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  1. <size=30><color=green><b>Welcome to my server!</b></color></size=40>
  5. <b><size=15>1. No toxic behaviors. Such as using racial slurs(like the n word), sexual harassment, and bullying a player.
  6. 2. No dropping a load of ammunition just for no reason. This will cause the server to experience lag.
  7. 3. Mic spamming is fine but if it gets super annoying then you will be kicked or have a soft ban (1 day ban).
  8. 4. NO hacking/modding of the server, if you are caught you will be banned from the server.
  9. 5. Teaming is fine.
  10. 6. Closing doors on people is okay, BUT if you are caught by an <color=red>admin</color> or <color=blue>moderator</color> they are allowed to kick you.
  11. 7. Reporting a player. If you find someone breaking the rules or hacking please report it to a <color=red>@SCP server Admin</color> or <color=blue>@SCP server Moderator</color> in the text channel called reporting  players.
  12. 8. Do not abuse any SCP server high ranked peoples.
  13. 9. If you have anything interesting to say then say it in the text channel called scp server Suggestions.
  14. 10. Do not @ mention or dm any high ranked scp server peoples with anything that isn't relevant. High ranked scp server people will have the ability or kick or ban you from the discord server and or the SCP server.</size=15></b>
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