Your little Dashie

Jan 23rd, 2014
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  1. >"S-so er.. well I accidentally ordered two of tickets and you're the least dweeb-y..."
  2. >Gilda smacked a curled talon into her own forehead in exasperation
  3. >"No, that isn't going to work. Ughhh...why is it so hard just to say it out loud?"
  4. >She flopped down on her bed, staring up at the high ceiling of her room
  5. >"It's not like [spoiler]she'd[/spoiler] ever want to go out with you anyway."
  6. >The melancholic griffon rolls over and picks up the picture of her and Rainbow Dash embracing from the nightstand
  7. >She knew what it said on the back, written by Rainbow Dash the day they had taken it on that old, polaroid camera
  8. >'To Gilda, you're a pretty cool griffon. We should hang out more, love RD'
  9. >The 'RD' was encircled by a heart, and there were even 'X's and 'O's
  10. >But then she had gone to school in Cloudsdale and had, it seemed to Gilda, forgotten about the griffon friend she had met so long ago
  11. >That was all going to change though
  12. >Gilda had worked her tailfeathers off for enough bits to move to the pegasi city and take schooling there
  13. >No ponies had been willing to host a griffon as an exchange student, so it had been up to her to get there on her own
  14. >Now, with enough money saved, she was well on her way
  15. >A peal of thunder reminded her why she hadn't already gone to Cloudsdale
  16. >For nearly a week, her home had been engulfed in a ferocious storm, though it was rather normal for the season
  17. >But the weather teams were working day and night to clear the skies, and tomorrow was the projected day to finally have blue skies again
  18. >Until then, all she could do was practice how she was going to ask Rainbow Dash out
  19. >With a quick flap from her wings, she scooted over to the full body mirror once more
  20. >"Hey, Dash. If you're tired of hanging out with all these dweebs, we could go have a good time. I got two tickets to that Horsefeathers concert. I know they're like, you're favourite band so I figured I'd bring you along instead of some other dweeb."
  21. >She gave her best grin to the mirror, then frowned and tried again
  22. >"So uh...those idiots at the box office gave me two tickets to the Horsefeathers concert. I was gonna scalp some dweeb for it, but I remembered you liked them so, do ya wanna go with me?"
  23. >Another frown, and another try
  24. >"Hey Dash, you like Horsefeathers? Well guess who just happened to get two tickets. Yeah, I'm pretty awesome, come on, let's get going."
  25. >Another attempt at a winning smile, promptly turned upside down and discarded
  26. >The griffon flopped down on her bed, unshed tears forming in her eyes
  27. >"Who am I kidding, she'd never want to go out with a griffon. She's probably got goo-goo eyes for some lame pony on the cloud kicker team or something."
  28. >With a heavy sigh, she grabbed the framed picture of her and Rainbow Dash and pulled it close to her chest plumage
  29. >"All I gotta do is be confident. That's it, just ask her and don't take no for an answer. Who could say no to me anyway?"
  30. >Her pep talk did little to restore her spirits and she sighed heavily and rolled over
  31. >Finally, she closed her eyes, but muttered under her breath before drifting off to sleep
  32. >"You're good to me, Dash. Just stay that way."
  33. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  34. >The sun shone brightly into the den of a young griffon who had fallen asleep clutching a picture of her best, and only, friend
  35. >The young creature's eyes opened and immediately squinted at the invading light
  36. >Then a smile dawned on her face
  37. >The sun shining must mean the sky was clear, and if the sky was clear
  38. >In a haphazard rush, Gilda grabbed her sack of money and a pre-packed bag of supplies
  39. >Almost as an afterthought, she tossed the picture of her and a blue coated, rainbow maned pegasus pony into the bag
  40. >With that, she took of with a start, flying west towards the pegasi capital, Cloudsdale
  41. >It was only a half a days travel to the skytropolis, which meant Gilda would be arriving just before Dash got out of school for the day
  42. >Gilda had, of course, dropped out of school, she just didn't see the point in an education, it wasn't like she planned to do anything that needed it anyway
  43. >After that, her parents had kicked her out, saying if she was done with school, she could go and support herself
  44. >It hadn't been the best parting, but it didn't matter anymore
  45. >She was on her way to see her best friend in the world
  46. >Maybe she could practice asking out Dash again while she flew
  47. >...
  48. >A headwind had slowed Gilda's flight by quite a while
  49. >The sun was far lower in the sky than she had anticipated, which meant Dash was probably home already
  50. >But the determine griffon went to her school anyway, a forlorn hope in her heart that Dash was on a team or something dweeby like that
  51. >Arriving at the entrance to the school, she took a deep breath and began walking towards the shadowed entry
  52. >But to her utter suprise, and certainly not displeasure, Rainbow Dash came trotting out of the institute wearing a smug grin on her face
  53. >The griffon immediately dashed over to her friend and tackled her in a hug
  54. >"Hey loser, it's been a long time since I've seen you!"
  55. >Realizing that it wasn't just some random weirdo attacking her, Rainbow Dash hugged back
  56. >"Gilda! Oh my gosh it's been too long! What brings you to Cloudsdale?"
  57. >Gilda pulled away from the grinning pegasus and started digging around in her back with a free claw
  58. >"Well, those dweebs at the box office gave me two tickets instead of one, I dunno why. You don't like Horsefeathers do ya?"
  59. >The griffon smiled, knowing the answer already but simply teasing her friend as she was wont to do
  60. >Rainbow Dash's jaw dropped open and she squealed in excitement
  61. >"That's only like, my favourite band ever! How'd you get tickets? They were sold out months ago!"
  62. >Gilda punched Dash in the arm playfully
  63. >"Hey, you know me, Dash. I'm not some lame-o that has to bother with that kinda stuff. So do ya wanna go? Cuz otherwise I'm just gonna scalp some poor dweeb at the door."
  64. >Rainbow Dash's grin faded to a grimace and she looked down at the stairs she was sitting on
  65. >"Hey, what's wrong? C'mon, these are front row freakin' tickets! We can see how many dweebs we can knock out in the mosh pit!"
  66. >The pegasi rubbed her forelimb nervously
  67. >"It's just...I'm already going to it. Orion, the guy who heads up the competitive flyers team got backstage passes and asked me to come along. I just couldn't say no!"
  68. >Her words hit Gilda like a pallet of bricks, the griffon felt physically ill
  69. >"B-but, I always 'n' me..."
  70. >Rainbow Dash refused to meet her friends tearful gaze
  71. >"I'm sorry, Gilda. We can still hang out if you're in town for a while..."
  72. >The griffon shoved Dash over, tears burning lines down her cheeks
  73. >"You dweeb! I go all out for you, and this is how it goes down? I saved up for months, MONTHS, to afford these tickets, and all you can say is sorry?!"
  74. >Rainbow Dash laid on the steps, too shocked to move away from her enraged friend
  75. >"You know what, forget it! You can take those backstage passes and shove 'em up your boyfriends tail-end! And here, you may as well have these too!"
  76. >With that, she threw down the two tickets, followed shortly by the picture of her and Dash embracing
  77. >And then she was gone in a flurry of feathers and tears
  78. >Rainbow Dash slowly moved and picked up the picture of her and the griffon
  79. >She read the back and couldn't hold back the onslaught of tears it brought forth
  80. >And the pegasus couldn't help but think, as she laid there clutching the broken-framed picture and crying, she'd lost the only friend she could have ever counted on
  81. ----------------------------------------------------------------------
  82. >Through the skies of the pegasus city, a distraught griffon blindly flew
  83. >She didn't care about what the other ponies that saw her thought, none of it mattered anyway
  84. >Hot tears soaked her feathers and burned her eyes, making her flight path erratic, as though she were drunk
  85. >Finally she stopped
  86. >She had reached the edge of the skytropolis, where there were no other beings around
  87. >That suited her just fine, she wanted to be alone anyway
  88. >She stared at the West horizon, at the sun turning the horizon to the colour of blood
  89. >There was one being who knew what it was like to be alone at least
  90. >Gilda knew Celestia had banished her own sister, and had spent the last nine or so centuries raising and lowering both the sun and the moon
  91. >Well, maybe she wasn't entirely alone then, she at least had those momentus things to look after her
  92. >Plus all the guards
  93. >Maybe she wasn't a being that understood true lonliness after all
  94. >The cloud Gilda rested on absorbed the tears that fell from her face
  95. >The long day was finally catching up with her, and she let out a long yawn
  96. >Emotional distress or no, she knew she'd have to sleep
  97. >So the traveller to the foreign land closed her eyes, but even there, all she could see was a laughing blue pegasi that she had known once
  98. >A pony that was willing to take her as she was, and not try to change her disturbing, at least to ponies, habits
  99. >"Rainbow Dash, why can't I just forget you."
  100. >And with that utterance, she fell into the cold arms of sleep, resting on her bed of dark clouds, and hoping for a better tomorrow
  101. ----------------------------------------------------------
  102. >Gilda woke up to the rain pattering on her wings and a clap of thunder
  103. >As she curled around herself, she felt and obstruction at her midsection preventing her from balling up
  104. >Whatever it was, it was warm, soft, and slowly expanding and contracting
  105. >She twisted her neck, and to her surprise saw Rainbow Dash curled in a little ball underneath her wings
  106. >Gilda was confused first, then touched
  107. >Dash must have combed the entire city to find her, that or just asked around about a griffon flying through a pony city
  108. >Either way, she had actually made an effort and succeeded at it no less
  109. >And what's more, she had done it for her friend, Gilda, inspite of the way that the griffon had spoken and acted earlier
  110. >Maybe the young griffon wasn't so lonely as she thought
  111. >She extended her wings and covered the ball of blue fur and feathers, then curled in a tight ball around her only friend
  112. >And despite the rain, she fell into a fitful sleep, not cold now, but warm, as though laying beside a fire
  113. ------------------------------------------------------------------
  114. >When the day finally broke over the cloud city, Gilda woke with the sun
  115. >And then sneezed violently
  116. >Beside her, Dash was startled awake, flying straight up into the sky, while Gilda fell, her inner ear messed up from the sinus clogging
  117. >Dash quickly shook off her surprise and streaked down toward her stricken friend like a comet
  118. >Gilda tumbled head over tail, her wings flapping, desperate to catch the air and right herself before she became a smear on the ground
  119. >But the way she was tumbling combined with the maddened, almost unconscious flapping of her wings, made it impossible to correct her earthward descent
  120. >Rainbow Dash caught up with her friend and screamed at her over the wind
  121. >"Stop flapping, just let yourself fall! You've got plenty of room left before you hit the ground, just trust me!"
  122. >Gilda looked at Dash through her somersaulting, took a deep breath, and stopped flapping her wings with a conscious effort
  123. >After a few seconds, the tumbling slowed then stopped, now she was falling back first towards the ground
  124. >Even with her sense of balance shot, she could recover from this
  125. >She partially extended one wing to roll herself over, then snapped them both open when she was facing the ground
  126. >And with her recovery complete, she swooped away, back into the sky
  127. >And Rainbow Dash was right behind her, making sure no more mishaps happened
  128. >Soon enough, they landed on a nearby cloud to take a breather
  129. >Gilda embraced Rainbow Dash and squeezed her with much more force than needed
  130. >"Oh my gods, thank you Dash. I'd have died if it wasn't for you."
  131. >Dash nuzzled the shaken griffon back, squeezing her with a similar amount of force
  132. >"What happened back there, Gilda? Usually you're almost as good a flyer as I am!"
  133. >Gilda chuckled and released the pegasus from the embrace
  134. >"What do you mean almost, Dash? I'm a way better flyer than you!"
  135. >Rainbow Dash struck the haughty griffon's chest with her hoof
  136. >"I'm serious! You could have died, what happened?"
  137. >Gilda looked uncomfortable with how much weight Dash put on the situation
  138. >"I-I don't know. I just could get my balance back. And I--"
  139. >She was cut off by a violent sneeze, followed by sniffling
  140. >"Heh, well I guess I know what's wrong with me now."
  141. >Rainbow Dash looked shocked for a mment, then rolled over on her back and started laughing
  142. >"Y-you couldn't fly because you got a cold? That's priceless!"
  143. >The a massive sneeze propelled her through the clouds she was laying on
  144. >Gilda immediately took off after her friend, but didn't have to go too far
  145. >The blue pegasus pony was stuck in a dark cloud that was evidently thicker than other ones
  146. >Now it was Gilda's turn to laugh at her friend
  147. >Midway through Dash's antics, Gilda got the hiccups
  148. >Her hiccups were an odd thing, halfway between a gulp and a cheep
  149. >Finally, two large pegasi, weather workers by the looks of them, came over and yanked her out
  150. >One of them, a grey coated pegasus with a two by four as a cutie mark scolded them
  151. >"You two kids had better get home. We've got a doozy of a storm to kick up and you don't wanna be anywhere near it."
  152. >The friends looked at each other with a gleam in their eyes
  153. >Dash was the first one to speak up
  154. >"My place?"
  155. >Gilda grinned back at the blue pegasus
  156. >"I'll race ya!"
  157. >And with that, they took off like twin lightening bolts
  158. -----------------------------------------------------------------
  159. >The two arrived at the door to Rainbow Dash's house at a dead heat, and they were both breathing heavily
  160. >The sky had darkened since they departed the outskirts of the city, and rain had just started to fall
  161. >The two had raced through the city in the sky, thrown about by their lack of balance and random sneezing
  162. >But they had finally made it
  163. >As they burst through the door into her home, Dash shouted at the top of her lungs
  164. >"Mom, Dad! I'm home!"
  165. >No replies came
  166. >The rainbow maned pegasus shrugged, it wasn't unusual for her parents to come home later, after all
  167. >So the two tromped to the bathroom and towelled themselves off
  168. >Then it was downstairs to the fireplace, which Dash set alight, and they cuddled under a blanket in front of it
  169. >Gilda finally had enough of just sitting there and spoke up
  170. >"So I've never seen your place before. It's pretty flashy."
  171. >Rainbow Dash giggled
  172. >"Yeah, my mom and dad made it themselves. Apparently they wanted it to look like the palaces that the generals had back in the old days. I think it's way too flashy though."
  173. >Gilda snickered at what she figured as an understatement
  174. >"Yeah, with that giant rainbow fountain that comes outta the roof and flows off the cloud? That's just too much!"
  175. >The two laughed again, then fell silent with Gilda looking into the fireplace
  176. >"Hey Dash...I'm sorry about yesterday. I overreacted big time, and I was a total dweeb. Think you could forgive me?"
  177. >Rainbow Dash was stunned at what the griffon was saying
  178. >In all the time she had know Gilda, the aggressive creature had never once apologized for anything
  179. >That made it all the more serious for what the pegasus did next
  180. >"Hey, Gilda, it's okay. In fact, I've got something for ya."
  181. >With that, she galloped up the stairs to her room to get whatever it was she had in store for Gilda
  182. ------------------------------------------------------
  183. >When Dash came back down the stairs after a time rummaging through the mess in her room, there was someone downstairs besides Gilda
  184. >The blue pegasus bounded down the stairs happily
  185. >Now she could explain why Gilda needed a place to stay and beg them to let her stay
  186. >She knew they'd say yes, who could refuse a face like hers?
  187. >"Hey mom! Gilda needs to stay here for a little while. Is that oka--"
  188. >She came into sight of the entryway and her voice stuck in her throat
  189. >At the door stood Cloudshine, one of he neighbours, next to a tearful Gilda and...
  190. >And a police officer
  191. >"H-hey...where's my mom and dad?"
  192. >The officer looked down at his hooves, removing his patrol cap
  193. >Cloudshine stared at her, eyes welling with tears, and Gilda
  194. >Gilda was sobbing
  195. >And that was what sent the poor filly over the edge, and she started screaming
  196. >"Where's my mom and dad?! What happened to them?! Why aren't they here?!"
  197. >Gilda flew up to her and took her under her wing, pulling the distraught filly close
  198. >Rainbow Dash struggled against the embrace, but Gilda was far stronger from hunting for food most of her life
  199. >And then Cloudshine spoke into the silence that had only been broken by a filly sobbing uncontrolably
  200. >"Your mom and dad were on their way home when the storm reached its peak. They had been working late and were both very tired. Then a crosswind picked them up and...and."
  201. >The police officer finished the sentence that the brokenhearted neighbor could not
  202. >"They were blown into a cumulonimbus and struck by several lightening bolts. They died instantly. I'm so sorry."
  203. >Rainbow Dash kept crying into Gilda's soft feathers, the only sound in the silence besides the clap of distant thunder and the pattering of rain
  204. >Gilda was the next one to break the silence
  205. >"Hey you two, thanks for all that crud, but could ya get outta here? Dash need to recover."
  206. >The griffon was barely holding back her tears as she spoke
  207. >The officer spoke up against her, however
  208. >"Look, kid, I can't do that. It's against proto--"
  209. >He was cut off as Gilda flared her wings and screeched at him
  210. >"Get outta here before I send you both to Tartarus! You think that Dash needs this crud right now from the ponies that just told her that she's an orphan? Get out!"
  211. >Both the ponies were taken aback by the sudden outburst of aggression, but left the two alone and quietly exited the house
  212. >Gilda tried to take Rainbow Dash's mind off the news she had just got
  213. >"Hey, Dash, what was that thing you wanted to get for me? C'mon, you know I ain't patient!"
  214. >She gave a weak smile to her devastated friend who looked back then pushed a small, boxlike object over to the griffon
  215. >It was wrapped and everything, Gilda wondered when she had the time to do this
  216. >Then again, Dash had been upstairs for a good ten minutes
  217. >No matter, Gilda carefully opened the present, ensuring her sharp claws wouldn't damage the contents
  218. >And to her everlasting surprise, she found something she didn't expect to see again
  219. >The picture of her and Dash hugging, framed in a frame with stylized hearts and such around it
  220. >The pairs faces were encircled with a heart drawn in crayon and the initials "GG + RD" crawled inside it
  221. >She turned it over, and the words on the back made her burst into tears and hold Dash even tighter
  222. >The words that had been there before were scribbled out, and new text was placed below them
  223. >'To Gilda, I'm sorry about the concert thing. I turned down the guy after I saw you. If you still want to go see Horsefeathers with me, you'd be awesome. Please, just don't leave me alone. Love, your little Dashie'
  224. >And folded under the frame, just peeking into visibility, were the tickets to the concert
  225. >Gilda put the picture down and hugged Dash with her forelegs and wings
  226. >And the pair stayed like that for hours
  227. >The sun finally broke in the Eastern sky
  228. >But two unlikely friends had already broken under the eyes of lightening and the voices of thunder
  229. >Neither had slept at all that night, and neither were likely to sleep very well in the forseeable future
  230. >But it didn't matter, they still had each other
  231. >Finally, the blue one spoke in a cracking, quavering voice that had been torn by sobs for hours
  232. >"Gilda...what am I gonna do? I don't have any other family, and I don't wanna have some other pony trying to be my mom. They're gonna take me away and make me go to another family..."
  233. >Gilda's eyes widened and her hackles rose at the statement
  234. >"No way is anybody, pony or otherwise, doing that to you, Dash. They'll have to go over my dead body to get to you. And they don't have the guts to do that."
  235. >She looked into the pegasus' bloodshot eyes, knowing hers looked little different
  236. >"We'll find a way to get through this crud, Dash. You and me against Equestria, right? Just like it was always meant to be."
  237. >The griffon reached out a talon towards Rainbow Dash, and she stared at the limb, not entirely understanding what it meant at first
  238. >But when she finally got it, she pressed her hoof into Gilda's talon and pulled herself up
  239. >And so, under the dawn of a day that chased away the spectres of a horrific night, two friends held each other
  240. >And they both knew in their heart, neither would ever let go
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