[MLP:SiM] Anon Goes Bananas [Unfinished]

May 30th, 2014
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  1. Anon Goes Bananas
  2. By Tumultuous
  3. Prompted by this post on 4chan's /mlp/: >>17335857
  5. Warning: Low quality. This started as me writing out an exaggerated example of pointless violence to show how stupid it would be, but I abandoned it after I realized that writing something I hated, to demonstrate how bad it was, wasn't a good way to get a decent story out of it.
  7. >You open your eyes. You are alone in a bed. Your bed.
  8. >You blink and try to take stock of your situation.
  10. >Another day. Or night. It's almost impossible to tell at this point.
  11. >Without the periods where the ponies around you are a little more active than usual, you wouldn't be able to tell when it was time to sleep.
  12. >Not that it's easy to tell.
  13. >It reminds you a little of cramming for exams in your shitty, windowless dorm rooms in your university. Heh.
  14. >This is Canterlot. A city that never sleeps. There's always some kind of activity going on, even if it's just a patrol by a small squad of NMM's guards.
  15. >It's an endless repetition punctuated by calls to patrol [spoilers]look intimidating[/spoiler] and your new "hobby" of breaking the elements of harmony into being your own personal pets.
  16. >You still can't beleive what's going on.
  17. >Sure, you've adjusted somewhat to the rhythm over the last... three days? Or was it six? It's getting very hard to remember.
  18. >It still feels unreal, like you're in a very detailed dream.
  20. >After showing up in the middle of a fight between Nightmare Moon and the Mane 6 (minus spike), you somehow helped Nightmare Moon win the fight she was supposed to lose, and got roped into serving as her main Enforcer or Dragon, with the authority to use the Mane 6 however you liked as slaves.
  21. >Of course, the Mane 6 didn't exactly agree to go along with it. They were initially fitted with some kind of punishment collars, which would hurt them if they did something you didn't like, but you thought it would be a better idea to break them instead, so you wouldn't have to worry about the collars coming off and them making an escape attempt.
  22. >Wait, that's not right....
  23. >You... think you tried to talk to them at first to explain the situation, but it turned into a decision to break each and every one of them and bend them to your will.
  24. >You're not sure how.
  25. >This, combined with the probably-more-relevant point of being in a world with magic candy-colour talking horses that seem to match up almost perfectly with the show you've been watching and posting on forum threads about makes you think this is some kind of dream.
  26. >It has to be a dream, right?
  28. >You decide that you don't like it very much.
  29. >You've always tended to prefer stories where the good guy wins, and you always put a little bit of yourself in his shoes. It helped a little bit to imagine yourself as a hero.
  30. >This thing, however...
  31. >You started out, and you were confused.
  32. >You ended up doing things that were evil.
  33. >You tried to play along and secretly do something that would qualify as good and heroic, by explaining the situation and maybe overthrowing Nightmare Moon and restoring this setting to the world you knew it should be.
  34. >That somehow got twisted into abusing your position of authority for sexual favours.
  35. >You accepted it and fell into the rhythm of breaking and using your slaves so easily. It's almost like it was meant to happen. There was no questioning of it.
  36. >So many things are just falling into place. The maids and logistical workers that keep the castle working were secondary cast members you recognized. Hell, you even made Octavia into your personal maid.
  37. >Sure there was a justification that the old staff had to be replaced because they were disloyal, and the new staff were loyal because their families were under threat, but now that you think of it, it all seemed a little too fucking convenient.
  39. >The acceptance of a mindset and goals that you're sure you would never have gotten into in real life.
  40. >The familiar faces and characters in most places you look.
  41. >Having a central and special role in what's going around, almost like the world is revolving around you in some respect.
  42. >It all adds up to one thing in your mind.
  43. >You. Are. Dreaming.
  45. >You had a brief moment of confusion, but that was just your mind sorting out the things you were thinking of before you got to sleep.
  46. >You tried to break the pattern by being nice and explaining things, but that was twisted into being an enthusiastic slavemaster.
  47. >You can't just let things go as they are. You want to wake up from this. It feels wrong.
  48. >That leaves one option to you, you have to try and shock the system and break the dream logic.
  50. >You've done things like this before. Usually, when you were aware enough to realise you were having a nightmare, you would look at something really hard, or just start concentrating. That would make the dream glitch out, like a crashed videogame.
  51. >By taking stock of your situation in detail, you've just done that.
  52. >The world, as far as you can tell, is still here.
  54. >Another way to try this is to go in the other direction. Go so far down the direction the dream is, that it overextends and collapses under it's own weight.
  55. >Now, you are already acting more evil than you ever thought you would act, but one of the rules of this dream seems to be that you will always find a new way to be creative enough with your cruelty.
  56. >A dreaming mind is a mind at it's most free and relaxed, after all.
  57. >So that's it. You have a rough idea how to beat this pseudo-nightmare at it's own game.
  59. >How to start, though?
  61. /////
  63. >You check your arming station to see what tools you have to go with..
  64. >You have your armour and a modestly-sized short sword / big knife [spoiler]tfw most weapons here you can use are too small for you[/spoiler].
  65. >What's this? Oh yeah. It's one of those punishment collars you had from before. You haven't had to use them since you broke your pets to your will. It should still work, though.
  66. >You remember how you were supposed to use them: Apply the collar to the skin of the target and say the magic word.
  67. >Seems simple enough.
  69. >You get dressed up, put your knife in it's sheath, and poke your head out of your door.
  70. >There's a guard passing by in the hallway between your room and your slave's rooms.
  71. "Hey, guard, come over here for a bit. There's something I want to know."
  72. >He blinks, nods, says "Yes sir", and walks right over. Only a slight hesitation betrays his unease.
  73. >This is going to be too easy.
  75. >"What did you want to know, Lord Anon? I see you're armoured. Will you be doing another patrol today?"
  76. >He seems a bit on edge and uncomfortable. Ordinarily, the only ones who actually enter the room of Nightmare Moon's top enforcer are the Enforcer himself, his personal slaves, his personal maid, and occasionally, Nightmare Moon herself. After hearing about and seeing the results of the last batch of guards who made a habit of coming up to this wing to ... "interact" with some of the slaves in his repertoire, it's been somewhat difficult to coax the remaining guards to go near the area.
  77. >It was decided that patrols would consist of just one guardspony at a time, since it was in an already-secured wing of this castle.
  78. "Something like that. My question is about this collar, actually." You show him the opened collar, magic side facing up. "I wanted to know if there was another way I could use it."
  79. >A note on the armour for the guards: They're pretty well shielded against attacks from above, behind, and the side, but there's a huge gap in the armour at the front of the neck.
  80. >That never made sense to you. It's a glaring weak spot. You suppose that the exposed area would be minimized when they're charging, or facing away from the enemy when they're kicking, but it's still a big target. At the very least, you expected chainmail to cover that.
  81. >Still, it's best not to look a gift horse in the mouth.
  82. >"I'll help however I can, sir."
  83. >You smile.
  84. "I'm sure you will."
  86. >Without any warning, you slap the collar on the guard's exposed neck and say the trigger word.
  87. >Immediately, the guard tenses up, falls down, and begins convulsing.
  88. >The actual punishment magic seemed to be attached the inner side of the collar. The only reason for wrapping it around the neck was so it was constantly in contact with the prisoner so that the punishment could be administered immediately. Activating the magic also seemed to make the collar adhere to the subject, so that they would be unable to thrash a certain way and get away from what was causing them pain.
  89. >The noise from the punishment collar was surprisingly quiet. A bit of twitching and some pathetic choking / strangling sounds were all that could be heard.
  91. >Now it's time to move on to part two of stage one of your plan.
  92. >For all the mean and needlessly cruel things you've done in your tenure so far, you have yet to actually kill anyone.
  93. >Sure, you've overseen some of Nightmare Moon's executions, and gotten the odd chilling glance at her torture sessions, but you have yet to actually end a life by your own hands.
  94. >As of right now, that changes.
  96. >You withdraw the knife from it's place around your leg and move closer to the guard.
  97. >He doesn't even notice you, still distracted by the agony from the collar and screwing up his ability to breathe.
  98. >Vulnerable is a good way to describe the guard right now.
  99. >You move around to find a good angle on one of the non-armoured parts of the guard.
  100. >For your first kill, you decide to stab up from just below the chestplate to try and get him in the heart.
  101. >It seems appropriate.
  102. >It isn't exactly a clean stab, it takes a couple of tries to get a deep thrust before the knife catches on a bone or the armour.
  103. >The guard's twitching isn't helping.
  104. >But you manage to get it done one way or another.
  105. >The twitching slows, then stops, as the small puddle of blood gradually expands.
  106. >You remove the now-inert collar from the corpse and observe your work.
  107. >You expected to feel something. Some kind of self-loathing, a visceral realization that you just killed a sentient creature, anything, really.
  108. >But feel nothing. It's kind of... just accepted. You know this should cause some kind of big emotional change, but you're just going with the flow and accepting whatever crazy stuff is going on, even if what's going on should be objectively horrible.
  109. >It's a strange feeling. Knowing what you should be feeling, but knowing you're not feeling that at all.
  110. >Almost as if you have two minds, layered on top of each other, and neither of these minds has complete awareness of what's happening.
  112. >You conclude that this isn't enough. You need to do more to shock yourself out of this.
  113. >Single, small, individualised personal kills clearly aren't enough.
  114. >Luckily for you, there was a whole city out there, and a whole country after that.
  115. >With a slightly feverish smirk on your face, you gather your things, rinse off some of the blood that got on you, grab the other spare collars just in case, and walk out.
  116. >It's time to get your Jason Voorhees on.
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