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  1. Birth Name: Lúcio Correia dos Santos
  2. Nicknames: Lucio
  3. Morality/Alignment: Chaotic Good
  4. Class: Support
  5. Occupation: DJ, Freedom Fighter
  6. Affiliated with: Overwatch
  8. Physicality
  9. Sex: Male
  10. Gender: Male
  11. Age: 26
  12. Sexual Orientation: Straight
  13. Height: 5' 4"
  14. Weight: 112lbs.
  15. Ethnicity: Brazilian
  16. Voice: "I'm not hearing that noise - that's how ya get tinnitus!"
  17. Distinguishing Features: Dreadlocks, DJ visor, frog emblem on shirt, sonic amplifier, wall-riding skates
  18. Physical Description: Dark skin, lean yet muscular build, slight five-o'clock shadow, brilliant smile
  20. Abilities and Ults.
  21. Abilities:
  22. Wall Ride - allows Lucio to skate across any surface given sufficient grip and appropriate momentum, although the skates inherently adhere to most adjacent surfaces
  23. Soundwave - lets Lucio release a blast of sound to deal concussive knockback using his weapon
  24. Synaethesia Auditiva - Lucio naturally exudes his soundtrack that either motivates allies to speed up movements or accelerate natural recovery, he can switch between effects at will
  25. Amp it Up - temporarily boosts the range and effects of Lucio's music
  26. Ultimate: Sound Barrier - projects temporary shields that rapidly decay for all allies within 30 meters
  28. Equipment: Sonic Amplifier, Wall Ride Skates, Virtual DJ turntable set
  29. Physical Weaknesses: Weaker compared to most Overwatch heroes physically, unlikely to win via direct assault
  30. Mental/Emotional Weaknesses: Overly positive, unless Vishkar is mentioned, with whom he has a deep-seated grudge that threatens to overwrite his positive demeanor
  31. Personality and Relationships:
  32. - Good friends with various Overwatch members, including Tracer, Reinhardt, Winston
  33. - Best buddies with D.Va, watches her streams, and she's a fan of his music
  34. - Close acquaintances with Efi and Orisa from Numbani, also fans of his music
  35. - Rivals/Archenemies/Secretly concerned for Symmetra? To be confirmed...
  36. Habits/Quirks: Doesn't seem capable of sitting still. Enjoys being in the limelight. Frequent traveler, avid sportsman in soccer and hockey
  37. Fears: Seeing people he loves lose everything, people enslaved or discriminated against
  38. Traits: Optimistic to a fault, and easy to get along with. Mentioning Vishkar is a huge berserk button, and he's sworn revenge against them to an obsessive degree
  39. Motivation: To bring happiness and unite the world for greater causes through music; bringing down Vishkar
  40. Family: Father (deceased)
  41. Past: One of many poor inhabitants in the slums of Brazil, Lucio's father was an accomplished scientist who worked on sonic technology for Vishkar. Between Vishkar's takeover of his hometown and patenting his father's technology, leaving his father destitute and a ruined man, Lucio has plotted Vishkar's downfall ever since. He has turned his efforts towards positive activism and never forgot his roots among the children of the favela, often making it a point to visit them even while on his global music tours. Whether or not his affiliation with Overwatch is merely a means to get closer to Vishkar's inner circle through their investigations is anyone's guess.
  42. Theme Song: We Move Together As One
  44. Roleplay Sample:
  45. "Hmph! Check yourselves!" With a simple tap of his headphones, the green aura pulsating around Lucio intensified, carrying him further down the snow-strewn slope as he pumped his fist in delight. Conversely, Tracer was forced to rewind time before the sled she and Emily were on crashed into a tree - it was a move in the nick of time, but cost precious seconds nonetheless as the Brazilian musician reached the bottom of the incline first. "Looks like I win this round, girls," Lucio declared confidently, kicking up his board with an expert flourish.
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