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Fallout: Beyond Equestria, 30: Northern Blues (Part 14)

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  1. [2013-04-03 13:29:23] <Kkat> 3After some much needed laughter, and the revelation of startling possibilities, the group finally beds down, ready for some much-needed sleep.  Soon, they begin to drift into slum...
  2. [2013-04-03 13:29:30] <Kkat> 3"NO CRYSTAL IS AS HARD AS MY HEART IS FOR YOU, DOCTOR AMORE!" booms across the sky like thunder!
  3. [2013-04-03 13:29:47] <Kkat> 3Bookwright winces.  Noble_Heart groans briefly and sighs. "We should have packed ear plugs..."
  4. [2013-04-03 13:29:56] <Kkat> 3A few minutes later, the voice of Doctor Amore blasts out, "ATTENTION CRYSTAL PONIES.  THIS IS AN URGENT MESSAGE.  DO NOT TAMPER WITH THE HOMICIDAL ROBOTS.  THEY ARE HERE FOR YOUR PROTECTION."
  5. [2013-04-03 13:30:04] <Kkat> 3Shatara urgghs...
  6. [2013-04-03 13:30:14] <Kkat> 3Noble_Heart mumbles in annoyance. "Definitely pre-recorded." She flattens her ears and does her best to get to sleep.
  7. [2013-04-03 13:30:54] <Kkat> 3Kid snuggles into the ground, taking off her pack and using it as a pillow. Before drifting off to sleep, she thought of what happened there, and how clean it felt to let it all out, like she had given her soul a cold shower. She noted Shatara's presence, and worried about his shyness. What's going on in his head?
  8. [2013-04-03 13:31:03] <Kkat> 3He hasn't said two words as long as she knew him. She let these thoughts drift her to- "Oh, fuck you, both you bug-humping manure for brains! We're trying to go to sleep!" She grabbed her saddlebags and used them as oversized earplugs.
  9. [2013-04-03 13:31:10] <Kkat> 3It is a long night.
  10. [2013-04-03 13:31:37] <Kkat> 3Fallout: Beyond Equestria, Session Thirty: Northern Blues (Part Fourteen)  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2KIsa8-aXpk
  11. [2013-04-03 13:31:44] <Kkat> 3--- Session Begins ---
  12. [2013-04-03 13:33:18] <Kkat> 3Dawn is heralded by a brightening of the skies.  And a booming announcement from Doctor Amore that the blue crystal grass is not for eating or defecating on.
  13. [2013-04-03 13:34:12] <Kkat> 3Shatara is the first to wake up.
  14. [2013-04-03 13:35:22] <Kkat> 3Followed shortly thereafter by Mitzi.
  15. [2013-04-03 13:36:16] * Bookwright yawns. "Jus' fife more minutes...zzz"
  16. [2013-04-03 13:36:25] * Mitzi stretches and sits up, scratching the nape of her neck with a hind leg
  17. [2013-04-03 13:36:55] * Get_Lost is sleeping soundly, snoring like an old minotaur
  18. [2013-04-03 13:37:45] * Shatara urks and rolls over sorely, trying to stretch a bit.
  19. [2013-04-03 13:38:00] * Kid 's organic eye is red and sunken from all the announcements that went off. Every time one boomed on, she'd wake up in surprise, say that both of the ponies who made said announcements did something rather vulgarly biological, and then try to get back to sleep. It eventually just wore her out.
  20. [2013-04-03 13:39:19] * CopyCat opens one eye and looks around, hoping that nopony notices.
  21. [2013-04-03 13:40:24] * Get_Lost blarghs, turns on the other side and kicks the air with a hindleg
  22. [2013-04-03 13:41:32] * CopyCat Eeps and falls on the floor as her pillow turns over.
  23. [2013-04-03 13:44:51] * Bookwright wipes away night crusties from his eyes with a convenient handkerchief and stretches as blearily gets up to grumble at the morning.
  24. [2013-04-03 13:45:25] * Shatara half asleep begins to go through a morning routine. Preen wings, clean rifle, look for food. His actions somehow manage to intertwine, leaving steak in his feathers and his rifle bolt in his beak.
  25. [2013-04-03 13:45:49] * Get_Lost her head makes funny noises, like an HD swapping and a full concert of beeps and the sound of MareSoft Outdoors starting up
  26. [2013-04-03 13:50:25] * CopyCat stands up shakily to the sound of Get's welcome music and yawns. "Good morning Get_Lost, good morning everypony."
  27. [2013-04-03 13:51:04] * Bookwright sneers, "Whazz sho good aboud it?"
  28. [2013-04-03 13:52:17] * Get_Lost yawns while gettign up, then starts tapping her head "black and whilte... all green... bobbleheads version.... humanized... mute with ragtime music.... oh, here it is. classical 16/9 screen. good morning guys"
  29. [2013-04-03 13:54:15] * CopyCat takes a step back. Bookwright was clearly not a morning pony. "Oh, um, we'll be able to see the robots sneaking up on us?"
  30. [2013-04-03 13:55:14] * Bookwright "WHAT!?" He jumps up, swinging Pew-Pew around wildly.
  31. [2013-04-03 13:56:19] * Shatara jumps with Bookwright, waving his half assembled rifle around. "Whuh!? Whur!?"
  32. [2013-04-03 13:56:29] * Kid groans awake. "nomrrepungamashmom" She shook her head a little and got her hooves on her shotgun. "Who's th' dead 'bot?"
  33. [2013-04-03 13:56:49] * Mitzi places a paw firmly on Bookwright's head. "Calm down Bookwright ponee. Eet's too early for panic." She gives a big, gaping yawn
  34. [2013-04-03 13:57:15] * CopyCat gulps and mumbles quietly. "I meant when we go exploring outside."
  35. [2013-04-03 13:58:08] * Bookwright takes a very long moment to process this. "I... uh... oh... Um. Right."
  36. [2013-04-03 14:00:47] * Mitzi yawns again and pats Bookwright on the head, "See, no wurry."
  37. [2013-04-03 14:01:12] * Get_Lost checks for coffee... no coffee... donuts? no donuts.... it must be onee of those days.... "i have good news... or bad, depending onb how you see them."
  38. [2013-04-03 14:01:43] * Kid glares at CopyCat, then gets up on her hooves and does some stretching. "Right, I'm gon' have a chat wi' m'ss Amore. Namely t' shut 'er up at night. Any other takers onnat?" She looks at Get_Lost. "'Ey. How're you holdin' up?"
  39. [2013-04-03 14:01:53] * CopyCat tries to change the subject. "Did anyone find a kitchen yesterday? I have some food that's quite well preserved after our trek through the snow but it needs to be cooked."
  40. [2013-04-03 14:02:07] * Get_Lost "the computer in my head is teaching me stuff... i guess it's good because now i know every bucking name of every lock producer in all of equestria and beyond... but this means that this stupid cyberthing is reprogramming my brain, somehow..."
  41. [2013-04-03 14:05:36] * Bookwright feels his stomach grumble. "Okay, I don't know about the rest of y'all but my guts are about ready to jump up my neck and strangle my brain if I don't eat something soon. Didn't Mitzi say she found a kitchen?"
  42. [2013-04-03 14:06:01] * Mitzi pulls out a hunk of salted meat and slices off any bad bits with a claw before biting into it. "Kitchen empty. No preserves."
  43. [2013-04-03 14:07:42] * Get_Lost decides she is ungry, takes some snaks form her saddlebags and starts nomming
  44. [2013-04-03 14:07:51] * Get_Lost "does anypony want some sugar?"
  45. [2013-04-03 14:07:52] * Kid noddles and tosses Bookie a small paper bag of dried apricots. "'ere. Somethin' t' settle yer stomach."
  46. [2013-04-03 14:07:57] <Kkat> 3The rumble from Get_Lost's stomach is loud enough for everypony (hellhound and griffin) to hear... and to remind them how very hungry they are.
  47. [2013-04-03 14:08:18] * Mitzi offers up her meat, "I kno ponies dun like eet much, but eet's wut Uh haff."
  48. [2013-04-03 14:08:23] <Kkat> 3Shatara's stomach quickly follows suite.
  49. [2013-04-03 14:08:39] <Kkat> 3s/suite/suit
  50. [2013-04-03 14:10:22] * CopyCat flattens her ears as Get's stomach makes itself known... and is joined by Shatara's. "Mitzi did you try the stoves? Do you know if any work?"
  51. [2013-04-03 14:10:58] <Kkat> 3For those who did not pack foodstuffs, there are ruined homes in the city below.  Somewhere in all that rubble, there has to be a few refrigerators with salvageable goods.
  52. [2013-04-03 14:11:22] * Shatara stops trying to eat his bolt and pulls the meat from his wings, which would probably be better cooked...
  53. [2013-04-03 14:12:16] * Kid brought extra foodstuff.
  54. [2013-04-03 14:12:47] * Get_Lost while nomming, remembers the pink box "can i take a look at that locked box? i think i know how to open it... this doesn't mean i can open it, but i could try"
  55. [2013-04-03 14:14:01] * Bookwright "Yeah, hold on..." He unpacks it from Noble Heart's slumbering form, and sets it down in front of Get_Lost.
  56. [2013-04-03 14:15:31] * Kid starts passing out dried food rations to those that don't seem to already have some. Including herself. Mmm, rolled oats. A little bit of blueberry juice made it go down a little smoother.
  57. [2013-04-03 14:16:09] * Get_Lost takes a long look at the thing, then asks "do you happen to have some bobpins or something equally thin and easy to bend?"
  58. [2013-04-03 14:16:21] * Mitzi shrugs, "Uh not know how. Uh usually cook wit fire."
  59. [2013-04-03 14:17:58] * Kid looks at Get_Lost, a tad worried. "M' eye ain't showin' me nothin' too bad. It kinda jumps sometimes when I'm goin' fast, but nothin' too bad. Why'd you figure it's tellin' ya'll how t' rig up lock've all things?"
  60. [2013-04-03 14:18:04] * Bookwright unpacks some of his preserved pre-war food and picks at the packaging in an uninterested fashion.
  61. [2013-04-03 14:18:53] * CopyCat sighs and munches on an apple. Everypony seemed to want the first thing to hoof instead of a cooked breakfast. Her expression lights up as she chews: this was a good apple.
  62. [2013-04-03 14:19:28] * Get_Lost "ah... kid, i think i got part of my brain replaced with a computer... i'm not sure about you, but at first glance i'd say you're okay"
  63. [2013-04-03 14:20:29] * Get_Lost starts checking the lock and asks again "bobby pins anypony?"
  64. [2013-04-03 14:20:52] * Bookwright pulls four of them and sets them on top of the safe for Get_Lost. "Here ya go."
  65. [2013-04-03 14:21:45] * Kid frowns. "That ain't good. Why'dyou figure th' machine went n' did that?" She looks at Bookie as he passes by. "Ya'll said y' wanted a fire? I could probably get somethin' together."
  66. [2013-04-03 14:22:02] * Get_Lost gets the pins and starts actively trying to open the lock
  67. [2013-04-03 14:22:38] * Bookwright "I was asking about a kitchen, but Mitzi says there's nothing in there anyways..."
  68. [2013-04-03 14:22:56] * Bookwright munches some dried apricots, puts away his prepared food. Save it for later.
  69. [2013-04-03 14:25:19] <Kkat> 3The safe opens with Get_Lost's very first try.  Inside are three objects: a golden broach with a gemstone cut in the shape of a balloon, a memory orb, and a recollector.
  70. [2013-04-03 14:25:40] * Mitzi shrugs, "Maybe yu ponies can use, but Uh didn't see aneeting edible."
  71. [2013-04-03 14:26:12] * Get_Lost "hey, i think i found another memory orb and some more stuff"
  72. [2013-04-03 14:29:20] <Kkat> 3Upon closer inspection, the memory orb is a black opal.
  73. [2013-04-03 14:30:40] * Bookwright "Well I'll be darned. This is an extremely valuable find."
  74. [2013-04-03 14:30:44] * CopyCat trots up behind Get. "Well done Get_Lost!"
  75. [2013-04-03 14:31:22] * Kid tilts her head. "What is it?"
  76. [2013-04-03 14:31:38] * Get_Lost mutters "i'm still not sure that trading part of my soul for thieving skills is a good bargain, but hey, we are rich i guess?"
  77. [2013-04-03 14:32:22] * Get_Lost offers the now opened box to the others "who wants this stuff?"
  78. [2013-04-03 14:32:38] * Bookwright nods surely. "Rich in history, m'lady. Rich in history."
  79. [2013-04-03 14:35:05] * Get_Lost "the golden thing remembers me of that scary minitry of morale pink pony..."
  80. [2013-04-03 14:35:29] * Kid attempts to fetch the tiara-ish thing before Bookwright got to it. "What's the MoM doin' with tiaras? She tryin' t' be a princess back then?"
  81. [2013-04-03 14:35:58] * Bookwright "This balloon is the symbol of Pinkie Pie, one of the ministry mares. Combined with the pink safe, which was her color, these objects clearly once belonged to the mare herself. I wonder what she was doing out here...?"
  82. [2013-04-03 14:36:26] * Mitzi shrugs, "Wut does eet mattur wut she doeen out here? She long ded."
  83. [2013-04-03 14:37:58] * Bookwright shakes his head sadly, "It matters because if we are not to repeat the mistakes of history, /we must know them first."/
  84. [2013-04-03 14:38:40] * Get_Lost "well, ytou have that recollector thing an an orb, maybe you can see what happened then"
  85. [2013-04-03 14:39:11] * Bookwright nods. "I suppose so. They say there's no time like the present."
  86. [2013-04-03 14:39:43] * Mitzi ponders that for a moment. "Hmm... guess dat's true. Got to fall down befoore yu cun pick urself up."
  87. [2013-04-03 14:39:46] * Bookwright chuckles. "That strikes me as a thing that Pinkie Pie would say. She loved parties, and so probably loved presents, and thus the present and... erm... nevermind."
  88. [2013-04-03 14:39:59] * Kid glances over the Tiara. Huh. "So this thing's a recollector, huh?"
  89. [2013-04-03 14:40:45] * Bookwright nods, "Yes. Anypony can wear one of those and view these black opal memory orbs. Not just unicorns."
  90. [2013-04-03 14:41:14] * Bookwright "I must stress that recollectors and black opals are exceedingly rare, so please be careful with it."
  91. [2013-04-03 14:42:50] * Kid nods, rather impressed, then hoofs it back to him. "Ya'll keep this. Hoof it over if there's somethin' weird ah need t' see."
  92. [2013-04-03 14:45:03] * Get_Lost "since you are the guy obsessed with dead ponies stories, i'd say you can take a look at it. tell us if it is interesting"
  93. [2013-04-03 14:46:26] * Bookwright takes it carefully. "Well, alright. I've always wanted to use a recollector..."
  94. [2013-04-03 14:47:26] * Bookwright "Keep an eye on me, okay?" He slides the black opal into the recollector, lies down, and settles the device on his head.
  95. [2013-04-03 14:47:30] * Kid looks rather indignant. "Says th' pony with th' horn."
  96. [2013-04-03 14:47:37] * Mitzi raises an eyebrow, "But yu have horn. Yu not need un."
  97. [2013-04-03 14:47:45] * Get_Lost "say, if something seems wrong we are supposed to take that thing off from you or we have just to wait and watch at you foaming on the floor?"
  98. [2013-04-03 14:48:02] * Bookwright "Just keep an eye on me, okay?"
  99. [2013-04-03 14:48:03] * Kid rolls her eyes, then starts looking at Copycat. "So. Ya'll still got that marker?"
  100. [2013-04-03 14:48:20] * Get_Lost "yes, but is there a way to interrupt the memory if needed?"
  101. [2013-04-03 14:48:52] * Get_Lost "mostly, because staring at you screaming and die doesn't really help... what can we do if something goes wrong?"
  102. [2013-04-03 14:49:40] * CopyCat shakes her head. "No... I'm not sure where it went actually."
  103. [2013-04-03 14:50:31] * Shatara glances around and goes back to working on his rifle.
  104. [2013-04-03 14:55:14] * Bookwright sets the recollector on his head and closes his eyes.
  105. [2013-04-03 14:55:21] * Kid sits down and folds her legs while she waits. "So, uh. Get_Lost. Ya'll don't, uh. Ya'll don't sound like yer' all good. What's on yer mind?"
  106. [2013-04-03 14:55:42] <Kkat> 3The world leaves Bookwright behind.
  107. [2013-04-03 14:56:19] * Get_Lost shrugs "on my mind? what do you mean?"
  108. [2013-04-03 14:56:23] * Mitzi sits and watches Bookwright closely
  109. [2013-04-03 14:57:23] * Kid "Like, ya'll don't sound like yer chipper self. I mean, ya'll're all clinky-clanked up, but at least yer alive, right? That's th' important bit."
  110. [2013-04-03 14:57:34] <Kkat> 3Bookwright's senses rush back to him, hauling him out of brief oblivion.  His host’s body aches from over-exertion, her muscles fighting strain and fatigue.  He feels the press of riot armor, separated from her coat by a film of sweat and grit, and the helmet crushing her mane, a small microphone hovering before her muzzle.  
  111. [2013-04-03 14:57:46] <Kkat> 3The world smells of blood and burnt flesh and dirt.  The air feels oppressive, the dark clouds blanketing the sky above holding an impending rainstorm that just won’t break.
  112. [2013-04-03 14:59:11] <Kkat> 3Bookwright's host's ears catch a high-pitched whine, and then are deafened by the explosion that sends gouts of fire and a storm of dirt into the foxhole.  His host rolls, covering her eyes and muzzle.  Her ears are ringing.  The voices of nearby ponies clad in combat barding sound distant as the call out, both to her and to each other.
  113. [2013-04-03 14:59:19] <Kkat> 3One of them picks his assault rifle up in his teeth and scoots over to the embankment.
  114. [2013-04-03 14:59:56] <Kkat> 3Bookwright's host follows, rolling back over and peeking up out of the foxhole.  On the hillside ahead, beyond the broken bodies of pony and zebra corpses, beyond the burned-out husk of an Equestrian tank, looms the bulk of a zebra walker.  
  115. [2013-04-03 15:00:07] <Kkat> 3The zebra battle machine rests at an odd tilt between grass and sky.  The walker’s spider-like legs are little more than wreckage, turning what was once a mobile firing platform into an oddly-canted pillbox.
  116. [2013-04-03 15:00:31] <Kkat> 3Muzzle-flashes light up inside the gunnery windows, spraying a hail of bullets towards the foxhole.  The bullets slam into the dirt, hissing little plumes of smoke, as the mare dodges back into safety.  The bullets are on fire.
  117. [2013-04-03 15:00:38] * Get_Lost "yes. it's important that i am alive, i still can do important stuff like findding love, having foals and be happy... on the other side, you should know how it feels having something alien planted in your head"
  118. [2013-04-03 15:01:58] <Kkat> 3Bookwright catches a muffled-sounding “Woohoo!” from one of the ponies behind him as a dark figure shoots overhead, trailing a cloud of smoke.  The world seems to shake as an explosion rips apart the landscape where the “pillbox” used to be, a mushroom-shaped cloud bellowing upwards as a ring of electrical static washes across the sky above the foxhole.
  119. [2013-04-03 15:02:07] <Kkat> 3A moment later, the figure of a rainbow-maned Shadowbolt zips into view.  “They’re on the run now!  Forward!”
  120. [2013-04-03 15:02:42] <Kkat> 3The mare hops up, shucking on the battle saddle laying next to her – a battle saddle not filled with firearms and ammo, but bristling with musical instruments -- and kicking a lever by her left hind hoof.  “You heard Her, everypony!” she calls out cheerfully to her companions, her voice sounding odd over the ringing in her ears.
  121. [2013-04-03 15:02:59] <Kkat> 3Bookwright can feel something stir along her back.  She glances behind her as the pole rises up from her battle saddle, the flag of Equestria unfurling.  
  122. [2013-04-03 15:03:16] <Kkat> 3Galloping forward out of the dirt pit, she cries out, “The day is ours!  To victory!”  Her voice, filled with happy patriotism, is amplified by speakers on her battle saddle.  Several of the instruments begin to play, performing a rousing anthem.  “For Stalliongrad!”
  123. [2013-04-03 15:03:47] <Kkat> 3Suddenly, PAIN!  Bookwright's host screams as he feels her armor and body perforated, her internal organs catching fire.  She collapses, fighting back the tears as she shakes in growing agony.
  124. [2013-04-03 15:03:50] * Kid blinks, feeling her eye. The sight out of it still felt foreign. Odd. "Yeah, I guess yer' right. But, I mean, it ain't all bad fer me. I couldn't see out if it since I was even littler, and th' fact I could now? I kinda jus' consider it a blessin'. Not many folks get that opportunity t' get somethin' back after they screw it up beyond fixin'."
  125. [2013-04-03 15:04:27] <Kkat> 3It lasts forever. Bookwright bares horrific witness as the flames consume her eyes, turning the world black.  And it keeps getting worse.  Then… finally, mercifully, the fire begins to fully consume the mare’s nerves, killing off her ability to feel the torture.  
  126. [2013-04-03 15:04:40] <Kkat> 3Oblivion reaches out to consume Bookwright's senses once again…
  127. [2013-04-03 15:05:01] <Kkat> 3…then withdraws.  But with it, so does the pain and the darkness.  The mare gasps, staring at mud and grass, feeling the odd bits of her armor that did not burn fully away, and the drops of rain that fall against her coat where it did.
  128. [2013-04-03 15:05:07] <Kkat> 3Her ears are not even ringing anymore.  The sound of the battlefield is eerily silent.
  129. [2013-04-03 15:05:14] <Kkat> 3Then, somewhere in the distance, she hears clearly the voice of the rainbow-maned mare crying out:
  130. [2013-04-03 15:05:29] <Kkat> 3“What did you do?!  Fluttershy!  What.  Did.  You.  /Do?!/”
  131. [2013-04-03 15:05:31] * Get_Lost "well, yes, overall it is better than being paralyzed forever, so i'm happy, mostly... still, part of my brain is now machine, so... i'm just a little worried, that's all"
  132. [2013-04-03 15:06:03] <Kkat> 3<-=======ooO Ooo=======->
  133. [2013-04-03 15:06:18] <Kkat> 3Bookwright returns to the world with a gasp.
  134. [2013-04-03 15:06:31] * CopyCat , who had been peering at Bookwright closely, recoils like she'd been struck and shakes her head, as if to clear it.
  135. [2013-04-03 15:06:51] * Bookwright pants, trying to shake out the phantom pains of another's life, from so long ago.
  136. [2013-04-03 15:06:53] * Kid tapped her on the head. "Hey. Yer still you, alright? Nothin's gon' change that. Not no metal bits, not nothin'. Alright? You gotta believe that."
  137. [2013-04-03 15:08:27] * Get_Lost "yeah, i guess so bu-" the nmare is interruptted by bookie waking up "ah... was it that bad?"
  138. [2013-04-03 15:08:27] * Bookwright puts the recollector on the ground, "Well... that was unpleasant. At least I'll know what to look for when I start to die."
  139. [2013-04-03 15:08:45] * Kid hears Bookwright jar awake. Something's wrong. She felt the air get thick around him. "You alright? What was it?"
  140. [2013-04-03 15:11:43] * Bookwright "I'm fine, really... And so was the host, at least for a while longer. It was a memory of a battle. For Stalliongrad, apparently. Rainbow Dash was there. The host was a morale officer on the battlefield. She had instruments instead of weapons. She was shot with some kind of zebra fire weapon almost died... and then something happened."
  141. [2013-04-03 15:12:19] * Bookwright "I'm pretty sure that's a memory of the first megaspell. When Fluttershy healed every single wounded soldier on a battlefield just outside Stalliongrad."
  142. [2013-04-03 15:12:39] * Kid was always a sucker for a good yarn. Today's no exception. "What?" She said, a little beholden to what she just heard.
  143. [2013-04-03 15:13:28] * Bookwright shakes his head sadly. "That battle was one of the worst in the war, largely because of Fluttershy's well intentioned use of a powerful, indiscriminate healing spell."
  144. [2013-04-03 15:14:15] * Get_Lost "you say... a megaspell healing everypony on a battlefield..." the mare hesitates "i... ah... that seemms quite interesting"
  145. [2013-04-03 15:14:39] * Mitzi blinks, "Megaspells cun heal?"
  146. [2013-04-03 15:15:00] * Bookwright "The point of warfare was not to kill your opponent, but to injure her so that she could no longer fight and tie up the resources of her allies. When Fluttershy healed every single pony on the battlefield there... it began anew, and the fatalities were far higher than in any other battle preceding the Last Day."
  147. [2013-04-03 15:16:51] * Bookwright "That megaspell healed, yes. A megaspell is at it's heart just a normal spell, writ large. Any spell can be made into a megaspell. It's not an inherently bad thing."
  148. [2013-04-03 15:17:32] * CopyCat scuffs the floor with her hoof. "I don't think I like warfare."
  149. [2013-04-03 15:18:34] * Get_Lost "i'd like to take a look at that memory, sooner or later... it could be of some medical interest...."
  150. [2013-04-03 15:19:00] * Kid churned that thought around. "Yeah. We're not bad folks fer tryin' t' get one. They ain't bad, jus' the use o' them is." This struck her as slightly paradoxical, and it was that discomfort that lead her to jump to a different subject. "So, uh. Yeah! Should we go on down n' try to clear us some spiders? Maybe find some loot, I dunno?"
  151. [2013-04-03 15:19:19] * Mitzi blinks, "Oh. Uh deedn't kno dat."
  152. [2013-04-03 15:28:44] * CopyCat "I don't know, Get, the memory was-- I mean, the memory sounded painful."
  153. [2013-04-03 15:31:10] * Get_Lost hesitates for a moment "ah... i guess i'll check it in a safe place then, not here"
  154. [2013-04-03 15:34:22] * Kid opened the door to back down into the castle. "If anythin', I'mma go ask th' good Doc t' shut th' hell up at night so we c'n' sleep. Anyone goin' down with me?"
  155. [2013-04-03 15:38:40] * CopyCat nods. "I'll go with you. Amore should be wished a good morning too."
  156. [2013-04-03 15:39:20] * Shatara follows quietly.
  157. [2013-04-03 15:40:33] * Get_Lost "i'd like to come down too" follows the group
  158. [2013-04-03 15:47:28] * Bookwright "I think we should move on from the tower, myself. I personally want to check out the Stable-Tec complex to the east."
  159. [2013-04-03 15:52:11] <Kkat> 3The group begins back down the tower, moving through aged and often crumbling hallways and stairwells of crystal and marble.  They are soon once again in the throne room, but the frayed carpet is bare and the gemstone above is dark... there is no sign of Doctor Amore, neither real nor holographic.
  160. [2013-04-03 15:53:17] * Kid frowns. "Hey! Hey, where are y'?"
  161. [2013-04-03 15:54:32] * CopyCat peers at the empty throne room. "Maybe she hasn't woken up yet? Those announcements went on late into the night."
  162. [2013-04-03 15:56:45] * Bookwright calls out, "Hellooooooooo! Princess Cadance, are you in?"
  163. [2013-04-03 15:58:00] * Kid huffs. "Doubt it." She looks around, looking rather suspect. "... Hey. Shut up, now's our chance." She crept forward to the locked door on the other end. This might be their only chance to see what's on the other end of this.
  164. [2013-04-03 16:00:30] * Get_Lost frowns "i... wait kid, i don't think it's a good idea, not until we have a better picture of what is going on in this town"
  165. [2013-04-03 16:02:59] * Kid ruffles her brow. "This is our shot /to/ get a better picture of what's goin' on in this town. She don't want to tell us what's up? Fine. We'll find out on our own. An' maybe get her t' stop yellin' every five minutes, I dunno."
  166. [2013-04-03 16:03:04] <Kkat> 3The locked door is, of course, locked.
  167. [2013-04-03 16:03:38] * Kid waves her over. "Now, c'mon. You gon' open it, or 'm I?"
  168. [2013-04-03 16:04:50] * Get_Lost sighs "what if by opening that door you enrage her and then we will have to fight her? i'd not touch that door before it becomes relevant for deciding important things like, i don't know, pick a faction to side with and stuff"
  169. [2013-04-03 16:05:10] * Bookwright "I really don't think we should be doing this, guys... I'm personally not interested in pissing off a genuine princess."
  170. [2013-04-03 16:05:59] * Get_Lost "really, until the door stays closed, we dont' know if she's dead or alive, so she is both... and for now i like her as she is.... my little shroedinmare pony"
  171. [2013-04-03 16:09:40] * Bookwright "Why don't we just... go."
  172. [2013-04-03 16:09:49] * CopyCat nods. "I don't want to upset her if we can help it. Even if she's one of those Paladin computer-thingies she still thinks she's a pony. It might be all she has left."
  173. [2013-04-03 16:11:21] * Get_Lost "yep, let's go. did you say you wanted to visit the stable buildings? i'm in"
  174. [2013-04-03 16:11:26] * CopyCat "I agree with Bookwright. We wanted to explore the rest of the crystal empire didn't we?"
  175. [2013-04-03 16:12:02] * Bookwright "My vote is still for the Stable-Tec building to the east."
  176. [2013-04-03 16:12:50] * Get_Lost "sounds like a plan, the sooner we trot out, the sooner we arrive"
  177. [2013-04-03 16:12:54] * Kid examines the lock. She wasn't a locksmith, but she understood complicated when she saw it. "Doubt you could open it anyways." Schroedinmare her flank. She needed to know! It was like getting to the good part of a book, and they get so close to finding out what the big bad was doing, and then the author ends the book on a cliffhanger! And she didn't have the last part of the series! Grr! She...
  178. [2013-04-03 16:12:56] * Kid ...huffed, figuratively blowing off some steam. "A life built on a lie ain't not much of a life t' begin with. And I'd say it's trappin' yerself in one that's th' worst kinda prison t' be in." She cracked her neck. "I say we go down n' clear out th' rest of th' castle. Not everythin' good's gotten off th' ground yet."
  179. [2013-04-03 16:14:21] * Get_Lost "but kid... if that lie is everything left of your happyness, would you really part from it even if it is a lie?"
  180. [2013-04-03 16:16:29] * Get_Lost "besides, i'd say we travel and exlpore places afar from the castle during light hours. we can look for useful stuff here when we come back here tonight"
  181. [2013-04-03 16:16:29] * Kid stamps her foot. "Yeah, I would! Because that's stoppin' me from findin' real happiness. And 'sides, m' dad learned what believin' in a lie will do fer' you!"
  182. [2013-04-03 16:17:44] * Get_Lost "that's a good point, so you would kill her rather than letting her believe she is still alive.... that's interesting. still, there's no coming back from death, so i'd consider that twice"
  183. [2013-04-03 16:19:48] * Bookwright "I agree with Get Lost, we should travel in the daylight."
  184. [2013-04-03 16:19:51] * Kid cocks an eye at her. Is she trying to piss her off? "Ah didn't say that! And besides, if you think she's dead, then it ain't me that's gone and killed her! She went and got herself killed a long time ago, and we're talkin' t' her that come up again."
  185. [2013-04-03 16:20:12] <Kid> "Ah mean, fuck. I talk t' ghosts all th' time."
  186. [2013-04-03 16:23:51] * Kid folds her legs. "Fine." She said somewhat bitterly.
  187. [2013-04-03 16:24:01] * Noble_Heart yawned as she came down the stairs from the rotunda, stretching her wings a few moments. Evidently the purple alicorn was a very heavy sleeper. Either that, or she'd grown adept at ignoring the voices in the sky very quickly. "Mmmmh. We have awoken!" She headed towards her friends the moment she spotted them. "What is going on?"
  188. [2013-04-03 16:24:35] * Get_Lost "actually, i'd like to fuck... but that's not the point. i guess that if we have the chance we will do something stupid anyway"
  189. [2013-04-03 16:25:00] * Shatara squawks embarrasingly.
  190. [2013-04-03 16:28:04] * Bookwright "We were just deciding where to go. I personally want to check out the Stable-Tec building out to the east, and we should definitely travel during the daylight."
  191. [2013-04-03 16:28:46] * CopyCat rubs the back of her hoof with another hoof. "Yes, um, we were deciding where to go."
  192. [2013-04-03 16:29:22] * Noble_Heart nods her head, frowning. "We wish to visit the SRAC. The one who created the phoenix implant went through the process there. And it may hold further information about Princess Cadence's magic, and perhaps some clue as to what drove Professor Paladin to coldness of heart."
  193. [2013-04-03 16:31:27] * CopyCat looks between the others. "Which place do we think will be the most dangerous? Let's go there last. Or... never."
  194. [2013-04-03 16:32:10] * Get_Lost "i'm okay with copycat's idea of avoiding solaris factory"
  195. [2013-04-03 16:33:08] * Bookwright "SRAC sounds good to me."
  196. [2013-04-03 16:34:23] * Noble_Heart frowns and shakes her head. "The lights are still on at the Solaris facility. Which means there is still functional power there. It should be a place to stop to find out what happened, before We leave. But it is not desperate right now." She stretches her wings again. "For now, We recommend heading to the SRAC. And hoping there are fewer killer robots today."
  197. [2013-04-03 16:35:08] * CopyCat nods. "Yes, let's do that!"
  198. [2013-04-03 16:35:50] * Get_Lost "good for the SRAC then."
  199. [2013-04-03 16:38:19] * Kid waves a hoof. "Yeah. SRAC. Sounds good." Where she broke nearly every bone in her body. Yeah, there was some hesitation there.
  200. [2013-04-03 16:39:41] * Noble_Heart leans down to nuzzle Kid. "If you are afraid, perhaps you should stay behind Our shield? It is most resilient, though We are sad to say not impenetrable." She sighs with a touch of shame at that fact. "We recommend departing from the rotunda. It is safer to travel across the crowd then land. And We will not risk meeting one of the spiders We were warned about."
  201. [2013-04-03 16:41:08] * Kid rolls her eyes. "Ah'm fine. I jus' don't like th' place is all. Ever since ah got blown t' pieces, I got a bad feelin' about it." She paused. "While we're goin', we gotta go check out that crash first. I saw some loot there."
  202. [2013-04-03 16:42:10] * Get_Lost "well maybe i can take a closer look to that giant robot carcass too... we could find something useful in it"
  203. [2013-04-03 16:43:26] * Bookwright "Right, so let's fly... Ah... hm... How are we gonna do this? I don't think Shatara is strong enough to haul one of unassisted."
  204. [2013-04-03 16:44:11] * Noble_Heart frowns and stands up. "We can carry Kid on Our back, and take four more with Our magic." She stretched her wings, looking to Copycat. "What about you, Sister?"
  205. [2013-04-03 16:46:32] * CopyCat glances down. "I'm not a very strong flyer but I can carry one or two with magic."
  206. [2013-04-03 16:49:06] * Noble_Heart nods her head to CopyCat, pondering that. "Then We recommend splitting the duties so that different ponies are carried properly. It is important we travel together."airship right across the stars. I learned to fight, I learned to love, I learned to feel, oh I wish that I could live it all again!)
  207. [2013-04-03 16:57:57] * CopyCat looks at Bookwright and Get_Lost. "I could take one of you and the other can go with Shatara. I managed Bookwright before, would you like to go down again?"
  208. [2013-04-03 16:58:26] * Shatara doublechecks his wings for bits of breakfast and stretches a bit.
  209. [2013-04-03 17:00:04] * Get_Lost "it's the same to me, i don't weight very much but i have a lot of luggage...."
  210. [2013-04-03 17:00:13] * Kid nods. "Alright. Let's do this." She hated getting levitated around, though. There was no sense of control there. At least on a pony's back, you felt like you needed to hold on. She chuckled politely at Shatara. "Uh. Weird question, but how can ya'll eat meat? Kicks my stomach up and good whenever I tried."
  211. [2013-04-03 17:01:16] <Kkat> 3The air is cool and crisp, but nowhere near as cold or unpleasant as it should be with a blizzard raging just beyond the city limits.  The ruins of the Crystal Empire stretch out below the tower in all directions.  
  212. [2013-04-03 17:02:37] * Noble_Heart wrapped her friends in her magic, slowly lifting them from the ground as she spread her wings. "We fly!" She took off in the direction of the SRAC, carefully holding her friends high above the ground as they traveled over the congregation of crystal ponies below.
  213. [2013-04-03 17:03:07] * Shatara blinks to kid. "Err...because gryphon...? We're built to eat different stuff than ponies. Even back at the stable the ponies and griffons were given different meals. I tried a pony meal once, it was....bland."
  214. [2013-04-03 17:06:33] * Kid 'huh's in enlightenment. "I didn't know ya'll ate other stuff. Yer th' first griffon ah ever got t' meet."
  215. [2013-04-03 17:06:42] * CopyCat follows in the air behind Noble, watching the crystal congregation below as they fly.
  216. [2013-04-03 17:08:52] * Shatara blinks a little in surprise. "Really..?" He tried to ponder a world without ponies and gryphons in constant contact, and just couldn't imagine it. "...wierd..."
  217. [2013-04-03 17:11:39] <Kkat> 3The crystal ruins spread out below as the ponies and griffin take to the air.  Below, Kid spots a ghostly, purplish figure shoot by, headed in the same direction.  It looks to her like the ghost was coming from the Stable-Tec building, and heading towards the SRAC.  
  218. [2013-04-03 17:13:23] * Kid shrugs. "I dunno. I just didn't grow up with a lot of 'em where I was an'-" She was interrupted by her own senses. And namely, Mare-Do-Well. "Hey! There she is! Mare-do-Well! She's headin' fer th' SRAC!"
  219. [2013-04-03 17:14:16] <Kkat> 3As the ponies near the military instillation, Noble_Heart and Bookwright notice the northern buildings are protected with functional turrets.  Most are scanning the ground, but there is a missile turret on a small tower that seems to be scanning the skies.  
  220. [2013-04-03 17:14:27] * Shatara mrfs confusedley, searching the ground for movement. "Mare-do-what now?"
  221. [2013-04-03 17:16:03] <Kkat> 3Shatara is the first to notice movement on the ground.  There are figures moving about within the camp itself.  And another one of those crystal sentinel tanks is patrolling along the base of the hill.  
  222. [2013-04-03 17:16:29] * Bookwright "Uh, guys? Maybe we should land now, before we get a rocket shot at us. I don't dare to assume that anti-air turret is offline."
  223. [2013-04-03 17:18:47] * Kid rolled her hoof. "Th' ghost! There's th' ghost I saw! It's headin' in!" She wanted to know more about her. What was she doing around here?
  224. [2013-04-03 17:20:51] * Noble_Heart nods her head in agreement. "We are descending." She turned in the air and spiraled downwards towards the ground with her friends in tow. Landing hopefully far enough away to avoid drawing immediate hostility. "We suggest careful planning. This place is fortified most heavily, and must have living ponies or zebras within."
  225. [2013-04-03 17:21:10] * Shatara dips lower, hoping to avoid the air defenses, before landing alongside Noble_Heart.
  226. [2013-04-03 17:22:11] * CopyCat misses a wingbeat and falters in the air. "Turret?! Oh dear." Seeing Noble and Shatara head down she quickly does the same.
  227. [2013-04-03 17:23:16] * Shatara muses audibly. "I wonder if we could hit that SAM from outside the ground turrets' range or something..."
  228. [2013-04-03 17:25:01] * Bookwright "I hate to say this, but I think we're going to have to shoot our way in. There's probably more of those accursed sentinel robots."
  229. [2013-04-03 17:25:32] * Kid considers this. "Hey, Noble. Ya'll still got some'o those mines on y'?"
  230. [2013-04-03 17:26:35] * Noble_Heart blinks in confusion. "Mines?" Had she picked up mines at some point and forgotten about it? It wasn't impossible.
  231. [2013-04-03 17:28:07] * Kid "Yeah. You remember when ya'll saw that mine back in Gaia Valley when we were chasin' that pony?"
  232. [2013-04-03 17:29:00] * Noble_Heart frowns. "We remember the mine. But We also believe those mines exploded, did they not?" She tapped her chin. "We could be wrong. But We do not believe We have any mines. Explosives are not Our expertise."
  233. [2013-04-03 17:31:18] * Noble_Heart spent some time rooting around through her bag. "We do not have any mines. Perhaps they were amongst the things sold at Darkness Falls?" She frowned and looked back towards the base. "We do agree, most likely force will be necessary here."
  234. [2013-04-03 17:31:19] * Kid kicks. "Aw." She was planning on making it hers.
  235. [2013-04-03 17:33:50] <Kkat> 3In the relative quiet of the crystal ruins, the patrol sentinel which Shatara spotted can be heard getting closer; however, it's still out of sight, blocks away.
  236. [2013-04-03 17:34:10] * Kid huffs, then loads in her lightning slugs, staggered with buckshot in between slugs. "At least it went t' good use, even if it didn't see it, then." Yeah, come to think, she remembers haggling on it. Shame, it would've come in hoofy here, but at least there's those slugs. "Right then. Let's do this."
  237. [2013-04-03 17:36:48] * Noble_Heart pulled the crystal jousting lance from her bags, casting her shield spell as she took to low flight again, readying herself to descend upon the machine. "We are prepared."
  238. [2013-04-03 17:37:45] * Shatara readies his rifle. "So whats the plan? Flanking? Ambush? Vertical envelopment?"
  239. [2013-04-03 17:39:25] * Noble_Heart stared down the road in the direction the robot would be coming from. "We recommend ambush. We shall draw its attention as Our allies are prepared to strike.
  240. [2013-04-03 17:39:25] <Noble_Heart> "
  241. [2013-04-03 17:43:09] * CopyCat skitters in place. "Another of those big robots? Oh, spread out everypony."
  242. [2013-04-03 17:43:11] * Bookwright draws Pew-Pew and reloads it, "I wonder though... Does anypony want to try identifying themselves as a Ministry of Peace official with the broach we found in that safe earlier?"
  243. [2013-04-03 17:44:31] * Noble_Heart frowns and nods to Bookwright, "We can try, if you wish. We are most likely to survive the resulting attack if it does not work."
  244. [2013-04-03 17:45:26] * Bookwright nods, and produces the broach in question. "Here you are."
  245. [2013-04-03 17:46:38] * Noble_Heart reaches out with her magic to levitate the broach into the air. "We shall do Our best to take care of it." She moves ahead of her allies into the path the robot would most likely take, preparing herself.
  246. [2013-04-03 17:47:02] * Shatara searches the area for cover, trying to set up a killbox for Noble to lead it into
  247. [2013-04-03 17:50:28] * Kid has roughly the same idea as Shatara, but seems to want to be a bit closer than he does.
  248. [2013-04-03 17:51:17] * Bookwright "Given our experience last time, I think we should spread out a lot, so we don't all get caught in one of those giant blasts like last time."
  249. [2013-04-03 17:51:52] <Shatara> "And we definitely need cover. Preferably to attack it from more than one angle..."
  250. [2013-04-03 17:54:06] * CopyCat gulps and casts a spell, not wanting to be caught off guard.
  251. [2013-04-03 17:55:30] <Kkat> 3Shatara is able to map out a good kill zone between several of the more intact homes in the area. Several ponies could take up positions using balconies and broken windows for cover.
  252. [2013-04-03 17:57:24] * Bookwright "Alright y'all, who wants some mildly addictive pain-numbing spells cast on them?"
  253. [2013-04-03 17:57:59] * Kid raises her hoof. She knows what it was like the first time around without it.
  254. [2013-04-03 17:58:12] * Noble_Heart shakes her head. "We shall be fine." She prepares herself in the open, where the robot will surely see her.
  255. [2013-04-03 17:58:25] * Bookwright nods, and sinks amber sparkles into Kid's coat.
  256. [2013-04-03 17:59:42] * Shatara helpfully directs ponies towards concealed postions in the various windows, unsurely pondering Bookwright's offer.
  257. [2013-04-03 18:00:06] * Bookwright casts it on himself while Shatara decides.
  258. [2013-04-03 18:01:51] * Kid goes to one of the windows in question, making sure she was close enough to be effective. Robot, don't make this rough.
  259. [2013-04-03 18:03:24] * CopyCat tries to hide near Noble_Heart. If the robot wanted to talk she might be able to help!
  260. [2013-04-03 18:04:28] <Kkat> 3--- End of Session ---
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