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Apr 25th, 2017
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  1. >I tap refresh on my phone again
  2. >Nothing
  3. >No new posts on MLP
  4. >I cycle through my regular online haunts
  5. >nothing
  6. >Another boring afternoon
  7. >That’s when I hear a faint buzz
  8. >It doesn’t sound like a bug, more like a bug zapper
  9. >Then what sounds remarkably like a pair of tiny hooves
  10. >They head straight for my room
  11. >Whatever it is knocks on my door
  12. “Hello?”
  13. >”can I come in?” the voice is small and high pitched, although not quite child like
  14. “Um, yes? Who are you?”
  15. >There is a slight twinkling sound as the door swings open
  16. >On the other side is a small white unicorn with a purple mane
  17. >She stands about three feet high
  18. >”Hi, I’m Daisy”
  19. >She slowly strides over to me
  20. >”I was wondering if you would like to cuddle”
  21. “uhh? sure”
  22. >A pony has traveled across dimensions to cuddle with me, I’m not going to question it
  23. >”Great!” she exclaims as she leaps up to me
  24. >”I’ve been looking for a new friend for a while now”
  25. >She quickly wraps her hooves around my neck and begins to nuzzle my chest
  26. >Her fur is so soft, I actually shiver a little when I touch it
  27. “I would love to be your friend”
  28. >”That’s great, it’s even better when they’re willing”
  29. >Willing
  30. >What is she talking about?
  31. “What do you mean ‘willing’”
  32. >”Sometimes we can’t find anyone who wants to snuggle, especially if we’ve stayed in one place for too long. So we have to make them snuggle so we can be friends.”
  33. >She rubs her face against my cheek
  34. >My entire body is tingling now
  35. “Why do you have to snuggle them to be friends?”
  36. >Daisy smiles at me and lifts up my arm
  37. >My blood runs cold when I see the spot where my hand was
  38. >It’s now a purple hoof, with fur working its way up my arm
  39. >”You’ll make a great friend once we’re done snuggling”
  40. >I start to struggle to get her off of me, but every time I move against her a wave of ecstasy sends me sprawling
  41. >”Don’t fight it silly, trust me you’ll love being a pony”
  42. >She gives me a peck on the nose, sending waves of bliss rippling through my head
  43. >When I open my eyes I see a short furred muzzle, just like hers
  44. >My new ears twitch and flick at the new sounds I’m able to hear
  45. >”You’re body is almost there! Doesn’t it feel good?”
  46. >She continues to rub and nuzzle me, each touch filling my mind with pleasure
  47. >I feel the most wonderful sensation as a pair of feathery wings emerge from my back
  48. >I feel a ticklish sensation as the last of my fur pushes its way through the skin
  49. >Daisy steps back to admire her work
  50. >”You look adorable, one last thing and then we can go play!”
  51. >She grabs me and pulls me into a full on bear hug
  52. >My mind starts to go numb under the rapturous onslaught
  53. >A warm and fuzzy feeling takes over
  54. >in the back of my mind I can feel my old memories getting pushed away
  55. >For a spilt second I panic
  56. >Those are important to me
  57. >Then I realize they aren’t
  58. >I’m not Anon anymore
  59. >I’m not a disgruntled misanthropic human
  60. >I’m a pretty purple Pegasus
  61. >I’m Storm Cloud
  62. >A final wave of joy shakes though my body and Daisy lets me go
  63. “That was fun!”
  64. >Daisy nods excitedly at me
  65. >”I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s always nice to make new friends”
  66. >Just then we hear the front door slam shut
  67. >”Anon, I’m home”
  68. >Our faces light up at the sound of our soon-to-be new friends voice
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