[RGRE] [Oneshot] [Lewd] B&thro Luna

Apr 17th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. >You are Anon
  2. >Evening Anniversary in Equestria
  3. >If someone four years ago had told you that you would not only be living in a magical land of technicolor equines, but married to the most beautiful of them all, whom was also a princess, and who may or may not be a literal goddes, you would have called them a faggot after laughing your ass off.
  4. >He was the one laughing at your bachelor party, along with all of your other friends both pony and human once the story was told. He's a jackass, but he's your jackass friend. You still hang out with him every now and then to heckle the nobles.
  5. >Presently you were being woken up by your blanket moving on top of you.
  6. >Wait, you don't use blankets. Then what wa-
  7. >A nuzzle on top of your head interrupts your thoughts.
  8. >"Good evening, love."
  9. >Ah yes, your wife, Princess Luna of the Night. Provider of wing blankets and hugs, the queen of /comfy/, and reigning cuddle bug champ three years running. Eat your heart out Chrysalis.
  10. >You turn your head and welcome her affection with some of your own, letting her capture your lips in a loving kiss.
  11. "Good evening to you too, moonshine."
  12. >You two continue exchanging kisses, with Luna becoming more aggressive as sleep is lifted from your minds. Though she easily overpowers your tongue with her own you fight for every centimeter of space.
  13. >...Ok that's a lie, but you'll be damned if you admit it out loud.
  14. >That's the other thing about her, she's the matron of lewd as well. You suppose anyone would be thirsty after one thousand years of forced celibacy, made all the worse by her never punching her V-card until she married you. Even now she always seems to be trying to make up for lost time, something you've had to rein in every now and then.
  15. >thespiritiswilling.brannigan
  16. >When Luna finally withdraws for breath you take the opportunity to roll over so you two are chest to chest. You bring one hand up to caress her cheek and lean your foreheads together, gazing into each other's eyes.
  17. "My, /someone's/ eager tonight."
  18. >Luna rubs your nose with her snoot before answering.
  19. >"Do you really expect me to not be eager to share my bed with such a handsome husband?"
  20. >You pause for a moment, pretending to think about it.
  21. "Well now that you mention it..."
  22. >Before you can continue Luna steals another kiss from you.
  23. >"Happy anniversary, Anon."
  24. >You can't help but let out a small laugh. Silly moonhoers.
  25. "Happy anniversary, Luna. I love you."
  26. >"I love you too, Anon."
  27. >Withdrawing her wing and cruelly exposing you to the temperate, magically heated air Luna rolls onto her hooves and begins making her way toward the restroom you share.
  28. >"Now be a good colt and wait for your mare to give you her present."
  29. >To accentuate her statement she flags her tail and puts a sway in her step. You can't quite see her sweet horse pussy with her tail in the way, but you catch enough of a glimpse before she gets through the door that Anon Jr is standing at attention in short order.
  30. >Soon enough the bathroom door closes and leaves you to your thoughts. Man, what a life.
  31. >Your thoughts of marevag are interrupted by a blue flash from underneath the bathroom door followed by a muffled yelp and thud.
  32. >In an instant you're on your feet and heading for the closed door.
  33. "Luna, honey, are you all right?"
  34. >"I-I'm alright, just slipped on a- *gasp*"
  35. >Ok that tears it.
  36. "Luna, I'm coming in."
  37. >"No don't!"
  38. >The door is encompassed by her blueish magical aura, but to your immense concern you're still able to open it.
  39. "Luna, do I need to get the first ai-"
  40. >You cut yourself off when you see your wife kneeling on the floor, only it's not the horsewife you saw mere minutes ago.
  41. >Instead of a /fit/ alicorn princess you find yourself looking at what appears to be a blue humanoid. Shapely legs end in hooves, a proud pair of wings are spread awkwardly around her , and a blue arm is held up obscuring her face, though her still ethereal hair would have done the job on its own. The biggest indicator that the being before you is indeed Luna is her cutie mark residing on her flank, though the horn, wings, mane, and tail were also convincing.
  42. >As you move to assist Luna speaks.
  43. >"A-anon, please don't come closer. We don't want you to see what we've become."
  44. >The royal 'we'. SHTF.gif
  45. >You completely ignore her wish as a sob breaks from the mare... woman? in front of you.
  46. >You kneel down beside and careful to avoid her wings pull Luna into a hug, gently rocking back her in forth as she gets her emotions out of her system.
  47. >She still won't let you see her face, holding it in her hands as she cries. That's ok, you're patient. You can wait.
  48. >Eventually her crying stops and she leans further into your hug, still shielding her face.
  49. "Feeling better?"
  50. >A nod.
  51. "Wanna tell me what you were trying to do?"
  52. >A moment passes before luna takes a deep breath.
  53. >"We *hic* we wanted to surprise you."
  54. >When no more information was forthcoming you pressed on.
  55. "Surprise me?"
  56. >"We thought thou might like the comfort of thine own species, so we tried to invent a spell."
  57. "Comfort of my own... Luna, did you try to turn yourself into a human woman?"
  58. >Another nod.
  59. >"We made a mistake, for we look like an abomination."
  60. "Luna you are not-"
  61. >It's then that Luna finally looks at you, granting you a full view of her face. It's her face all right; she has the same cute nose, the same azure eyes, but it's slightly flatter than it would be were she still a pony.
  62. >Oh. You know exactly what she turned herself into by accident. It was always a guilty pleasure back in your youth.
  63. "Luna you are not an abomination. You could never be that. Not to me."
  64. >"But we-"
  65. >You surprise Luna into silence with a quick kiss of your own.
  66. "None of that. You never need to change for me, because I love you for you, Luna, and that will never change."
  67. >Tears well in Luna's eyes before she throws her arms around your neck, relief clear in her breathing.
  68. >As she hugs you you become acutely aware of a pressing matter. Or rather, two pressing matters.
  69. >Glancing down you see the extent of her transformation.
  70. >Luna was always more endowed than the average mare, but the breasts she sported now were patently absurd, each half again larger than her head.
  71. >Anon Jr certainly appreciates the view.
  72. >Returning your gaze forward you bring Luna out of her hug, deliberately keeping yourself from glancing down.
  73. "Luna, honey, do we need to go to the infirmary? How long do-"
  74. >"NO!"
  75. >You're a little shocked at the outburst, and Luna looks a little sheepish at that.
  76. >"No, nopony can see us like this."
  77. >You think for a moment, then shrug.
  78. "Good thing you took today off."
  79. >Luna looks a little insulted at that.
  80. >"Of course I would take our anniversary off. What sort of mare would I be otherwise?"
  81. >That gets a smile out of you. There's the mare you fell in love with.
  82. >Ignoring her question you continue.
  83. "So are you going to be ok? You're not hurt are you?"
  84. >Looking over her shoulder at her wings Luna tries to bring her wings back into order, with "tries to" being the operative words.
  85. >"No we're not hurt, and we'll be fine come the morning. We were not so foalish to not include a sunset clause in an experimental spell."
  86. >Giving up on her wings with a huff of frustration Luna tries to stand, only to immedately fall to one knee before she can take a single step.
  87. >"Though we are grateful to have your help until it wears off."
  88. >You give her a reassuring smile before you loop one of her arms over your shoulder, helping her stand, noting that she looks you in the eye in this form. It's a strange thing considering she's usually shorter than you.
  89. >Even with your support her steps are wobbly and unsure, earning another huff of frustration.
  90. >"How in Equestria are you able to walk on two legs? I feel like a tree with no roots."
  91. "Years of practice, I suppose. How do you walk on four legs?"
  92. >"... Years of practice."
  93. >Finally you arrive at your shared bed, and help Luna into a seated position. She moves her arm from your shoulder to around you waist, and leans her head on your shoulder.
  94. >"Some anniversary this has turned out to be."
  95. >Your eyes are again drawn to Luna's bountiful bosom.
  96. >You slip your arm around Luna's back and bring your hand to cup her breast, gently thumbing her nipple.
  97. >You're rewarded with a stifled gasp. Yep, oversensitive. She really doesn't understand human women, does she?
  98. "You know, it'd be a real shame if your anniversary surprise went to waste.
  99. >Luna doesn't respond, instead opting to bite her lip. You take the opportunity to move in front of her, gently kneading her ample breastflesh.
  100. >"We... we.."
  101. >You quiet your wife with a gentle kiss.
  102. "Hush now, and let your loving husband take care of you."
  103. >Luna doesn't speak, but nods. You think you see a hint of eagerness in her eyes.
  104. >Turning your attention back to her breasts you renew your assault with gentle kisses, never leaving one without attention for too long. It's strange, kissing breasts with a thin layer of fur, but not unpleasant.
  105. >When you finally get around to sucking a nipple Luna loses what self control she had and lets out a low moan and spreads her legs.
  106. >You begin trailing kisses down her belly, growing closer and closer to your prize. When you finally reach it, you pause at a familiar sight.
  107. "Luna, sweetie, did you forget something when you cast your spell?"
  108. >Seeing what you were looking at makes Luna's face turn purple as she blushes.
  109. >Unable to look you in the eye she turn her head to stare off into space.
  110. "I didn't know what human women looked like... down there... so I kept what was mine."
  111. >What was hers was that beautiful blue mare pussy you gave the Big Licc™ to every night. The one that made you swear off of human pussy. [spoiler]Not that it was hard considering you were a virgin before meeting Luna.[/spoiler]
  112. >It was a nice anchor of familiarity on an otherwise alien body.
  113. >You lean down and do what you wanted to do since you woke up: give Luna the Big Licc™.
  114. >It's not long before Luna turns into a moaning mess, lying back while you feast on her love juices. Soon enough her back arches as an orgasm wracks her core. It's odd not having her hind-legs hold your head in place while it happens
  115. >You finish with a big, sloppy kiss on her clit when it winks out to say hello, then retracing your steps up Luna's body, planting kisses the entire way.
  116. >When you are again face to face you bring your wife into a deep and loving kiss, palming one of her breasts while you do so.
  117. >Pulling apart you gaze into her eyes before giving her a sly smirk.
  118. "So Luna, how would you like me to make tonight last forever for us?"
  119. >After only a moment's hesitation, she nods, eager to see what you have in mind.
  120. -------------------------
  121. >You are still Anon and the first of the sun's rays are peeking through the curtains in your room.
  122. >You had just spent the night making love to your wife, Luna, after she had accidentally turned herself into an anthro form. She seemed to enjoy the novelty of letting you take charge, if not her bipedal form.
  123. >You both were exhausted, but thoroughly satisfied, but you had one last thing you wanted to do to, no, to do with your wife.
  124. >Turning on your side you see Luna breathing deeply, but still awake.
  125. "Luna, honey?"
  126. >She sits up.
  127. >"Yes Anon?"
  128. >You take her hand in yours, intertwining the fingers. It feels nice, and by the look of love and contentment on her face Luna likes it too.
  129. "I love you."
  130. >Her smile widens at that.
  131. >"I love you too."
  132. >You both lean in for a kiss, and that's when you feel the spell end. When you open your eyes you find yourself kissing the pony princess you fell in love with, and her hoof held in the palm of your hand.
  133. >You can't resist the opportunity to poke fun.
  134. "So what did we learn?"
  135. >"That you are a slut for mare pussy."
  136. >Ah yes, another reason why you married her: her biting wit.
  137. "You knew that the day we got married."
  138. >She nuzzles up to you, wrapping her wings around you to bring you in for a hug.
  139. >"And that we will love each other no matter what."
  140. >You reward her with a smooch on the cheek.
  141. "There ya go.
  142. >"Also to never cast a new spell without using Twilight as a guinea pig."
  143. >You can't hold back the laugh from that one.
  144. "Heh, that too. That too."
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