Using blog posts to get more sales on Amazon

Jun 30th, 2020
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  1. Using blog posts to get more sales on Amazon
  2. Ive been doing some analysis on my competitors on Amazon and found that one of them who has crazy amounts of sales is using some bs blog sites to directly link to his amazon listings. It (the wordpress site) exists under the guise of "reviews" of products, but its obviously a facade which appears to be fully or semi-automated, kind of sloppy if it were for humans to browse.
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  14. Not crying foul, quite the opposite:
  15. My question is how does this exactly benefit him? How can offsite links improve my own listings' ranks?
  16. How can I even begin to reproduce this?
  17. How many blog sites would I need to set up and how long would I need for them to matriculate before seeing results? Should I buy "old" domains and pop a WP install on them and do the same?
  18. Can I just buy such listings instead? if so where?
  20. Keeping your tier one link SEO-friendly is safer, having exact anchors around 1% (or even less). But, it is not necessary in case of tier two or tier three. Don’t be much
  22. aggressive. You can have 5% exact match anchor texts, not to hit by Google penalties.
  24. Anchor Text Strategy for EDM & PDM Sites
  26. Hope you do have a basic idea about Exact Domain Match (EDM) and Partial Domain Match (PDM).
  28. Here is a sample. EDM is if the target keyword is ‘daycare center’ and domain name be daycarecentre.com.
  30. Otherwise, PDM is if the domain name is yourchildcare.com, childcaringcentre.com.
  32. Added: Facebook pushing privacy & groups is both an attempt to thwart regulation risk while also making their services more relevant to a web that fractures away from a monolithic
  34. thing into more niche communities.
  35. One way of looking at Facebook in this moment is as an unstoppable behemoth that bends reality to its will, no matter the consequences. (This is how many journalists tend to see
  37. it.) Another way of looking at the company is from the perspective of its fundamental weakness — as a slave to ever-shifting consumer behavior. (This is how employees are more
  39. likely to look at it.) ... Zuckerberg’s vision for a new Facebook is perhaps best represented by a coming redesign of the flagship app and desktop site that will emphasize events
  41. and groups, at the expense of the News Feed. Collectively, the design changes will push people toward smaller group conversations and real-world meetups — and away from public
  43. posts.
  44. Grist for the Machine
  46. Using blog posts to get more sales on Amazon
  48. Much like publishers, employees at the big tech monopolies can end up little more than grist.
  49. Products & product categories come & go, but even if you build "the one" you still may lose everything in the process.
  50. Imagine building the most successful consumer product of all time only to realize:'The iPhone is the reason I'm divorced,' Andy Grignon, a senior iPhone engineer, tells me. I
  52. heard that sentiment more than once throughout my dozens of interviews with the iPhone's key architects and engineers.'Yeah, the iPhone ruined more than a few marriages,' says
  54. another.
  55. Microsoft is laying off thousands of salespeople.
  56. Google colluded with competitors to sign anti-employee agreements & now they are trying to hold down labor costs with modular housing built on leased government property. They can
  58. tout innovation they bring to Africa, but at their core the tech monopolies are still largely abusive. What's telling is that these companies keep using their monopoly profits to
  60. buy more real estate near their corporate headquarters, keeping jobs there in spite of the extreme local living costs.
  61. "There's been essentially no dispersion of tech jobs,' said Mr. Kolko, who conducted the research.'Which metro is the next Silicon Valley? The answer is none, at least for the
  63. foreseeable future. Silicon Valley still stands apart.'
  64. Making $180,000 a year can price one out of the local real estate market, requiring living in a van or a two hour commute. An $81,000 salary can require a 3 hour commute.
  65. If you are priced out of the market by the monopoly de jour, you can always pray!
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