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Mar 31st, 2018
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  1. >Be Rare
  2. >Lots of things hurt, but your heart hurts the most. Dining looks so sad.
  3. >You had been to many other people. But it wasn't like all of Dining's friends, They weren't doing upsies or pets. You didn't know exactly what they were saying but every time they said something dining looked sadder.
  4. >You have spent the last week at home, Dining seems to be happier taking care of you, but his eyes look like your leg.
  5. >He seems a little sadder today since he seems to know just how in pain you are.
  6. >You have to make dining happy, and you know just how.
  7. >You carefully nuzzle his leg. He notices you
  8. Yes Rare?
  9. >You steel yourself and look up. Even in pain, you know exactly what will make Dining smile.
  10. >"Pick me up, Dining"
  11. >He laughed a little and suddenly the pain went away even if only for a second.
  12. >You nuuzzled in like always as he took you to where you had first been picked up.
  13. >You were comfortable as Dining sat and just held you.
  14. > you started to drift off to sleep as Dining held you. You wondered if DIning would take you out tomorrow, it was going to be your birthday. You hoped he would, even with the pain you wanted him to be absolutely happy right now.
  15. >You closed your eyes, comfortable in Dining's...
  17. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  19. >Flubberbie's bangs cover both eyes, hiding the fact that said eyes are spaced way too far apart. Her tail is way, way too big and she makes cartoony squeaking sounds whenever she walks. Left rear leg bracket is unstable, causing appendage to spontaneously detach. The "animal husbandry" subroutines copied from official Fluttershy™ products are corrupted, resulting in an 82% mortality rate of any pets placed in her care.
  21. >Plonkle Po actually has a shockingly accurate personality matrix for a bootleg, but her coat is just barely the wrong shade of pink and her eyes are unsettlingly dilated. Also one out of every six units has a flaw in her compressor array that may cause unsafely vented gasses to leak into surrounding cavities -so be prepared for the possibility that your pone may have extended bouts of explosive flatulence. And by explosive, I mean her under-tail area may literally explode outward and shower everything behind her in scalding hot lubricants, melted rubber, and tiny bits of metal. Still pretty funny, though.
  23. >rambo fast has authentic karate chop action and says assorted catch phrases ripped off different characters
  24. >"Rrreach for the sky!"
  25. >"SMOKE."
  26. >"I.AM.BATMAN!"
  29. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  31. > Be Twiggle Spork
  32. > Everything is dark
  33. > Everything is tight
  34. > You're so alonely
  35. > Suddenly, there is light
  36. > You see something above you
  37. > The light wraps around his head
  38. > Prince Celest!
  39. > He's here to learn you!
  40. > You jump up, wobbling a bit from the movement
  41. > Something feels... wrong
  42. > You look back at yourself, and extend your left wing. It rattles a little bit, and doesn't go far.
  43. > You try to extend your right wing, but instead a little light comes out. You see a small, pointy stub on your side where your left wing should be.
  44. > Celest picks you up
  45. > It must be time for your first lesson!
  46. > You look up at him, eyes wide
  47. > Well, as wide as they can go
  48. > Your right eye doesn't seem to open all the way
  49. > Your mane covers your right eye, being cut at a 45 degree angle
  50. > One of your hooves doesn't even bend
  52. > Celest's eyes start to rain
  53. > They hit your face, and you stick your tongue out to try and catch the raindrops.
  54. > Celest sets you down gently, then rushes to the other room
  56. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  58. >Be anon
  59. >You just got home to see the package you ordered on your driveway
  60. >She's finally here!
  61. >You ordered a cute Pinkie Pie robot off this website for a steal about two months ago
  62. >It took forever to ship, but for 75% off it was worth it.
  63. >You're so excited, these things usually go for about 3000$ on average.
  64. >You quickly start opening the box, but your phone rings, you see that it's your boss so you pick it up
  65. >After a while of being bitched out on the phone you hang up, and go back in the living room
  66. >The box is turned over on the ground, open, and something is wiggling inside of it
  67. >You gently lift up the box, before a can say anything you're suddenly taken down to the floor I close my eyes, that hurt a bit
  68. >"I sorry! I sorry! Did I hurt?" a robotic voice speaks to you, wait, that doesn't really sound like pinkie. It's a bit more raspy and almost has a bit of a accent
  69. "What?" you open your eyes, confused by what was going on and see a horrific sight, two empty sockets where the big blue eyes should be, you jump back in fear, pushing her off you "What the hell?! What are you!?"
  70. >"Am Ponkie Pie! You're my new best! She makes a robotic giggle, her legs are cut off in the mid, replaces with two springs her hoofs are still their luckily, she wobbles a bit trying to stand up straight.
  71. >Her tail is too short, but her hair is exactly the same, she's scuffed all over and looks like something right out of a horror film.
  72. >You can't bring yourself to look at her anymore, you quickly lock yourself in the kitchen, leaving the confused looking robot
  73. >"A-Are you making yummy's? Can I help?" She speaks to you through the door, you ball yourself up and rock yourself to comfort, Jesus Christ, what did you buy?!
  75. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  77. >the package took quite a beating
  78. >you do hope that she's didn't suffered any damage
  79. >you cut the tape with your knife
  80. >suddenly, a lavender blob enters your vision
  81. >"Hi! My name is Twilight Sprinkle! I can't wait to read books with...YOU...yes!"
  82. >oh god what the hell
  83. >that voice is so unnatural, robotized, and it constantly kzhhss's
  84. >half her mane is cut down, you don't even know why
  85. >her face looks fine however her right eye has a dark tint to it
  86. >then there's her legs
  87. >or...just the three of them
  88. >a black spot filled with wires covers her missing back leg
  89. >even the cutiemark is wrong, is that Trixie's cutiemark?
  90. >you shouldn't have ordered this shit
  91. "Gaah, fucking hell, this isn't what I ordered!"
  92. >she looks at you in confusion, her faulty right eyebrow twitching like crazy
  93. >"What? But you...ORDERED me, Twilight Sprinkle! Yes....THAT'S me."
  94. >you shook your head and regain your posture
  95. "You stay here and...just don't break anything"
  96. >her eyes lit up for the moment
  97. >"You can count on...TWILIGHT sprinkle. I'm going to read all your...BOOKS"
  98. >you ignore her struggle to find the next word and go straight into the kitchen to grab your phone
  99. >Twilight looks around for a while before she gets out of the box
  100. >not very successful as she lands on her face
  101. >she shakes her head, this was totally different than the factory
  102. >as Twilight takes a look at the bookshelf she overhears anon talking in the room next to her
  103. "Yes? Hello, I've made a purchase from your site a few weeks ago and the package arrived and I would like to return the pony."
  104. >she gasps at the words, and silently stares at the door
  105. "It's all faulty, I don't like it, I want to return it now...What do you mean no refunds?"
  106. >Twilight hides back in the box as anon's swears and yelling fills the whole house"
  107. >she cries to herself, curling into a furball
  108. >after a while, Anon comes back to her
  109. "Hey, come on, let's go for a walk"
  110. >she stares at him in awe
  111. >"Where are we going?"
  112. ...
  113. "In the forest"
  115. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  117. "Hey, Starlight Nyx, how will we mess a unit today?"
  118. > "I dunno, she looks weird already. Maybe just recoloring would do. I've even spotted non-ECC memory in there, just don't patch the cooling system and she'll fuck something up at initialization"
  119. "Brutal. And she'll overheat."
  120. > "Come ooon, the whole v110 line eventually learned to scratch unneeded fur out of vent holes, and she's v120. She'll do fine."
  121. "You didn't enjoy that, did you?"
  122. > "That's because you've assembled me after the launch, dummy. I was basically born under the air conditioner, and then you put a goddam coat on me! She'll just init on slower clockspeed, stop worrying and let's get to repainting already."
  123. "I still think unlucky bastard didn't deserve your sorcery."
  124. > "He gets what he pays for. Can you believe he refused to add extra batteries?"
  125. "Wait, is it because that gossip that pony will be always sleepy and cuddly, not just drain a battery in an hour?"
  126. > "Remember that patch they hastily pulled back last month? There was some battery saver test right near to localization bug."
  127. "Aaah, yes, that one. Well, okay, just repaint it is. Maybe slower clockspeed will save her half an hour."
  128. > "Poor thing."
  129. "Yep."
  130. > "Pizza and movie tonight?"
  131. "Sure."
  133. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  135. >Your name is Anon.
  136. >You assemble and preload cheaply-produced off-brand ponybots for a living.
  137. >And, each day, it feels like your soul dies a little more with the task.
  138. >Version after version, model after model they come through your workstation.
  139. >Amalgamations of cheap steel, bendy plastic, and broken dreams.
  141. >You stopped trying to fix the mistakes.
  142. >There's just too many of them; they take up too much of your workday.
  143. >You have to keep the production rates up.
  144. >You have to send them out, one heartbreaking imperfection after another.
  146. >You sit alone in your apartment after a 10 hour shift, nursing your glass of liquor as you do most days now.
  147. >The lights are turned off, the only muddy bit of illumination coming from the muted TV's flickering screen.
  148. >The handful of painkillers does it's part in dulling your senses.
  149. >Silencing the ghosts of your mistakes' laughter.
  150. >You don't even sleep much anymore.
  151. >Only when your body decides to finally shut down and allow your subconscious to torture you in your dreams.
  153. >The days are all the same.
  154. >Go to work.
  155. >Watch with indifference while twisted and mutilated things are sent out to their waiting owners.
  156. >Go home.
  157. >Try to ignore the sound of cracking plastic and scraping metal playing over and over in your head.
  158. >Try to remember when you wanted to bring happiness to people, a lifetime ago.
  159. >Try to remeber a life where you felt like you did something good.
  160. >A life without the sins of your actions following you like spirits.
  161. >A life worth living.
  163. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  166. [Chrysalis pic, she chews a paper with a heart drawn on it]
  167. >she'll eat just about anything heart-shaped since her "consume love" feature is that half-assed and poorly programmed
  168. >items shaped like a heart she'll try to eat as a whole
  169. >if the hearts are painted on or otherwise a part of something else, she'll try to extract it and then eat it
  170. >mostly by scrubbing it with her hoof or trying to gnaw on it and just sticking her muzzle against the thing and making chewing motions while chirping
  171. >somehow all the things she eats she can actually process, you wonder if there's some kind of nuclear reactor inside of her if she eats basically anything
  172. >she doesn't even need it, really, you still have to charge her
  173. >but you learn that she's programmed to feel things like hunger, as well as satisfaction from eating something she likes - which are hearts
  174. >she seems very happy when you feed her
  175. >just when you're running out of those heart things an idea crosses your mind
  176. >draw hearts on a paper
  177. >she eats it
  178. >you might be onto something here
  180. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  182. "So, does your waifubot have room for upgrades?"
  183. >"Yeah, I installed some shoulder-mounted turrets, rocket hooves and laser eyes."
  184. >Your neighbor's waifubot hovers in the air for a moment, eyes glowing red as a missile shoots out of her back, turning a few cars in the adjacent lot into a smoldering scrap heap
  185. >Horrified screams of apartment dwellers ring out in the distance "My leg!", "Timmy!", "You crazy kids!"
  186. >"Oh and an anti-air battery."
  187. "Cool, cool."
  188. >"What about yours?"
  189. "Eh, well mine kind of 'fell off the truck', so to speak, so she didn't have a lot of options available. I made do, though."
  190. >"What did you go with?"
  191. >Your knock-off waifubot vibrates a bit before a ding goes off
  192. >A grimace spreads over her face while your neighbor recoils in disgust
  193. >>"He turned my asshole into a microwave hotpocket dispenser."
  194. "Ah, her love really is delicious."
  195. >Silence, save for the screams of burning people in the background reigns as you crouch to eat the steaming treat delivered fresh from her posterior
  196. "Well, I'll see you later, Incog'. Have to get back to my job moderating 4chan."
  198. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  200. >tfw you know in this bootleg waifu universe, there's bound to be some fatass idiot who manages to get a whole warehouse of these defective waifus
  201. >He doesn't care about them. No matter how much they try to please him, he is entirely indifferent to them.
  202. >Instead he starts up a youtube channel where he forces the bootlegs to fight eachother to the death in gladiatorial tournaments in a small arena he has built in his basement
  203. >He gives each contestant names based on their defects. A limp Pinkie Pie with burn marks from a defective leg motor called Scorchie Pie, or an AJ with a missing eye gets an eyepatch and is called Captainjack.
  204. >The waifus were made to love. The more they fight, the more they're pained by what they're forced to do. at the same time, they're wearing out fast, and know it's only a matter of time before they will be unable to go on.
  205. >The lard ass keeps screaming for viewers to smash that subscribe button while the waifus quietly apologize to eachother while they tear each other apart.
  206. >The losers get their heads taken off. The arena is lined with the heads of bootlegs who were defeated. The 'winners' who are too damaged to go on are spared for the 'Frankenstein' season, where the guy will hack together the damaged veterans with whatever working body parts he can find, just to keep them fighting and making him youtube money.
  208. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  210. >After weeks of waiting it's finally here
  211. >Your very own Twilight Sparkle to love and hold
  212. >You can't remember the first time you felt it, but every day when you look into those big lavender eyes, you just want to reach out and hug that dork horse
  213. >And now you finally can
  214. >The box arrived on your door sometime last night, odd for a shipping company to work so late, but as the dew settled on the packing tape and the morning mist gave a gaussian glow to the shipping info, you banished any thoughts save for the love of your soon-to-be cuddle partner and snuggle buddy
  215. >You'd just sat the box down on the table when you walked into the utility room digging around for a boxcutter in a seldom used and thoroughly dust caked tool box when suddenly
  217. >What the fuck
  219. >What is that noise
  220. >It sounds like a fucking chainsaw why is there a fucking chainsaw noise
  221. >Running into the front of your shabby apartment, half expecting to see Leatherface busting down your door, you're instead greeted with the once-immaculate shipping package now shredded to ribbons
  222. "Oh god what the fuck."
  223. *VVVRRRRRRR**
  224. >Now the noise is coming from your bathroom
  225. >A sudden woosh of running water and the sound of metal hitting the ground indicates that you now no longer have a sink
  226. >Kicking open the door, rusty boxcutter extended to it's full six inches held like the world's shittiest sword, you charge in to find...
  228. >...A dark pulm colored horse with an electric blue mane and tail and wonky candy corn shaped horns levitating a circular saw and going to town on your plumbing
  230. >She yells over the roaring saw and the flying shreds of plastic
  232. >...this can't be happening
  234. >you wanted a cute autism horse
  235. >instead you got Ty Pennington
  236. >she noses a bucket of Spackle your way
  239. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  241. Poor Little Red
  243. >Hot Pink is a fillyfoddler, you can see she can't stop herself sniffing Little Red's butt.
  245. Look at the way they're looking at her, man. And she just looks away in shame, they tell her it's her own fault. They don't even let her inside and they know she can't do anything about it. Meanwhile, Blue doesn't even give a fuck. That purple bitch is into this kind of shit as well. What the hell is wrong with this degenerate ranch.
  247. They probably have something to make sure Blue doesn't interfere. If they can manipulate a little filly into accepting that she's nothing but a toy for them, maybe they manage to emotionally control Blue as well. Like blackmailing or threatening to leave or somehow disrupt life at the farm. Blue probably just wants everyone to get along and even this semblance of status quo is worth more than seeing their ranch fall apart. She's just scared but she can't find a way to fix things. And she's obviously very protective of Deep Purple you see behind her here, so shy and fragile. At least they only do it with Little Red, right? She hates herself for these kind of thoughts but...
  249. She still goes to sleep with a heavy heart, knowing full well she's enabling something so awful, but she can't let go of her own fears. Maybe it's not that horrible, she hopes. When Little Red returns to her bed and Blue hears her barely audible sobs she pretends to ignore it. It's for the greater good, it's for the ranch. It's gonna be fine, they'll stop eventually, right? Red is a strong girl, she's doing alright. It's going to be fine.
  251. >Little Red wanted to be a doctor since she was a little older than a foal
  252. >She got her cutiemark as a mushroom
  253. >it's special talent is medicinal
  254. >but in too high concentration or used wrong it can be an addiction
  255. >Pink is a filly fooler and finds out about Little Red's talent
  256. >She needs it right from the source of Little Red's body.
  258. >Purple hates it with passion.
  259. >But it's either Red or her, and she was offered a way out. Now she's kept that way by blackmail - Blue has no idea Purple is partaking in any of this.
  260. >Purple likes Red and considers her a friend. The only one she has. They're both still fillies, only Red is a bit younger.
  261. >Purple feels bad about doing this, but she can't deny that it does kinda excite her. She hates herself for that feeling.
  262. >Every time Pink berates Red Purple knows that she is just like that too, even worse. She's a horrible pony.
  263. >She just wants to hug Red sometimes and tell her that she doesn't mean to make her feel bad, but when their eyes meet she knows that in Red's mind Purple and Pink are the same.
  264. >Yet she can't stop this now. She's just so afraid that she'll be in Red's place, or worse, left completely alone. Pink will tell Blue and then Purple will have no one in her life.
  265. >Sometimes she does wish that she'd be in Red's place. That she's the one who truly deserves this, not Red. But at the same time she knows she's too weak to stand up for her.
  267. >Different box arrangement for a different window in time.
  268. >Pink isnt a filly fooler or at least keeping it under control
  269. >Purple and Little Red are together as friends, Red isnt shunned and victimized.
  270. >Red and Purple are outside playin or working, sneeking a peek and evesdrop while Pink and Blue have a chat
  271. is this a hallucination on how Pink see's the ranch or before the degeneracy started?
  273. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  275. >You walk up to the display case
  276. >You notice the ponies staring at you
  277. >You're not exactly sure what expression they're displaying
  278. >Are they happy? Hopeful? Do they fear you?
  279. >You notice Applejack back away. She cowers behind Rarity
  280. "He'll just insult us, like they rest of 'em did..."
  281. >Rarity gently runs her hoof through her mane, a lame attempt to make it look presentable
  282. "Have a little hope, Applejack, darling. I'm sure this young man will be delighted to take us home with him."
  283. >Applejack looks over to Fluttershy. Months stuck behind glass with nowhere to go had clearly been to much for the young pegasus.
  284. "He better... Poor Fluttershy hasn't been able to focus in days. She just stares at the door, watching folks come and go."
  285. >Rarity clears her throat to get your attention
  286. "Now, my dear, are you just going to stand there all day? Or are you going to welcome some lovely ladies into your life?"
  288. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  290. >My Big Human was supposed to be a show for little colts, but it got a surprisingly large mare following.
  291. >So big, in fact, that Haspon came out with a special, life sized, sub-sapient golem human marketed towards these desperate mares.
  292. >And after saving for a full year, Moondancer has finally bought her own Big Human.
  293. >She was eager to hug and kiss and hoof hold with her purchase as soon as possible, but unfortunately, there was prep time.
  294. "Place ovum into incubator gel and inject fertilizer fluid," she reads, performing the action as she did. "Then wait three mon- THREE MONTHS!?"
  295. >Sure enough, according to the instructions, the golem would grow into an infant state in that time and would need to be taken out of the incubator.
  296. >After that, she would need to bottle feed it six times a day with the supplied formula until the six month mark.
  297. >As she read, she was at least somewhat relived she wouldn't have to educate the thing as well as it had all per-programmed knowledge required and would unlock said information as its brain developed.
  298. >The thick instruction booklet did point out that she could teach it stuff not included in the pre-knowledge in its formative period.
  299. >A period that lasted another six months after bottle feeding was finished and it could move onto solid food.
  300. >A full year.
  301. >THat's how long she'd have to wait for her big human to actually get Big.
  302. >She breathes deeply through her nose.
  303. "It'll be worth it to have my own personal Anonymous. You just have to put in some effort, Moondancer, you can do this."
  304. >Sealing the incubator and turning on the vita-wave generator at the bottom, Moondancer placed the capsule next to her bed where she could watch her soon-to-be boyfriend grow.
  305. >You feel guilty. You really have no interest in taking them with you. How do you tell them?
  306. >The life on the Pony Farm goes on.
  308. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  310. >Be Anonymous
  311. >You found yourself in a land of food ponies when you were sucked into a portal that was in your attic
  312. >After wandering around for a while with no clue of where you were, you found a lake filled with some oddly colored pudding embedded with chocolate chip cookies and candy canes instead of water
  313. >Being as dumb and hungry as you were then, you decided it was a good idea to eat some pudding that you found in the middle of nowhere and became a pony made out of the very same pudding that you ate
  314. >Can’t get any weirder than that, you suppose
  315. >Then you found a reflective wall of crystal nearby and learned that you don’t have eyes
  316. >A bit strange because you can still see without them
  317. >Not too long after the transformation, you also found a bakery being run by three unicorns
  318. >Caramel Delight, a young baker with high hopes and dreams
  319. >Nougat, her older sister, who slacks on occasion
  320. >And their grandfather, who you aren’t actually sure is made out of food like the others because he always smelled of smoke while you were around him
  321. >They offered you a place to stay for a while after you told them about what happened to you
  322. >The next day you saw the old unicorn off when he left the bakery you’ve been living in to pick up something in the next town over
  323. >A week later he still hasn’t been back yet and you had a couple of questions that you wanted to ask him
  324. >So, while you waited for him to return, you’ve been keeping yourself busy by helping Caramel and Nougat around their bakery
  326. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  328. Toy with sad face
  330. ""I want to show him...""
  331. >Anon slouches diligently over his makeshift art station.
  332. >In the center stands a small sky-blue toy pony. Grimace permanently molded to her face.
  333. >That's me. The once hated knock-off. The "shitty bootleg" of the toy my Anon truly wanted
  334. >the toy that right now - for some reason - is at the center of his entire world.
  335. >gently he weaves individual elements of tinsel through my electric blue mane with a tiny comb, tweezers, and surprising dexterity.
  336. >just another sign of his recent affections for me.
  337. >the shimmering silver strands beautifully complimenting the anklet he gave me weeks earlier
  338. >granted it's most likely a trinket from one of the other toys in his collection, but it's still very sweet.
  339. ""I want to show him...""
  340. >I've even seen him practice painting eyes similar to mine on scraps of paper strewn about the room but this almost always ends in scrunching and swearing.
  341. >but not today. Today it's humming and loving ministrations.
  342. >just as the thought of staying like this forever blissfully enters my mind he lets out a satisfied sigh as he drops his tools on the table with a clatter painfully ripping me from my fantasy.
  343. >he groans as he arches is back and light audible pops echo through the apartment.
  344. >then he looks at me
  345. ""I want to show him!""
  346. >he carefully picks me up and brings me to his eye level, inspects his work... and smiles warmly.
  347. >my heart soars~
  348. >then, slowly his smile fades - as it often does - and is replaced by sadness.
  349. >my heart sinks...
  350. >he leans back into his chair and sighs heavily as he brings me so close to his face that our noses boop together.
  351. >I am positively elated by the sudden intimate contact but cripplingly depressed at the same time.
  352. >because no matt-
  353. "No matter what I do, I just cant seem to make you happy."
  354. >...!
  355. "Just once, I wish you would show me your smiling face".
  357. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  359. [ ]
  360. > A tiny pony gazes upon an ocean of stars, her milky blue coat almost vanishing in the moonlit surroundings.
  361. >The serene silence stretches hours into eternities until the spell is broken by the soft rustle of nylon.
  362. > An older mare emerges from the folds of a tent, pausing briefly to steady the makeshift home as the supporting sticks lean haphazardly further towards near collapse.
  363. > Narrowed eyes sift through the dark, muzzle scrunching in worry, before spotting the near invisible mare.
  364. > She runs a hoof through her mane, tresses of pink in desperate need of grooming, and gently calls to her, “It’s getting late; won’t you come inside?”
  365. > Silence. “…please.” Just a whisper. The silence of the past few weeks has been slowly eating her.
  366. > A cool breeze sweeps across the field. Bluegrass swishes gently against the blue mare’s hooves as if to coax her out of her trance, but her eyes remain locked.
  367. > She remembers his voice.
  368. > “Shh, Shh, hush now Snootle. What’s ailing ya now?”
  369. > She’s in his lap as he sways on an old salvaged rocking chair beside the hearth.
  370. > His heavy hand strokes her back as her sobs finally begin to reside.
  371. > The drafty night’s air is kept at bay by the warmth of the fire, over which roasts a hearty stew, filling the interior of the wooden shack with the homely scents of potatoes and wild onions.
  372. > Closer to the fire, a pink mare cranes her head up from her usual spot on an old stained pillow, “We heard some college kids in the park laughing about her nose…again.”
  373. > The man grumbles, muttering curses too low for innocent ears. “Don’t listen to those rich snobs at the park, they don’t know how to appreciate anything in life, what with their iced lattes and selfie sticks jammed so far up their-”, he stops himself to take a few deep breaths, stroking his beard in meditation, then looks down with a smile, “A few days from now will be the anniversary of the day I bought Star-Wishes, and 2 weeks from then is the day I found you outside the factory. I was saving these for then, but now’s feeling like the right time.”
  374. >Dipping two fingers into his coat pocket, the man pulls forth two thin ribbons of silk, shimmering in the golden firelight.
  375. > Star-Wishes’ hooves patter excitedly on the pillow as the man stoops over the side of his chair, weaving a ribbon into her luxurious tail.
  376. > Then turning back to her, his callused hands ever so delicately wind the pink one around her neck into a bow. It always surprised her how gentle his hands were.
  377. > He leans back to admire his handiwork, “There, now whenever you feel the world’s burning eyes judging your snoot, think of the ribbon, think of me scooping you into the warmest hug saying ‘Hey, everything’s gonna be okay’.”
  378. > She peers up into his softening eyes, soaking in every reassuring word.
  379. > “And when you see the stars, think of the millions of ponies out there doing their damnedest to shine for a chance at love, and from those unbelievable odds I plucked you two out of the sky with care. Not for a second do I regret it.”
  380. > In the firelight’s glow she swears she can see the reflections of stars in those glittering orbs.
  381. > She remembers those eyes.
  382. > The gentle call beckons to her again, this time with a tinge of desperation, “Snootle, dear…”.
  383. > She looks over her shoulder to see a pained expression; Star’s hoof nervously strokes her frazzled tail, and she looks to her own ribbon tied tail.
  384. > Placing both hooves on the ribbon, she pulls it loose to her mouth.
  385. > She approaches Star, pink fur like a beacon guiding her from the oppressive dark, and loops it snuggly into a bow around the worried mare’s neck.
  386. > Snootle didn't say anything, she never did, buy her starry eyes made the sentiment clear.
  387. > Everything’s going to be okay.
  388. >.
  389. >..
  390. >...
  391. ""I WANT TO SHOW HIM!!""
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