MGE Side III Melty Fruit

Jun 5th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Melty Fruit
  2. There are many kinds of crops grown in the Spirit Fields, but one that can only be seen in Mira is this Melty Fruit♪
  3. It’s very similar to Melting Vegetables... You can think of it as Mira’s unique subspecies, with a different appearance and taste♪ Ta-daa! Actually, I have a jar of melty fruit with me right now♪ Ufufu, here, have some♪
  5. They have a strange shape, don’t they? They wobble about like gelatin, but their shape can actually slightly change depending on how they’re grown♪
  6. The Spirit Fields that grow melty fruit have a large amount of water put in them... Hm~, or rather, instead of being paddy fields, they’re more like shallow little reservoirs♪
  7. The water in them is very clear, so you can clearly see what is going on in the water from the outside.
  8. The seeds and seedlings of melty fruit float in water, and if left floating, they will grow down into the water instead of above it, and bear a lot of fruit♪
  9. Oh, you can try and take them out of the jar♪ While it’s difficult for melting vegetables to keep their shape, melty fruits are grown in Undine water, and also have a Gnome’s “moist and hard” properties, so when you hold them in your hands, they just jiggle around and hold their shape♪ Fufu, what do you think? It’s so charming and pretty that it’s almost a shame to eat it, don’t you think♥
  11. And you know what, one fruit on its own looks beautiful, but the paddy fields where the melty fruits are grown is so much, much, more suuuuper pretty! When they receive sunlight from outside, the many melty fruits in the water shine just like jewels... It’s like a fairy-tale world where coral spreads out in the water, and that coral is growing jewels, and that scenery captivates the hearts of many people♪ Some people who visit Mira admire the Spirit Fields growing these melty fruits, and want to grow their own...! It seems some people have even decided to live here permanently♪
  13. Oh, ufu, ufufu♪ What do you think? Was it jiggly like jelly, and taste crisp? Good♥
  14. Not only do they look great, they’re also very popular for their refreshing sweetness that spreads a cool sensation throughout your body, just like when drinking fresh water, and, of course, since they’re a fruit of the monster realm... they also have a wonderful effect♪
  15. It’s okay, don’t looks so startled♪ Melty fruit will thicken the eater’s resistance to monster mana, and with the Gnome’s mana, they become fertile ground to receive even more monster mana, that is, the body will try to accept even more monster mana... It also has the dual effect of giving you a strong appetite for monster mana♪
  16. To summarize, let’s say someone eats monster realm cooking that turns the person eating it lewd.
  17. If a non-lewd person eats it, they’ll turn super lewd, so it seems quite effective, right?
  18. However, if a monster, who is lewd to begin with, eats it, it will seem less effective even though they act just as naughty, right?
  19. Those that have eaten a melty fruit will feel the same way, and in addition to their body accepting lots of the monster mana from the monster realm cuisine, they somehow get the delusion that “The monster mana isn’t affecting me”, and it seems they end up eating too much food♪
  20. But that’s only an illusion♥ The more such a person eats, the more the effect of this fruit will come out, and they’ll be able to enjoy the effects of the monster realm dish even more... For example, even if the effects of a dish that uses abundant monster realm crops causes someone to “take off their clothes” or “get a painful erection”, they will still feel as if they can afford to eat more and more...♥
  21. Fufu♥ That’s why melty fruit is often used in dishes that deepen one’s enjoyment of the night♪ It can be cut up and served with a dish, offered as an appetizer, or, at Ms. Glacie’s restaurant, melty fruit is made into a gelato that makes after-dinner intercourse more enjoyable...♥
  22. You’ve already finished it all, but you’re thinking you can still eat more, and can’t wait for what I serve you next... Eating more and more lewd food, getting more and more excited♥ Finally, you can’t stand it anymore, and eat me... ufufu♥ Melty fruit is the best♥
  23. Eh? You only had a little nibble? Did you think that’s what I was talking about? Oh, ara ara, ufufu♥ It seems I may have revealed that information a little too early...♥
  25. However, if you eat this fruit, in the same way your appetite grows, you will also develop an unbearable urge for monster mana... Ufufu, it’s okay, when that time comes, I’ll be sure to treat you to lots of delicious food♥
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