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  1. Tsuruchi Yashiro       9:43 AM
  2. The Next morning: swearing can be heard in the garden
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  4. Shinjo Kurosawa       9:54 AM
  5. Lots of swearing. The Unicorn had come to the garden for peace. However all these bees had the audacity to exist now. He swatted at them as he made his way, scowling openly at the infuriated insects, trying to find the source of the commotion. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
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  7. Tsuruchi Yashiro       9:59 AM
  8. He spots Yashiro hurriedly moving away from a hive, He spots the unicorn and offers an awkward moving bow. "Greeting Shin-OWW-jo-san. Have you haFUCK had rice today?" He is trying to swat at the bees in a shooing manner not in an overly murderous way.
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  10. Shinjo Kurosawa       10:01 AM
  11. ((not shinj-OW-san smh))
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  13. Tsuruchi Yashiro       10:01 AM
  14. (I thought about it, seemed to obvious though)
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  16. Shinjo Kurosawa       10:05 AM
  17. The Unicorn tries to remember his place, but also, bees. He did a quick bow, even standing in place as he did it. "Hai, yes." According to the map, there was a small creek in the garden nearby. "Do you know who-" he hissed as a big fat one stung his shoulder near where he'd been stabbed. "Who is responsible for all these infernal bees?"
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  19. Tsuruchi Yashiro       10:10 AM
  20. "Originally, some dead man. I believe Jirozame shinkai moved them here. I would place most of the blame with them, but If I am being completely honest I have been trying to care for them since then..." He also remembered there was a creek nearby, "Do you know how to swim?"
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  22. Shinjo Kurosawa       10:16 AM
  23. "Better than most," said the sandman between swats. Ah, a shark was behind this. Wait no, not the nasty younger one. "We should relocate these bees elsewhere, the garden cannot handle this sort of invasion." The cloud of bees only grew stronger and buzzier as time passed. Was retreat an option? But that would bring dishonor, but not in the face of an overwhelming enemy, right? The white haired unicorn burst into a run and dived neatly into the cold, very cold, shallow water, to escape the bees. This was not a retreat, this was a tactical maneuvering about the enemy, of course. No honor to lose here.
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  25. Tsuruchi Yashiro       10:20 AM
  26. Yashiro follows suit quickly, if the mighty great clan samurai was doing it, it must be proper. He slid into the refreshing water as well, "They are usually fine in the back of the garden. They just seem particularly incensed this morning. I don't understand. I was using smoke to calm them, I only caught the corn of the nest on fire briefly." he comments mostly submerged, then he got stung on the face and submerged completely for a few moments.
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  28. Shinjo Kurosawa       10:26 AM
  29. Luckily, a glare from the Unicorn does not sting nearly as much as a bee. The water was only chest high, so it was easy to hide in but not enough to completely submerge them unwillingly, and extremely slow moving. "We need to put that fire out then, and calm them properly, or else the bees will bring dishonor on whoever else enters the garden." His white hair plastered to his skull and he splashed upwards in a vain attempt to keep the bees away from him.
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  31. Tsuruchi Yashiro       10:30 AM
  32. "I put the fire out already, I am not that much of a fool. They just still seem upset about it still. Which I suppose is understandable. How would you recommend calming them? I'll admit, in the books i read on the subject there wasn't a section on what to do when you light the nest on fire." Though there ought to have been, he thought, dumb books, if you have to smoke them occasionally there was going to be fire nearby right?
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  34. Shinjo Kurosawa       10:35 AM
  35. "For them to be calm, we will need to be calm," he called out before ducking under the water very quickly. What a lovely day for a swim. "They can smell fear, like dogs and cats and women." Which is why it was very important to not show fear in front of any of those apex predators. "We will need to retreat and give them a moment to calm down, before we attempt to handle them again." He looked around and ducked as the swarm found him and began to make their way above him. For now, the younger man was successfully pulling aggro.
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  37. Tsuruchi Yashiro       10:37 AM
  38. Yashiro ducked under the water as well and swam the opposite way from the unicorn, hoping to divide the bees, but they all seemed to follow the Unicorn. He dragged himself out of the water a little way down and soggily began to loop back to the creek taking a long way, avoiding both the bee nest and the swarm currently over Kurosawa. He found a place upstream to sit and wait for the unicorn to arrive.
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  40. Shinjo Kurosawa       10:45 AM
  41. Kurosawa, meanwhile, ripped away a short but thick reed from the riverbed, wide enough he wouldn't suffocate from using it. Very lucky. He ducked under the water and used it to breathe, occasionally exhaling into the water itself. The swarm eventually was satisfied that both of the man sized threats were dealt with, and returned to their wonderful hive. It was a few minutes though, before the sopping wet Unicorn splashed out and squashily made his way to the Wasp, spotting his green (presumably) garb. His arms and hands had a few stings, but not nearly as many as Yashiro. He paused, as he realized there wasn't really a home for bees elsewhere in Castle Sneeze. "We will spread the bees to a different part of the garden, further away, to reduce their numbers in this area. Does that sound like a plan?" Or maybe then the whole garden would just get more infested, but for now this part was basically unvisitable at times.
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  43. Tsuruchi Yashiro       10:48 AM
  44. A rather swollen Yashiro nodded, "How?" he croaked standing. "They do wonders for the garden in general, but we cant have" he gestures at the stings all over himself, "This"
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  46. Shinjo Kurosawa       10:50 AM
  47. "If one is calm, then the bees will be calm. They will test you, by flying into your eyes and face. If we are calm, diligent and graceful, then we can move them." He shook his hair like a dog, water droplets flying around him. "And also, we will need to find a queen. Only then, will they follow. Where are the hives located, exactly?"
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  49. Tsuruchi Yashiro       10:57 AM
  50. "They are near the back of the garden" ( @Jirozame Shinkai is there only one or are there multiples?) "They shouldn't be hard to move, they were moved here to begin with not long ago."
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  52. Jirozame Shinkai       10:58 AM
  53. ((Just one hive.))
  54. ________________________________________
  55. Shinjo Kurosawa       10:59 AM
  56. ((must be just multiple queens causing all this))
  57. ________________________________________
  58. Tsuruchi Yashiro       10:59 AM
  59. "I do not know if we will find a better location, perhaps only a better beekeeper. Though I am learning rapidly."
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  61. Shinjo Kurosawa       11:03 AM
  62. Kuro will remember this, for honey was well lauded in the desert. So tasty. Maybe something to remind him of home, that he could add to his tea. "The other back corner of the garden. We can divide them and spread them so they do not cause serious harm to any visitors." He began to wring out his clothes. "Together, we can do it. Bees are not my specialty, but I have stolen enough honey from their nests to know how to handle them well enough." Sort of. "And I can show you what a queen looks like. If we are to keep their numbers down, we cannot have too many, and some of the queens will need to be culled."
  63. ((I would like to assume that being two brave samurai they could approach it without setting off the bees and not having to roll against fear, maybe just a cooperative animal handling roll? for something this simple anyways))
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  65. Tsuruchi Yashiro       11:09 AM
  66. Yashiro nods, "Lead on then, I am willing to learn. (sounds good to me)
  67. ________________________________________
  68. Shinjo Kurosawa       11:12 AM
  69. ((All right, what would be a fair TN for this? TN20 to approach, then another find the queen, then 30 to move it? or is that too many rolls))
  70. ((or maybe 15, 20, 25 ?))
  71. ________________________________________
  72. Tsuruchi Yashiro       11:13 AM
  73. (15, 20 ,25 sounds like a recipe for potential disaster without guaranteeing it.)
  74. ________________________________________
  75. Shinjo Kurosawa       11:13 AM
  76. ((even cooperative though?))
  77. ________________________________________
  78. Tsuruchi Yashiro       11:14 AM
  79. (cooperative only means you/i get to add skill ranks though? or do you mean something else?)
  80. ________________________________________
  81. Shinjo Kurosawa       11:16 AM
  82. ((oh, for some reason i thought we just added both our rolls together))
  83. ((10, 15, 20? with coop that should be hard, but doable))
  84. ((i have looked up coop and how its done properly now))
  85. ________________________________________
  86. Tsuruchi Yashiro       11:18 AM
  87. (that sounds good to me)
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  89. Jirozame Shinkai       11:19 AM
  90. ((  ))
  91. ________________________________________
  92. Shinjo Kurosawa       11:26 AM
  93. With that, the Unicorn marched off towards the back of the garden. Back straight, shoulders out, the samurai were marching one by one, hurrah, hurrah. The bees, as expected, flew into his face and tested him but he did not set them off with his fear pheromones. Yea, though I walk through the garden of the shadow of bees, I will fear no evil: for Yashiro art with me. He approached the large hive and opened it, exposing it to the sunlight. The buzzing had not escalated in it's humming, and after a few seconds of precious searching he seemed to find what he was looking for. "That one," he pointed into the mass of bees in the honeycomb, "That one is the queen. See how she's slightly larger? There are two, as suspected." It was totally obvious, come on. "Grab her and we can transport part of this hive for her new home."
  94. ________________________________________
  95. Tsuruchi Yashiro       11:29 AM
  96. Yashiro looked in and noticed the larger bee, slightly paler as well. He acquired her successfully and followed Kurosawa, "So why are there two queens if it causes so much strife?" he asked carrying this other queen away.
  97. ________________________________________
  98. Shinjo Kurosawa       11:29 AM
  99. ((here we go))
  100. ________________________________________
  101. Shinjo Kurosawa       11:39 AM
  102. "When a population grows large enough, they will swarm and move on with a new queen. But this hive has no place to swarm to so they stay and sting everyone instead." He couldn't help but eye the honey. With the queen secured, the Unicorn looked around for where the larvae were being born. A few of the nasty, pale grubs were snuggled into the hexagons, with a few workers swarming about them. He carefully pulled the segment of hive out, to not disturb the creatures that were easier to set off than Lion. He would carry the square gingerly in both hands, and briskly take off towards the corner he was thinking of. "Unfortunately, I see more queen grubs. Once we set this in a new location, I will have to squash them and we will earn their ire again." The beekeeper from before must've had a spare, empty beehive that they totally set up or could set up, right?
  103. ________________________________________
  104. Tsuruchi Yashiro       11:42 AM
  105. Yashiro followed, "How exactly do we set up this new queen in her home? We don't have one on hand.... I suppose there might be something in that mans office. Though I don't know where it is. I was in the garden when Jirozame-san brought that one down." he gestures to the other nest. "I could probably find it. If you want to hold that section for a few moments..."
  106. ________________________________________
  107. Shinjo Kurosawa       11:54 AM
  108. "They do not like to fly far." From all this, he could hear his sensei's voice in it's stern voice, and he resisted the urge to mention how the dark moto would find them if they mishandled the bees. With all this conversation, they had arrived at their destination. "I can wait with them, they are at peace and so I will too, try to find peace." That was why he had come to the garden, after all. He gently lowered himself to the ground, folding his legs underneath him and setting the segment of hive upon his lap. The bees floating lazily around him, some landing, as he began to try to meditate. Not a proper, void restoring meditation, but just a casual exercise to calm his nerves while handling a dangerous animal. "However, please do not take long in your search."
  109. ________________________________________
  110. Tsuruchi Yashiro       11:57 AM
  111. Yashiro nods and hurries off.
  112. ________________________________________
  113. Shinjo Kurosawa       11:58 AM
  114. Kurosawa hums with the bees..!
  115. ________________________________________
  116. Tsuruchi Yashiro       12:00 PM
  117. 10, 15, 25 minutes go by, But then Yashiro is back with what looks like another similar box to the other. He is jogging but as he approaches slows to a more dignified approach so as not to alarm the bees, of Kurosawa. "I think this will do, it took me longer than I expected, but eventually I found some people cleaning out his office and I took this as well as smoe more books on bees."
  118. ________________________________________
  119. Shinjo Kurosawa       12:06 PM
  120. The Wasp would return to a man absolutely covered in bees. All over his pale skin and now drying kimono and hair, if it buzzed and had wings it was there. His face was absolutely covered in bees, couldn't even see his eyes. It was just bees, man. Looked horrifying. A small gap would open among the bees, about mouth level. "It will do perfectly." He held up the segment of hive upwards, slowly, so Yoshiro could take it and rehome the bees proper once he set up the new hive.
  121. ________________________________________
  122. Tsuruchi Yashiro       12:09 PM
  123. Yashiro set up the hive under a tree near the back wall of the garden and carefully (shook the section all over kurosawa "MINOR CLAN FOREVER!" slaps with bees ) carried it over to the newly erected beehive. He placed the segment in an sighed with relief. "You seem to have made some friends, will they leave on their own?"
  124. ________________________________________
  125. Shinjo Kurosawa       12:14 PM
  126. Almost as if on Yashiro's cue, the bees lifted themselves from the Unicorn and began to explore the new hive and check on their beloved queen. A few bumped into Yashiro, to size him up and make sure he wasn't a wimp, but most overall seemed fine. A few stragglers struggled in the Unicorn's hair, and he gently brushed them off. "They are at peace, and will be happy in their new home, beekeeper-sama." He slowly, stiffly brought himself to a stand. "I will leave the culling of the queen larvae to you, as it would be wrong to betray the bees after such strong friendships we've forged in our short time together." 1 2 3 not it. "But I believe the gardens will be at peace now, and you will have twice the amount of honey as before." He bowed slightly. "And, if I may, I would like some of it for special occasions, if that would sit well with you."
  127. ________________________________________
  128. Tsuruchi Yashiro       12:22 PM
  129. "I will see some delivered when it is ready to be harvested, thank you for your help today Shinjo-san" he bowed, and steeled himself for the task ahead.
  130. ________________________________________
  131. Shinjo Kurosawa       12:27 PM
  132. Kurosawa should leave, but he wants to observe the beekeeper at work and see how squashing larvae will go. "It was an honor to assist, the beekeeper wasp of Kyuden Ashinagabachi." He could not help but seem extremely interested, wondering how badly this was gonna go.
  133. ________________________________________
  134. Tsuruchi Yashiro       12:34 PM
  135. Yashiro began his work. It started off well, surprisingly well, but as he got more into it, the bees began to take more notice, and Yashiro began to get more nervous. But he held it together even as some of the bees started stinging his hands again. "There I think it is done." he said removing his hands. "If not, I suppose we will be doing this all again in a few weeks." he gave a nod to the bee hive and a wince as he looked at his hands., "I think I should go put these in cool water, or maybe seek out some aid."
  136. ________________________________________
  137. Shinjo Kurosawa       12:40 PM
  138. The Unicorn leaned over and observed Yashiro, but did not make any remarks, critical or helpful. Once he was done taking care of the larvae he leaned back and nodded, satisfied with the Wasp's work. "If left to live, those would have simply started a new swarm and we will run out of place in the garden if they were allowed to multiply." Kinda like how Kyuden Ashinagabachi was soon filling up and needed to split off some people, maybe to the south in Mantis lands. However, he did have some useful information for the Wasp to help with his hands. "Go see my cousin; she works at an infirmary and uses soothing herbs in her treatments. Much better than water." Way better, it felt great and herbs even smelled nice. Not in a sweet way but their own aromatic way. "Asahina Kairi is her name. I can personally vouch for her services as an excellent care-taker." With that, he would bow deep once more, and take off into the city, late for some other duty he was surely getting into.
  139. ((gotta blast, thank you for the scene yashiro))
  140. ________________________________________
  141. Tsuruchi Yashiro       12:43 PM
  142. Yashiro bowed in thanks and wandered off to find the Asahina.(was fun! thanks as well)
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