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  1. flybyToday at 8:45 AM
  2. so like ProphetStorm is on your server and he is the guy who started all that shit with me a month ago when I got upset that night
  4. AdeodatusToday at 12:54 PM
  5. Which time love? I heard two different ones?
  7. flybyToday at 2:02 PM
  8. the lust one he is the one who caused it
  10. AdeodatusToday at 2:02 PM
  11. He won't be causing issues here.
  13. flybyToday at 2:02 PM
  14. yea because I wont be around him
  16. AdeodatusToday at 2:02 PM
  17. If he does then he will get punished for it
  18. There are a lot of people in discord that don't like each other love. He is the one that brought up the catfish stuff in lust?
  20. flybyToday at 2:04 PM
  21. he didnt bring it up
  22. but he attacked me personaly for 3 hours
  24. AdeodatusToday at 2:04 PM
  25. Attacked you personally? I don't think I remember that part
  27. flybyToday at 2:05 PM
  28. in a DM
  30. AdeodatusToday at 2:05 PM
  31. About the catfish stuff or something else?
  33. flybyToday at 2:05 PM
  34. Ok so it all started the same way it did with Luci
  36. AdeodatusToday at 2:06 PM
  37. Yes
  39. flybyToday at 2:08 PM
  40. and I answered the questions and took it to a mod and prophet attacked me for 3 hours in a DM over it
  42. AdeodatusToday at 2:09 PM
  43. Thats stupid, I don't understand why he was even involved
  45. flybyToday at 2:10 PM
  46. He reserved searched about bunch of my public info also
  47. remember me saying someone had done that to me
  49. AdeodatusToday at 2:10 PM
  50. Yes you did
  52. flybyToday at 2:10 PM
  53. that was him
  55. AdeodatusToday at 2:11 PM
  56. I see. That shit is bannable here love.
  58. flybyToday at 2:12 PM
  59. and when I dropped my mod role I had been up for 24 hours and was being a stupid emotion female.
  60. emotional
  61. Id like to get my roles back of possible and I have logs off all of this ADeo
  62. flyby06/20/2019
  63. You dont have my reddit
  65. ProphetStorm06/20/2019
  66. I don't? Then who is (my reddit name)
  67. ProphetStorm06/20/2019
  68. Here's how you are gonna gain my full damn trust
  69. Show me a pic of you, with your ID in hand
  70. Show me this, and you will have my absolute trust
  71. You can even make me do something fucking stupid if ya want to prove me wrong
  73. flyby06/20/2019
  74. I dont have to show you anything I said no more
  75. Because at this point I decided you can shove your freindship about 20 mins ago
  77. AdeodatusToday at 2:15 PM
  78. Your emotions arent stupid for one. I am actually going to wait a few days love. I still want you to watch for things though. If I bring you back people might feel oh she has it and its back to the same.
  79. Yeah thats fucked and not his place.
  81. flybyToday at 2:15 PM
  82. pffft
  83. whatecver
  85. AdeodatusToday at 2:15 PM
  86. what?
  88. flybyToday at 2:16 PM
  89. I did nothing wrong
  91. AdeodatusToday at 2:16 PM
  92. Its not you doing anything wrong love. I am not punishing you
  94. flybyToday at 2:16 PM
  95. thats how that statement reads
  97. AdeodatusToday at 2:17 PM
  98. No, its not me punishing you. Its me not letting you be a crutch.
  100. flybyToday at 2:17 PM
  101. that makes no sense to me
  102. but fine
  104. AdeodatusToday at 2:18 PM
  105. Thank you love.
  106. I want you to be back in the position and helping but I also need the rest to be doing the same.
  108. flybyToday at 2:19 PM
  109. yea well good luck
  111. AdeodatusToday at 2:20 PM
  112. Love I have been trying to balance everyone. I even talked to gamo and cuddles last night. But I know you are upset.
  114. flybyToday at 2:24 PM
  115. why would I be upset?
  117. AdeodatusToday at 2:24 PM
  118. You just left the server
  120. flybyToday at 2:24 PM
  121. that i did
  123. AdeodatusToday at 2:24 PM
  124. Usually implies that there is a degree of being upset
  126. flybyToday at 2:25 PM
  127. well i wont be around someone who doxed me. Plus that reasoning you gave me showed that our multi hour conversation solved nothing personaly
  129. AdeodatusToday at 2:26 PM
  130. Wait what?
  132. flybyToday at 2:28 PM
  133. what I gathered you wont give me roles back because you want your staff to do there jobs and me being there stops them from doing it. So theres someone who doxed me in the server So I dont wanna be there anyways. So why not leave so i dont have to look at him and so your staff can do there job
  134. thats what I gathered
  136. AdeodatusToday at 2:28 PM
  137. Whats doxed?
  138. Honestly I like you. Block him and you don't have to see him
  140. flybyToday at 2:29 PM
  141. dox
  142. /däks/
  143. verbINFORMAL
  144. past tense: doxed; past participle: doxed
  145. search for and publish private or identifying information about (a particular individual) on the Internet, typically with malicious intent.
  147. AdeodatusToday at 2:30 PM
  148. Ooooh, thats the term for it
  150. flybyToday at 2:30 PM
  151. yes it is and he doxed me on 6/20
  153. AdeodatusToday at 2:31 PM
  154. Thats no good love. I know people do that a lot. Trust me elmo and them aren't coming back either. I passed it last night that they are perm ban
  156. flybyToday at 2:33 PM
  157. well thats why I left
  158. I wont be around him
  160. AdeodatusToday at 2:33 PM
  161. I understand love but I hope you know I would protect you.
  162. :purple_heart:
  164. flybyToday at 2:34 PM
  165. btw I know people that know
  166. you
  168. AdeodatusToday at 2:34 PM
  169. What do you mean?
  171. flybyToday at 2:35 PM
  172. Brightlego64Today at 2:33 PM
  173. I left a while ago, i dont like servers where mods give friends special treatment
  174. also more stuff
  176. AdeodatusToday at 2:35 PM
  177. I don't see how they know me
  178. Everyone appears to like to come up with ideas about me.
  180. flybyToday at 2:40 PM
  181. I have my own personal Ideas about you
  182. well not ideas I things I know from just talking
  184. AdeodatusToday at 2:46 PM
  185. I hope at least some are good
  187. flybyToday at 2:52 PM
  188. Well Your allowing someone who doxed me to stay on your server when i have more then enough proof in logs that he did. I dropped my mod roles last night because I was upset with you and how it seemed you where treating me like a child or that I was stupid. I asked for the back and low and behold your answer is the same type of answer that I quit for getting last night. thats just a 24 hour span of my thoughts on you. So you tell me
  189. That right there makes me understand that you dont want me around. So thats fine I shall go
  190. So with that being said this is something I cant work past at this point so lets just part ways here
  192. AdeodatusToday at 2:56 PM
  193. Love if I didn’t want you around why would I have talked to gamo and cuddles about us
  195. flybyToday at 2:57 PM
  196. But you want to keep a doxer in the server
  198. AdeodatusToday at 2:57 PM
  199. SS it for me love
  200. I am certainly in the shower
  202. flybyToday at 2:58 PM
  203. its done and over Im going back to princess Hideaway
  205. AdeodatusToday at 2:58 PM
  206. Okay
  207. You don’t even get that I can prejudge for past shit. If I did that everyone would be kicked from the server.
  208. I get what you are saying that it’s really fucked up and yeah I need to show the ss of it love.
  210. flybyToday at 3:03 PM
  211. why do you care now? the time to give a fuck was when I mentioned he doxed me.
  214. AdeodatusToday at 3:03 PM
  215. Can you give me some damn time?
  216. I have more shit then the internet on my plate
  218. flybyToday at 3:09 PM
  219. You got all the time in world now you wont hear from me
  220. later
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