London July 7th 2005

Nov 17th, 2013
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  1. London
  2. July 7th 2005
  4. The reported times of these detonations were changed, despite the fact that all occured in broad daylight with many witnesses.
  6. Reports originaly claimed that all four explosions happened simultaneously, this was changed to four suicide bombers who were purported to have detonated simultaneously; neither of which is true.
  8. 8:51 Liverpool Street
  9. 8:56 Piccadilly Line
  10. 9:17 Edgware Rd station
  11. 9:47 Wobern Place #30 Double Decker Bus
  13. These are the actual times of each explosion, the simultaneous reports are proven false by the third train; which was detonated as it pulled into the Edgeware Rd station. Over 20 minutes after the previous train explosion.
  15. The alleged 'group' that claimed responsibility has never been heard of before. Originaly "The Secret Organization of Al Qaeda"; The name used in the confession, no need to translate multiple times. Then, realizing the fact that we can organize, zionist controlled media changed the name to "The Secret Group of Al Qaeda"; Then even later, added 'Jihad', to include a religious reference; and even later added 'in Europe', attempting through this to rally those who have just been attacked; the day after winning the 2012 Olympic bid.
  16. In a later post, supposedly by this same 'group', another religious reference against 'crusader' governments and the term zionist is used. A search on zionism is much different than a search on "the protocols of the learned elders of zion".
  18. Bush, who has his back turned on the American people and is complicit with the zionist agenda, took five hours to change the terror alert to 'orange', and only for transit at that.
  20. Two scripted cnn interviews with non injured.
  22. Bush fully aware during Blair G8 speech.
  24. Citizens, not war targets. Remote, not suicide bombings.
  26. cnn taking responsibility through threats.
  28. Bush, speech after fourth explosion prepared and memorized, no notes.
  30. Second wave of mirror crimes two weeks later referred to as 'attempted explosions'.
  32. Four separate explosions, detonated by remote.
  36. Dale Spencer
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