FE6 Background List

Jun 7th, 2014
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  1. 0x00 House
  2. 0x01 Village
  3. 0x02 Prison
  4. 0x03 Purple-ish Shrine
  5. 0x04 Shrine from above, MUCH brighter
  6. 0x05 Castle with door
  7. 0x06 Castle with pillars
  8. 0x07 Grassy field with trees
  9. 0x08 Room inside castle
  10. 0x09 House again, brighter?
  11. 0x0A Snowy village
  12. 0x0B Snowy fiels with trees
  13. 0x0C Grassy field again, gray sky
  14. 0x0D White shrine
  15. 0x0E Same shrine, purple
  16. 0x0F Same shrine again, yellow
  17. 0x10 Arena
  18. 0x11 Cave
  19. 0x12 Fiery cave
  20. 0x13 To Be Continued
  21. 0x14 Game Over (glitchy)
  22. 0x15 This value and beyond resets the game
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