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  1. 01[17:59] <%LaS3r> morphine
  2. 01[18:00] <%LaS3r> kong has nothing to do with it
  3. 01[18:00] <%LaS3r> and this was just s simple test, to see if Tical would do smth actually
  4. 01[18:00] <%LaS3r> lol
  5. 01[18:00] <%LaS3r> no intention getting him kicked or smth
  6. 01[18:00] <%LaS3r> (tho it would be good if he gets kicked)
  7. 01[18:00] <%LaS3r> x)
  8. 01[18:02] <%LaS3r> so yeah
  9. 01[18:02] <%LaS3r> tell your ULK pals to chill the fuck out
  10. 01[18:02] <%LaS3r> reporting him wasn't even planned
  11. 01[18:02] <%LaS3r> lol
  12. [18:03] <%morphine> hmmm
  13. [18:03] <%morphine> earlier chatlogs say otherwise
  14. 01[18:03] <%LaS3r> the idea was to go in XE when Tical was playing, take my camera with me, kill tical and see if he actually does smth
  15. 01[18:03] <%LaS3r> ye, well even earier chats between me and smo else say smth different
  16. 01[18:04] <%LaS3r> why I mentioned Kong?
  17. 03[18:04] * LuciFeer is now known as LuciFeer`
  18. 01[18:04] <%LaS3r> because he was the first one I told him about this
  19. 01[18:04] <%LaS3r> and he laughed
  20. 01[18:04] <%LaS3r> lol
  21. 01[18:04] <%LaS3r> I just wanted his opinion
  22. 01[18:04] <%LaS3r> he also told me a similiar story between him and a guy name TLK.Chucky
  23. 01[18:04] <%LaS3r> idk
  24. 01[18:07] <%LaS3r> but now that ULK knows about it
  25. 01[18:07] <%LaS3r> they took it the wrong way
  26. 01[18:07] <%LaS3r> thought I was against them or smth
  27. 01[18:07] <%LaS3r> ...
  28. 01[18:07] <%LaS3r> today I mentioned this in #VU too
  29. 01[18:07] <%LaS3r> but
  30. 01[18:07] <%LaS3r> in a more humorous way
  31. 01[18:07] <%LaS3r> (cuz VU hate ULK and shit, lol)
  32. 01[18:07] <%LaS3r> no offence, ofc
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