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/ksg/ Winter Event

FaggotWithATuba Nov 4th, 2018 (edited) 594 Never
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  1. /ksg/ Winter Event (November 1st - January 31st)
  3. Host: Me (Faggot with a Tuba)
  4. This is the current Katawa Shoujo creative event (writing, drawing, music, poems, photography, animations, Christmas carols, anything!), going from November 1st to January 31st
  6. We still have a monstrously boring November ahead of us, followed by a full month of Christmas preparations in December, and more dull Winter in January. As the holiday season approaches, you may choose a suitable theme of celebration/families coming together/winter activities. Or you can have your art reflect the terrible, decaying nature of November. Seriously, if you write a Black Metal song about KS, you will be a serious contender for the 1st place.
  8. More information on events can be found here:
  10. I will try to monitor threads and give my feedback asap, but if I miss someone, ctrl+f my name, and reply to my post (link to this paste will be posted every thread). I can also be reached at (yes, three g's), if you wish to discuss something or provide additional prizes. Hope to see you (yes, you!) participating.
  12. Prizes for this event:
  13. A copy of The Soft Hour, provided by SHG.
  15. Submissions:
  17. Fics:
  18. palmol - (Suzu x Hanako) Drowsy -
  19. AnotherAnon - A New Beginning - Part 1 -
  20. Val - Staying In One Piece -
  21. AnotherAnon - A New Beginning - Part 2 -
  22. AnotherAnon - A New Beginning - Part 3 -
  23. mren - The birth, chapter 1 -
  24. mren - The birth, chapter 2 (final) -
  25. Frosticle - Shizune Throat Fucking -
  27. Videos:
  28. g√ľnther - Ricardo -
  30. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in thread.
  31. Previous events and some more general information :
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