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SCP:SL Servers

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  1. <color=#c7d600><b><size=30><align="center">Underscore Gaming SCP:SL Servers</align></size=40></b>
  2. </color>(If you are unable to see any of the text here, we have a copy of what is listed here on our Discord Server and Forum.)<color=#c7d600>
  3. <page>
  4. <b>Location:</b>  <i>US-EAST/Chicago</i>
  5. <b>Active Admins?:</b> <i>We are looking for Moderators and Administrators</i>
  6. <b>Slots:</b> <i>35</i>
  8. <b>You can join our discord here:</color></b> <link="https://discord.gg/hY6MXw9"><color=#cdf><u>https://discord.gg/hY6MXw9</u></color></link>
  10. <b><size=20><color=red>Rules & Guidelines</color></size></b>
  11. <color=#c7d600>The guidelines and rules are to be followed at all times while playing within our SCP:SL server.
  13. 1. Playing music over your Microphone is allowed, but if found annoying by any staff member, is bannable.
  14. 2. Using exploits is bannable.
  15. 3. Disrespect of any kind over voice chat is bannable, this includes any racist, sexist, or derogatory slurs that insult ones gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, or religion.
  16. 4. Spawn camping will result in you being sent to spectator mode.
  17. 5. Staff have the final say on punishment.
  18. 6. No ghosting.
  19. 7. No delaying the round.
  20. 8. No ruining the round for others.
  21. 9. The use of a VPN will not be allowed.
  22. 10. The use of young accounts under 14 days will not be allowed.</color>
  24. <color=purple>
  25. Our server uses EXILED which allows us to change parts of the game to enhance the experience. The following changes are in effect:
  27. 1. The nuke is set to automatically go off at the 25 minute mark of each round, and cannot be canceled.
  28. 2. If you are AFK for more than 25 minutes, you will be auto-kicked to make space for other players
  29. 3. D-class and Scientists who are restrained upon escaping, will be transitioned to the opposite team than regular. Restrained D-class escapes -> turns into MTF Unit
  30. 4. Every 600 seconds, a chopper will drop resupply resources for MTF
  31. 5. Pocket dimension has two exits, but will refresh after each person.
  32. 6. There is a 40% chance that after getting attacked by zombie that you will get infected and turned into a zombie once all HP is gone.
  33. 7. After 300 seconds, SCP 575 (Non-playable) will turn off the lights. If you do not have a flashlight, SCP 575 will attack for 10 damage at random intervals.
  34. 8. Friendly Fire Banning is enabled and will ban those who abuse the Friendly Fire ability.
  35. </color>
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