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  1. The Garden
  3. How peaceful can a backyard garden be?
  4. Many plants call this place their home
  5. And in the middle resides a rather mysterious tree
  6. Being watched over, guarded, by the unfazed gnome
  8. There are bugs there too, ants, spiders, and flies
  9. They live among this strange forest of lies
  10. For what's buried under such a pretty sheet of green
  11. Is quite the morbid, nasty scene
  13. Atop the soil there is common grass
  14. Many roses shoot up as well
  15. While from afar these plants seem quite crass
  16. though, in no store do their seeds sell
  18. One tranquil night a girl steps in
  19. Without knowing this garden of sin
  20. She sniffs the tulips, the marigolds and daisies
  21. and thinks it's her oases
  23. But the flowers, they turn!
  24. The plants seem to stare back,
  25. even the common silver fern,
  26. She's fallen into the garden's special surprise attack!
  28. The grass folds to trip her and binds her wrists
  29. She cannot fight though her hands were locked in fists
  30. Roots emerge to tie her legs,
  31. and bamboo strut out, impaling her feet like pegs.
  33. Ivy move in with leaves jagged and sharp
  34. with poison and swiftness it numbs and saws at her thighs
  35. As she so helplessly screams and cries
  36. To quiet the child leaves form a tarp
  38. Not only was she trapped and bound, but now also blind
  39. For the spores of fungi have began to hijack her mind
  40. She could still pain of her lower limbs coming off
  41. The plants intend to prepare her as their feeding trough
  43. As blood spills out the roses take notice
  44. The stems bend down to drink the crimson spirit
  45. As the excess flows into the pond, staining the lotus
  46. It's now long passed the time for the girl to fear it.
  48. Immobile now, since her legs are torn,
  49. she wonders what will happen to the rest her
  50. Then she feels it, on her left hip a thorn
  51. then another and another, piercing the fur.
  53. Like many bullets more arrive, thirsty is the rose
  54. to drink more of such a fine red wine
  55. She was quite nimble, though the rose thought it was fine
  56. They'll drink her dry, from her head to her toes.
  58. She lets out yet more cries as her arms and bled limp
  59. Stinging with wounds all over, her mind goes blank
  60. She voice diminishes from cries to a whisper to the silence of an imp
  61. And now all that's left is a fresh flesh plank.
  63. The old tree smashes her remains to a fine powder
  64. Maybe he will save it to make some nice human chowder
  65. But he must hurry, since morning is nigh
  66. For if anyone saw this mess not even a bird could fly.
  68. Her cloths and bones sink into the earth
  69. Just like many other victims, she failed to flee
  70. Perhaps will she learn, in her next birth?
  71. How peaceful can a backyard garden be?
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