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  1. Name: Swift-As-Gale
  2. Race: Harpy
  3. Class: Fledgling -> Attacker -> Raptor
  4. Affinity: ??
  5. Character Specific Skill: Vantage
  6. Personal Fault: Not Again: Whenever 2 or more allies are downed, -10 HIT/EVA.
  7. Personal Skill: Blinding Gale: When going first in combat, +15 EVA.
  8. /Personal Skill: Calming Breeze: When over 50% HP, +2 AS.
  9. //Personal Skill:
  11. Level: 1
  12. Total Level: 1
  13. Preferred Stats: SKL, STR
  15. Weapon Profs: Talons (E)
  17. Base Stats:
  19. HP 16 (60%)
  20. STR 4 (50%)[+2]
  21. MAG 0
  22. SKL 5 (40%)
  23. LUK 3 (50%)
  24. DEF 2 (10%)
  25. RES 1 (30%)
  26. SPD 5 (60%)[+2]
  28. CON 4
  29. AID 3
  30. MOV 4
  32. Current Stats:
  34. HP 16
  35. STR 6
  36. MAG 0
  37. SKL 5
  38. LUK 3
  39. DEF 2
  40. RES 1
  41. SPD 7
  43. CON 4
  44. AID 3
  45. MOV 4
  47. Inventory:        Type ( ) | Rng | Wt  | Mt | Hit | Cr | Ql
  48. Harpy Talon      Talon (E) |  1  |  6  |  6 | 80  |  0 | --- | Harpy Only
  49. Vulnerary                                                3/3
  51. Bio:
  52.     For her early years, Swift-As-Gale was just one of many harpies living near Culri's Forest. She was named not only for her remarkable flight speed when she came of age, but also her reckless decision making that rivalled that speed. While she was young she had a tendency to watch the older harpies and then try to outperform her peers with the information she had gained, be that hunting technique, flight tricks, or some other task she was sure she could do. Because of this, she wasn't particularly close with her egg-mates; however, this didn't bother her until one fateful day when they also had the brilliant idea to watch their elders hunt over Culri's Forest. At the tender age of eleven they were all exposed to the cruelties of a dog-eat-dog world.
  53.     One of her sisters had spotted something shining in the Deepwoods and alerted the rest of them to the find. The allure was too great despite the warning that had been drilled into their heads about the dangers of the Deepwoods, of the carnivorous arachnids that dwelt within. Together the clutch descended into the Deepwoods and together they were ensnared by the hunter's carefully crafted web trap. However Swift-As-Gale did not give up; her frantic struggling was rewarded with a chance at freedom. As she looked back at her sisters she realized they had not been so fortunate and the spiders were closing in. In an act of pure recklessness, she turned back and freed her nearest sister.
  54.     That almost cost her dearly. One of the spiders had seen the escape attempt and moved to intercept, quickly snatching Swift-As-Gale out of the air as she tried to resume her escape. She screamed as she struggled but, unlike their web, the grip of the older spider did not loosen. She would have suffered the fate of her sisters had the one she freed not come back for her. Her surprise attack on Swift-As-Gale's captor caused the spider to drop her. She wasted no time in taking to the skies, leaving the forest and its deadly inhabitants behind as she and her now singular sister fled home.
  55.     The event changed Swift-As-Gale. As she grew closer to her sister over their shared trauma and the closeness that comes from being each other's nearest family, Swift-As-Gale shifted from reckless to careful, from hasty to deliberate. She would not be caught off guard again, nor would she leave her sister unprotected. Swift-As-Gale she was a natural with her talons, in contrast to her calm and deliberate personality at odds with the “traditional” image of a raptor.
  56.     Years later, the time came for them to leave the metaphorical and literal nest, as harpies are wont to do - time for them to go into the world and experience what it might have to offer. Unlike many of their kind, Eyes-Like-Gold and Swift-As-Gale decided they would set out together, for safety and companionship.
  57.     Soon after they left, having gone to the desert (partly because the desert dwellers often required messengers to avoid crossing the desert themselves, partly because it was away from the forest…), they found some work. Specifically, as couriers and to an extent bodyguards for a dragon who, for some reason, owns a library. That was a while ago - now, they’re going on a certain mission with their boss, and may be getting in over their heads...
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