ThingFag - Doctor Anonymous

Jul 14th, 2015
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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >You’ve spent the last few weeks in Mexico, trudging through the Yucatan to reach a remote Mayan ruin.
  3. >The trip has been completely uneventful, save for the time that your guide got lost in a pyramid.
  4. >You spent five damn hours trying to find Jose.
  5. >Such is the life of an archaeology PhD.
  6. >Indiana Jones never had to deal with this shit.
  7. >You don’t regret the life you’ve chosen, but it doesn’t quite live up to the romanticized view you went through college with.
  8. >Still you’ve only been out of college for nearly a year.
  9. >life is sure to pick up soon
  10. >”Doctor Anon” your guide speaks up “the town should be just over the next hill”
  11. “Good. I’m looking forward to getting stateside again. But it’s a shame the ruins were so empty.
  12. >”Like I told you before we set off, the ruins in this area have been picked over by looters and historians for decades.”
  13. >That’s the problem you’ve noticed. Everything has already been found, should have listened to you dad and became a lawyer.
  14. “Oh its fine Jose, at least it lets you have a job leading around rich tourists.
  15. >”Which reminds me, you paid only half up front Doctor”
  16. >By this time you’ve managed to reach the marketplace where you set off from
  17. > You reach into your pocket and grab your wallet with a sweaty hand
  18. >damn heat
  19. >you give the guide his remaining pay.
  20. >”Pleasure doing business with you Doctor, remember me if you decide to visit again”
  21. > You then hear the guide whisper under his breath “God knows you’re the first paycheck I’ve got in months”
  23. >Your guide shuffles away to mingle with the crowd
  24. “I need a drink” you say to yourself
  25. >Finding your way to the town’s bar you fork over a handful of pesos.
  26. >Grabbing the bottle the barkeep handed you, you filter off to a corner boot and start to review your notes
  27. >skimming through the pages you find nothing that hasn’t already been found by someone else
  28. “Story of my life”
  29. >you close the book and retreat to your bottle
  30. >…
  31. >several shots- or is it bottles? Hell if you know- later and you start coming back to your senses
  32. >you check your watch
  33. >shit, your taxi back to the airport was supposed to get here twenty minutes ago
  34. >grabbing you effects, you rush back to the marketplace
  35. >only to find your taxi leaving
  36. “well shit”
  37. >”excuse me” you hear a woman’s voice speak up, although it doesn’t sound like a local
  38. >you turn to face a woman in a black suit adjusting her purple tie. Looking up you see the tie matches her hair.
  39. >”Doctor Anonymous? I’m DoD”
  41. >be Twilight, 2 weeks ago
  42. >you’re in your office, located right in the middle of the Department of Defense’s main building
  43. in the past three years you’ve quickly rose through the ranks and proven yourself as one of the best analysts in the Department.
  44. >you shudder at an unexpected rap on your door as your boss lets himself in
  45. >”Miss Sparkle, you’re being reassigned” he curtly sounds out as he drops a file on your desk and promptly leaves
  46. >you never did like that man.
  47. >your gaze shifts to the file placed in front of you.
  48. >it appears to be just like any of the thousands of files that go through your office every week… well aside from more ‘CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET’ stamps then you’ve ever seen.
  49. >the file includes a smaller report. An incident from 1982: two Antarctic research basses were destroyed and all hands were lost.
  50. >neither your government nor the Norwegians ever figured out what happened.
  51. >you shudder at some pictures of the charred ruins and bodies.
  52. >now on to your orders
  53. >advanced ground penetrating radar seems to have picked up… a structure of some kind. Not too far from the research bases.
  54. >your mission is to assemble a team and investigate the structure
  55. “straight forward enough” you start planning to yourself “well need a team of diggers trained for cold weather, a survivalist, security, I can handle the research, and… someone who can figure out whatever is under the ice.”
  56. >you glance back at the ‘CLASSIFIED TOP SECRET’ stamps… maybe you should try and stop planning aloud
  58. >in two weeks’ time you’ve arranged for an Antarctic trio currently stationed in MacMurdo to join you
  59. >after pulling a few strings, you’ve managed to requisition the necessary drilling gear, and had it shipped down.
  60. >after going through a list of suitable dossiers you’ve found your security for the trip, Major Jason Fields- a retired Army Ranger whose participated in over a dozen cold weather operations.
  61. >the list of suitable historians and archeologists was considerably harder to narrow.
  62. >it seemed that almost everyone with the required expertise was either physically unfit for field work or foreign, thus too likely to keep the issue truly confidential.
  63. >you take a sip of your coffee and sigh, over hundreds of names are on your list and not one is suitable for what you need.
  64. >Turning to the last page you see only one name “Doctor Anon Anonymous, PhD. Archeology”
  65. “What were his parents thinking with that name?”
  66. >taking a closer look at his file you start to wonder why he was at the bottom of the list
  67. >then it dawns on you- he’s fresh out of college, little to no actual field work.
  68. >but, it’s not like you have much choice
  69. “UGH”
  70. >you haven’t had a decent night of rest since you first read the report.
  71. >when you close your eyes, you can’t help but envision the pictures of burnt corpses. They were so… disfigured
  72. >but you have a duty to discovery. That’s why you took the job: to analyze the unknown.
  73. >however, you have the slightest gut feeling that some secrets were meant to stay buried
  75. >closing your eyes, you manage to drift asleep in your office.
  76. >but tonight you did not dream of charred corpses.
  77. >You dreamt of high school, of your friends.
  78. >it’s been so long since you talked to them
  79. >Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Applejack stayed in your hometown.
  80. >Pinkie opened a party store, Fluttershy took over the animal shelter, and AJ has her farm. They at least managed to stay together.
  81. >Rarity went to make it big in the fashion business, doing quite well for herself the last time you checked on her
  82. >Rainbow went to become a gold medalist in the Winter Olympics. You watched on TV as she won the Biathlon
  83. >Sunset decided to travel. She wanted to see as much of the world as she could. Last you know she had finished climbing Mount Everest. That would be two years ago now
  85. >you are woken from your short rest by your phone.
  86. >a text from Rainbow
  87. >”Hey, I’m set for a month off of training. I just got off the plane. Come pick me up, let’s go get some drinks”
  88. “And how would you know that I’m in town?” you text back
  89. >”we both know you never leave that office”
  90. “Sigh, I’ll be around to pick you up soon”
  91. >She is an Olympian… maybe she’d make a good choice for the team. You decide to ask her later, for now you have a friend to catch up with.
  93. >closing your eyes, you manage to drift asleep in your office.
  94. >but tonight you did not dream of charred corpses.
  95. >You dreamt of high school, of your friends.
  96. >it’s been so long since you talked to them
  97. >Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Applejack stayed in your hometown.
  98. >Pinkie opened a party store, Fluttershy took over the animal shelter, and AJ has her farm. They at least managed to stay together.
  99. >Rarity went to make it big in the fashion business, doing quite well for herself the last time you checked on her
  100. >Rainbow went to become a gold medalist in the Winter Olympics. You watched on TV as she won the Biathlon
  101. >Sunset decided to travel. She wanted to see as much of the world as she could. Last you know she had finished climbing Mount Everest. That would be two years ago now
  103. >you are woken from your short rest by your phone.
  104. >a text from Rainbow
  105. >”Hey, I’m set for a month off of training. I just got off the plane. Come pick me up, let’s go get some drinks”
  106. “And how would you know that I’m in town?” you text back
  107. >”we both know you never leave that office”
  108. “Sigh, I’ll be around to pick you up soon”
  109. >She is an Olympian… maybe she’d make a good choice for the team. You decide to ask her later, for now you have a friend to catch up with.
  111. >alright let’s weigh the pros and cons
  112. >Pros: payment (hopefully), a chance to make history and you can get out of this damn heat
  113. >cons: gut feeling says no, I’ll be working for the government, and I’ll be switching the heat for the cold.
  114. “I’m in.”
  115. >”Excellent, if you’ll follow me, there’s a helicopter waiting to take us back to civilization.”
  116. >you motion for her to lead the way and you follow this person.
  117. >you’re not sure if you’ve been sent a blessing or curse
  118. >upon reaching the helicopter you get strapped in, and are handed a stack of papers larger than any textbook you ever wasted your money on
  119. >”Now if you’ll just sign these, we’ll be all set. We have a few hours in the air ahead of up so you should be set and ready to go by the time we reach the office.”
  120. “Are all of these” you say flipping through pages “really necessary?”
  121. >”Oh yes, don’t worry. It’s a standard top level non-disclosure agreement and waiver.
  122. “Waiver?”
  123. >”Antarctica is a very dangerous place Dr. Anon. it’s fine, we’ll be accompanied by a team of people who are extremely trained in cold weather survival.”
  124. “If you say so.”
  125. >several hundred signatures and a very quiet trip later, you land stateside
  126. >Twilight leads you to a nearby high class motel
  127. >”Now, we’ll be setting out at noon tomorrow, so get some rest. You’ll need it” Twilight informs you as she hands you a room key and leaves
  128. >you ride the elevator up and check the time on your watch. 11:52 PM
  129. >you haven’t slept on a decent bed for weeks.
  130. >opening the room up you set down your luggage, you kick off your shoes and collapse on the bed.
  131. >not noticing the rainbow haired woman sleeping next to you
  133. >sweet rest
  134. >you feel warmth around you right arm
  135. >you slowly awake from the best rest you can remember
  136. >slowly opening your eyes to see nipples
  137. >wait what?
  138. >blinking your eyes several times you find your gaze upon a petite torso wearing a tight V-neck with no bra underneath
  139. >”Hey there tiger, you know there was a second bedroom?”
  140. “I- sorry, uhh” you stutter while blushing harder than that one time in college where you-
  141. >focus, you try to move your arm, flexing your fingers… grabbing something round
  142. >”woah there, you can start by buying drinks”
  143. >you take a full look and see a petite woman leaning against the headboard of the bed, sitting on your right arm.
  144. >”don’t look at me like that, this bed was empty when I got here” the woman says while messing with her rainbow colored bed head.
  145. >you quickly retract you hand from under her and fumble as you try to stand up.
  146. >try
  147. >you end up face first on the floor
  148. >you hear giggling from your ‘roommate’
  149. “Look, I am incredibly, incredibly sorry.” You try to explain while getting to your feet “I was given a room key and told to rest, and-“
  150. >”It’s no big deal tiger. Besides, I like being the big spoon.” She teases as your face returns to full blush
  151. “Tiger?”
  152. >”on account of your face being so orange.” she laughs “Anyway you were given that key by my friend Twilight, I’m a part of the team too. Name’s Rainbow Dash, and you can stop blushing.”
  153. “I’m Doctor Anon Anonymous, just call me Anon. I’m sorry, do I know you from somewhere?” you ask
  154. >she get up and goes over to her bag in the corner, bending over and uncaring that she’s only wearing panties and a V-neck
  155. >Right when you stopped blushing
  156. >she walks over to you holding a gold medal
  157. >”this jog your memory?” she asks as you remember her face from a box of cereal. She was an Olympic medalist for something
  158. >”well at least part of you looks to be in working order” she says
  159. “what?”
  161. >”well even though your memory might be shocked” she coyly says to you before leaning in for a whisper “down there you sure are shocked”
  162. >she bursts back into laughter as you stand there paralyzed
  163. >”relax Anon, I just teasing you.” She attempts to reassure “come on. I just made some coffee, it should be ready now” she mentions as she leaves the bedroom.
  164. >you are left standing there unsure of what just happened
  165. >you hear your stomach growl and are shocked back into reality.
  166. >checking the time before you leave the bedroom. 8:24, Twilight will be coming for you at noon so that just leaves three and a half more awkward hours
  167. >you offer to make some breakfast, looking through the fridge you find some basic materials and start to make two omelets
  168. >thankfully Rainbow has ceased making any comments, instead watching some soccer game from across the world
  169. >it’s so quiet in the kitchen
  170. >almost peaceful, you don’t get many moments where everything just seems righ-
  171. >”GOOOOOAAAAALLL” as you drop several pans, you then hear a quick “sorry”
  172. >as you pick up what was dropped, you continue to cook
  173. >uninterrupted this time
  174. >after a few more minutes you call Rainbow in.
  175. >placing an omelet on either end of the table.
  176. >She still hasn’t changed, however you manage to avoid reenacting the morning’s events.
  177. >Rainbow quickly finishes her meal with an audible, yet soft belch
  178. >”Damn, that was great. Where’d you learn to cook?
  179. “After Eight years of college being the only one in your dorm that can even somewhat cook, you learn pretty fast.”
  180. >”Well good to see that doctorate got you something practical at least.” She jokes as you both start laughing a bit.
  181. >”Hey, Twilight’ll be around in a few hours. We should probably start getting ready. I’m going to go shower.”
  183. >before leaving, Rainbow sniffs and visibly cringes
  184. >”you know Anon, I’m just noticing your smell now. What did you do? Take a high dive into shit?”
  185. >you sniff your pit and realize what she means.
  186. Sorry about that, I haven’t been able to shower for the past few weeks. I’m an archeologist; I’ve been wandering around hot Mexican Jungles before Twilight ‘recruited’ me.”
  187. >Rainbow looks like she’s about to throw another quip your way before silencing herself. Soon she speaks up.
  188. >”Archeologist huh… like movie archeologist or boring archeologist?”
  189. >the question itself doesn’t surprise you, but the tone of her voice does. It sounded genuine… sweet even.
  190. “Boring archeologist, unfortunately for me; but who knows, maybe this trip might bring it closer to the action.”
  191. >”Yeah, straight out of Hollywood: snow, long nights, and penguins.”
  192. >”I’m gonna go take that shower” she says, winking, as she finds her way to the bathroom.
  193. >you find your way to a chair and start flipping channels with the ambience of showering.
  194. >soon you notice something in your corner of your eye, an open bathroom door.
  195. >you turn to fully see into the room, a sink and a foggy mirror.
  196. >you don’t dare try and sneak a better view; you’ll be in the Antarctic with her for weeks. And besides, one word to Twilight and you’d probably end up in Guantanamo.
  197. >you turn your attention back to the morning news, the usual celebrity gossip bullshit.
  198. >soon you hear the shower turn off and glance over to see a toweled Rainbow approach the mirror.
  199. >she clears a spot on the mirror to see, and your eyes lock. You swear you can see a simile and wink.
  200. >she then lifts the towel to dry her hair. And you are left staring into the back of a literal Olympian.
  201. >you vow to yourself that you will never forget that firm round ass for as long as you live.
  202. >she then refits the towel, and without any notice of you, heads off to the bedroom to change… closing the door behind her.
  204. >after sitting in shock for a few minutes, you remember that you have to shower as well.
  205. >you turn off the TV and head into the bathroom, closing the door behind you.
  206. >immediately you are overwhelmed by a fragrance. It’s subtle, yet refreshing.
  207. >but as soon as you noticed the smell, it has been replaced by your own body odor.
  208. >you should rectify that.
  209. >stripping down and entering the shower you feel a sudden relief from the past few weeks of work.
  210. >never again shall you undervalue soap
  211. >for twenty minutes you have lost yourself in the serenity of warm water.
  212. >but it’s time to leave.
  213. >you exit the shower and start drying. Upon reaching your face, an unwanted entity is noticed. Clearing off the mirror’s steam you reach for a razor.
  214. >Rainbow must have put your stuff in here before you woke up.
  215. >you leave your face with a bit of stubble, like you always do, as you finish it dawns on you
  216. >Rainbow went through your things
  217. >that doesn’t anger you as much as you would assume, given that a near complete stranger has just gone through your personal bags.
  218. >if she so much as bumped your notebook…
  219. >you finish drying and wrap a towel around your waist
  220. >if we will be working together for God knows how long, she needs to understand not to mess with your notebook. It’s a chaotic mess, but damnit, it’s YOUR chaotic mess.
  221. >you begin to walk to the bedroom door.
  222. >but with each step you take, you feel whatever anger you had lessening.
  223. >you open the door to find…
  225. >Rainbow
  226. >reading your notebook?
  227. >”Hey! Did you write and sketch all this?”
  228. >the question takes you off guard
  229. “Yeah, I did. I spent the last few we-“
  230. >”Yeah, I know that. I’ve been reading all about it. You should really consider taking up writing.”
  231. “What? Why would you think that?”
  232. >”Because despite appearances. I do like a good book.”
  233. “Is there anything you don’t appeal in?”
  234. >”AND, trust me, you’re not half bad yourself.”
  235. >…
  236. “Did I say that out loud?”
  237. >Rainbow nods, and for a second you could swear you see the slightest blush on her cheeks.
  238. “I’m sorry it’s just that you- and the note book, you really don’t think it’s a useless mess? And the- you’re just very-“
  239. >”Hahah, calm down Anon. Yes, I think the book was interesting. And thank you. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have got a morning jog to take. It’s barely 10 right now and I’ll be back by 11, in case Twilight decides to come early.”
  240. >she puts down your notebook and finishes tying her running shoes, then ties her hair into a pony tail.
  241. >”Bye” she says with a wave, leaving the hotel room.
  242. >you wait a minute and find yourself drawn to your notebook. Everything is exactly the way you left it. Rainbow must have taken extreme care if pages 45 and 56 didn’t fall out.
  243. >changing into fresh clothes you start to think.
  244. >if this will be your company for the next few weeks, then the job can’t be that bad.
  245. >you then head to one of the chairs and relax for the next hour or so. There’s nothing to do but wait anyway.
  247. >be Rainbow
  248. >taking your morning jog, you liked to run for at least an hour every day.
  249. >it helps to calm your nerves.
  250. >and boy do you have nerves.
  251. >ever since you made it big in the Olympics everyone had treated you differently. The interviews, the autographs, the fans, the paparazzi: they all drove you crazy.
  252. >When you were a teen all you wanted was to be rich and famous.
  253. >now you’ve realized that money and fame suck. Royally.
  254. >you only have six friends. Everyone else has become a sycophant.
  255. >you haven’t been able to date for years. The second a guy figures out who they are then they change.
  256. >the only thing you’ve wanted, for years, was to be treated like you. Not like ‘the gold medalist’.
  257. >your thoughts shift to today’s events.
  258. >One in particular
  259. >when you told him who you were, he barely batted an eye.
  260. >no one has ever returned your attitude for so long
  261. >he sounded genuine… nice even
  262. >sure he’s a bit quirky, but you liked it. For the first time in years you felt like you’ve had a legitimate conversation with someone other than your old High School friends.
  263. >your watch beeps; it’s the half-way point.
  264. >you stop and pause for a ten count.
  265. “I don’t know” you mutter
  266. >you turn around and start jogging back, clearing your mind for this half.
  268. >Be Anon
  269. >waiting in the room
  270. >thoughts racing in your head about this morning
  271. >you never were much for dating, too many superficial bitches in high school and college.
  272. >you’ve done the college experience, but never anything meaningful
  273. >the idea that everything will end up working out in the end, defined much of your life
  274. >recently that idea has been questioned, not just in your work
  275. >and the ‘encounter’ with Rainbow this morning did nothing to clear your head
  276. >by all standards she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever woken up in bed with, even though nothing happened
  277. >and that ass
  278. >but you hardly even know the girl. And besides, after this job you’ll probably never see her again
  279. >an opening door draws you away from thoughts
  280. >Rainbow enters and doesn’t even look at you
  281. >”I’m going to rinse off” she says as she enters the bathroom once more
  282. >well then… back to thoughts
  283. >the way she talked about your work: In all your years of study no one has ever even pretended to speak with such care about your profession. Maybe something is there
  284. >maybe
  285. >well, given that you’ll be working together for the foreseeable future, that’s plenty of time to get to know her
  286. >as you hear the shower turn off you’ve reached a decision
  287. >you won’t press anything. If she wants there to be something between the two of you, then she’ll have to initiate it
  289. >Be Anon
  290. >waiting in the room
  291. >thoughts racing in your head about this morning
  292. >you never were much for dating, too many superficial bitches in high school and college.
  293. >you’ve done the college experience, but never anything meaningful
  294. >the idea that everything will end up working out in the end, defined much of your life
  295. >recently that idea has been questioned, not just in your work
  296. >and the ‘encounter’ with Rainbow this morning did nothing to clear your head
  297. >by all standards she’s the most beautiful woman you’ve ever woken up in bed with, even though nothing happened
  298. >and that ass
  299. >but you hardly even know the girl. And besides, after this job you’ll probably never see her again
  300. >an opening door draws you away from thoughts
  301. >Rainbow enters and doesn’t even look at you
  302. >”I’m going to rinse off” she says as she enters the bathroom once more
  303. >well then… back to thoughts
  304. >the way she talked about your work: In all your years of study no one has ever even pretended to speak with such care about your profession. Maybe something is there
  305. >maybe
  306. >well, given that you’ll be working together for the foreseeable future, that’s plenty of time to get to know her
  307. >as you hear the shower turn off you’ve reached a decision
  308. >you won’t press anything. If she wants there to be something between the two of you, then she’ll have to initiate it
  310. >Be Anon
  311. >Rainbow opens the door and gives you a slight smile
  312. >she remains stationary for a moment
  313. >your eyes still locked together, involuntarily you notice that you’ve been returning her smirk
  314. >you both blink back to reality
  315. >she goes off to the bedroom to change
  316. >you return to the news (if you can call this crap news)
  317. >a few minutes pass and she exits
  318. >black tennis shoes, jeans (that you expect give a nice view of her asset), a tight sky blue t-shirt, and an open brown aviator’s jacket
  319. >as she moves to the kitchen you get a glimpse
  320. >excellent bottom
  321. >you look to your own apparel
  322. >the least bulky pair of boots you brought, semi-worn jeans, and a white button up (the only shirt you have with you that isn’t sweat stained)
  323. >loosening the second button down you can’t help but think of the irony
  324. >we’re working for the government dressed like this
  325. >real professional
  326. >god it’s quiet in here
  327. >you start to head to the kitchen to speak to Rainbow
  328. >start to
  329. >a knock at the door interrupts your attempt at small talk
  330. >modifying your path you head to the door, opening it to find Agent Sparkle
  331. >”good morning Anon” she speaks, before continuing as she glances over your shoulder “good, you’re both up. If the two of you are ready then get your things, we have a long day ahead of us.”
  333. >the two of you retrieve your bags. It looks like Rainbow packed light as well, she only has one bag about as large as yours
  334. >following Twilight downstairs, you toss the room keys at the front desk
  335. >a shame, you only were able to stay one day. It’s a nice place
  336. >you follow Twilight into the parking lot
  337. >a limo is waiting for the three of you
  338. >a chauffeur silently opens the back for the group
  339. >while entering you notice a Department of Defense pin on the man’s suit
  340. >to say that you’ve got a bad feeling about this would be a drastic understatement.
  341. >should’ve read that nondisclosure agreement closer
  342. >entering the limo you and Rainbow find yourselves in the back seats with Agent Sparkle on the side
  343. >as Twilight looks through a set of files, you glance to your lower right.
  344. >damn it, no drinks in the limo
  345. >“It’s a shame isn’t it” is whispered into your ear
  346. >”I’m sorry Rainbow did you say something” Twilight inquires
  347. >”Oh, it’s nothing Twi”
  348. >Twilight hands a file to each of you, glancing at Rainbow’s you note that they are identical
  349. >even down to the ‘CLASSIFIED” stamps
  350. >”Now, down to business” Twilight starts “just over two weeks ago, new ground penetrating radar picked up a strange formation about two hundred miles south of MacMurdo base, just on the other side of the Transantarctic mountain range.”
  351. >”if you look at the figures on page three, you’ll see that estimations of the layout of the structure have been hard to finalize, but we know that the overall structure is ten thousand square feet” she then pauses as if you were meant to ask something
  352. “And that’s relevant how?” you finally decide to add
  353. >”The main structure is exactly ten thousand square feet, a perfect one hundred by one hundred square, the two secondary structures are an even hundred square feet, again in a ten by ten perfect square.”
  355. >taking a closer look at the figure you notice something
  356. “It’s facing perfect south”
  357. >”I’m sorry?” Twilight asks
  358. “It’s built like the Pyramids of Giza. But instead of facing north, these structures face south.”
  359. >”Interesting, I’ll add that to the report and see if anything on that end plays out.” she responds
  360. >”Anyway back to the file. You’ll see that as soon as we found the structure we started building a research base on the surface above it.” She continues
  361. >as Rainbow yawns
  362. >”So” Twilight adds “We won’t have to worry about waiting to build a forward base. As soon as we arrive the drilling can commence.”
  363. >”the drilling team has already arrived on the base, but are under strict orders to wait until we arrive to actually start.”
  364. >”move on to page seven and you can see dossiers on the other team members. The drilling team consists of Raymond Whitmore, and James and Amanda O’Brian (married). Also joining us will be retired Major Jason Fields. He will be dealing with any security issues we might encounter.”
  365. >with that statement you shudder
  366. >there’s something Twilight isn’t adding, something big
  367. >”which brings us to today; there’s one more person I’d like to have on the team. You and I know her quite well, Rainbow.”
  368. >”you don’t mean?” Rainbow asks
  369. >”I do”
  370. “Care to explain”
  372. >”One of our old friends, Sunset Shimmer, will be accompanying us. You don’t need to worry about her qualifications, because she’s a bit of a traveller. Three years ago she went through Siberia to see the Aurora Borealis and two years ago she climbed Mount Everest. She’s perfectly adept at survivalism.”
  373. >”I pulled some strings and found out that she’s currently diving in the Great Barrier Reef. A jet is waiting for us at the end of this ride to take us to Australia. From there we just need to find her.
  374. “Find her?”
  375. >”all we know is that she was last recorded in Port Douglas, Queensland” Twilight answers
  376. >”So you’re telling me, that the only way to complete the team, is to wander around Australian beaches looking for Sunset.” Rainbow speaks up; you notice a hint of excitement in her voice.
  377. >”that’s not… entirely wrong.” Twilight states
  378. >so to reach the cold depths of Antarctica, you get to relax on a beach for God knows how long.
  379. >maybe this won’t be such a bad job after all; you just pray that Australia isn’t as hot and damp as Mexico.
  380. “Great. At least I can cross Australia off of the bucket list”
  381. >you said that out loud.
  382. >shit
  383. >Rainbow giggles at your statement
  384. >not shit
  385. >Twilight seems a bit angry though
  386. >”Just remember Doctor” Twilight says “we’ll be there on official business”
  387. >hardass
  388. >with any luck you’ll get at least one evening free
  389. >and with that thought you’ve reached the airport.
  390. >Twilight wasn’t lying; you are taking a jet to Australia
  391. >a private jet
  392. >well a department jet, but who cares about the semantics
  393. >you know that right now, you sure as hell don’t.
  394. >if only you could shake the feeling that you’re not being told something.
  396. >ten hours on a jet
  397. >what to do?
  398. >twilight has gone non responsive, entranced into her reports
  399. >Rainbow has gone to ask the pilot some questions
  400. >and you’re left, once again, to your thoughts
  401. >leaving around noon
  402. >you’ll touch down around 1 pm local time
  403. >jet lags going to be a bitch
  404. >then you’ll have a hour long drive to Port Douglas
  405. >get there around 2:30
  406. >you figure that Twilight will be doing her own thing to look for Sunset
  407. >with luck you’ll have the afternoon to yourself
  408. >in order to avoid a jet lagged afternoon you try and grab a bit of sleep
  409. >in five hours you wake
  410. >to find Rainbow sitting next to you, staring out the window
  411. >the look of excitement on her face is obvious as she looks over to you
  412. >RD: “Hey, I just woke up too”
  413. >glancing over, you note about a dozen open seats, but she chose the one next to you
  414. “I take it that you like flying?”
  415. >RD: “I LOVE flying”
  416. “With that emphasis there’s got to be a story”
  417. >RD: “and why does there HAVE to be a story”
  418. “Because you don’t strike me as someone who would LOVE something on a whim” you say, repeating her emphasis as much as possible
  419. >RD: “Likewise… alright I’ll tell you, but don’t laugh”
  420. “No promises”
  421. >RD: “Ugh, you’re worse than AJ. Never mind. So my dad used to be in the Air Force. He flew medical evac choppers in the First Gulf War. I was born while he was over there. So when he does get back, he ended up flying the local news chopper. And starting when I was five, every other Sunday he would take me up on a joy ride.”
  423. >RD: “When I was nine, I asked him why. He set the chopper to hover then turned to face me, and what he said next I will never forget.”
  424. >RD: “I have only made one major mistake in my life. And that was not being there when you were born. I take you up here to try and make it up to you, to show you what I missed your birth for. So that one day, even though I will never forgive myself, you might come to forgive me.”
  425. >RD: “Then I, being the smartass I was-“
  426. “Smartass you ARE”
  427. >you correct her, her laughter confirms that you didn’t just fuck up
  428. >RD: “Yeah, well I’m not the only smartass on this plane… I told him that I forgave him on one condition. That he taught me how to fly.” She admits as you start to note a slight blush on her cheeks
  429. RD: “Over the next two years the joy rides became lessons. When I was eleven and his birthday ended up coming around I took him on our joy ride.”
  430. Rd: “I love flying because the look of sheer bliss on his face that day is something I’ll never forget. Whenever I fly, I get all the rush of emotions from when I was a kid. And I remember how I put my fathers mid at ease over something he hated himself for.”
  431. >you remain silent for a moment
  432. “I honestly don’t know what to say”
  433. >RD: “at least you didn’t laugh”
  434. >but you think you know what to do
  435. >you leave your seat and head over to the jet’s mini-fridge
  436. “Really, that was beautiful”
  437. >you say as your hunch is confirmed
  439. >you return to your seat with a cold bottle of Champaign, and two glasses
  440. >RD: “What are you doing?”
  441. “Shhsh”
  442. >you pop the bottle open, thankfully not waking a sleeping Twilight across the jet
  443. >you pour two glasses and raise a toast
  444. “To your father”
  445. >RD: “To dad” she states as she returns the toast, trying to hide a slight blush
  446. “And to you, for continuing to surprise me”
  447. >She nearly chokes on the drink she was taking, now trying to hide a large blush
  448. >as you finish chuckling she decides to speak up
  449. >RD: “And to you, for continuing to surprise ME”
  450. >didn’t expect that one, you think as your drink heads straight to your lungs
  451. >and you reciprocate her previous blush
  452. >RD: “now we’re even”
  453. >the two of you then enjoy the rest of the flight
  454. >and the rest of the Champaign bottle
  455. >idle chatter focused mainly about your childhoods
  456. >you tell her how your father always wanted you to be a lawyer, and how you spent most of your teenage years as (more or less of) a social loner slowly coming to socialize more in college
  457. >she mainly tells you about her high school years with Twilight, Sunset, and the others
  458. >all accounted for you can safely say that this has been the most enjoyable flight you’ve ever had
  459. >a half hour before touchdown the two of you decide that you should probably wake Twilight
  461. >Be Twilight
  462. >glorious rest
  463. >this has been the most sleep you’ve had in days
  464. >why are you being woken
  465. >RD: “Psst, Twi, we’re almost there”
  466. >refreshed you wake up, do you smell alcohol from her mouth?
  467. “Thanks Rainbow”
  468. >you say with the slightest hint of sarcasm
  469. >standing up to stretch you notice a pair of dirty Champaign glasses on a counter
  470. >good to see that they’re getting along, we’ll be stuck together for weeks after all
  471. >you spend the remainder of the flight straightening your files back into order
  472. >upon landing you lead the others to the car you’ve had arranged to take you to the Port
  473. >through the car ride you can’t help but think Doctor Anon knows that you’re not telling him something
  474. >you’ve decided it was best for the rest of the team to not be informed about the Norwegian and American bases back in ‘82
  475. >hopefully the location of the structure is merely coincidence
  476. >the team shouldn’t have to worry unnecessarily
  477. >however you’ve planned for almost any eventuality
  478. >upon reaching the port you begin to visit the local boating services, hoping to find a clue as to Sunset’s location
  479. >The three of you had spent three hours looking through every company and asking about her whereabouts
  480. >at literally the last service on the list (you make a note not to tell Anon and Rainbow about that) you get that clue
  481. >more than a clue actually
  482. >the secretary goes through papers and tells you that a woman matching the name and description is currently out diving in the reefs
  483. >she’s set to return at five pm tomorrow
  484. >you head back to the car to find your impatient companions
  485. “We’re in luck. Sunset used this service to go out recently. She’ll be getting back tomorrow afternoon at five. So, we’ll be staying here for the night, I’ve already gotten a roof for us at a local hotel”
  486. >almost twenty four hours, they both should enjoy that.
  488. >Be Anon
  489. >a full day at, effectively, a beach resort
  490. >you don’t think your day could get much better
  491. >upon reaching the hotel you are proven wrong
  492. >beachfront, five stars
  493. >and you’re getting paid fifty thousand for this ‘job’
  494. >as you head up to the top level, where your room is, you enter to find something that puts the last hotel you were in to shame.
  495. >two bedrooms, two baths, a dedicated TV room, kitchen, oceanfront balcony, and the master bedroom even has a walk in closet.
  496. >Twilight claims the master bedroom, taking its dedicated closet and bathroom. Leaving you and Rainbow in the entrance
  497. “You can go ahead and take the other bedroom, I’m pretty sure the couch has a pullout bed.”
  498. >RD: “you sure? I’m fine with the couch.”
  499. “It’s only for one night. Besides, I got plenty of rest last night and on the plane, I might not even end up using it at all.”
  500. >RD: “If you say so.”
  501. >Rainbow leaves to put her bag into her room
  502. >you put your own bag on the couch
  503. >soon Twilight returns to address the two of you
  504. >TS: “Now, the only thing we have to do is wait; so the day is yours. I brought 250 Australian Dollars for each of you, that’s about 200 US Dollars. If you need me, then I’ll be in my room finalizing some things for the trip. Oh and Anon, you should probably wash the rest of your clothes while you have a chance. There are washing machines on the first floor.”
  505. >you really should
  506. >by the time you finish cleaning your attire, you come back to the room to find a note on the couch
  507. >’Anon, if you need to hang any of your clothes then go ahead and use the closet in my room, there’s plenty of space. –Rainbow’
  508. >’P.S. I should be right back’
  509. >presumably that means to wait for her
  510. >you take the time to change into sandals and a (freshly cleaned) red polo
  511. >after all it’s pretty warm here.
  512. >glancing at the clock you notice the time 6:08 PM
  513. >alright what to do?
  514. *knock knock*
  516. >RD: “Hey can someone open up, I forgot my key”
  517. “Coming”
  518. >opening the door you find Rainbow holding a shopping bag, looks like there’s only a few things in it
  519. >RD: “thanks” she says as she moves past you into the bathroom, returning with some towels
  520. >she tosses a pair of blue swimming shorts your way
  521. >RD: “Come on, there’s still plenty of time to hit the beach”
  522. >she exits to her bedroom as you exit to the bathroom to change pants
  523. >you return and wait
  524. >Rainbow soon exits wearing a simple sky blue bikini. Not too revealing, not too conservative.
  525. >Just right
  526. >the two of you leave the hotel and head to the beach, not that far of a trip.
  527. >you double checked to make sure you brought a key
  528. >thankfully the beach next to your hotel is rather empty, most of the other people have probably finised up for the day
  529. >the next few hours bleed together
  530. >most of the time is spent in the water, the two of you went about two hundred feet from the shore line
  531. >the calm water made the swim back relatively easy
  532. >by now the sun had set and the hotel lights were your only guide back to land
  533. >the two of you lay on the beach awhile longer, letting the seawater evaporate off of your bodies
  534. >you could almost fall asleep here and now, but a voice brings you back to reality
  535. >RD: “hey we should probably head back now”
  536. “Yeah it is getting pretty late. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?
  537. >RD: “what is?”
  538. “Well, everything is. Specifically the stars, there isn’t a ton of light pollution here.”
  539. >RD: “Yeah... they are”
  541. “Alright, let’s get going”
  542. >you rise from your towel and start to pack up. Ready to go, but a request from Rainbow stops you
  543. >RD: “Carry me.”
  544. “Carry you?”
  545. >RD: “Please, I’m exhausted”
  546. >…
  547. “Fine, but only because you asked so nicely”
  548. >RD: “thanks” *Yawn* “Anon, I owe you one”
  549. “I’ll hold you to that”
  550. >you joke as you kneel to pick her up, putting one hand behind her shoulders and one under her knees.
  551. >she’s actually pretty light
  552. >she grabs the bag and towels before placing her arms around your neck and snuggling her head into your chest
  553. >the walk back to your room is easy
  554. >as you approach the door she reaches into the bag to retrieve the key
  555. >she unlocks and opens the door, staying in your arms the entire time
  556. >you go into her bedroom and place her in bed, placing a sheet over her
  557. >it’s almost 1 am
  558. >you turn to leave but are stopped as she grabs your arm
  559. >RD: “Wait, please stay” she quickly begs, a moment passes before she adds “you’d have to open up the couch bed, and that would just wake Twilight, won’t want our boss to be cranky tomorrow”
  560. >you level with her ear and repeat what you said earlier
  561. “Fine, but only because you asked so nicely”
  562. >she scoots over and lets you under the sheets
  563. >the bed feels like lying on a cloud
  564. “Goodnight Rainbow”
  565. >RD: “Zzzzzz” she snores as she had already fallen asleep
  566. >for the second night in a row, you find yourself sleeping with Rainbow
  567. >but this time you’re the big spoon
  569. >waking you find your vision obscured by rainbow colored hair
  570. >you raise your head to view the clock
  571. >it’s almost noon
  572. >you just slept through almost half of your day on the beach
  573. >but right now you don’t care
  574. >you place your head back down, readjusting yourself as you continue to hold Rainbow
  575. >part of you hopes that the two of you stay like this forever
  576. >unconsciously your breaths slow to match hers
  577. >you enjoy another fifteen minutes of bliss
  578. > *Yaaaawwwn*
  579. >damn that was adorable
  580. >you feel Rainbow slightly readjust herself, grabbing closer to the arms you have wrapped around her
  581. >unsure if she’s awake or not, you stay still
  582. >this continues for a while before she slowly turns her head to face yours
  583. >RD: “Goodmorning Anon”
  584. “Goodmorning Rainbow”
  585. >the two of you stay still a moment, eyes locked and your faces barely an inch apart
  586. >soon the silence is broken
  587. >RD: “breakfast”
  588. “It’s almost one thirty, lunch?”
  589. >RD: “breakfast”
  590. “Heh, alright Rainbow”
  591. >your embrace is broken and you feel notably colder
  592. >the two of you go through your morning routines before heading out
  593. >you end up in the hotel’s restaurant, not as five star as their rooms, but still pretty good. And more importantly they serve breakfast all day
  594. >coffee drank and bellies full the two of you return to the room
  595. >3 pm
  596. >not much time to really do anything
  597. >the two of you end up on the balcony
  598. >sitting and watching the ocean
  599. >eventually you speak up
  600. “So about last night”
  601. >RD: “I didn’t think it was possible to become so exhausted from swimming”
  602. “You know what I mean”
  603. >she sighs and stays quiet a minute
  604. >RD: “how about we consider ourselves even now?” she says with a wink
  605. “Sure”
  606. >the two of you share a laugh, and then enjoy the serenity of the view
  607. >eventually Twilight opens the sliding door to the balcony
  608. >TS: “Good, the two of you are ready, let’s get going. Hope you both enjoyed the vacation, but we have a job to do.”
  610. >with that the three of you leave. The docks aren’t too far away, so you’ll be walking
  611. >it’s actually rather nice out. A light sea breeze makes the otherwise dry heat bearable
  612. >as you approach the dock you check the time on your phone
  613. >4:50
  614. >any minute now
  615. >5:00
  616. >any minute now
  617. >5:15
  618. >any minute now
  619. “So Twilight, you sure that secretary said five?”
  620. >”TS: “I’m sure.”
  621. >5:45
  622. “You’re sure about that?”
  623. >RD: “You know, if the waiting is killing you that much you could just go ask yourself” she adds before an argument with Twilight erupts
  624. “Fine, have it your way”
  625. >you go to the office at the end of the dock
  626. >as you enter a bell rings
  627. >”Be with ya in one minute” a voice calls out as you go towards the counter
  628. >soon elderly woman speaking with a thick Australian accent comes out of the back room
  629. >”wot can I do fer ya today laddie?”
  630. >you decide to play it smooth, and speak as clear as possible
  631. “Hello, I’m with a couple of friends, we were supposed to meet up with another today. She should have been getting here from a diving trip today. Could you please look up if you have a ‘Sunset Shimmer’ in your records?”
  632. >just like a smooth radio host Anon, good job
  633. >”oooh ye most be wit tha purple girl yestrda. Btween you an me I don think she undastood the local accent”
  634. “yeah she’s like that whenever we all travel”
  635. >you play along
  636. >”well, I tried ta tell er that the boat was comin at nine”
  637. “well there you go. She must have heard ‘five’. Thank you for your time, and have a good day.”
  638. >as you exit you hear “oh it was nothing sweey”
  639. >you begin back to the others
  640. >TS: “well?”
  641. >doing the most stereotypical aussie accent you can, dropping it for the last word:
  642. “Roit mate, the noice Sheila in there tol me wot I nee’ed ta knaw. Ya wanna go pop a few on tha Barbie, cuz the boat’s gettin in at NINE.”
  643. >as Rainbow breaks out laughing, you notice Twilight’s eye twitch
  645. “I’ll be back at nine. I need a beer”
  646. >RD: “I think I’ll join you, it looks like Twi needs a bit of time alone”
  647. >Twilight collapses on a nearby bench, mouthing words to herself
  648. >after the two of you have left earshot you ask rainbow:
  649. “Is she going to be ok?”
  650. >RD: “What, Twi? Oh she gets like that whenever one of her plans hit an unforeseen hitch. Usually she’s better at hiding her… snap. Anyway trust me, what she needs right now is a minute to think”
  651. >moving further down the docks you find a bar.
  652. >well, more like a sailors cove
  653. >as you enter you can’t help but think one thing
  654. >and you thought American bars were bad
  655. >almost every window booth has a group of obvious tourists, with frilly umbrella’d drinks
  656. >the darker side booths are filled with middle aged locals, with hard liquor
  657. >and the bar is filled with more Australian DudeBros then you can count, most holding beers
  658. >but hey, you’ve drank in worse places
  659. >obviously disgusted by the DudeBros, Rainbow finds a widow booth
  660. >you go to the bar and get a pair of beers, the DudeBros not noticing you
  661. >sitting down you hand her a bottle
  662. “To Twilight: may she quickly find her marbles”
  663. >RD: “To Twilights marbles” *clang*
  664. >the two of you sit mostly in silence during round one
  665. >finishing your beer you return to the bar. You order two shouts of Scotch, upon seeing the near empty state of the bottle, you throw a couple bills the barkeeps way and ask for the rest.
  666. >as you return to the booth you don’t notice one of the DudeBros eyeing Rainbow
  667. >the two of you down the first shot
  668. >Rainbow stays from any more, leaving you to the rest of the bottle.
  669. >you counted four in total
  670. >no. five
  671. >no, the beer makes five DRINKS
  672. >one beer, four shots
  673. >by the time you the last shot, you read seven o’clock on your phone
  674. >ten minutes later nature calls.
  675. >you excuse yourself to the bathroom, bottle still in hand
  677. >Be in bathroom
  678. >Be pissing
  679. >you look at yourself in the mirror
  680. *SLAP*
  681. “Come on Anon, four shots hasn’t gotten you drunk in years”
  682. >you glance at the bottle, 120 proof
  683. “Shit.”
  684. >ok just remember your training
  685. >the parties, the kegs, the shots, the bets, and the games
  686. >you can feel yourself right on the verge
  687. >you had a big breakfast/lunch
  688. >you inhale deeply
  689. “Not tonight”
  690. >you toss the bottle in the trash
  691. >strong buzz solidified
  692. >but hey, at least you’re not drunk
  693. >you make for the door, moving your zipper back up before leaving
  694. >DB1: “come on baby, your way beyond that sorry sap in the Gents”
  695. >DB2: “yeah, we know a nice quiet place we can all go to”
  696. >oh there’s not a chance in hell
  697. >do it faggot, kick their asses
  698. >no buzz, do you see their muscles
  699. >come on, it’s all just sprayed on
  700. >but there’s two of them and only one of us/me
  701. >so you’re just going to let them heckle Rainbow like that?
  702. >fuck no
  703. >go get em, ole buddy buzz has got your back
  704. *AHEM*
  705. “excuse me ‘mates’ but it’s time for the two of us to leave”
  706. >Buzz: ahh, the old hustle move
  707. >RD: “I thought you’d never get back” she sound relieved to say as she starts to get up, until her path is blocked
  708. >DB1: “woah there, come on bud. We both know you’re not man enough for this fine Sheila”
  709. >RD: “That’s NOT my name”
  710. “Look, why don’t you two jerkoffs go find a nice room to fornicate each other”
  711. >DB2 looks confused at big English. Good that means he’s probably the muscle
  712. >DB1: “and what if we don’t want to leave. Are you going to make me?”
  713. “Only if I have to”
  714. >that got them
  715. DB2: “ey mate what say we take this American out back and teach em a lesson ‘bout down under”
  716. >God, could he be stupider?
  717. “Well lead the way my convict friends”
  718. >like they’re literate enough to comprehend that insult
  720. >Be Rainbow
  721. >be behind the Bar with Anon and a pair of assholes
  722. >you were just planning on kinking them both in the balls and leaving
  723. >but no
  724. >Anon had to make a scene
  725. >part of you liked that he stood up for you
  726. >but most of you is just pissed that he’s about to get his drunk, ass kicked
  727. >you try and phase out most of the dick measuring banter
  728. >God, he’s going to die
  729. >at least you’ve got front row seats
  730. >Anon takes an early left hook from DB1
  731. >at least he’s not bleeding
  732. >yet
  733. >you can’t watch anymore
  734. >oh, who are you kidding? You love it!
  735. >as DB1 tries to repeat his first move anon ducks under the left and gives a right jab straight into his kidneys
  736. >lucky shot
  737. >DB1 steps back in favor of his lackey
  738. >Anon has to constantly lose ground, he doesn’t have the reach
  739. >but… was he planning that?
  740. >as Anon lost ground, he and DB2 neared the dumpster. As DB2 went for a right hook, anon rolled under the punch, got back standing and bashed the back of DB2’s head onto the dumpster, before slamming the lid shut onto his face.
  741. >you heard bones crack
  742. >DB2 slinks to the ground, groaning and grabbing at his nose
  743. >leaving Anon with a one on one fight
  744. >you thought it would be a fair fight now
  745. >you were wrong
  746. >that asshole just pulled a knife on Anon
  747. >A: “Wow, you really are one colossal insecure faggot, aren’t you?”
  748. >if Anon meant to provoke him it worked, as the DB charges and lunges at Anon
  749. >anon pushes his knife hand away, before twisting the entire arm behind his back until an audible pop is heard and the knife falls to the ground
  750. >Anon then puts the DB’s neck into a chokehold
  751. >you almost feel sorry for the poor bastard.
  752. >almost
  753. >Anon then rises and brushes himself off
  754. >A: “sorry about that”
  755. “Dodging, breaking noses, dislocating arms, choking people out: Where’d you learn how to fight?
  756. >A: “let’s leave it as I was bullied in my sophomore year of high school “
  757. >A: “was”
  759. >Be Buzzed Anon
  760. >just kicked the shit of some DudeBros
  761. >oh shit, she doesn’t look that happy
  762. >way to go buzz, you just ruined my chances
  763. >wait never mind, she digs it.
  764. >you think
  765. >you finish talking about sophomore year
  766. >Dark times
  767. >RD: “well if you’re done harassing locals, we should be getting back to Twilight”
  768. “Harassing, they were harassing you. I was just defending your honor”
  769. >quit white-knighting buzz
  770. >Buzz: never
  771. >RD: “well I’m flattered.” was that sarcasm? “Thank God we still have over an hour before Sunset gets here. With any luck you’d have sobered up enough or passed out by then.”
  772. “Firstly, I am not drunk. I am buzzed”
  773. >that’s the truth, you’re a sad drunk
  774. “Secondly, I agree. We should get back to Twilight.”
  775. >the two of you head back to the dock where you left Twilight, leaving the unconscious Aussies to their fates.
  776. >they’ll be fine. Worst that’d happen is some drunk wanders out there and mistakes them for a toilet
  777. >Anon: 1
  778. >Australia: 0
  779. >soon you notice that Rainbow is holding your arm to lead you
  780. >somehow you overcome the buzzed urge to hit on her
  781. >you eventually get back to Twilight
  782. >TS: “Jeeze, how much did he drink?”
  783. “Enough to still kick-“
  784. >RD: “oh he’ll be coming off it soon. Just needs to lie down for a while”
  785. >she just cut you off then forced you to lie down
  786. >this bench isn’t even comfortable
  787. >tyrant
  788. >overthrow dictatorship later. Sleep now.
  789. “Zzzzzzzz”
  791. >Be Rainbow
  792. >be getting real tired of buzzed anon
  793. >note to self, never be sober while he isn’t.
  794. >poor bastard still took a left hook
  795. >doesn’t look like it’ll bruise
  796. >you’re amazed (and just a little bit disappointed) that he hasn’t grabbed your ass yet
  797. >somehow you managed to get him back to twilight without him falling off a dock
  798. >he has just over an hour to sober
  799. >shit, he’s going to tell Twi about the fight
  800. >needs to lie down, nice cover Dash
  801. “So he’ll be fine. Just drank a little too much. Have you been waiting here the whole time?”
  802. >real smooth
  803. >TS: “well after coming back to my senses I did end up waiting here the entire time. it’s not actually that bad, occasional sailor smell notwithstanding.”
  804. “Tell me about it.”
  805. >TS: “I’m sorry what was that?”
  806. “Oh nothing, nothing at all”
  807. >nothing but awkward waiting silence, peppered with the occasional forced small talk till 9
  808. >waiting sucks
  809. >9:00
  810. >no boats docking
  811. >after another ten minutes Twi goes to check with the secretary
  812. >TS: “it looks like some bad weather north of here has slowed the ships pace”
  813. “Are you sure, after your last spot on translation?
  814. >TS: “well I’m sorry that only your boyfriend has studied languages and dialects in depth”
  815. “My whAt now?”
  816. >did your voice just crack?
  817. >TS: “Really Rainbow?”
  818. “What?! Look, I’ll have you know that I do not l-“
  819. >Twilight cuts you off
  820. >TS: “Dash! It’s obvious that you DO. Seriously the two of you should just kiss already.”
  821. >maximum blush
  822. “Twi. Please, I’m asking you as a friend. Let this one go. For once just drop the issue.”
  823. >TS: “if that’s really how you want to play it, then fine.”
  824. >more awkward silence soon followed
  826. >Be Anon
  827. >have a slight hangover
  828. >open your eyes
  829. >stars
  830. >so beautiful
  831. >but why are you sleeping outside
  832. >you remember a fight
  833. >shit
  834. >feeling your face you don’t notice any bad bruises or broken bones
  835. >nice, that means you won
  836. >check your phone
  837. >10:36
  838. >shit where is everyone
  839. >as you sit up, you notice Rainbow and Twilight yelling to a boat that’s docking
  840. >that must be her
  841. >She steps off the boat and immediately starts embracing her friends
  842. >damn
  843. >was everyone from their home town so hot
  844. >the world can only hope
  845. >yup, you still have a bit of that buzz
  846. >you decide to let the girls catch up
  847. >god they can talk a lot
  848. >alright time to intervene
  849. “Hey, you must be this Sunset Shimmer I’ve heard so much about. I’m Doctor Anonymous. You can call me Anon.”
  850. >SS: “Pleasure to meet you” she eagerly states, while offering he hand
  851. >you shake it, and notice that her skin is very warm to touch
  852. “Oh, hey, it’s getting pretty late, maybe we should all finish this conversation somewhere else”
  853. >TS: “Wow, he does have a point, it’s almost 11. How time flies. You said that’s all of the stuff you have with you, right? Can we finish this at our hotel room? It’s not that far.”
  854. >SS: “yeah, that sounds great” she says, shouldering a large duffel bag over her shoulder”
  855. >RD: ”oh just let Anon get that for you”
  856. >damn it Dash
  857. >SS: “you wouldn’t mind would you Anon?”
  858. >god that’s a cute smile
  859. “not at all”
  860. >you’ll pay for this Dash
  861. >you follow behind the three of them, not wanting to intrude on their conversation
  862. >how can they walk that slowly?
  863. >is it the more girls that are in one conversation, the slower the pack moves?
  864. >one of your old sociology buddies did his thesis on something like that
  865. >eventually you reach the hotel
  866. >they settle onto the couch, as you place Sunset’s bag next to the TV
  867. >midnight
  868. >you need coffee
  869. >leaving the girls to their talks, you filter into the kitchen for the sole purpose of caffeine
  871. >solitude
  872. >the kitchen is your new haven
  873. >they annexed your couch
  874. >no sleep until they leave
  875. >at least you have your sweet nectar
  876. >RD: “HEY ANON! Bring us coffee too.”
  877. >do you look like a fucking barista
  878. “SURE RAINBOW! What does everyone want?”
  879. >you remember years of being the only one in your dorm that could cook
  880. >at least these people might thank you for it
  881. >TS: “Black is fine” bland
  882. >SS: “Two sugars and one cream” boring
  883. >RD: “Surprise me” that’ll be fun
  884. >you get Twilight, and Sunset’s ready before wondering what to do with Dash’s
  885. >you could give her your personal favorite way
  886. >what can possibly go wrong?
  887. >three cream, one sugar, a dash of honey, and twice that in chocolate syrup (stir well)
  888. “Coffee’s coming.”
  889. >you enter the room and give them their respective cups.
  890. >TS+SS+RD: “thanks anon”
  891. >they had to have planned that synchronization
  892. >their giggling would seem to indicate that anyway
  893. >as you turn to exit, a voice stops you
  894. >SS: “You should stay Anon; we’re just finishing up and deciding what to do about rooms tonight”
  895. >you take a seat and listen in
  896. >TS: “So like I was saying, Anon slept on the couch last night”
  897. >like hell you did
  898. >you and Rainbow share a glance at each other
  899. >TS: “so you can sleep in my bed too. It’s king sized, so space won’t be an issue. Anyway it’ll be just like those sleepovers in high school.”
  900. >TS: “I’ll tell you more about what we need from you tomorrow, it’s getting late now.”
  901. >SS: “that sounds great; it should be nice seeping on solid ground again.”
  902. >as Twilight and Sunset rise to head into the master bedroom you can help but notice Sunset’s cleavage.
  903. >she must be very buoyant during scuba dives
  904. >Rainbow stays behind as the others close their room’s door
  905. >she beacons you over to join her on the couch
  906. >complying, you take up a place opposite her, the two of you facing each other while leaning on the arm rests
  907. >she indicates that her own coffee cup is empty, and sets it on that side’s table
  908. >crawling over to your side of the couch she ends up atop you
  909. >she then grabs your own coffee cup and takes the last drink
  910. >RD: “I figured that it would be the same blend.”
  911. >she leans in further and whispers into your ear
  912. >RD: “what is it?”
  913. >you sit up slightly before leaning in yourself to whisper into her ear
  914. “Family secret, I’ll never tell.”
  915. >RD: “even under threat of torture?”
  916. >did she just nibble your ear?
  917. “Sorry Rainbow, but then I would just have to take it to the grave”
  918. >she gets off of you, and then stands up while laughing
  919. >RD: “Sorry Anon, but it is getting late. I should head to bed”
  920. >she then proceeds to her bedroom
  921. >god you love watching that ass
  922. >the closing door then cuts off your view of it
  923. >damn she didn’t even say-
  924. >the door quickly opens again as Rainbow leans against the door frame
  925. >RD: “Oh, and goodnight Anon.”
  926. “Goodnight Rainbow”
  927. >and with that she closes the door.
  928. >you get up and unfold the couch’s pullout bed
  929. >well looks like tonight, you sleep alone.
  931. >Your eyes spring awake; an open field is before you. Looking skyward you notice a familiar set of stars.
  932. >The night sky from your childhood home.
  933. >A house stands behind you, it looks like your parent’s home but something seems off.
  934. >You can’t quite place exactly what’s wrong.
  935. >Looking back ahead, fireflies dance around the overgrown grass and dandelions in the field.
  936. >You walk to them.
  937. >But you can’t seem to reach them.
  938. >The grass is getting taller and you stop.
  939. >A glance behind you shows no home in sight.
  940. >Facing forward once more, the grass melts.
  941. >You are now standing in waist high snow that goes on as far as your eyes can see.
  942. >The cold is unbearable, but you continue onward.
  943. >You finally reach the fireflies.
  944. >As you reach out to touch one of them, it freezes in the air as soon as you make contact.
  945. >All of the bugs have frozen in midair.
  946. >Then one starts to fall.
  947. >Upon making contact with the ground, the creature shatters into dust.
  948. >That is replaced with flame.
  949. >You are thrown back by the tiny bombs going off all around you.
  950. >You cover your eyes with your hands, as you are forced to the ground.
  951. >Silence
  952. >You look to your surroundings: Fire and snow.
  953. >It’s cold, and you are alone.
  954. >Slowly fading away, you feel your breaths come to a halt.
  955. >It’s over. All of it is over.
  956. >But you feel something- a nudge.
  957. >And a voice soon follows.
  958. >?: “Anon. Wake up.”
  960. >SS: “Anon. Come on sleepy.”
  961. “Five more minutes.”
  962. >SS: “We already gave you two more hours.”
  963. >A pair of hands brings you to a sitting position, and they don’t leave until they know that you’ll stay there.
  964. “Alright I’m up, I’m up.”
  965. >Your eyes slowly open to find Sunset sitting next to you on the bed.
  966. >SS: “Twilight and Rainbow went out to deal with getting the car and checking out. Rainbow insisted that you needed some more sleep, but it’s almost time to go.”
  967. >A clock reads 8 am.
  968. >SS: “You go ahead to shower, I’ll get the couch back together. Are you ok? You seem a bit out of it.”
  969. “Yeah great, Just a… weird dream.”
  970. >You rise from the bed, and begin to head to the bathroom.
  971. “Oh and thanks for the bed and for not waking me earlier.”
  972. >SS: “It’s not a problem.” She replies while giving you the slightest of smiles.
  973. >You continue to the bathroom and close the door, preparing for your morning routine.
  974. >As you shower you try to remember more about the dream.
  975. >There was a house and lights of some kind.
  976. >You definitely remember being cold but everything else seems to be lost.
  977. >Oh well, it’s just a dream after all.
  978. >Leaving the shower, you decide on a full shave today. Nice and close.
  979. > All of the girls’ items have been packed away already, and it’s nice to have an uncluttered bathroom again.
  980. >Finished drying, you fasten a towel around your waist then head off to change.
  982. >Theoretically you’ll end up in Antarctica today, you’d better dress warm.
  983. >Black work boots, jeans, a white t-shirt, and a long sleeved grey polo.
  984. >Finished dressing, you start to packing your clothes away.
  985. >As you leave the bedroom you notice Sunset double checking that she has all of her own things.
  986. >Retrieving your various bathroom effects your mind is focusing on only one thing.
  987. >Breakfast.
  988. >You only find a pair of muffins in the kitchen so they’ll have to do.
  989. >Scarfing down your makeshift meal, you head to the couch. The others should be back soon.
  990. >SS: “So Anon, how did you end up getting involved with this?”
  991. “The short version is that Twilight needed an archeologist, and apparently I was on her list. You’d have to ask her as to why, honestly I don’t know why I was chosen.”
  992. >SS: “But why would we need an archeologist in Antarctica?”
  993. >She must not have gotten the ‘official’ briefing yet.
  994. >You think you remember Twilight mentioning that she would deal with that today.
  995. “I think Twilight would be better suited to explain that. Oh and brace yourself, a few hundred pages of non-disclosure agreements are in your immediate future.”
  996. >Seemingly on command you hear a fidgeting with the front door before Twilight and Rainbow enter.
  997. >TS: “Good, Anon is up. The car is waiting for us just outside, are you both ready to go? “
  998. >Straight to business it seems.
  999. >The four of you grab whatever things you had remaining and head out.
  1000. >You end up riding in the front with the driver, as the girls squeeze into the back seats.
  1001. >Sounds like Twilight is going through the signatures and her official debriefing.
  1002. >As Twilight’s speech fades into ambience, the cold feeling comes over you again.
  1003. >Shaking your head, you realize that the car has stopped.
  1004. >As a familiar jet stands on the runway in front of your view.
  1006. >Funnily enough, riding on a private jet is much less exiting after the first time.
  1007. >At least this flight won’t be quite as long as the first, you should be arriving within a few hours.
  1008. >The girls mostly keep to themselves, at first answering Sunset’s questions about the mission; soon it blends into more traditional friend talk.
  1009. >They must have had quite the clique back in the day.
  1010. >You’ve found a nice corner seat by the jet’s coffee machine, and remain undisturbed.
  1011. >Soon the pilot speaks over the intercom that the final approach is coming up.
  1012. >TS: “I’ll go get some coats, it should be quite cold.”
  1013. >You don’t say?
  1014. >Well this is the famed McMurdo. It looks a lot more dark and bleak then you’d think.
  1015. >As the jet comes to a stop, Twilight passes out coats.
  1016. >The stairs lower and you are hit with a blast of Antarctic air.
  1017. >Damn that’s cold.
  1018. >No shit.
  1019. >TS: “Alright, follow me. We’ll be going to get fully equipped for the weather.”
  1020. >Twilight leads, as Rainbow closely follows, Sunset behind her.
  1021. >as you are about to exit your path is blocked by Sunset, still standing on the last step.
  1022. “Is something wrong?”
  1023. >SS: “It’s just that I’m savoring the moment. Antarctica is the only continent I’ve never set foot on.”
  1024. >You hear Sunset sharply inhale and slowly exhale, before making her statement false.
  1025. “Not anymore.”
  1026. >Sunset giggles at the statement. You then follow her and the others into a building.
  1028. >Twilight had a full kit prepared for each of you.
  1029. >She seems to have color coordinated the various gear: hers is purple, Rainbow’s a light blue, and Sunset’s a dark orange.
  1030. >Yours however was a dark grey.
  1031. >A stitched name rests on almost every article of clothing.
  1032. >You finish getting into everything, and sling the backpack over your shoulders.
  1033. >Very snug.
  1034. >you grab your own bag with your left hand, and then leave the dressing room to meet with the others.
  1035. >TS: “Alright people, we’ve got to move fast if we can reach the forward base before dark. Its winter down here and a storm is coming. If we can’t get there soon, then we’ll be stuck here until it clears.”
  1036. >TS: “I won’t lie to you; this mission is going to take time. The best estimations I made puts us down there for three months. But, we’ve all prepared for that duration.”
  1037. >TS: “Rainbow, a Bell 407 helicopter is being fueled right now; you’ll be flying us in. Once we get there the four of us need to act quickly to move the supplies off of the helicopter and into the base. The rest of the team will worry about getting the helicopter secured.”
  1038. >TS: “Good luck to all of us, and Godspeed.”
  1039. >Decent speech.
  1040. “So, get to the chopper?”
  1041. >Dead silence.
  1042. >Uncultured shits.
  1043. >TS: “Well yes actually.”
  1044. >Twilight leads the way as you navigate around a few buildings to reach the helipad
  1045. >Rainbow grabs the pilot’s seat while Twilight enters the passenger’s side.
  1046. >Leaving you and Sunset crammed in the back with dozens of crates.
  1047. >You were going to actually try and talk to her, but neither of you could hear much over the engine and rotors.
  1048. >Rainbow really must be pushing the chopper.
  1049. >Eventually, you notice a pair of structures on the horizon.
  1050. >Base camp, and until further notice…
  1051. >Home.
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