Stellaris Animations

Mar 26th, 2017
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  1. OK, Animation in Stellaris. By Professor Nessa.... A Stellaris anim needs to have a start and finish. Your start, is whatever your anim is. (Typically "idle".) An end is always "none". Step 1: Select the root joint, then hit the "Add "animation" attr" button on the exporter window. Note: I usually put keys on the root joint while animating other joints parented to it. This may or may not be necessary. Step 2: Set up your attributes. Select your root joint, go to Modifty-->Edit Attribute. Select "animation", then add at minimum two Enum Names: "idle", and "none". Note: if you're using some other name for the anim, idle is not strictly necessary. Ships usually have an "idle" and a "death" anim. But you can add whatever you want really. Step 3: Decide where your keys are going. I.E., 0 to 200; 0 to 150, whatever. If you have more than one anim, put a little space between each. Say, 5 frames.
  2. Step 4: Add you keys. So move the slider to your start (0 usually), and in the Channel Box, right click on Animation and choose Key Selected. Then adjust the name in the animation to be your desired anim. (Say, "idle" for instance.) Go to where you want your keys to end for the first anim, and do the same. This time, pick "none" for the name in the animation field. VERY important. This tells Stellaris where to end your anim.
  3. Step 5: Animate baby! Usually I animate a joint attached to the root joint. But I think you can animated the root as well.
  4. Step 6: Rigging. Unless you're doing something complex, this just amounts to selecting the mesh you want to animate and binding it to the animated joint. So, select your mesh and the animated joint, then go to Rigging menus; Skin-->Bind Skin. I usually just tell it to only bind the selected joints.
  5. Step 7: If everything looks good, export time. In the Expoter window, tick off: Skip Merge (If you have multiple moving parts, otherwise leave unchecked) Export Animations (Obviously.. haha) Export Skeleton Export Mesh (Of course... ) Then, select the anims you want to export. Hit the "Refresh" button if they don't show up. No need to select the "none" anim but it doesn't kill something if you do.
  6. Now of course all that is assuming you have the exporter setup to do anims. If I remember I had to do something with the .... ini file for it something... OK, I'm checking right now.
  7. I guess there isn't anything in the "clausewitz.txt" file that is necessary to play with. Just adding those stupid shaders they forgot to include. (PdxMeshAlphaBlend, etc....)
  8. So there you go, now everybody will be very confused! All thanks to...... ME!
  9. -Nessa
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