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  1. Game 1
  2. Pre-Game
  3. Triscvnt: dont ban yas
  4. In-Game
  5. Triscvnt: all skins
  6. Triscvnt: pog
  7. Triscvnt: wow im trolling
  8. Triscvnt: fighting for a solid 30 seconds
  9. Triscvnt: Great job
  10. Triscvnt: !
  11. Triscvnt: yi been in my lane 4 times now
  12. Triscvnt: how does he have more csthan u
  13. Triscvnt: alright
  14. Triscvnt: dont come in my fucking lane anymore
  15. Triscvnt: hes fed
  16. Triscvnt: im not going in
  17. Triscvnt: 3 kills to my laner
  18. Triscvnt: nice
  19. Triscvnt: keep it up buid
  20. Triscvnt: ya
  21. Triscvnt: no mana
  22. Triscvnt: stop
  23. Triscvnt: legit useless
  24. Triscvnt: never play taliyah again
  25. Triscvnt: gg
  26. Triscvnt: doing better than 0-4
  27. Triscvnt: i would say that i am doing signifcantly better
  28. Triscvnt: im waiting for my ie
  29. Triscvnt: 6 deaths to my laner that my jg gave 4 kills to
  30. Triscvnt: sooooo
  31. Triscvnt: ya ur muted dont type to me again
  32. Triscvnt: lmao two were kill range
  33. Triscvnt: good ult cait
  34. Triscvnt: gg
  35. Triscvnt: team flaming me for no reason
  36. Triscvnt: hehe
  37. Triscvnt: y
  38. Triscvnt: nami i deadass thought teemo was a ward
  39. Triscvnt: gg
  40. Triscvnt: cait is very toxic pls report
  41. Triscvnt: we cant win w this jg lol
  42. Triscvnt: 1-8
  43. Triscvnt: wdym
  44. Triscvnt: gg report cait
  45. Post-Game
  46. Triscvnt: why are yall being so mean to me
  47. Triscvnt: like theyre being mean for no reason
  48. Triscvnt: i didnt do that bad
  49. Triscvnt: ok
  50. Triscvnt: im sorry i had an off game
  51. Triscvnt: no need to be mean
  52. Triscvnt: i never said a single thing to cait
  53. Triscvnt: besides saying she couldve used ult
  54. Triscvnt: lol
  55. Triscvnt: youre degrading me rn
  56. Triscvnt: enjoy ur report
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