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Kris Ligman & Christine Love

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  1. Subject: Kris Ligman & Christine Love.
  2. Sources: Gamasutra, Patreon.
  3. Date Compiled: July 27th, 2015.
  4. Credits: Original Investigation.
  5. ~boogiepoprobin
  6.                                                 **************************************
  8. Summary:
  9. Evidence of a friendship from interactions by Christine Love, including a $100 donation to Ligman's gofundme for GDC. Furthermore Love began donating to Critical Distance's patreon before the last article. Distance issues and financial conflicts of interest are present throughout coverage of Love by Ligman. (Ligman's twitter is private and so her side of the tweets can not be seen. Love's interactions need to be used)
  11. 01.23.12: @KrisLigman ...Patricia just came over and shoved me and won't explain why! Is this YOUR fault?! http://archive.is/K0m3V
  12. 04.09.12: @KrisLigman Unrelated: I did think of you a lot this weekend! Not in a weird way, in a "HOLY FUCK I WANT TO SMASH CAPITALISM" sort of way. http://archive.is/I8tHB
  13. 04.23.12: @KrisLigman <3 WELCOME BACK KRIS WE LOVE YOU <3 http://archive.is/SEUBt
  14. 06.18.12: @KrisLigman Kris, if you have to ask, we are no longer friends. http://archive.is/hZvWt
  15. 10.03.12: @KrisLigman Do you actually want to right now? We just checked into the hotel and could DEFINITELY go for food. http://archive.is/BcC0W
  16. 01.17.13: @KrisLigman WAY TO KEEP UP KRIS YOU ARE THE WORST FRIEND EVER T_T http://archive.is/36qf0
  17. 03.19.13: @KrisLigman @mcgreenesd @simoncarless I just want to say, Kris, for the record, you DEFINITELY meet expectations~ http://archive.is/kHmtX
  19. 08.03.13: @KrisLigman It's okay, I'm leaving tomorrow night too! B-but um, we should sometime? (Also, you wanted to talk, didn't you?) http://archive.is/C60FT
  20. 10.02.13: @KrisLigman HEY KRIS when are you coming to IndieCade, it's important for outfit selecting purposes http://archive.is/pGTkv
  21. 02.12.14: @krisligman @cousindangereux @samusclone @brockwilbur IS IT THE SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM WHERE YOU'RE NOT GIVING ME ENOUGH ATTENTION T_T http://archive.is/DGHlv
  22. 02.26.14: @krisligman Ugh, you should come to Toronto, then! I'm freezing, I need some of those naturally insulated hugs T_T http://archive.is/UOuoA
  24. 01.05.13: Christine Love donated $100 to send Kris Ligman to GDC through GoFundMe. https://archive.is/GUFSA https://archive.is/BTnyW
  25. Christine Love had been supporting Critical Distance from 03.06.14 (https://archive.is/7RzCC) to at least 07.03.14
  27. Articles with Potential Conflicts of Interest:
  28. 07.23.13: Overseas localization can be worthwhile - even for a small indie game (Gamasutra) https://archive.is/DFhqg
  29. 09.23.13: This Week in Video Game Criticism: From A Machine for Pigs to MGS5 (Gamasutra) https://archive.is/wMXgW
  30. 12.17.13: Gamasutra's Best of 2013: Kris Ligman's Top 5 Video Games (Gamasutra) https://archive.is/i0ACT
  31. 05.19.14: This Week in Video Game Criticism: From Geiger counters to H.R. Giger (Gamasutra) https://archive.is/5tVl0
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