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  1. it was that there was someone who just commit murder at my school and we were the only people there, as well as the person they'd just killed
  2. and I was there, behind them unnoticed and I was trying to think quick whether I should ask someone for help or try to handle it myself
  3. I came to a realization that there wasn't anyone else in school so I slapped the knife out of their hand and subdued them by sitting ontop of them
  4. and then a teacher just comes while the scene is unraveling infront of her and she pulls us both apart and I frantically explain the situation and the other student says "prove it. prove that I was the one who did it" and I pointed out that the blood was all over them, only faint spots have touched me somehow and I point at the camera that recorded everything and I say "that should be enough proof"
  5. then the teacher takes us to the camera room, and they don't look the slightest bit regretful or afraid but the complete opposite really
  6. they're grinnign
  7. and it makes me a bit worried, what if they tampered with something or what if that camera wasn't working
  8. so we're watching the footage, and instead of them, it's me who stabbed that student and I start choking
  9. and I'm very confused??? I'm fairly sure I didn't do anything other than put the knife down and subdue them
  10. but I fall to my knees and start crying because I know that nothing I would say could ease their suspicion of me, even if I did point out that there was something wrong I knew nobody would believe me in the end
  11. my teacher doesn't feel the least bit sympathetic for me which I guess would be understandable if you were accused of murder without any way out and an overwhelming amount of evidence used against you
  12. and she just pushes me forward while restraining me by my wrists incase I'd try to run or anything
  13. afterwards I just mutter "be careful" and she has this weird, unreadable but solemn expression on her face that I couldn't put my finger on, I looked back at her for a moment before she kept pushing
  14. and suddenly she loosens her grip and I hear a loud crash
  15. I look back and they actually got her as well
  16. then I woke up
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