Normal Norman - Trixie's bet. (unf)

Jun 2nd, 2013
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  1. >Being Norman
  2. >getting real sick and tired of bullshit at school
  3. >rarely get free time for Xbox
  4. >One day, Purple starts yelling about needing to try out some magic stuff on her own.
  5. >I've honestly stopped caring now, so I let her go.
  6. >realize I've finally got time for gaming after-school
  7. >get home and boot up the system.
  8. >start playing _COD.
  9. >put on headset and begin to play
  10. >Go through the sessions, leading teams with warlike tactics and helping out any new players
  11. >Actually start feeling good about the situation on school.
  12. >"Wait a minute, is that the racist?"
  13. >ohshit.jpg
  15. >"Holy shit! that is!"
  16. >Oh man, this can NOT be happening. Not here.
  17. >A second voice, "Seriously? Man, I can't wait to tell everyone that the racist plays COD."
  18. >"You realize we're playing too right?"
  19. >I recognized the voices as being some of the nerds at school
  20. >the first voice belonged to some guy with teal skin who always wore some stupid magic hat
  21. >the next one was some pale kid with green hair, not exactly the smartest bunch
  22. >I'll never get this town
  23. >I try to make peace- "Look dudes, I'm just trying to play the game".
  24. >Suddenly a third voice began talking, and I recognized her immediately.
  26. >"What are you two idiots blabbering about, I, the great and multitalented Trixie ,requires your assistance!"
  27. >Great, not only did I run into 3 people from school, but one of em's the lightblue girl, i just hope she doesn't remember me.
  28. >"Oy, Trixie, the racist kid from school is playing"
  29. >"WHAT!" she yells, almost breaking my eardrums.
  30. >she remembers me.
  31. >"Heeeeeeey, Lightblue how do ya do?," I try saying to change the subject "Didn't realize you were into games"
  32. >"G-g-games, you say?" She said defensively "W-w-why you mustn't think this is a normal occurrence, I am just... helping these two idiots play their silly game,"
  33. >I checked her profile
  34. >She had every achievement in 20+ games.
  35. >I'd actually be impressed if she wasn't such a witch.
  36. >"A-anyway, why should I defend myself anyway, you're just a nobody compared to me"
  38. >considering all the shit I've been through, it's nice having a bit of leverage on someone.
  39. >"So," I begin, " I guess you wouldn't mind if I told the whole school about how 'The Magnificent Trixie" is a girl gamer who spends her nights with nerds,"
  40. >I think I actually heard a gasp.
  41. >"Show's what you know," says the teal guy
  42. > "Yeah,Trixie loves playing with us, isn't that right?'
  43. >These poor fools.
  44. >"Quiet! I will not have my reputation be tainted by this- this, insolent racist,"
  45. >by now just about everyone from the game has left, guess they didn't care about some random high school drama.
  46. >"Alright, I'm not new to this game, what is it you want for your silence?"
  47. >This gets me for a while. What IS it I want? It's not like she's can stop a whole semester of teasing.
  48. >Then I get the perfect Idea.
  49. >"How about... you have to go a full week of school, wearing an outfit of my choosing."
  50. >the pale kid butts in, "A racist, and a pervert! How dare you talk that way to-" "Silence, you!" she interrupts.
  51. >"...and if I agree?" she says.
  52. >"Then this game never happened."
  53. >It was a gamble in itself, really. If she backs out than I can add another name to my long list of insults.
  54. >"Of course" I add, "Pale Kid and Teal can't talk about this with anyone."
  55. >"Grrrr" she growls, "Fine, I accept your silly proposal."
  56. >"Great, we can discuss the details at my house. Oh and one more thing"
  57. >I go back to the game just in time to shoot a well timed headshot, before the end of the session.
  58. >"Good game"
  60. >I had found out that Lightblue lived at the far end of town.
  61. >This gave me time to ask Aryan Beauty to help me out.
  62. >I felt horrible about bringing her into this, but I needed the perfect outfit to treat Lightblue a proper lesson.
  63. >Luckily, I was able to get to her home before my watch hit 7:00.
  64. >"Aryan Beau- I mean- Rarity, I need your help!" I shout as I bang the door.
  65. >I heard footsteps walk up to the door and some mumbling about rocks
  66. >"- I still can't believe it was worth nothing." "wait, Norman, what are you doing here?"
  67. >"Listen Rarity, I need a dress,"
  68. >She looks me up and down, "Norman, I try not to believe the things I hear about you but this is pretty surprising."
  69. >I need to learn how to say things in way that doesn't ruin me.
  70. >"What? Oh, no,dear god, no" "It's for a girl"
  71. >The look that came next nearly broke my heart.
  72. >"Oh, I... I didn't realize you were in that kind of relationship with someone.
  73. >I REALLY need to learn how to say things in way that doesn't ruin me.
  74. >"JUST A FRIEND" I add quickly, "It's just for a friend."
  75. >That seemed to ease her, but not fully, "Oh, well then, what kind of dress would you need? Of course, this... friend, would need to come her so I can take her measures.
  76. >There goes leaving her out of this as much as I can.
  77. >"Well, I was hoping you could make this kind of dress for her."
  78. >I pull out a picture to show her what I mean [pic related]
  79. >"A maid costume?" she says with a look, "What kind of friend did you say this was?"
  80. >"She's a big fan of maids." I say, hoping she's cool with it.
  81. >"Anyway, I can get her here in an hour or so, is that all right with you?"
  82. >She sighs, "Fine, but only because your a friend I know I can trust, this kind of job would take a lot of materials"
  83. >I say thanks and, after some more chatting with the Aryan Beauty, I head back home to meet up with my 'friend'
  85. >I get back home just in time to discover Lightblue got to my house sooner than I expected.
  86. >Apparently she's been yakking it up with my parents talking about all these awards she's won, and how she's the pride of her rich family.
  87. >at least I know how she got so popular.
  88. >I walk into the living room as I see she's the only one sitting down.
  89. >Dad sends a wink at me saying "This one's a keeper", while Mom just sat there listening to Lightblue ramble on.
  90. >The second she saw me, L.B frowned and excused herself to talk to me.
  91. >"Well," she starts, "Shall we 'study' in your room".
  92. >"Don't worry son, we won't disturb you or the pretty lady's 'studying',"
  93. >I almost yakked.
  94. >"Actually, Ligh- Trixie, I was thinking we could head to one of my friends house for... studying"
  95. >I'm not sure what lie she told to my parents on her coming here, so I guess I'll just roll with it.
  96. >"B-but that wasn't in the, oh alright, let's just hurry this up".
  97. >we walked out the door just in time for L.B to miss Mom jabbing Dad with her elbow.
  99. >as we walked to Rarity's home, there was something that puzzled me.
  100. >"You aren't exactly the nicest person in school, so why were you acting to polite in front of my parents?"
  101. >she humphed, as she walked with her nose in the air.
  102. >"Some of us, know how to treat those in equal or higher standing,it's not my fault that those at school just don't compare to my magnificence.
  103. >Typical, even when she's being nice, she's just as annoying.
  104. > "Now how long is it until we're at your friend's house, I'm not used to this kind of walking."
  105. >"We're practically there, relax."
  106. >When we arrived at Rarity's home, I was still thinking about how this was going to go down.
  107. >"HER? She's your... friend?" she said with a look of disbelief.
  109. >Uh oh, gotta think fast
  110. >"I'm sorry I told her about your MAID FETISH, but this was the only place I could get a proper outfit"
  111. >"MY WHAT!" she says as she stifles a scream.
  112. >I can tell this won't end well
  113. >"Me and Rarity already talked it over, and she just needs your measurements for the dress."
  114. >"Right, yes... my maid fetish, I sure do love wearing maid outfits" I can hear her teeth grind.
  115. >then Rarity budded in
  116. >"Alright, alright, enough chitchat, I've go measurements to make, Norman you can go home, don't want to give poor Trixie here anymore embarrassment."
  117. >I left thinking about how all of this is going to go down on Monday,
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