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  1. The beginning...
  3. Before the announcements came on, Katakuri already noticed that you couldn't log out of this game. He popped in fifteen minutes before dinner to 'Test it out'; he should have listened to his mother. She nagged him for hours before he was able to finally get into the game, she delayed this horrible fate of his, and he still jumped in head first.
  5. After the announcements
  7. Katakuri's chest kept aching, it felt like hundreds of pounds came down on him after the hysteria died down from the announcements that explained why everyone couldn't log out and other details. You can actually die here... That thought kept running through his mind like a roller-coaster, he felt like throwing up, and he was a complete loss when it came to words.
  9. Everyone is trapped here...
  10. I'm trapped here...
  11. What is my mother going to think? My father...
  12. ...who is going to watch after my little siblings?
  14. At this point in time, Katakuri wanted to be in denial, in a dream, or somewhere other than this place. His thoughts were dragging him into tar-ridden depths of darkness. A shiver went through him real quickly, and he kept rubbing at his non-dominant arm. Trying to sooth himself down; anxiety was undoing his buttons and if he kept thinking helplessly -- He soon was going to be weakened and helpless...
  15. Three days later
  19. Days have past since the announcements went off, hysteria died down, and a majority of others were on their way to get to the front-lines and beat the game. Kata decided that he needed to join the level grinding and make his way up the ranks as well.
  23. "I don't want to stay here in this starter town for the rest of my life." Those words were going to stick with him; he didn't want anybody being trapped in this game for the rest of their lives.
  25. Making his way over to the quest boards and other areas were you can communicate with NPCs and other characters, Kata didn't realize the individual was talking to him, "You there! Stop, please!" A man approaches you with long, purposeful strides.
  29. Continuing his walking, he was stopped by a man who stepped right in front of him, "Pardon me, but I am in need of some assistance, and you appear quite capable." Giving the NPC your attention, he heaves a quick sigh, adjusting the monocle over his right eye. "My name is Dorian, and I am the mayor of this town. As part of those mayoral duties, I issued a small loan to a member of the community a few months ago. Well, the time to collect had come around and I-" Flustered, Dorian systematically runs his fingers over his perfect mustache. "You see, I've forgotten who it was I loaned the money to. Terribly embarrassing, I know, but I am a very busy man, and I cannot keep track of everything that happens. I'm sure you understand." With a wave of his hand, Dorian continues, "Should you be willing to track down the loan recipient for me, and collect the col, I would be eternally grateful. Just, maybe don't let anyone else know I forgot who the loan went to?"
  33. Standing there with nothing much to say, Kata blinked at the individual a few times, "I forgot how pushy NPCs can be...", whispering under his breath before giving the NPC a smile. The young man understood that he needed to start somewhere and he was in the right place when it came to talking to this guy, he hoped.
  37. Rubbing the back of his neck and looking around before giving the NPC a little more of his attention, nodding his head yes while speaking in a softer voice, "Yeah, I don't mind tracking down the loan recipient for you... Shouldn't be that hard, right?" The questioning at the end was more for Kata himself than questioning the NPC.
  39. Upon acceptance of the quest, Dorian nods. "Excellent, I knew I could count on you! You might start with Zackariah, the alchemist. He's often doing projects for the town, so it may have been him that borrowed the money."
  42. NPCs were always weird in Katakuri's eyes, since they only would catch half of what you said because they were only programmed for yes and no answers most of the time, "Zackariah the Alchemist? Alright... I'll start there and -" without much other to say. Kata felt like he blinked and the older man was gone from his sight, "...uhm...Okay, see you later, I guess?" With the information to find Zackariah the alchemist, the young half blood decided to continue from there without much direction.
  43. Continuing through the beginning city of SAO, Kata decided to ask a few other people and NPCs to find his way to Zackariah's shop. This took a few good tries before he found the location where this NPC should be wandering around. Looking at the door and both ways down the street before entering. From the outside to the inside a completely different atmosphere took place. Dozens of shelves with color potions in various types of glasses sat everywhere, “Oh, hello," comes the distracted greeting from behind the counter. A man with a long, snow-white beard glances up from a bubbling cup of sweet-smelling purple liquid. "Are you here to order something? I’m sorry, but I am currently swamped with orders, and I’m running out of supplies.” Light comes into the man's dark eyes, a lightbulb going off to signify a brilliant idea. “Would you gather a few materials for me? Flowers, herbs, rare woods, whatever you can find outside the city walls. I promise I’ll help you fill your order as soon as you return. In fact, I would be willing to show you how to do it yourself.”
  46. Standing there with the man almost shewing him away to the older gentleman decided it would be a good idea to have Kata help him out. The naturally light-red headed man nodded, "That sounds easy enough. I can go do that for you." Kata spoke while walking up to the counter to get closer to the man. Something hit him like an invisible way, he was here for a specific task, but he felt like he wasn't going to get that information out of the individual without helping him first.
  47. Instantly asking about money, collecting it, and leaving while the man in front of him was asking for help and understandably was overthrown with work to do; Kata didn't mind taking time out of his day and helping him out a bit. He felt like it would be rude if he only came for the money and left. This would help him figure stuff out too.
  51. Looking towards the door and back to Zackariah, Katakuri decided to make his way out towards the edges of the town and start gathering before the day disappeared on him. Never being outside of the city walls since getting stuck in the game, the male was cautious at first. He didn't know what would be awaiting for him outside the city walls when he went to get herbs and different type of materials for the alchemist.
  53. This first quest was going to be an adventure and learning experience for sure.
  55. Upon reaching the land outside of the city walls, Kata looked back at the walls with an unsure look in his eyes. All of this was new and he was still getting over the mental trauma this game caused him. A mental overload that took him three whole days to get over, and he knew he wasn't even fully over it. Breathing in deeply while closing his eyes, he thought for a moment before opening his eyes and walking towards the forest.
  56. He would consider himself safe for now, not equipping his weapon or armor for this quest, but he had it in his characters inventory -- His inventory. I am my character..., a cold chill went down his spine when he thought about how he was officially his character. Everything his character was going to experience was exactly what he was going through.
  58. "It's not a game anymore." The words slipped out of his mouth before he felt his face twitch at the thought and an overwhelming feeling hit the middle of his chest and liquid started to cause his eyes to become a little blurry, "Dammit..." Whispering before taking the back of his sleeve and wiping the liquid away before he started to cry.
  60. The thing that overwhelmed him the most was thinking about his little siblings, he wanted to see them again, and he was rude to them before he got trapped into this game. The last thing he said to the little group was, "You brats better not sneak in my room and destroy my new system. Remember what you all did to my last system?" , before he jumped into the game.
  62. Going over to the forest, he knew that Zackariah seemed to want herbs and rare materials of some kind to use somehow. Getting on his knees, Kata started to search through the flowers, weeds, and what he thought was herbs. Trying to find something that looked appealing and would help out the alchemist somehow.
  63. Searching through the brush of different plants a specific plant began to glow. Kata smiled when the plant began to stick out from the others like a sore thumb, "This is exactly what I need." Moving over to the item, he harvested it up, and seemed to be proud of himself. A quest pop-up seemed to notify him once the material was in his inventory.
  67. One of out five materials found!
  71. Standing up, Katakuri kept looking around. It was funny how all the vegetation seemed to be the same till you succeeded in finding something that was collectable and usable for the quest. Walking a few feet, he decided to look a little deeper into the forest. Being right on the edge was probably not very helpful, but he was new at this -- He was going to learn the easy or hard way, and he was up for that type of challenge.
  75. Getting back on his knees and searching again, he could only think about his family. Even this quest was letting his mind become distracted. Katakuri began to hum an Asian lullaby that his mother use to sing to him when he needed help going to bed when he was young. It was a calming and secure sense when he began to hum...
  79. Searching for more materials to complete the quest for Zackariah and the older gentleman Dorian. Those NPCs seemed to be very well thought through, it made him glad that he picked the game, but he was sad at the same time. Being trapped here was a weird and conflicting feeling.
  80. This plant seemed to glow brighter than the last, he might be getting better at this, or he is experiencing beginners luck. Kata felt like he was experiencing beginners luck with this first quest. Being able to find the different materials that Zackariah needed, hopefully his luck wasn't going to run out on this quest, but he understood that he could be doing this task till the sunsets.
  84. Glancing back out of the forest, Katakuri seemed to have a content expression even though a little bit of liquid was stuck on the edge of his left bottom eyelid. Blinking caused the tear to roll down his cheek while he gave the herb his attention before gathering it. A second material gained, found, and accomplished. "Three more to go."
  88. Continuing the lullaby humming, he glanced up when the pop-up flashed before his eyes, Two out of five materials found!, and he decided to stay in the same spot this time. Ruffling through the grass, weeds, and fallen leaves, Katakuri was enjoying his time in the forest. Nature was a natural relaxation spot for him even out of the game and how beautifully built the game was. One couldn't just ignore the talent that was put into such a high-visual platform like this one.
  89. Searching through the different types of brush, a sharp pain went through Katakuri's left hand, his dominant hand, and he took it back quickly. Putting the finger that was in pain in his mouth, a muffled, "Ow...", left his mouth before he looked at his hand. Noticing that there was no wound or blood to go along with the sharp pain caused a brow to be raised, "Weird... I can feel it but nothing shows?"
  91. They must have wanted this game somehow to fit into the PG 13 section of life, but everyone was stuck in the game, and Katakuri felt like that was past a point of needing age restrictions. People could literally lose their lives in this game if anything kills them in game.
  95. Shaking his head, he went to collect the third material with a smile on his face. This one seemed to have thorns, but he didn't know what type of plant it was. It didn't look like a rose and that was the only flower/plant that he knew had thorns. Harvesting the third material, a third pop-up came onto the screen, Three out of five materials found! Almost there!
  99. Sitting down, Katakuri looked around and checked back to the sky to see what time of day it was. It seemed to be the middle of the day so far. He was used to waking up in the morning, so he didn't doubt that night was while away.
  101. Thinking about the past three days, he wondered how many people have done this quest already, and how late he should consider himself into the game's progress.
  103. Katakuri began to search for more materials knowing that he had two more to find before going back to Zackariah.
  104. Sighing, he decided the best thing would be for him to continue with the quest, so he could finish it. Leveling, ranking, and building onto his characters stats would be the best outcome for him right now. Throughout the past few days, he has met a few people that plan to stay in safe places and let everyone else do the work.
  106. This behavior might have caused him to finally go outside of the wall and get to work -- That's exactly what his plan was to do, get to work, and help the people on the front-lines.
  109. The biggest question right now after gathering his third material was if he could somehow go into the settings while stuck in the game and turn off the notifications for the quests. He didn't feel like it was annoying right now, but he didn't want the pop-up to pop-up every single time he gathered a material especially not knowing how long he was going to be stuck in this game.
  113. Nodding his head to the thought, he would keep that in mind for when he was back in the walls of the starter city and could scroll through his settings without much worry. He didn't exactly know the grounds he was in and if somebody could randomly attack him or not. There was word already in the starter city that people were attacking others, becoming monsters, and they understood that it killed those players outside of the game too.
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  116. The longer everyone was stuck in here, people's true colors would be exposed, and he has already seen some interesting behavior without being in here too long. As long as everyone else that is, "This will be one interesting experience."
  122. Looking for more materials, he felt confident in himself to get this first quest out of the way. Already another plant was glowing for him to harvest and he reached for it, carefully, since he got poked last time. Katakuri still thought it was interesting that he could feel the pain but no physical imagery was to be found around the wound.
  126. Storing the fourth material into his inventory caused another pop-up to happen, Four out of five materials found!! One more to go!, this pop-up caused a small smile to appear on his face. Four out of five, he was definitely lucky for this first quest. He began searching for the last material he needed before he had to head back to Zackariah.
  127. After a few minutes of searching in the same area, Katakuri stood up and looked around. Considering that he might have used that spot up, he moved a bit away from the spot to give himself a fresh start in another area. He only needed one more material for this errand to be over and he was determined to find the materials for Zackariah.
  129. Growing up with a ton of younger siblings definitely could make somebody a natural helper, Katakuri was a helper when it came down to it. He enjoyed helping people out and he would feel kind of bad or guilty in some way if he rejected somebody in need.
  133. Looking back at the spot he was just at, he understood that there was probably no more materials in that general area and that's the reason he spent a few more minutes searching without any success. Walking around the forest in consideration, he found a heavily vegetated area, "This looks like a decent spot to find something." Katakuri had a strong habit of talking to himself, was it bad? Was it good? He, himself didn't truly know the answer to it, but he enjoyed talking out loud to himself.
  137. Getting on his knees once again, he started searching for something that would appear as a harvest-able item.
  138. The last material that was needed for Zackariah started to glow and caught Kata's attention right away, "Awesome!" This was exciting, all the materials were finally found for this errand of his. Gathering it up quickly, storing it into his inventory, and standing up even before the pop-up went to congratulate him for finding all the materials, Five out of five items found! Congratulations, Katakuri!
  142. A smile was on his face while he read the little pop-up, "I am definitely turning that off when I have time." Even though it was a fun little thing to have on, he knew that it would definitely annoy him in the future. Turning around and looking back at the starter city, Katakuri went to making his way back to Zackariah.
  144. He wondered if the old alchemist had any other tasks for him or not and at this point, Kata would be accepting pretty much anything that will help him gain experience with using the game.
  146. Stretching up to the sky after getting up and making his way back to Zackariah. Katakuri wondered if the old alchemist would have anything else for him to do when he got back to the shop. Zackariah said he was swamped and this new player didn't mind at all when it comes to helping, so he might ask if nothing instantly shows up.
  147. Making his way through the city and back to the shop, upon entrance he was greeted by Zackariah and ended up giving him the materials. Zackariah ended up explaining that he wanted Katakuri to make a potion of uncommon or higher quality to complete this part of the quest. Nodding his head in acceptance, he went over to the station that the elder accompanied him too.
  151. Looking at all the items that he could choose from, Katakuri glanced back at the alchemist with an unsure look in his eyes, "Mhm...", looking around the table that had all the fresh and dried herbs on it. Katakuri slowly went for different materials and tried to begin the process of making a potion of healing.
  155. While taking his sweet time, Katakuri finally eased up and decided to go right into trying to create this healing potion without too much worry. Zackariah explained that he had plenty of materials that Katakuri could work with which helped the newbie not worry as much. Though it made him question Zackariah on how busy this alchemist actually was.
  156. Out of his first attempt bubbles started to rise up and before he knew it, the bubbles exploded everywhere, and a greenish-goo was left behind from the occurrence. This explosion made Katakuri jump a little and look at himself a bit worried, "Ah! I'm sorry--", before he could finish his sentence, he noticed that Zackariah was laughing.
  158. Instantly relieved that he got the old alchemist laughing instead of yelling caused Katakuri to begin to laugh too, "I have never done this before." He pointed out while rubbing the back of his neck with slightly pinked cheeks of embarrassment.
  162. "I can tell!" Zackariah finished his chuckling and gave Katakuri a smile before reassuring the young Irish blood, "You're doing fine. Try again!"
  166. Turning back to the alchemy station, Katakuri went straight back to trying again to make this uncommon healing potion. There couldn't be too bad of side affects from having random failed potions explode all over you, is there? This thought made the young man think again before he randomly started putting materials together. Looking over at the different potions and even some tips that could be seen around the game. Carefully, he began to construct another mixture.
  167. Katakuri seemed to not know what to do when the mixture didn't turn into explosive bubbles. Glancing back at Zackariah for a tip or two, "I think I did it?" The male wasn't fully sure if he did it right or not. He needed a little guidance at this point and he didn't know what vial he should put the mixture into if it turned out good at all.
  169. Zackariah noticed that Katakuri was lost in the situation and came over to help. Picking out a vial for him and helping the young man transfer the liquid into that vial. After successfully crafting the potions, Zackariah holds them up, examining Katakuri's work. "You did a fantastic job," he finally declares, offering him the items.
  171. Katakuri seemed confused at first yet accepted the health potion, "Thank you." He didn't realize he was going to get a free item out of this task. Looking at his first ever crafted item, he smiled, and would consider himself somewhat proud. Distracted for a moment or two before hearing the alchemist say...
  172. "Now, was there anything else?"
  176. "Yeah! There is." Katakuri turned to the NPC Zackariah and approached him to be closer before he explained what he was here, "Dorian sent me here to collect the col that he loaned you."
  180. Zackariah chuckles and shakes his head. "Leave it to Dorian to forget something so important. No, I'm afraid it wasn't me that borrowed the col. You might try Lyle, the blacksmith. I've seen him talking with the mayor frequently the past month or so, and he's just up the road. I wish you luck!"
  184. The response that Zackariah offered Katakuri seemed to surprise him a little, Is this Dorian guy sending me on a wild goose chase?, he thought before answering to the alchemist. "I got to go find Lyle, the blacksmith?", questioning that he was put on a wild goose chase this might be the starting story path that you get sent on to experience different parts of the game.
  186. "Thank you, Zackariah! I'll go find Lyle then." With those words, Katakuri found himself outside of the alchemists shop and ready to start his adventure to Lyle's blacksmith shop to figure out if he was the one that took the loan from the Mayor or not.
  187. On the way to Lyle's blacksmith shop, Katakuri decided to take a seat on one of the bench's to figure out what the notification that was going off on his side bars was. This notification was dinging and he was curious enough to look into it. Opening it up, the distraction seemed to lead him into his inventory and wanted to show him the items that he gained from the experience, "Oh! cool!"
  189. Being able to go outside the starter city and being able to gather materials was an enjoyable thing to do. Even having bubbles form and explode on him when he was making a potion for the first time, it was funny, and a memory that he would enjoy later.
  191. Looking through the new items in his inventory, he noticed a variety of different potions, more col, and two other notification spots. One was explaining that he unlocked the Second Lesson, which he felt it was safe to assume that the second lesson quest was going to include the blacksmith, Lyle. The second notification was explaining how he gained four-hundred and fifty experience points.
  192. Looking at the list of different potions that he received, Katakuri was pretty happy with himself when it came to the first completion of his quest. Sitting back and relaxing on the bench while he read about the different potions in his inventory, he remembered that he needed to turn off the random pop-ups that he would get while collecting materials or gaining something in his inventory.
  196. Exiting out of his inventory space, he went towards the settings option and looked at a few things before finding settings that dealt with the player in game. It took him a few minutes before he found the different notification types and was able to turn the one off for placing things into the inventory. "There that should stop that notification from going off." Exiting out of all the different screens he had opened, he looked around, and decided he probably shouldn't hangout on a bench all night.
  198. Before getting up from the bench, he decided to go back into his main menu and take a look at the log out button. I wonder if people don't care to go back to the real world, he had many different questions running through his mind while looking at that button. He has done this for the past three days, stare, hope, and do practically nothing.
  199. Slowly, Katakuri went to press the button but before he placed his finger onto it, he exited his main menu and inhaled sharply at the thoughts running through his head. Why was it so frustrating to know that he couldn't log out of the game? He loved games before he got stuck into one. Maybe it is because he learned of the risks that the game held before him.
  203. Thinking about his family again this is the first time he became worried about himself, I wonder if they found me and put me in a hospital. That thought hit him harder than what he expected. Thinking about his mom finding him like that, his dad, and his siblings. All of them probably didn't understand the situation at all and his parents already hated games.
  207. How was he going to explain this to them once he got out of this, whatever it is.
  208. Katakuri decided that he would finish this day off with watching the sunset. Making his way out towards the gates, he passed the NPC guards and went through one of the city's many gates. Going over and sitting right outside of it, leaning up against the stone walls, and looking up at the sunset. It was a beautiful sunset, it almost made him feel like he wasn't even in a game when he stared at it, and he instantly relaxed from the view.
  210. The trees were beautiful, they even had a wind program which caused the vegetation to move and make sound. Closing his eyes to this in-game naturally beauty. His mind couldn't help think about everyone else's situations and what they might be feeling too. Sometimes he thought he cared a little too much about strangers and their fates, but he felt like it was right to do so. Worry about yourself and others, I want everyone to make it out of here... That was a sad thought since he knew there were people that fell victim to other players, NPCs, or even the monsters that were made up for this game.
  212. "I just hope I can stay alive for them..."
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