Nullification Dev - Talking with Amaru/Ahmir

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  1. Settling himself near the more recently aggressive Kamui, Amaru wonders just what was going through his head, thinking about what had happened not even a few days prior.
  3. He sits with an eye on the fight before them, more practicing. More fighting. More battles to come. They needed to be prepared, but Amaru turns an eye.
  5. "You feeling better?"
  8. (Amaru Valerius)
  10. Turning his attention onto Amaru, the question was something he had to think about. Was he feeling better? Emotions were still high, even moments ago he had stomped on a boys face over the toll. Which might've not been out of the ordinary, but he could've held back a little more... Right?
  12. For now, Kamui just raises his hand.
  14. ''I'm fine.''
  16. Even if he wasn't, the swelling emotion in his mind was like a pulsing heart. Over and over, smacking against the walls of his skull. He could feel unable to control it but push it in another direction at best for now.
  17. (Kamui)
  19. Hm. .
  21. Going off of his first instinct he'd have said something like, this was anything but fine. Having learned his lesson on things and the like, with the people he clung to like family,and including his own family.
  23. Amaru knew when people were fine and weren't fine. Still. He doesn't really feel like pushing the subject considering there were facets of people that even he couldn't fully glimpse. It wouldn't change how he saw the man.
  25. "Well, if you say so. How's Dawn been?"
  26. (Amaru Valerius)
  28. How was Dawn?
  30. Was this some kind of interrogation?
  32. No, that wasn't Amaru's style. He wasn't someone to prod and poke for information when he could get it in other ways. It wasn't like Kamui had anything to hide either if they asked about his body... He wouldn't hold back on tell them what he was doing.
  34. So why did he feel so defensive? Simply emotion. He couldn't help it in his current state, which he hoped to try and change soon. What if Neo Invidia died in the war? Who would remove these runes from his body then?
  36. What if he got stuck like this?
  38. ''Dawn is fine, same disgusting place. Undead and vampires roaming freely, best to stay away unless you need to go there... Or get bored, right?''
  39. (Kamui)
  41. His own face scrunches up, thinking about Dawn and the people that lived near and in that area. His mind goes back to that tournament, and the fact that they'd been placed against people so much older, so much stronger than them.
  43. Not a good way to really look at life.
  45. Shaking away the negative aspects he puts on a genuine grin, nodding his head. "Well, I guess that's always one way to alleviate bordem. Maybe fight a person or two. I haven't really been too bored though."
  47. They get enough entertainment by the people who dislike paying tolls.
  49. "People never fail to make life interesting."
  50. (Amaru Valerius)
  52. A sigh of relief for a moment, while he sits down on the grass.
  54. ''Yes, a fight or two usually do well. But people there can be interesting too, you just have to pick who you talk to. Try to avoid the weird ones...''
  56. That's simply how it was, he couldn't help but switch to the thought of Gabriel. The man constantly asking for his race, like it wasn't obvious already?
  58. ''But yes, people never fail to make life interesting. Some just make it a bit more of a chore, wouldn't you say so yourself?''
  59. (Kamui)
  61. Ashalle drops Beard.
  63. Ashalle picks up Beard.
  65. That was too true as well. He also seats his bottom on the grass with dew and other things beneath him, looking up at the night-time sky. It was a little too early to turn in for sleep, being that they constantly did things throughout the day, but some down time was nice.
  67. "I'd agree with you a hundred percent. It'd just be naturally easier if people took it upon themselves to take the easy route. If they wanna fight? They can, but not out of stubborn idiocy."
  69. For sport it was different. Hand over the coin and get a bout in, have some fun. But this? To choose to fight rather than pay? It was foolish. "I guess I won't complain though. I've got no room."
  70. (Amaru Valerius)
  72. ''It should only take one beating for them to realize... And if leaders of cities can pass through here and pay, it doesn't make anyone else a special case.''
  74. Issac has paid, Reito has paid, Niklaus has even paid before. He was sure if the vampires were passing through, it wouldn't take much to make them pay too. Yet the smaller people had to make a scene like they felt big-- When they were simply small. Even if you only had a small amount of coin, wasn't it better to be on the good side of people?
  76. ''We all love combat, so it's fine to ask for a duel. But to not pay the toll? You are only asking for humiliation. And if you come again without paying a second time? I wouldn't be surprised if they lost a limb or worse. People will come to realize we are done playing games, mercy only stretches so far.''
  78. And people like Ohtil, Aeolus, Sugarboy and Tototl... Have all ran out ofMercy.
  79. (Kamui)
  82. Ahmir Valerius says, "Huh"
  83. Some day the people would come to see that the route they were choosing was the wrong route. Though it wasn't today nor would it be tomorrow. And if he could be honest? He was fine with that.
  85. He was sure they all were fine with that in fact. Kamui said it rightly, they all did love combat. There was no problem with offering, but that was annoying. To deny paying and to then go on and suffer.
  87. "One day people won't do things like that. Or they'll amass a great army and finally try and take us down. One of the two, I don't really care much either way."
  90. (Amaru Valerius)
  92. One day?
  94. One day it could become an end of an era, or they would rise to be heard of throughout history. Is that what their true goal was now? To become truly known and respected? For people that have walked over them for so long, to finally come down to their knees? All he knew right now was that this was about power. To gain the power to become chilling, to maybe one day not even need to move a muscle to protect his friends. His family.
  96. To him, these weren't simple bonds of blood. No, them together were much stronger and thicker than blood.
  98. ''Maybe! Amaru. And how exciting it would be, when we show them that even in the face of their armies-- We'll make each and every soldier walking the field pay the toll to be on our lands. With their coin or with their lives.''
  100. He pushes himself up to stand, grinning.
  102. ''To my last breath, Amaru. And to the others, no matter the direction. You are all family, in the end. I would die, before any of you.'' He hoped that was more than enough an apology for his actions before because guilt did weigh down on him heavily.
  104. ''I swear on my spirit if I ever betrayed you... I would sleep in the abyss for eternity.''
  105. (Kamui)
  107. "Ya' bein' real dramatic."
  109. Ahmir huffs, ever reserved while he sat and continued to tap his weapon against his shoulder. Humming along with the Rhythm, one could easily presume that the Gehennan was on a brief cooldown period, his previous adventure far too draining to even consider doing again.
  111. Still, today's sights only agitated him a little. So much so that he even appeared restless despite his then quiet demeanor.
  113. "We all ready ta' die for one another, but that don't mean that'll be fate. We're destined for greatness. If ya' say otherwise I'll make ya' eat dirt for th' rest of your life."
  114. (Ahmir Valerius)
  116. His eyes move to their corners, to spot Kamui standing up. Amaru doesn't stand up just yet, preferring to stay lying down on the ground in the moment. Ahmir seemed to have it handled on what to say anyhow, even if it was a bit more. . wild than what he'd have said.
  118. "What he said. It's not like you've gotta make a promise like that, Kamui. We already know that from you. From all of us really, because we are family, like you said. No one's worried."
  120. Amaru grins a wider effort, nodding.
  122. "I'm gonna need your help though. My mana's all wonky lately, so, when I go out? I'm gonna need an escort."
  123. (Amaru Valerius)
  125. Ahmir words could've provoked anger in anyone, they could've made people think the worst of him. To be so rude and blunt, to tear people down from their pedestal.
  127. With emotions flaring... It could've been a moment to lose control. But no. Kamui couldn't feel that way, not about Ahmir's words. He knew what the male meant, so they could never be taken poorly. All he could do was laugh, a hand on his stomach and one on his hip. He just found Ahmir's response to it all pretty funny, taking a moment to calm himself afterward.
  129. ''Yeah! He is right, a little too dramatic. Fate has destined us to be great, death isn't coming any day soon. Not for us...''
  131. He grins, clenching his fists. He was sure they knew who he meant when he spoke of death. Soon, if they didn't escape... Many would fall beneath the dirt and become spirits. When they finally reclaim what's theirs.
  133. Eyes turn back onto Amaru though, did he really need an escort? Kamui somewhat doubted it, Amaru was strong enough to handle himself. But he wouldn't refuse, more than happy to assist.
  135. ''Of course, Amaru. You can count on me if you want to go anywhere, you could even accompany me when I go and get these runes taken off me. Then I need to speak to Quincy again so I can progress further.''
  136. (Kamui)
  138. "What do those do anyways?"
  140. The runes had been curious to him and he wanted to understand just what they had done to his friend. It seemed like it was a little dangerous, but Amaru trusted Kamui more than enough to keep it to a simple and plain level of understanding what could and couldn't be done.
  142. It wasn't like he had to really hold the hand of any of his friends, but like he'd said. It was just making sure.
  144. And, just as well he wasn't too worried about needed an escort. It was just never painful to be wary.
  145. (Amaru Valerius)
  148. Enzo Alvares asks, "Anyone want to spar?"
  150. Ahmir Valerius says, "Pay th' toll."
  151. The runes.
  153. For once, he didn't have to worry about stumbling over his own words. He could explain them easily, without making it a puzzle for others. He was confident, so his voice carried that.
  155. ''These runes. They were drawn on me by the vampire, Neo Invidia. I searched for a Runescribe for a long time, but he was the most capable. They are done in blood, but that's nothing new to my skin.'' A little joke, from all the battle they've been through. ''They push out my emotions at their highest, heavy really... And hard to control. That's why I lost my head before because they focus a lot on my holy energy. To protect and help, even to the extreme.''
  157. Tapping his chest, he sighs. ''I think I have got a hang of it, but it's not about controlling them now. It's about knowing all these overwhelming emotions once these runes are taken away, to then wipe my mind and take the reigns for once. The first step to nullifying them.''
  159. Yet the newcomer catches his eyes, turning to look. ''Huh?'' Did anyone here even know this person?
  160. (Kamui)
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