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  1. Elsa smiled as she put Kida down on a small chair she positioned in the courtyard, “Just watch and enjoy my beloved.” She turned where she stood and closed her eyes so she could focus. Elsa re-envisioned her project once more, having made this once before, so it wasn’t hard to remember the creation. Once she did she reached out and began swirling her fingers, guiding snow and ice as she was making a small building in the courtyard. She finished it in no time having reformed a stage, beautifully sculpted and formed. It was in no way plain, adorned with the designs of her home land , mixed in with snowflakes of course, even had an ice curtain to keep the stage hidden and a small shell design to help sound echo out and reach the ears of all in the castle, Elsa would flick her wrist and caused the curtain to close. [c]
  2. With a smile she would then go behind the stage, and disappear for a few moments. It wasn’t long before her silhouette would be visible to any and all paying attention with Kida. Using a bit of magic and technology she had to figure out again, having to reread that book, she wired up a speaker system into stage, the song playing was ‘I’ll make love to you’ by a band named Boyz 2 Men, something she heard and decided to try this out the first time, and wanted to reuse it now for Kida. Elsa took a deep breath and sighed, more than nervous then last time because she KNEW someone was watching her now but she really wanted to do this. [c]
  4. The curtains drew back and revealed Elsa standing onstage before Kida and anyone who decided to come watch, wearing that infamous blue gown she wore, only it was now shorter coming to her ankles and not so long. She would smile, stealing a glance down to Kida for a moment, before she took a deep breath and began to sing, making sure to put real emotion into it, no faking as that would just sour the performance. “Close your eyes, make a wish and blow out the candlelight for tonight is just your night, we're gonna celebrate, all thru the night.” She had no microphone on her, for a good reason, thankfully she thought to give that shell design so she could sing to this and the music off the speakers didn’t drown her out as she had found a good balance from her first performance sometime ago. [c]
  6. As Elsa finished up the second verse and began the course she would roll her hips, a slow seductive motion, letting her hands run up her body. Going from her thighs, which hiked her dress a bit to show off the snowy designed stockings she had slipped on behind stage. When she would bring her hands down, she would reach down and undo the sash holding her skirt up so she could throw it to the side and stand before the crowd in just her corset, panties, and stockings all matching in her blue color with snowflakes adorning each article. Not one to stop something she started, Elsa continued the song and continued to seductively sway her hips and body for Kida. “I aint got nowhere to go, I’m just gonna concentrate on you.” [c]
  8. Mid verse she turned and showed off that toned and fine ass she had, spreading out her legs to dip down as she enunciated ‘concentrate’ and show that camel toe to Kida and any close enough to look up. They couldn’t see the ties of her corset loosening up as she continued on. “Girl are you ready, it’s gonna be a long night.” She would go to her knees, and open her corset up and threw it to the floor, a soft blue bra on underneath, the same familiar design thanks to the beauty of magically made clothing. “Throw your cloths, on the floor. I’m gonna take my clothes off too.” She had such a blush as she began lifting herself up with her magic, forming a platform under her hand to lift and dispelling it once she was on her feet. “I made plans to be with you. [c]
  10. Girl whatever you ask me, you know I could do.” She would continue that passionate singing as she created a pole onstage, letting her long platinum blonde locks out of her braid as she gently grasped the pole. A light twirl that would put her legs cross the bottom of the pole. Bucking her hips up as she sang on, a few lines in she would lift herself up slowly, each rise of her hips bringing her thighs up, grip then up the pole of ice she went.  She would twirl and slowly slide down the pole, letting go as she began the spin and decent, to remove her bra and throw that clean off the stage, throwing it on Kida’s lap. Two more times through the chorus to go. [c]
  12. As Elsa sung through she put her back to the pole, bending her knees and closing her eyes, putting the most seductive look on her face that she could, one hand up gripping tight to the pole so she wouldn’t fall. The other down, playfully running over her thigh, her fingers very close to her moistening folds, but no touching! She would lift herself up right and wrap her arms around herself, as if embracing someone in her mind. She swung her hips and would dip herself down, slowly lowering herself as her hands traced down her body. Her panties finally down and off before she started the last course. [c]
  14. Her soft pale body on full display now, her hairless crotch and full bust, every curve, and she found some bravery that the hard part was over and sung her heart out in that last chorus with her body on full display, she made sure to continue to sway her body in a seductive tone to match the close of the song. When it finally came to a close Elsa would take a breath and smile. Elsa gave a light bow and a loving wink to Kida, as she drew the curtains down and quickly went behind the stage to go get dressed once more. [e]
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