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  1. Ben,
  3. If the scientific method is the best, if not the only legitimate basis for truth, why of all things would one be picking on RELIGION, a field of endeavor that actually ADMITS that it is based upon faith and not provable facts?  Religion also happens to be a discipline whose beliefs are completely innocuous, with no impact on the life, liberty, or pursuit of happiness of others (e.g. what difference does it make to any of us that Mormons believe in the afterlife that their adherents become Gods of their own planets?).  
  5. On the other hand:
  6. -- How many disciplines are taught at the modern university where it is asserted that students are learning the truth, but the material is not or cannot be subjected to the scientific method?  That knocks out virtually every subject except the hard sciences, but even there much of the material is not tested or is untestable using the scientific method.  This includes two of the Left's most beloved subjects, in which they claim they are smarter and more enlightened than anyone else:  global warming and evolution.
  8. -- Why doesn't the Left ever apply logic and solid analytical principles, much less the scientific method, to measure the much more horrific genocide resulting from its own failed policies than had ever been done by Christianity?  Here is the blood that Karl Marx has on his hands: 1) Mao: 49-78 million; 2) Stalin: 23 million including the Ukraine famine; 3) Hitler's Nazi Party (which the Left never mentions was actually called the "National Socialist German Workers' Party"): 12 million; 4) Cambodia's Khmer Rouge: 2.4 million; 5) North Korean Communists: 1-3.5 million; 6) Fidel Castro: 30-100 thousand.
  10. -- Accordingly, it is fair to ask how many have been killed in the name of Christianity.  Total deaths during the ENTIRE Inquisition, including the Medieval and Spanish Inquisitions covering 603 years:  4,250.  That's 4-14% of the total of Hollywood's favorite dictator, Fidel Castro, and not a whole lot more than the 3,000 deaths caused by radical Islam in ONE DAY on 9/11.
  12. -- Also, why would the Left not choose to apply analytical techniques to the obviously failed Keynesian economics policies of President Obama.  Anyone serious about using logic and analysis to seek truth would quickly conclude that Keynesian economics has NEVER been proven to work, unlike the easily-provable success of Supply Side economics of Ronald Reagan, which the smug, but in actuality unscientific Left dismisses as "Voodoo Economics."
  14. Love,
  15. American Dad
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