Ame's Podcast

May 14th, 2021
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  1. >Gura *hic* so how do you feel about incest?
  2. >Gura: "aww what?"
  3. >So people think I was always this time travli'n girl right? But in reality I had this mentor, real handsome guy, really cool, really dependable too, 4 years in he leaves me saying "I've got it all figured out now", and left me in this weird timeline where I have to train a younger version of himself now right? really fked up
  4. >Gura: "wait where's the incest part?"
  5. >Well turns out the fker was my father, no wonder my daddy issues were heating up every time he teaches me shit, really fked up guy, wished he fked me though wouldn't be the most fked up thing i do from all the fked up timelines i've visited, hell im not even your original Amelia
  6. >Gura: "aahhhhhh..."
  7. >Gura: I have my own stories
  8. >Well lay em on the table shark girl
  9. >Gura: As you know my father was the Emperor of Atlantis, and that my mom was human
  10. >Yeah, yeah you told me that story like a million times
  11. >Gura: Nah, nah, this one's different, So my dad got a solari stone from my gramps, it helps him acquire a full human form
  12. >Sound like some Ina shit Gura
  13. >Gura: Yeah yeah, but anyway, so that stone is like a really powerful stone, but from all the use from my father in order to marry my mom, and eventually give me a proper half human form its basically weakened, so its kept in the heart of atlantis
  14. >Why are you telling me this?
  15. >Gura: No, no, let me finish, So this stone lets you alter your form right? and its heavily guarded, you'd think from all the treasures of my dad that's the last thing you want, but there's this tranny who wanted it, so he could be like this girl, fked up tranny i tell you, he broke my kingdom just to steal the stone
  16. >Gura: I think he goes by the name artemis now, fking cunt
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