Meisa delicious sushi

Feb 18th, 2014
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  1. >Day dinner at Meisa’s place in Equestria
  2. >you are Anonymous and Meisa invited you earlier today to eat some sushi at her place
  3. >and you for one were not going to say no to an invitation for some dinner with a rather attractive mothpony
  4. >you knock on her door and hear her telling you the door is open and to come in
  5. >the whole house is dimly lit and then you take notice of Meisa
  6. >she’s on a large table, on top of a crimson tablecloth, and she’s lying down on her stomach and looking back at you with eyes twinkling with seduction
  7. >and there is sushi on her ass
  8. >you pause and say nothing
  9. “Well what are you waiting for Anon, the dinner is served~”
  10. >Meisa’s voice is dripping with sweetness as she calls you to take a seat at the table and that is what you do
  11. >you pick up a pair of chopsticks and look at the sushi on Meisa’s toned flanks
  12. >”Well then, time to dig in I suppose?”
  13. >Meisa gives you a nod as she bites her lower lip and pushes her flanks up a bit
  14. >you gulp and shakily take some sushi off of her butt, worried that you might be unable to focus on the food due to the heavenly sight before you
  15. >man, this sushi is quite good
  16. >you just wish that Meisa would stop making pleasant noises every time you accidently poked
  17. >you just wish that Meisa would stop making pleasant noises every time you accidently poked her on her butt with the chopsticks
  18. >soon you are finished with the meal, sweating profoundly and having a stiff one in your pants
  19. “Now, for dessert...”
  20. >you seriously hope she is not going to serve you any homemade chocolate pudding straight from the machine
  21. >Meisa spins around and plants a passionate kiss on your lips
  22. >her tongue rummages around in your mouth as she pulls you closer by your shirt
  23. >after a while of kissing she lets go and you pull back to catch your breath
  24. “Your dessert will be me~”
  25. >Meisa spins around once again and then opens up her legs, giving you a view of her very own sushi roll, now flowing with her soy sauce
  26. “Be a good boy Anon and eat up~”
  27. >the rest of the evening was spend doing sexual stuff
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