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  1. 2x Chronovisor Heritage
  2. 2x Metapulsar, Avenir Phoenix
  3. 2x Metapulsar, Split Pegasus
  4. 4x Chronodragon Gearnext
  5. 1x Air Element, Sebreeze
  6. 1x Interdimensional Dragon, Heteroround Dragon
  7. 1x Highbrow Steam, Raphanna
  8. 2x Pulsar Saver, Ilishu
  9. 1x Time Maiden of Eternity, Uluru
  11. 4x Chronojet Dragon Z
  12. 3x Chronojet Dragon G
  13. 4x Pulsar, Crushing Dragon
  14. 4x Pulsar, Metal Party Dragon
  15. 2x Steam Mechanic, Rebu
  16. 4x Pulsar, Transit Dragon
  17. 4x Pulsar, Merry Block Dragon
  18. 4x Pulsar, Revolver Bracekid
  19. 4x pulsar, Hypnosis Sheep
  20. 4x Chronomedical Hamster
  21. 2x Pulsar, Bombard Dog
  22. 1x Chrono Dran Z
  23. 4x Steam Bomber, Digul
  24. 2x Ring Ring Worker
  25. 4x Steam Guard, Kastilia
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