Wizard School - Diabolist

Aug 31st, 2018
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  1. Diabolist
  2. Perks: You can fuel your magic with your blood, rolling a die, taking damage equal to the result, and adding it to the spell. You start with a weapon of your choice that you know how to use.
  3. Drawbacks: You have a -3 penalty to Saves vs possession or mental effects and a pact mark burned somewhere hard to cover up on your person.
  4. Cantrips
  5. 1. Make a mark on a surface (chalk, scratch, charcoal, etc), supernatural creatures with HD less than or equal to twice your wizard templates cannot cross it.
  6. 2. You can tell if a creature is possessed or influenced by magic just by looking in its eyes.
  7. 3. Alter your appearance and voice to be more demonic in nature.
  8. Spell List
  9. 1. Magic Missile
  10. R: 200’ T: Creature D: 0
  11. Target takes [sum]+[dice] damage, no save. As a warlock, your spell is a bolt of colored flames.
  12. 2. Bind
  13. R: 50’ T: creature D: 10 minutes, splittable.
  14. Chains burst out of the ground and immobilize the target. They get a save to resist. They can be broken out of with a successful Strength check, but every casting die invested gives a -4 to checks trying to break them open. Alternatively, it can be used to create 20’ of chain for each [die] invested.
  15. 3. Fear
  16. R: 50’ T: creatures up to [sum] HD D: 0
  17. Target creatures must Save vs Fear or make a morale check, or flee from you. If you cast this spell with 4 [dice], creatures unused to supernatural occurrences must also Save or age 2d10 years.
  18. 4. Circle of Frost
  19. R: self T: [dice]x10’ radius D: 3 rounds 
  20. All creatures in area take 1d4 damage, Save vs Reflex for half. Everything that fails its Save is frozen to whatever surface they were touching. Boots are frozen to the ground, keys are frozen in their locks. Creatures are usually immobilized from the boots down unless they were playing in a fountain or something. Attempting to break loose is a free action that can be attempted once per round, and requires a successful opposed Strength test. The ice has a Strength of 10 + [dice]x2.
  21. 5. Miasma
  22. R: [dice]x10’ cone T: area D: [dice] rounds
  23. You open your mouth and spew forth the foul fumes of hell. Everyone in the cloud takes 1d4 damage a round and must Save vs Poison (miasma, 1d4, rounds).
  24. 6. Flaming Weapon
  25. R: touch T: weapon D: [sum] rounds
  26. A weapon you touch erupts into flames, they do not harm the weapon. Creatures struck by it must Save or catch fire (d6 damage a turn).
  27. 7. Dominate
  28. R: 50’ T: creature D: [sum] rounds
  29. Creature must Save or obey your verbal commands. If you invest at least 3 [dice] in this spell, the duration becomes permanent, but the creature gets a new Save each day and one of the dice invested is unusable until the creature is released.
  30. 8. Ignite 
  31. R: 50' T: object or creature D: 0 
  32. Target object or object takes [sum] damage and catches on fire. Save negates.
  33. 9. Soul Drinker
  34. R: touch T: creature D: 0
  35. You regain [dice] hp +1 for every HD of the target. Touching it with a weapon you’re holding counts. Doesn’t work on targets without souls or more than one round after the target’s death.
  36. 10. Reap
  37. R: touch T: weapon D: [sum] rounds
  38. Whenever your weapon deals damage, you get another action. You can only gain 1 extra attack per round from this spell. The spell can only be cast with 2 or more [dice] on your chosen weapon.
  39. Emblem Spells
  40. 11. Summon Horde
  41. R: 20’ T: area D: [dice] hours
  42. You summon [sum]x2 pathetic demons. They have 1 HP each and act as minions. Regardless of whether their opponent hits them or not, damage is rolled. If one demon is hit, the damage rolls over to adjacent demons. On a miss, half that many demons die. They make an attack roll as a group and deal 1dX damage where X is the number of demons. Unless burnt with oil or wood, consecrated, or killed by magic, they reform in 10 minutes. AoE attacks kill all of them and half on a successful Save.
  43. 12. Heart-ripper
  44. R: 20’ T: creature D: 0
  45. If target’s HP is less than [sum], its heart flies out of its chest into your hand, no save. This is usually fatal. If it isn’t, it takes [dice]x2 damage.
  46. Mishaps:
  47. 1. Gain 1 trauma
  48. 2. Take 1d6 damage
  49. 3. Random mutation for d6 rounds, then Save or it’s permanent
  50. 4. Agony for d6 rounds
  51. 5. Cloud of brimstone, those nearby must make a Con save or lose their turn coughing
  52. 6. Subject to demonic weaknesses for 1d6 hours.
  53. Dooms:
  54. 1. Possessed by a demon for a day (d4: 1 lust and poison, 2 rage and fire, 3 gluttony and mutation, 4 ice and knowledge). It has no way to manifest but has HD 8.
  55. 2. You are possessed by the same demon for 3 days.
  56. 3. The demon possesses you again, permanently this time, and devours your soul.
  57. These dooms can be avoided by pledging yourself to another more powerful demon. Your soul will be theirs after death, but is that not better than the unknown void that awaits you with your third doom? Alternatively, you can go out and kill that specific demon.
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