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Jan 10th, 2012
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  1. It's about 90 degrees outside right now...
  2. hotter at the dead of winter than the hottest day last summer...
  3.'s the end of the world and these bitches still don't wanna fuck me???? !! ?
  5. and I'm DREAMY looking... with a kung fu body and the most beutiful 7.65 inch penis on earth.
  7. What the fuck is?
  8. ..and who wants to buy drugs or weapons?
  10. I hope I wind up at the door of "The Arc"....
  11. be like... "wanna fuck me? ... bitch, die."
  12. "next."
  13. [o;-P
  15. Also.. you fux didn't save me from a brown bag christmas. Any of you could. Fucking assholes.
  19. ************ *************
  20. Happy Holidays from The Magizian Underground!
  22. Dear Santa, God, Jesus, or Secret Santa,
  23. All I want for christmas is a slush fund so I don't having to continuously suffer for making the world a better place.
  25. Account Owner: Hunter Barnes
  26. Bank Name: GE Money Bank
  27. ABA Routing Number: 124085024
  28. Account Number: 186028777578
  29. Type of Account: Checking
  31. * My account can only accept electronic transfers of up to $999
  32. ** ok, I also want a hot girlfriend
  34. Since I don't actually have a God, or a Santa, or anyone that actually loves/cares for me...
  35. can be that..
  36. can save me from yet another miserable brown bag christmas..
  37. you wanna?
  39. Seriously, be my God/Santa/Secret Santa...
  40. ...or if your a hot sexy single datable female that doesn't find me horribly repulsive, DATE ME.
  42. Hunter Reon Barnes
  43. The Magizian
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