Tulip & Velour END

May 30th, 2017
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  1. “I’m worried”
  2. >You sit with Pevy and Blushy, the young colts who’s real names you can’t even remember, looking at Peachy and Velour go off somewhere by the two of them
  3. >And it bothers you, it really bothers you, they’ve been doing it for a while now
  4. >your pouty filly face deepens and Pervy lets out a laugh
  5. >”What Tulips, feeling jealous are we?”
  6. >You glare at him
  7. >”Don’t give me those eyes, not my fault your best friend and your lesbian stalker ended up together”
  8. “We don’t know that! They could just be...just be...doing...”
  9. >Blushy interrupts you
  10. >”Each other?”
  11. >He and Pervy share a brohoof and you screee at them loudly
  12. “That’s not funny!”
  13. >Both of them look at you while trying not to laugh
  14. >”It kind of is”
  15. >”Yeah”
  16. >You swat your hooves at them, pummeling them on their heads repeatedly, but not too hard as they just chuckle it off while shielding their faces
  17. >Suddenly you appear shocked as you think of something alarming
  18. >Those questions Peachy asked, what if she and Scratchy are in love, and she was asking that because she was worried of how you feel about her
  19. >Wait then what was the kiss Velour gave to you...was she just trying to get Peachy jealous so she would finally make a move?
  20. >And now they’re meeting in private because they don’t want to hurt you and you’re never going to get to play with peachy again after she and Velour get all dating and only spend time with each other...
  21. >your lower lip trembles and you sniff, the idea making your eyes feel moist
  22. >”You ok Tulip?”
  23. >You quickly wipe your eyes before answering Blushy
  24. “Yeah I’m fine, I wasn’t crying at all”
  25. >”Nopony said you were crying...”
  26. >You pout
  27. “Yeah well...well...”
  28. >Pervy pats Blushy on the shoulder to get his attention and shakes his head, making him pull back before Pervy starts talking to you instead
  29. >”Any which way you need to do something, want to try sneaking and listening in on them?”
  30. >You shake your head
  31. “No...then Peachy would hate me because I don’t trust her...”
  32. >Blushy starts talking again
  33. >”Well technically you do not because you’re suspecting that-
  34. >Pervy covers his mouth with his hoof
  35. >”Dude no, don’t screw up my chances to...”
  36. >He nudges his head towards you, which you miss due to sulking
  37. >Blushy looks at Pervy with a surprised look on his face
  38. >”Bro you serious?”
  39. >He blushes a bit and nods, but then both of them are surprised as you spring back up
  40. “No, I know exactly what to do”
  41. >You turn to look at both of them, about to thank them when both of them look at you with weird expressions on their faces
  42. >”Tulip I don’t think that a three-way to get back at them is the best ide-“
  43. >Pervy slaps Blushy
  44. >”Shut up!”
  45. >You snicker a little
  46. “No you sillies, I’m going to ask my moms for advice!”
  47. >Blushy looks relieved and for some reason Pervy looks devastated as you wave them goodbye and fly off towards your home
  48. >After arriving you look for mom1, Daylily
  49. >She’s number 1 because she’s your original mom and the best mom
  50. >You find her doing some yoga poses in the living room, she’s taken up a few hobbies to keep herself ready for anything
  51. >After staring at her butt in full display as she’s bend over for a few minutes she untangles herself and you make yourself noticed by hugging her butt form the behind, pressing your face against it
  52. >”Tulip honey, what did mommy say about grabbing her butt like that...”
  53. >You detach your face from her behind
  54. “Shhh you know you like it”
  55. >She scrunches her mouth before sighing
  56. >”But I’m all sweaty...”
  57. “It feels lewd~”
  58. >she detaches you now and sets you down
  59. >”What’s up honey, you usually only bury your face against my butt like that when something’s troubling you, otherwise you’d already have done things, mostly with that tongue of yours”
  60. >You sigh and hang your head
  61. “I’m worried about Peachy...”
  62. >Daylily seems surprised
  63. >”Worried about her? Usually it’s the other way around, I’m not even sure how many times she already has asked my Delight for help, concerning you especially you little rascal”
  64. “But if she has then why is she now all loving and dating and secretive with another filly?”
  65. >Daylily pauses mid-wipe
  66. >that sounds kind of wrong, until you realize that it’s her forehead she is wiping, because of the sweat
  67. >”She’s what now? Tulip, that sounds ridiculous, she’s head over hooves for you, you two make such a cute couple”
  68. “But mom...”
  69. >”I’m sure you’re just mistaken, besides who is this new filly?”
  70. “It’s Scratchy Velour”
  71. >Daylily pauses
  72. >”The filly who used to give you all that crap?”
  73. >you nod
  74. “Uh-huh...and then something completely different...”
  75. >Now she looks worried
  76. >”Then maybe you’re right, I hope that she’s not manipulating your friend into thinking they have a relationship when she’s just trying to pull off something, I ought to give her a spa-“
  77. >She’s stopped when Midnight Delight swats her on the head with a rolled up newspaper
  78. >”Oh shush you, Scratchy Velour might be a bit rough on the edges but she’s not that bad of a filly, you are completely out of the picture. And don’t go activating any dormant fetishes and kinks in my students, this one is already bad enough”
  79. >Midnight Delight points at you, and then whispers something into Daylily’s ear, which makes her eyes go wide in surprised
  80. >”Oh! Ohh so it’s like that...”
  81. >She giggles? Why is she laughing? You’re loosing a friend it’s not funny! Your mom is a butt.
  82. >”How about you freshen up and let me handle her”
  83. >Daylily gives Midnight Delight a kiss on the cheek and then leaves, leaving you two alone together
  84. >”Tulip, I’m not going to tell you anything because that would not be nice towards either Peachy nor Scratchy, but I think you need to have a talk with the two and tell them how you’re feeling when you’re left out like this, but trust me, they aren’t doing it to exclude you and leave you all alone”
  85. >You pout
  86. “How do you know that?”
  87. >Midnight Delight smirks
  88. >”I’m a teacher, I know everything”
  89. >You shrug your shoulders and wings
  90. “Can’t argue against that logic”
  91. >”You really need to talk to the two of them about this, trust me”
  92. “But they are sneaking around behind my back, that means they don’t want to talk with me right?”
  93. >”There’s a good reason for that”
  94. >You’re still confused as you’re ushered out of the house by Midnight Delight
  95. >So you decide to just sneak right in and listen to the two of them talk
  96. >After a bit of sneaking around, thank you Sneak for those pointers, your teachings came in handy, you’re hidden and yet able to hear what the two of them are talking about in yet another secretive location you saw them go to earlier
  97. >And what your ear picks up right away is crying, but not Peachy’s
  98. >”I think she’ll just hate me because of how we’ve been for so long Peachy...”
  99. >You just have to look out form your hiding place so you can see this
  100. >Peachy is patting Scratchy Velour, who is crying, on the back
  101. >What the ever-loving fig?
  102. >”I’m sure she does not hate you Velour, I mean becoming her special somepony is still possible...”
  103. >Velour sniffs sadly
  104. >”And she already has you...why would she even choose me, you’re nice...and caring, and sweet...”
  105. >Peachy’s wings pomf open and she blushes crimson
  106. >”N-nooo...I’m not, sometimes I f-feel...”
  107. >She leans in closer to Velour to whisper the last part but it’s audible enough thanks to her being so embarrassed she’s not able to properly control the volume of her voice
  108. >”Jealous when she flirts with other ponies...”
  109. >You feel like you just had an aneurysm
  110. >Which is probably also the reason for jumping out form your hiding place
  111. “You a what now what?”
  112. >Peachy’s eyes shoot as open as they can get as her mouth gets fixed into a silent screee, while Velour’s mouth falls open and she stares at you in disbelief
  113. >”T-tulip!?”
  114. >That’d be the peach
  115. >”Tuliiip!”
  116. >And that’d be the Scratch
  117. >”Why are you here?”
  118. >And that’s both of them, talking in unison
  119. >You walk up to the two, Peachy looking panicked and Velour looking crossed at you
  120. “Well I was afraid you two got together and wanted to exclude me so I followed you two”
  121. >The look at one another, and then both of them blush rather red, which makes your chest ache, just a hint
  122. >”W-with her, that’s silly Tulip! N-not that I don’t think you’re a good partner, I mean i think you are a very good partner for some pony but not for me”
  123. >Velour nods at Peachy
  124. >”Yeah, you’re a sweet, caring, kind and pretty filly but that does not mean I’m looking to get with you, no matter how well we get together and...”
  125. >”Y-yeah...”
  126. >They stare at one another, and now you look at the two while appearing crossed
  127. “Ok break it up you two!”
  128. >They put some distance between each other
  129. “So...both of you like me?”
  130. >Velour nods and Peachy looks unsure, before covering her face and nodding
  131. “And you don’t hate each other right? How about a trio instead of a duo”
  132. >They both open up their mouths like they are about to say something, but then pause and agree with you
  133. “See? it was that simple”
  134. >You push your chest out proudly while the two shrug
  135. >”I might as well, I am already butt deep in indecency with you...”
  136. >Velour sighs, and then Peachy says her sayings next
  137. >”I like you a lot Tulip but I also started to like her after helping her, and if this makes the two of you happy I’m happy as well”
  138. >The three of you share a group hug, during which you begin to snicker as the hug breaks
  139. >”What’s so funny?”
  140. >You look at Velour
  141. “I just remembered that there’s supposedly a trio of fillies somewhere calling themselves the cutie mark crusaders”
  142. >”So?”
  143. “We’re the cutie cunt crusaders”
  144. >Velour slaps you and Peachy baps you with her hoof
  147. >You are Tulip, and you are beaming happily with the brightest smile on your face
  148. >You are walking around with your two special, very special friends, Peachy and Scratchy Velour
  149. >Talking off those two, you give both of their firm little butts a loving caress
  150. >Peachy’s wings pomf but Velour quickly turns around and slaps you
  151. >You rub your cheek but that’s just her own way of showing love
  152. >”Seriously doing that on purpose, are you trying to announce it to the whole town? Gosh...”
  153. >Suddenly your group of three runs into the two fillies who were Scratchy Velours friends until recently
  154. >They look at her, looking kinda put off as they see the company she’s in
  155. >Suddenly Velour grabs a big piece of your filly flank and gives it a squeeze, staring those two fillies down while you shudder at the sudden firm hold, your face feeling a bit flushed and your nether region tingly
  156. >But as soon as it began it goes away as Velour stops groping you as the two fillies leave, gossiping to one another
  157. >Peachy tugs on your wing
  158. >”T-tulip, stop smiling so wide...”
  159. >You nod, still smiling and she scrunches, giving your other buttock a shy grope
  160. >You’re about to return the favors, hopefully leading into something more steamy when Velour looks at you and scoffs
  161. >”I’m still upset how you came out the winner in all this, and this easy...”
  162. >You just pet her head and then give her cheek a nuzzle with your muzzle, making her scrunch and glare at you with her wings standing upright
  163. “Not my fault if I’m this lovable~”
  164. >Peachy scrunches too
  165. >”D-don’t let it go to your head Tulip...”
  166. >You scrunch
  167. “I’m not! I’m just goofing around...”
  168. >Peachy blushes and hangs her head, her wings hanging limply at her sides
  169. >”O-oh...sorry...”
  170. >Velour rolls her eyes
  171. >”Oh sure you were, don’t listen to her Peachy, let’s go”
  172. >Velour ushers Peachy to move forward with her wing, and then walks next to her as the two of them walk before you
  173. >And then she rests her wing on Peachy’s butt, and even glances back at you with a smirk on her face
  174. >You puff up your cheeks in an upset manner while Peachy makes embarrassed noises
  175. >So you rush after the two and give their butts a slap, making both of them gasps as their wings pomf open
  176. “Don’t leave me behind...”
  177. >Both of them look at you with surprise, and it makes you feel self conscious and embarrassed
  178. >”I still can’t believe that you pulled this off Tulip”
  179. >You look into the direction of the voice, finding Pervy there
  180. >Velour tugs on your coat
  181. >”Tulip, is this a young you’ve...played...around with...”
  182. >Blushy appears from behind your little group of three
  183. >”He wishes he’d be”
  184. >Pervy throws a bit of candy at Blushy who looks upset
  185. >”What? Geez...”
  186. >Peachy smiles weakly
  187. >”I think you embarrassed your friend Blushy...and Pervy, don’t worry, I’m sure a lot of young colts feel that way towards Tulip because of how she is so there’s nothing to shame if you have unanswered feeling towards her and you know, stuff...”
  188. >Pervy rubs his temple
  189. >”I know you’re trying to help shy and red, but you’re not...”
  190. >Blushy keeps staring at Velour, who takes notice
  191. >”Hmm? Are you contemplating over the sadness of a high class filly like me being out of the market?”
  192. >He shakes his head after blushing for being caught looking, making Velour scrunch her mouth a little as he tells her it’s not that
  193. >”No, I still can’t understand how you and all this happened”
  194. >Velour lets out a tired sigh
  195. >”I honestly don’t know either...I’m really too good for her”
  196. >She points at you while you grin
  197. >Blushy points at Peachy
  198. >”What about her?”
  199. >Velour smiles at Peachy, making her blush a bit
  200. >”She I can accept”
  201. >Peachy fiddles her hoof in a coy manner as Pervy wraps his hoof around your shoulder
  202. >”Careful there Pervy version:filly, or your new fillyfriend might steal your current one”
  203. >You suddenly brush his chest with your hoof, your messy tail wrapping about his waist
  204. “Maybe I’ll help myself with you then~”
  205. >His eyes go wide and his mouth hangs open like he can’t believe it’s happening, but then smirks
  206. >But before he can say anything you’re pried away by Velour who pushes Pervy away from you and wraps a hoof around you possessively, while Peachy grabs onto your coat with her hoof meekly
  207. >Pervy genuflects and starts to shed tears, muttering about how it’s not fair, Blushy petting his shoulder
  208. >You free yourself from the two
  209. “Hey now that’s not nice, look how sad you made Pervy, he might be perverted but he’s a good...he’s a friend”
  210. >He lifts up his head and nods while Blushy rolls his eyes
  211. >And then you give his nose a gentle little kiss, making Velour open up her mouth and stare in shock like she was screeee-ing internally and Peachy cover her face with her hooves, embarrassed at what she just witnessed
  212. >You pet Pervy’s head who looks like he’s trying to do a hard math homework
  213. >” but them and...”
  214. >Blushy tries to slap some sense into his friend, but that only makes him let out a moan that make Blushy take a few steps away from Pervy
  215. >You go back to your friends, Velour glaring daggers at you and Peachy refusing to look at you, her mouth in a scrunch
  216. >You give them both a nuzzle
  217. >Peachy’s wings pomf open and now Velour has a light blush on her cheeks while glaring and scrunching at you
  218. “I was thinking about things you two, and you fillies know we’re three rather stunning, cute and beautiful gals aren’t we?”
  219. >Velour raises an eyebrow
  220. >”I know I am and Peachy is, but you’re just easy”
  221. >Peachy scrunches
  222. >”D-don’t call her easy...she’s not easy...even if she does lewd things easily...b-but it’s different...somehow?”
  223. >Your smile falters for a brief second
  224. “What I mean is that we three do love each other very much”
  225. >You blush and let out an embarrassed cough
  226. “And we should not keep ourselves too much to each other, not like date other ponies but you know...we could include other ponies into having, you know, special fun with us...”
  227. >Peachy’s wings are so erect you fear they might pop off, and Velour is covering her mouth with her hoof, trying to hide her bewilderment
  228. “Because, you know, rubbing things together is fun and stuff but sometimes you might want to get rubbed on the inside with the proper...tool...”
  229. >Velour collects herself enough to speak again
  230. >”Just admit it, you want to suck a bunch of willies on the side while having us two”
  231. >You shake your head
  232. “I was thinking more like sucking willies together with you two, while not having to fear one of us might go along with the willy afterwards”
  233. >”You know...I like that arrangement”
  234. >Huh, that was easy
  235. “You do?”
  236. >You stare at Velvet who nods, having a look on her face that is usually found on yours
  237. >”Yeah...and look, there’s two willies right there, come Peachy let’s try it out~”
  238. >Peachy blushes crimson but nods weakly
  239. >”Y-yeah...”
  240. >Then Velour looks at you as Pervy and Blushy are both stare at one another in disbelief
  241. >”But oh no, there’s only two willies here...I guess that’s one for Peachy and one for me...but don’t worry Tulip, we won’t start dating these willies instead of you so there’s nothing to worry about, we’ll just use them as living replacements for rubber dongs and have a little taste~”
  242. >They start to walk off, dragging Pervy and Blushy along with them while you roll your eyes
  243. “Go right ahead, I won’t worry, in fact I’ll grab a willy for myself and join you”
  244. >You turn around, waiting for them to eventually come back, you know they’re just joking and probably trying to make you get all embarrassed and clingy if you fell for their obvious joke, a payback for getting touchy with Pervy earlier
  245. >...any second now...
  246. >You glance behind yourself and find them gone
  247. >And you start flying in the direction you think they went while shouting
  249. >And as such, life goes on as it always has in the batty town of Hollow Shades
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