1.50r Patch Changes

May 11th, 2019
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  1. ===========================================
  2. + Battle Realms 1.50r Game Changes +
  3. + Created by Battle Realms Revival Team +
  4. ===========================================
  6. A long time has passed since the initial release of Battle Realms. After such a long time, in 2019, we're finally able
  7. to bring a new patch to the community.
  9. Contained in this document are a list of the changes in the 1.50r patch:
  11. - Peasant's production rate bonus will not increase beyond 6 huts.
  12. - Projectiles are now affected by the siege parameter. By default, Siege parameter could be either 1 or 0.
  13. Non-siege units would deal half of their damage to buildings, where as siege units would deal their full damage.
  14. This didn't work for units who shot projectiles (most of the ranged units).
  15. - Because of this change, the Steel Cannonballs upgrade in Sharpshooter's Guild is fixed and will now make Cannoneers deal double damage vs buildings.
  16. - Siege parameter now supports modes '-1', '2' and '3' which apply a damage multiplier of 0.75, 0.25 and 1.25 respectively.
  17. - Because of this change, Musketeers and Diseased Ones now have Siege 2, which makes them deal little damage to buildings.
  18. - Cursor color indicators have been adjusted to reflect the siege changes.
  19. - Technique's effect type 17 (TE_WP_ADD_DAMAGE_TYPE) can now be used at any Effect slot.
  20. - Technique's effect type 17 (TE_WP_ADD_DAMAGE_TYPE) will now take use of the PoisonTime parameter from the attacker's weapon.
  21. - Poison effect now works on projectiles.
  22. - Poisoned weapons will now deal full damage (50% previously).
  23. - Poison effect duration now resets on every hit.
  24. - Changed Poison damage formula: Pois * PoisonInitialDamage.
  25. - Poisoned weapons may now extend but not decrease the damage and duration on a target already affected by a stronger poison effect.
  26. - Increased poison damage of all units who have it.
  27. - Dragon Skin and Dark Canopy Battle Gears will now just nullify the damage of true projectiles.
  28. - Ballistaman's totem bugs have been fixed.
  29. - AI will no longer place Pack Masters on Watchtowers.
  30. - AI will now use the Necromancer.
  31. - Each hit from the Brawler's 5-hit attack animation now deals twice as much damage.
  32. - Nightvol is now immune to the Glass Sword Battle Gear of Swordsman.
  33. - Fixed various bugs related to upgrading Town Square.
  34. - Fixed a bug that allowed to obtain extra Yin points when canceling a technique with the Lotus clan.
  35. - Lotus Brothers can no longer enter Watchtowers using gather points.
  36. - Fixed a bug that allowed to research techniques in unfinished buildings.
  37. - Monks and Ninjas can no longer be revived by the Master Warlock's Unlife Battle Gear.
  38. - Fixed a bug where Brothers Lythis and Tausil could drain stamina from horses, wolves, etc.
  39. - Fixed a bug where Guardians using Last Stand Battle Gear could be killed by poisoned weapons.
  40. - Fixed AOE damage of melee units that was being mistakenly applied to the main target.
  41. - Fixed MissileDamageMultiplier parameter being calculated twice.
  42. - Fixed a bug that allowed peasants to tame horses without a stable
  43. - Fixed the Clan drop-down list box at multiplayer that allowed to reveal the player's real clan when Random was selected.
  44. - Fixed magic objects not being attackable under certain circumstances.
  45. - Fixed a number of bugs related to boulder pushing.
  46. - Fixed a bug that allowed to turn tamed horses invisible.
  47. - Fixed Teppo not counting as a summoned hero in the statistics.
  48. - Fixed Smoke Bombs stackability and spam bugs.
  49. - Fixed min stamina to stamina cost ratio for whirling Spear, Teppo's Magic Negation and Kabuki's Sleeping Powder
  50. - Changed Warlocks' Soul Chill stamina cost from 50 to 70.
  51. - Changed Master Warlock's Soul Thresher application type to prevent stamina bug.
  52. - Reduced Yang Acquisition rate for Samurai's Seppuku by 50%.
  53. - Changed Wildeye's damage from Cutting to Blunt
  54. - Fixed Pitch Slinger's Scorched Earth not auto-disabling itself upon being thrown.
  55. - Fan Geisha's Dark Pact usage will no longer stack.
  56. - Fixed Pressurized Kegs upgrade, added 20% increase for Powder Keg range attacks (Additional piercing damage).
  57. - Changed Shinja's armor multiplier for magical damage from 0,25 to 0,15 to restore his innate ability.
  58. - Changed Crossbowman's bash PoisonTime to 7.
  59. - Improved file loading of data files not packed in H2O format.
  60. - Fixed Korean language detection code.
  61. - Game version is now displayed at the UI during a match.
  62. - INI parameters 'Fullscreen' and 'Depth' now work.
  63. - Screen resolution '1280x1024' is now available at the options menu.
  64. - Fixed screen resolution '1600x900' being tested as '1600x1200' when set in the INI file.
  65. - Fixed the crash that occured during the Wolf Swamp Stage in Dragon Kenji's Journey.
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