Lotus session

Nov 14th, 2021
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  1. Lotus session (initial session)
  3. ok let's gather in the temple
  4. we'll sit on the floor this time
  5. here, there's a candle lit
  6. gather in a circle
  7. crossed legs and hands on your thighs
  8. you can do it irl or visualize
  9. but you need to do the hands once we start
  10. at minimum
  11. so, we'll use the lotus hand position, this means hands open but relaxed
  12. and middle finger slightly in
  13. like 1 cm in but still straight
  14. this position will activate your qi opening in the palms
  15. so if you're sitting crossed legs place hands palm up on your thighs
  16. if you're at a desk, place them on the desk
  17. just in front of you
  18. if you look around there are more participants here
  19. we'll use the silver tray artifact
  20. so place it on the floor in front of you
  21. then we'll form a circuit
  22. standard procedure: send positive energy to the tray and let of overflow to the tray of the person on your left
  23. when the circuit is formed you will feel a wind around your head
  24. then we'll now start the session
  25. place your hands in lotus position on your thighs or in front of you where it's comfortable
  26. then observe your breathing and visualize a flower
  27. when you do this
  28. you may feel like we are forming the flower by sitting in a circle like this
  29. each of us being a petal
  30. keep your mind on the image
  31. don't let your thoughts wander
  32. we'll now do this 10 min
  33. put your hands palms together in front of your chest to end the session
  34. leave a little bit of space between the palms in the middle (slightly cupped)
  35. this is the heishi qi gong position
  36. you may now take back the energy from the tray and put it away
  37. what were your experiences?
  40. Session 2 (short instruction)
  42. come to the temple
  43. then bring out your silver tray
  44. charge the tray with positive energy and let it connect to the tray of the person on your left
  45. then when the circuit is formed you will feel a slight wind
  46. when connected, bring up your hands palm up
  47. relaxed but open
  48. middle finger slighly in but still straight
  49. this is the lotus hand
  50. place your hands on your thighs
  51. think of nothing
  52. then visualize a flower
  53. each of us is sitting on a petal and we all form the flower
  54. when we reach this stage, we sit 10 min like this
  55. finish by placing your hands together in front of your chest, slightly cupped
  56. the heishi position
  57. then take back the energy from your tray and delink
  58. then we'll hold a debriefing about any experience you had
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