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  1. The rules are simple:
  2. 1. Don't be annoying.
  3. 2. No griefing.
  4. 3. Swearing is allowed, as long as it isn't insulting one of our own.
  5. 4. It is recommended to join the voice chat here once you join the SMP.
  6. 5. No exploits. (Pumping lava from the nether to generate power is allowed.)
  7. 6. You have the right to kill ONLY when someone else goes into your territory, which you have marked with four quartz blocks on each side of your territory.
  8. 7. Your territory can only be  10 blocks bigger than your house or other builds you have made.
  9. 8. No spamming.
  10. 9. Advanced Genetics blood may only be shared between your team.
  11. 10. No alliances.
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