaka_"You're hurting and you know it."
  130. 05:32Maaka_"I've seen enough faces wrenched in agony to know."
  131. 05:32_Zoe that is... normal, don't worry about it
  132. 05:33Maaka_"Normal to be in pain?"
  133. 05:33Maaka_*sigh*
  134. 05:33_Zoe maybe if you werent so insistent about touching me
  135. 05:33 _Zoe notices she was being rude
  136. 05:33_Zoe sorry about that
  137. 05:34Maaka_"Don't be, you're right."
  138. 05:34Maaka_"Your constant apologizing is more annoying than anything else."
  139. 05:34_Zoe I'm...
  140. 05:34 _Zoe stops
  141. 05:34Maaka_"Listen, I have some painkillers in my room."
  142. 05:35Maaka_"You obviously need them more than I do. I can go fetch them if you'd like."
  143. 05:35_Zoe...
  144. 05:35Maaka_"On second thought, stay right there."
  145. 05:35_Zoe dont tell anybody else
  146. 05:36 Maaka_ walks off to his room. Looking back, "Thought that was a given?"
  147. 05:38 _Zoe waits for Maaka to bring the painkillers
  148. 05:40 Maaka_ comes back with a bundle of sticky orange balls. They look similar to tapioca pearls, but are a bright tiger-lily orange.
  149. 05:41Maaka_"Mandrake extract. Should help with the pain and bleeding."
  150. 05:41 _Zoe carefully takes one, and ingests it, not expecting it to have any instant effect
  151. 05:41 _Zoe coughs
  152. 05:42_Zoe this should help after a while
  153. 05:42_Zoe thank you, but still, i dont want this to be known all around the place
  154. 05:42_Zoe please don't tell anybody
  155. 05:42Maaka_"Sorry for the taste, but I suppose you're used to the feeling of blood in your mouth."
  156. 05:43 *** Colm quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  157. 05:43Maaka_"And stop worrying. You're seriously starting to sound like a broken record."
  158. 05:43Maaka_(Whoops)
  159. 05:43Maaka_(OOC)
  160. 05:44_Zoe(what do you mean?)
  161. 05:44Maaka_(Broken record)
  162. 05:44Maaka_(Medieval fantasy)
  163. 05:44Maaka_(Derp)
  164. 05:44_Zoe(oh lol)
  165. 05:44_Zoe(yeah)
  166. 05:44Maaka_(Also, MaakaxZoe)
  167. 05:44_Zoe(lets assume you used another metaphor)
  168. 05:45_Zoe(maybe later *wink*, if you keep it up xD)
  169. 05:45_Zoe(and also if nobody else gets her before, good luk)
  170. 05:45Maaka_(Naw, Zoe would probably just explode if they start fucking. |D)
  171. 05:46_Zoe(yeah, xD)
  172. 05:46Marcus(...well this conversation didn't just get creepy)
  173. 05:46Maaka_(XD)
  174. 05:46_Zoe(You will have to cast regen, and have a several mages cast heal on her while they do it)
  175. 05:46Maaka_(Fuck you, it was sweet a minute ago!)
  176. 05:47_Zoe(didnt you have the hots for Miu anyways?)
  177. 05:47Maaka_(Maaka'll draw a preservation circle around the bed.)
  178. 05:47Maaka_(Colm's kinda getting in the way. |D)
  179. 05:48_Zoe(I know, but yeah, its your sharakter who takes the desision, not you)
  180. 05:48_Zoe(at least it is in my kase)
  181. 05:49_Zoe(I try to get into my sharakter's skin, and akt akkordingly)
  182. 05:49Maaka_(Ditto.)
  183. 05:49_Zoe well... its getting very late now
  184. 05:50Maaka_(Maaka's still gonna pine after Miu. S'gonna take a while for him to take an interest in Zoe) 05:50Maaka_"Here, let me help you to your room."
  185. 05:50Maaka_"I insist."
  186. 05:50_Zoe yeah, thats right
  187. 05:50_Zoe i now have my own room
  188. 05:50_Zoe sure, you can walk me there
  189. 05:50 Maaka_ does so
  190. 05:50 _Zoe smiles to Maaka, and follows him
  191. 05:51_Zoe(grats, youre now Zoe's friend)
  192. 05:51_Zoe(It will also take a while until she takes interest in you)
  193. 05:51_Zoe(haha)
  194. 05:52Maaka_"You know, I would prefer that you'd stay in my room so I could keep an eye on you, but considering your personality, I thought that you might blush so much that your head explodes..."
  195. 05:52 _Zoe blushes so much her head explodes, not literally.
  196. 05:52Maaka_"...That wouldn't actually happen, right?"
  197. 05:53_Zoe no it wouldnt, that would be dumb, hehe
  198. 05:53 Maaka_ <Considering the state she's in, I'm not so sure...>
  199. 05:54_Zoe but its not really necessary
  200. 05:55_Zoe i walked through the forest for days
  201. 05:55_Zoe i think i can manage in my own room
  202. 05:55Maaka_"Fine, have it your way."
  203. 05:56Maaka_"But that doesn't mean that I can't check up on you whenever I can."
  204. 05:56_Zoe...
  205. 05:56 _Zoe blushes
  206. 05:56_Zoe dont try anything strange
  207. 05:57Maaka_"You don't have to worry about that..."
  208. 05:57Maaka_"I'm afraid that if I squeezed your ass, I might rupture something."
  209. 05:58_Zoe ok, I think I can trust you on that
  210. 05:58_Zoe are you implying that you would if i wasnt...?
  211. 05:59 Maaka_ smirks, scratching the back of his head. "Naw, I'm more of a boob guy, to be honest."
  212. 05:59 _Zoe is weirded out by his last comment
  213. 05:59Marcus(way to play it safe man ;P)
  214. 06:00Maaka_(Oh, screw you, that was funny!)
  215. 06:00 _Zoe steps into her room
  216. 06:00_Zoe really dont try anything
  217. 06:00Marcus(haha I know)
  218. 06:00_Zoe good night
  219. 06:01 _Zoe closes the door
  220. 06:01Maaka_"Good night, short stuff..."
  221. 06:01 *** _Zoe is now known as Hebs
  222. 06:02Maaka_"Well, that was interesting... A blood mage, eh? Never thought I'd meet one that was so cute."
  223. 06:02Hebs(Im leaving IRL now as well)
  224. 06:02Maaka_(I figured)
  225. 06:02Maaka_(Night Hebs)
  226. 06:02Hebs(you screwed up a bit there with Zoe xD)
  227. 06:02Hebs(at the last moments)
  228. 06:03Maaka_(I know. I just couldn't resist.)
  229. 06:03Hebs(lol)
  230. 06:03Hebs(try harder)
  231. 06:04Maaka_(I will. That was just Maaka's attempt at trying to add levity to the situation.)
  232. 06:04Maaka_(Obviously, he fails at levity.)
  233. 06:04Hebs(yeah haha, oh well
  234. 06:05Hebshe probably figured that out and wont try it again anytime soon)
  235. 06:05Maaka_"Maybe...Naw."
  236. 06:05 Maaka_ heads to his room, ready to sleep like a log after such an exhausting day.
  237. 06:06Maaka_"Such a sorrowful thing. Hope I can bring some light into her life."
  238. 06:07 Maaka_ plops down onto his bed. Looking at his hand, he thinks to himself, <Healing magic...>
  239. 06:08Hebs(ok see ya later man)
  240. 06:08 Maaka_ 's hand glows with a soothing light for a few seconds.
  241. 06:08 *** Hebs quit ()
  242. 06:09Maaka_*A soft, gentle smile breaks out over his face.* "Hmph."
  243. 06:10 *** Marcus quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax I
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